Fill your heart and mind with God's good Truth!

Fill your heart and mind with God's good Truth!

The Lord has given you the best computer ever constructed--your own mind, but it's up to you how you program it! It has to be filled with something, good or bad, and your reflexes are mentally conditioned to react in a certain way according to what you have learned or experienced. That's why you could hardly accomplish anything more important than to memorise the Word OF God!

God Himself is like the Great Central Computer, and you can plug into Him, and by His power, His Spirit, He can give you all the information, all the wisdom and all the answers you need! If you'll be faithful to read, study and memorise His Word, then He can spiel it off by the Spirit when you need it! He will just pop it up in your little computer whenever you make the right connection in your programming!

Once you've saturated your heart and mind with God's Word, you just need to be a yielded instrument. Then the Lord can sit down at the console and play at the keys to get out of your computer the information that He wants.--For your little chips off the old block right there in your head have got the whole story, as much as you've programmed it to contain!

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