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"...for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."
--1 Corinthians 2:10b

Endtime Deceptions Exposed

The articles on this page are the few on this website that did not originate with David Berg or the Family International. Click this box to read the details...

Most of them are based on what the early Protestants believed for the first 300 years since the time Martin Luther first nailed the 95 Thesis on the church in Wittenberg Germany. David Berg did not like most American Protestant churches and did not identify with Protestantism as a whole. But why? I believe if he lived in the 18th century when Protestant churches were more biblical based he might have had a different opinion of Protestantism. What happened? Roman Catholic Jesuits infiltrated Protestant churches with the purpose of subverting Protestant doctrine with the end of mind of bringing the Protestant "heretics" back to the mother church - Rome! The Pope and the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church!

This is indeed a deep subject which the reader may find astonishing and hard to believe. I certainly didn't grasp it when I first heard it. It took time and a couple years of the study of history of the Protestant Reformation and the Roman Catholic reaction to it called the "Counter Reformation." If this subject is unfamiliar to you, I bet you never even heard the term "Counter Reformation" before! If so, please read the articles on this page!

Another false teaching that has become popular among some Christians today is Flat Earth! I hate it with a passion because I believe it originated from some US government agency (CIA? NASA?) for the purpose of discrediting a Christian's testimonial for Christ. I know some sincere Christians who have swallowed the Flat Earth doctrine. If you do, there is nothing I can tell you that will change your mind. The articles on this website that expose Flat Earth are for those who either have heard of it but who have not made up their mind yet, or those who have not heard of it to be warned when they do. Interestingly I have not ever heard of a non-English speaking Christian who has embraced Flat Earth teaching. No Japanese believe it. They laugh when I tell them there are people who do. This indicates to me that Flat Earth is psychological operation aimed at Christians who live in English speaking countries.

James Arendt
James Arendt

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