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Bible Topics: Doubts

Definition: To call to question or to mistrust; the inclination to disbelieve; to be in a state of uncertainty or indecision in regards to truth; to waver in opinion.

1. It's the Devil's business to tempt us to doubt God's Word and to try to get us to believe his word.

2. It's not a sin to be tempted with doubts, but it is a sin to entertain doubts and yield to them.

3. The Devil's lies, or others' doubts, don't change the facts of God's truth.

4. Common causes of doubts and doubting:

5. Doubt is voiced in murmuring. Those who voice doubt are spreading Satan's propaganda.

6. Some of the other consequences of doubts:

7. If we don't receive the truth, we are left to doubts and delusions.

8. It is the Lord Who overcomes our doubts in response to our sincere concern and prayers.

9. Resist the Devil and yield your mind to the Lord.

10. Carnal mindedness leads to doubt. We can't understand the Lord's ways with our carnal minds.

11. Only weak or doubting faith seeks miracles and signs.

12. The sure cure for doubts is the Word.

13. One of our best defenses against doubts is to stay positive by keeping our eyes on Jesus and His goodness.

14. Encouraging testimonies from others also strengthens our faith.

15. Sometimes the only thing we can do is hold on and keep trusting that God knows best!

16. Some of the greatest men in the Bible were tempted with bouts of doubts, but they fought through to victory and their examples inspire us to do likewise!

17. We are called to simply believe in the unseen by faith.

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