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Site Mission Statement

Deep Truths is a collection of the basic teachings of David Brandt Berg, a teacher who led me to a path of service of loving God and others. I want to use Deep Truths to save the world from deceptions and lies by exposing those who control both the media and our educational institutions for the purpose of the mental conditioning of the masses to prepare them for the New World Order, also known as the One World Government led by the Antichrist.

You probably won't hear some of these teachings in any public school or church! It is my earnest desire that by reading these articles you will have a major paradigm shift in your life to perceive reality the way your Creator wants you to perceive it! More reasons for Deep Truths...

Deep Truths:
For people who "long for truth, beauty, peace, love and eternal contentment!"
To teach "deep truths" of the spirit.
To expose the "System's Godless schools, Christless churches and heartless Mammon!"
To reveal the " unseen spiritual realities of the spirit world to help us to try to understand it and grasp its truth."

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The following is a suggested reading list to introduce you to the teachings of David Brandt Berg. I guarantee that you'll either love or hate what he has to say!

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Deep Truths is dedicated to the Bible based teachings of David Brandt Berg (1919-1994), with the hope that from them you may find eternal spiritual life in Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

All statements on this page enclosed in quotation marks are direct quotes from David Brandt Berg.

Deep Truths was first created on Jan. 5, 2004 in Niigata Japan. It is not an official web site of The Family International but the webmaster is a current member. By not "official", I mean it is not directly sponsored by the Family International World Services. Nearly all of the articles on Deep Truths are publications from the Family International, but some of the opinions stated in the introduction to the articles are those of the webmaster, James Arendt.

The webmaster holds no allegiance to any political party or nation except that of the King of King's, Jesus Christ's Heavenly Kingdom!

After the East Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, the webmaster has been active in supporting non-profit organizations that minister to the victims of that great disaster with the creation and maintenance of Help Japan 2011.

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