Man praying for healing.

The name of the game is faith and trust.

The Lord loves to see if you've got real faith and you're going to trust Him no matter what. Sometimes our faith can be tested right to the brink, to the edge, even to death to show that it's real faith! That's the faith you've got to have if you're really going to make it. You've got to be willing to trust the Lord, live or die, sink or swim!--Like JOB! Job finally made it, and it's one of the most glorious testimonies in the whole Bible of suffering and defeat and discouragement and yet a faith that carried him through.That's the greatest victory of all, when you seem to be defeated and you still trust the Lord.

That must be the greatest and the most pleasing thing to God, that even when it looks like you're defeated, you still trust Him anyhow, like Job. The Lord must really be pleased with that kind of faith.--Faith in the face of disaster, faith in the face of agony, faith in the face of death! (Heb.11:6; 1Jn.5:4)

He loves to watch you make it in spite of all the tests and trials. He loves to watch you win, win the race, endure the affliction and the battle and fight through and win! So, God bless and keep you trusting!

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