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Christians and Halloween

The following is a transcription from a video talk by a young lady named Beth. She was raised in the pagan religion of witchcraft. Her life was saved by the redeeming Blood of Jesus Christ!

The video is below the text:

Beth Of The Other Side Of Darkness

Hi, this is Beth at The Other Side of Darkness. Check out my blog where I talk about my testimony walking in darkness, the occult, witchcraft, drug addiction, depression and more, and to a glorious relationship with Jesus Christ who has totally redeemed me, and as you can see, wiped the darkness out of my life. Thank you, Jesus!

So today I want to talk about Halloween and Christianity.

Halloween is kind of a taboo subject for Christians as far as talking about not celebrating it. There seem to be two camps in the thought of Halloween and Christians. One is there's absolutely nothing wrong with Halloween, it's all in good fun, just don't celebrate the evil side and it's perfectly fine. And the other side says do not celebrate Halloween at all, it's totally evil. And I guess there is kind of a middle ground where some people say, well, don't celebrate it but reach out to the lost with fall festivals at church and handing out tracts to trick-or-treaters.

So I just want to speak a little bit about that because I know, I have more experience with the darkness of Halloween and the evil side than I think some people do. And I just want to share that because I think it's really important and it's something that people need to know, Christian or not Christian.

So as a witch I celebrated Halloween. Halloween is a high-holy day for Satanists and witches alike. I did not celebrate Halloween thinking it was evil. We didn't do sacrifices. We didn't hurt animals. And it seemed all in good fun. It was a day to celebrate the dead and to party. It seemed perfectly good and fun. It was until after I got into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ that I really started to realize how evil Halloween is.

In the Bible, God speaks very clearly about not being involved in paganism, witchcraft, mediums, sacrificing children, and things of that nature. But what many people don't know is that Halloween is a high-holy day for Satanists, witches and other occult members who actually hurt people and animals. They do things, it's not just on Halloween. Anton LaVey says that Halloween is the third most important holiday on their calendar. He, if you don't know, was the founder of the Church of Satan. He is now deceased. The Church of Satan is not deceased though, it is alive and active. Satanists actually love the fact that Christians celebrate Halloween because Halloween opens you up to your dark side.

Now I know a lot of Christians say that they don't celebrate the evil of Halloween. But the thing is that you really can't get away from the evil of Halloween. It is a day dedicated to Satan, evil, and death. So I was saying, witches see Halloween not as evil but as the celebration of the dead and partying. But Satanists and other occultists see it as a day, yes of the dead and partying, but to them that also means human sacrifices, animal sacrifices, ritual abuse such as beatings and also sexual abuse. So it is very real that babies are being murdered, animals are being murdered, and other people, children and adults alike, are being abused. It's the real deal. So Halloween, Easter and Christmas time are huge pagan holidays that they do these kinds of rituals, but Halloween is one of the one of the more important ones.

And there are many people out there right now who come to this time of the year, and it's so hard for them. Everywhere you go just in in my neighborhood, my neighborhood stores, Halloween is everywhere. The evil is prevalent. The decorations I see are giant spiders, vampires, witches, ghosts, severed heads, human body parts, headstones, and things of that nature. I don't really see how you can find innocence in those decorations.

I understand that you could dress up in costumes that you consider non-evil such as princesses and superheroes and your favorite cartoon characters, but the fact is, what I really want you to think about is, that you can't separate yourself from the evil that Halloween is.

Two, in its very origins, Halloween is evil. If you trace Halloween all the way back to the ancient times before Catholicism even, it has deep roots and it is all based on celebrating other gods and goddesses, which by the way, are demons in disguise, and sacrificing and abusing humans and animals. Now, fast forward to the current day. You don't see or it's not widely talked about those horrifying things. Satan has made it very easy to ignore those things, and as a matter of fact, we are completely desensitized to evil the Devil and his demons. But the spiritual realm is very real and you are inviting evil into your life by participating in Halloween because God has clearly stated to us that we are to have no part of it. So when we have a part of it, we are signaling in the spiritual realm, which is all around us unseen, that we're open. It's an open portal or gateway.

I have been told that witches curse the Halloween candy, and I can only imagine what other curses are going on to Halloween costumes and whatnot. At this time of year, covens are very active trying to place curses on different churches and different individuals, especially individuals like myself who would speak out against Halloween.

It's very serious. I take Halloween very seriously. It grieves me to the core, to my bones with immense sadness that Christians participate in Halloween. It is not something for Christians. We are called to be the light of the world. We are called to step out of darkness. Our Savior has died and shed blood so that we can be redeemed so that we don't have to be enslaved to hell. So why are we celebrating and playing and having fun on a day that is dedicated to Satan and that is about death and decay? It just really breaks my heart. It breaks my heart.

And I just want to stop and pray right now:

Lord Jesus, I pray that anyone who watches this video is covered by the blood of Jesus. I pray that you would just penetrate every heart and soul with your Word right now and your truth, God, that you would divide anything that I have said that is untrue away from the truth, and that you would take each person that watches this video and give them great blessings in your favor, God. We love you and we praise your mighty Name, Jesus, for you are our wonderful Savior. You are the sacrifice, the last sacrifice, and the only sacrifice that ever needs be done, and by your shed blood and your work on the cross, we can live eternally, and enjoy truth light and hope. Thank you, Jesus. Praise your name, God. We love you.

So I just want you to know that I have no condemnation for what you do or what you have done because there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, and Jesus does not condemn you if you have celebrated Halloween or do celebrate it now. He only asks with love as I ask and urge that you stop and think more about Halloween and celebrating it, even fall festivals. I really urge you to rethink that.

I've had people tell me it's fine to not celebrate Halloween. We can celebrate fall instead. Fall is great, but I have to ask you this. Why are you celebrating fall? Which other season do you have parties and celebrate? I have never heard of a spring celebration or winter festival. We don't do those. Why is it you feel so called? Why is the pull to celebrate fall so strong? And it's really not just Halloween, it's a whole season where we take up celebrating all of October, pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, decorating our houses with leaves and ghosts and pumpkins and fall colors. And I have to ask you to think and ask yourself and pray and ask God, why is the urge there so strong?

This is a time of year when witchcraft increases greatly. I'm not saying you should be afraid of witchcraft. I'm not saying you should fear the devil, and I'm not saying you should fear Halloween. Quite the opposite. If you've been saved by Jesus Christ, there is no fear. You by His blood have defeated the Devil. You have the power and authority to trample on the serpent and crush him under your heel.

But I ask you, can you glorify God by celebrating Halloween? I do not think so. Actually, I do think so. You can glorify God by not celebrating Halloween. And I say this to you: If you don't celebrate Halloween and you stand up for the truth of what Halloween is and spread the word, and other Christians stop celebrating Halloween, or even people who are not Christians stop celebrating Halloween just on the premise that they refuse to participate in a time where people are being murdered, (think of the recent shootings and deaths at Halloween parties in America!) think of what that would do to the Devil. That would make him so mad! And I want to make him mad because I tell you what. The devil tried to steal my joy, kill my life and trample on me for most of my life, but look what God has done for me and you too. So give him a black eye and step away from Halloween, away from fall festivities, and just pray.

We are called to be apart or separate from this world, to not conform to it, to be transformed, to be renewed, to be holy, and it is hard. It's very hard, not because I miss out on Halloween because I don't. I can eat candy or let my kids dress up in a costume lots of other times of the year. It doesn't have to be October or even October 31st. I could stop one day of the year and not participate in dressing up, going to parties, or eating candy. It doesn't even bother me. What bothers me is that sometimes it feels very lonely. But I've prayed and prayed and I said God are you sure that we're supposed to separate ourselves from Halloween and all the activities? And time and time again. I continually hear, "Yes." So I just urge you to pray.

I thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this. Have a wonderful and blessed day. Bye.

James Arendt
James Arendt

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