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The number 8 in Bible numerologyThe Meaning of the Number 8 in Bible: New Beginnings This morning when reading Genesis chapter 1, I realized for the first time in my life there were exactly 8 steps of Creation! And each of these steps started with, "And God said". Just count them!...

Stationary GPS satellite over the rotating earth Genesis Chapter One Indicates the Earth is a Rotating Sphere God, "in the beginning" not only created matter and light on the first day, He created time as well. Is 24 hours dependent on the existence of the sun to be 24 hours? Or is 24 hours dependent on one rotation of the earth? According to my understanding of time and physics, the latter is true. Therefore even without a sun there were 24 hour days because of the rotation of the earth!

Man's law against God'sMan's Illegal Laws! From time to time you may hear or read about Christian witnesses or missionaries who are accused of "breaking the law" or of doing something "illegal".--Or you may hear that a Christian group has been expelled from some country and wonder "what they did wrong". The fact is, they may have done NOTHING wrong, other than obey the law of GOD!--For sad to say, in today's modern World, a good MANY of MAN'S laws are in DIRECT CONFLICT with the laws of GOD!....

Crying GirlWHY DOES GOD ALLOW SIN AND SUFFERING? I was talking to a pretty young travel agent the other day, and during the course of our conversation we began to talk about God. "Oh, I don't believe in God!" she said. "If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the World today? Why do thousands die of starvation every day in Africa? What kind of God would allow a terrible disease like AIDS to run rampant? Why was my best friend just crippled in an automobile accident?"

Persecution--Yesterday and today! - The real reason why people fight Christ's followers!! - One outstanding feature of Jesus' life that most of His followers today tend to overlook, is that He was almost continually PERSECUTED! Imagine, Jesus was PERFECT, He never made a mistake, He was GOD manifested in the flesh! (John 1:1,14) Yet His enemies relentlessly accused Him of all kinds of horrible crimes, sins and wrong-doings, and finally arrested and CRUCIFIED Him!

The Holy BibleTHE MOST AMAZING BOOK! Whether you accept and believe in its teachings or not, it cannot be denied that the Bible is the most remarkable, amazing and absolutely UNIQUE book that has ever been written! Of course, many people today sort of pooh-pooh and dismiss it because they cannot help but associate the Bible with the largely do-nothing Christianity that they have seen, and they figure, "If THAT'S the kind of religion the Bible teaches, then no thanks!--It's not for me!"

Two young people going to meet JesusDeath?--Or Dawn! Jesus had to die not only physically, but in the spirit also. His spiritual suffering for our sins. Now your body can partly suffer for your sins, but the greatest suffering that sinners will ever do is not just death to the body--It is death to the spirit! he worst death of the lost is a spiritual death, a spiritual suffering in which their spirits will suffer after this life in the world to come. Jesus in His death suffered not only physically but also spiritually such as the sinner suffers in the afterlife for his sins. Otherwise He could not have suffered for your sins. But He did suffer for your sins.

7000 Years of World History You can't trust the history books! Many who have gone down in history as heroes may really have been the villains of their day; and many of the so-called villains may really have been the heroes! Who knows? It all depends on what the "Ministry of Truth"--the victorious historians--decide to dictate! It all depends on which side is writing the history! So, who are you going to believe? Which history book? The only thing you can trust is the Bible!

HeavenOUR HEAVENLY HOME! THE PLACE WHERE ALL OF GOD'S CHILDREN ARE GOING TO LIVE WITH THE LORD FOREVER IS NOT SOME FANCY DREAMLAND WAY OFF IN OUTER SPACE SOMEWHERE, but an even more amazing Dream City that's going to come down from God, out of space, to a beautiful New Earth!--And God is going to come down and live with us, and we with Him, in that Heavenly City! (Rev.21:1-3)

What *real* faith is all about! "According to thy faith be it done unto you."--Mat.9:29. If you've got the faith for it, God will do it. And faith is not just hoping, believing or somewhat expecting, but faith is knowing.--ABSOLUTELY KNOWING! Faith has lost its meaning to us today. Today the word faith means kind of a hazy vague belief of some kind in something or other; the word faith doesn't really mean much. It meant more than that in God's Word. But it doesn't mean much today to most Christians. It is the substance, it is the hupostasis, it is the title deed!

The Ark of the Covenant The Ark of the Covenant THE ARK SYMBOLISED WHAT? The very presence of God in the Temple, right? It doesn't tell you all these things here in the Bible because you're supposed to know a few things, and if you were a Jew in those days you would have known one thing about that veil, as it was called. NO ONE EVER WENT BEHIND THE VEIL EXCEPT WHEN? The only thing in that Holy of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant, right? What was the Ark like? ....

Heavenly Picnic A Heavenly Picnic HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO ON THE PERFECT PICNIC?--In a beautiful park or country area where there are no ants, no flies, no mosquitoes or any other insect pests!--Where there is always perfect weather, never too hot, cold, cloudy, bright and with no rain or storms!--Where you are always perfectly safe, with no poisonous snakes, spiders, thorns, stickers, itchy grass, poisonous plants or pollution to trouble you!--A place where you can be perfectly free to enjoy yourself and each other to the full--with no noisy, nosey, unfriendly, unwanted guests!....

Answer: Closer!
Question: But after Eve ate the "apple" she knew the evil and couldn't be simple again. Answer: But she was a lot wiser and humbler! She believed a lot more, had more faith, and now knew the Lord was right!

Jesus loves you Somebody loves you Somebody loves you and wants you to know, Longs to be with you wherever you go; Somebody loves you and right from the start, Somebody wants to come into your heart! Yes, Somebody loves you and for that reason has just sent you this little message! Somebody loves you and really wants to make you happy! We all want to be loved and to love someone, and Love is the greatest thing on Earth to most of us! The beauties of all Creation were put here because of Love!.......

New life of love Your New Life of Love Have you ever wondered what life is really all about?--What you are here for, and if there is anything special that you are supposed to do? Well, the answer to these important questions can be found in the Bible, God's loving Words to us all! The Bible tells us that "God is Love!"(1John 4:8)--And that He loves you! He is your kind and loving Heavenly Father Who made this beautiful World as a home for you to live in, and He has given you a wonderful body, mind and heart with which to enjoy it!

Flesh or Spirit? THE MOST RAGING RELIGIOUS CONTROVERSY THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN HAS ALWAYS BEEN BETWEEN THE DO-IT-YOURSELF RELIGIONS AND THE GOD-ALONE-CAN-SAVE-YOU KIND. Man has always been trying to save himself with just a little help from God thrown in, so he doesn't have to thank God too much but can give himself most of the credit, and do his own thing and go his own way.

God's viewpoint on sex THE FIRST COMMANDMENT IN THE BIBLE WAS "THOU SHALT HAVE SEX"!--The first commandment was not the Ten Commandments; the first commandment in the Bible, in the very first book, first chapter, 28th verse is "Be fruitful & multiply & replenish the Earth!"--Thou shalt have sex! And both Adam & Eve were created perfectly beautifully naked & never even thought about wearing clothes, never had any such idea until the Devil put it into their minds, they didn't even know they were naked! After all, that's the way they'd always been, that's the way God created them, with all their beauteous physical splendour in full view.--Nothing at all wrong with it! ....

The River of Life The Magic River of Life! THE GREAT HEAVENLY SPACE CITY, THE WONDERFUL PLACE THAT GOD HAS PREPARED FOR ALL OF HIS CHILDREN, is on its way down from outer space to Earth right now! The bottom of this gigantic, pyramid-shaped Magic City will stand upon the Earth 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide, and its peak will reach way into space, 1500 miles high! IT WILL BE THE CAPITAL CITY OF THE COMING KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH, and from it, Jesus and all of God's saved children will lovingly rule over the billions of people who will be living outside the City on the beautifully recreated, Garden-of-Eden-like Earth!

Are you a good sport?Sports compared to War! Are you a good sport? THE OLYMPICS ARE THE WORSHIP OF MAN, the worship of his body. Fairs are the worship of his mind, his mental achievements and creations and the works of his hands. But sports are the worship of man's body; education is the worship of his mind; business is the worship of the works of his hands; and churches and Churchianity are the worship of his spirit, his own spirit, not God or God's Spirit; and war is the ultimate that all of these lead to! The ultimate manifestation of all of these is War!--His physical prowess, his mechanical ingenuity, his tactical genius and his indomitable spirit!

Policeman wondering what to do about the couple kissing in the park!Is love against the law? REMEMBER, WHATSOEVER WE DO IN WORD OR IN DEED WE'RE TO DO ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND WE'RE TO DO IT ALL IN LOVE. (1Cor.10:31.) If we're keeping God's Law of Love then we'll try not to hurt or offend anybody, we'll do our best to try to live in love, to help people without offending anyone. We can't very well help offending the church, especially the false church, because of its false lies and false doctrines and false laws which are contrary to the law of God. JESUS HIMSELF COULDN'T PLEASE THE SCRIBES AND THE PHARISEES NO MATTER WHAT HE DID.--And they finally hung Him! He offended them no matter what He did, because He preached exactly what I'm preaching right now--that you don't have to keep the so-called Mosaic Law, all you have to do is love.

There are no neutrals! THERE ARE NO NEUTRALS! YOU ARE EITHER A MARTYR OR A TRAITOR! You're either on the Lord's side or the Devil's. Jesus said, "You're either for Me or against Me. And he that is not for Me is against Me." If you're for Him, you are planning to die for Him. You are living for Him. You can't say you're for Him, but be neutral! Neutrals are for the Devil. Neutrals are planning to betray Him. Neutrals are figuring out excuses for betrayal, like Judas. They're only pretending to be neutral to hide their perfidy and treachery and their plans to betray. A neutral is a traitor in disguise. There are no such things as neutrals.....

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A few people have already sent me some funds, so far four friends and three people I do not know personally but who apparently appreciate my Deep Truths website! For them I am eternally grateful.

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