Hen laying an egg.

Life itself is proof that there is God, because life is a miracle!

One little humble lowly chicken out in some poor man's chicken yard is proof of God because it produces a marvel of His Creation every day!--A beautiful ovular orb! Even one little lowly egg is a marvel of God's Creation, new life from the hand of God!

God's marvellous Creation is alive, life-giving, creative and regenerative. It is constantly multiplying and being reborn and repairing itself.--This is true of all forms of plant and animal life! "Whose seed is in itself." (Gen.1:12)--Each bringing forth more of the same kind of fruit and more of the same life. God's production system is the most effective there is in the World!

God has a plan for everything. God's design, God's plan is perfect, nothing's wasted, nothing's polluting, but everything's pure, everything's good. If it weren't for sin there wouldn't even be any dying! There would be absolutely no waste, no destruction, only God's original all-life, no-death, can't-lose system!--And that's the way it will all be again one day soon, for all those who receive and love the Lord! Isn't that wonderful?

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