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The tools I used to Make Deep Truths

Some technical info for webmasters, geeks and techies

Deep Truths is 100% hand coded HTML and is maintained with my Fedora Linux desktop PC. I use Bluefish as its main HTML/CSS editor and Gthumb and the Gimp as its graphic editors. And I use GFTP as my FTP program to upload the pages and files to my web host.

I made Deep Truths with the old school method of writing the code on my PC first and then uploading it. This is before I knew about CMS and Wordpress. However I have now a fast loading website in spite of cheap webhosting! It's fast because all the links are directly to other HTML files and not via a database such as MySql. This also means the site is less prone to break.

I also maintain 30 some Wordpress sites. They were easy to make, but also easy to break! Sometimes the PHP files get infected by hacker code.

The dropdown menu (only visible on a desktop PC screen or a tablet in horizontal view) on the top page is thanks to the work of Stu Nicholls of CSS PLaY -- pure CSS with no JavaScript whatsoever. On Oct. 31, 2006 the menu was improved further also thanks to the work of Mr. Nicholls. And again on March 19, 2008 the menu was yet improved again thanks to Mr. Nicholls.

In February 2017 I made the entire website mobile friendly using HTML5 and CSS3 code. And I learned how to insert HTML files using php include('file.html.'); This is so cool because I made the top page much easier to update because it does not include all the menu links of the top and side menus any longer, only php code to insert them! And thanks to that, I am now able to insert a navigation menu on the entire website!

You might say, "So what? Wordpress and other CMS software can already do that automatically." You're absolutely right. If I used Wordpress from the beginning in 2004, It would have been much easier to maintain. However, because Deep Truths uses no database, it loads much faster than any of my other 31 websites which all use Wordpress.

I also learned to use @media screen in the style sheets to detect mobile devices and hide the right side menu and Stu Nicholls' dropdown menu on the top page which is hard to use on a smartphone. And thanks to the same CSS3 technology, I am able to show other menus instead which are easier to use on a tablet or smart phone.

All in all it's been a fun adventure learning code. It doesn't matter what I think, if the code is not correct, what I want it to do won't happen! I usually get it right on a trial and error bases, and sometimes it takes me a long time. But it keeps me busy and the thrill of finally see it work gives me great joy!

If you consider this website with all it's code written manually on a keyboard is a product of intelligent design,and yet you do not believe that life itself was also created by an intelligent Divine Designer, I would think it might behoove you to serious question what you were taught in school and from Western society about Darwin's evolution. You can start by reading The Big Lie.

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