The greatest Doctor in the Universe

Have you found the greatest Doctor in the Universe?

Healing has always been one of our most desperate physical needs. Jesus healed all that came unto Him, anybody and everybody, saved and unsaved, as long as they had enough faith to believe in Him for their healing. Their most immediate need was a touch to their bodies, even before they could understand Salvation, and He often healed their bodies first of all!

The day of miracles is not past! God is STILL in the business of transforming bodies that need it. He's still the Great Physician! He still says, "I am the Lord that healeth thee, Who healeth all thy diseases and forgiveth all thy iniquities." (Exo.15:26; Psa.103:3)--Not just some or a few or many or most, but ALL of them! God can heal ANYTHING!

He's your Heavenly Father, He loves you and He answers prayer! In fact, He's more willing to give than you are to receive! God cannot only do it, but He WANTS to do it! All He asks is that you honour Him with faith, by believing His Word and His promises. It's just that simple! (1Jn.5:14,15; Heb.11:6)

Do you have faith in God and His Love?--Have you personally met the Great Physician? If not, receive Him and His healing power into your life now!

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