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By David Brandt Berg, Oct. 1974
A backslider sliding back into the pit!

The pilgrim who never reaches his goal is not on a pilgrimage!--He's just a wanderer who doesn't know where he's going, so how can he ever get there? I'm sorry, but I just don't have much patience with such people! As God Himself says: "My soul ABHORRETH him that turneth BACK!"

God hates to see people's back sides, and when He does, He usually gives them a good quick hard stiff KICK in the butt that sends them sprawling back into the slime pit from which they came for another good bellyful of it, hoping they'll get so sick of it THIS time, they'll never look back at it again!

One reason why God gets so angry with backsliders is that they're such a terrible testimony and seldom ever backslide alone!--They always take others with them! The backslider's a REAL SOUL WINNER for the DEVIL! He's always got the most convincing arguments to justify himself and to persuade others to do the same so he can defend his OWN backsliding.

They always loudly murmur, complain and criticise and proclaim their doubts and fears to all who will listen, especially the already weak and wavering, particularly babes and beginners! Backsliders are the greatest proselytizers in the religious business! As Jesus Himself said, they'll compass the World to convert one person to their cause, and then make him more of a child of Hell than they are themselves!-- Mat.23:15 . They become your very worst enemies and the most diabolical traitors to your cause!

Like Judas, they not only backslide, but they also have to fight and betray you to prove they're no longer ONE of you. To try to get reaccepted by the System, they now LEAD the fight against you because they're now so ashamed they were once fool enough to be one of you! They become your most dangerous enemies because they know you and your operation so well!

This is why God goes after them so hard with such severe chastening to try to get them to repent and come back to Him before they've done too much damage. He sometimes wields the heaviest rod on the backs of His OWN children when they backslide because they KNOW BETTER and are WITHOUT EXCUSE! Then if they will not soon repent, He usually DESTROYS them so they can do no further harm! I've seen it happen so many times! Almost the worst things I've ever seen happen to Christians, I've seen happen to BACKSLIDERS in the hands of an ANGRY GOD!--And I've seen it happen so often and in so many cases, more than I can possibly number!

So backslider beware! You'll never make it unless you return to the Lord and his service!--And if you DO repent and return, He'll expect MORE of you than He did BEFORE to undo the DAMAGE you've done, make restitution for the losses you've caused, and to work harder and more faithfully than ever before to PROVE your loyalty, which has become somewhat doubtful and untrustworthy from past experience. The TRUST that was once placed in you by GRACE will now have to be EARNED by WORKS to the UTMOST to prove you are no longer a traitor and will no longer backslide. You will find it very hard to restore people's confidence in you once you've lost it. They're afraid to trust you again unless you prove to the UTMOST that you're WORTHY of it! It's a hard road back for the backslider!--Which is another reason why they so seldom come back. It was so easy to backslide but so hard to return!

Yet the Lord says He's "married to the backslider" ( Jer.3:14 ), and begs the wicked to forsake his wicked way and promises to FORGIVE him if he'll only turn from his sins, which He promises to wash away and make him whiter than snow! So if the backslider DOES make it and DOES return to the Lord and His Service, he will usually make one of the BEST men you've ever had, because he'll do his best to PROVE that he can make it, and work harder at it than almost anyone else, for which God will even seem to bless him sometimes more than others.

The bird whose pinion was once broken, by the grace of God will fly even higher than before, and the straying sheep whose leg had to be broken will have to remain in the Shepherd's bosom so long he will never stray again! He knows the price; he's been through that hell of backsliding and he wants no more of it ever again! He'll work harder than he even did before and he'll hate backsliding more than ever and will have less patience with the backslider than ever before!--I oughtta know: I was one!--And who hasn't been at some time or other?

God just seemingly will not tolerate backsliders! Paul said the Lord even turned their FLESH over to the DEVIL that their SOUL might be saved, in cases of backsliders!-- 1Cor.5:5 . Peter said in one case, it is better that they had never even HEARD than that they had heard and turned BACK. Jesus said in one case it was better for that man that he had never even been BORN!-- 2Pet.2:20-21 ; Mt.26:24 .

Not many people who go back really see what they are getting into. They think they're going back to the easy way, but they never realise what they're getting into by going back.--A TERRIBLE LETDOWN! It's like mountain climbing. You have a peculiar feeling like you don't want to leave the mountain, no inspiration in it. There is a certain drive, almost a spiritual thing going UP. You'll risk ANYTHING! But going DOWN?--No inspiration, no goal, no accomplishment. You're just sliding back down into the slough!

The reason some of these people sit down and quit and begin to sit back and fall out is simply because they have LOST their VISION. And when they lose their VISION they lose FAITH. And when they lose FAITH they can no longer have any INITIATIVE to do anything. Backsliding is the REVERSE of PIONEERING, and WHEN YOU STOP PIONEERING, YOU START BACKSLIDING!

Some go back because they don't burn their bridges behind them. They don't sacrifice the plow and the oxen!-- 1Kings 19:21 . They hold a little reservation in the back of their mind of what they plan to do in case God doesn't work! They DIDN'T really CUT ALL TIES BY FAITH. They STILL have a few STRINGS attached--a few things they're holding on to.

And yet there are others who, like Demas of old, have simply gone back because they still loved this present world, and when the real testing and showdown came they proved they were not willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for either their flock or the Lord, and did not love the Lord that much, and therefore deserted their post, even in the midst of battle, like the hireling that fleeth when the wolf cometh, having no real love for either the sheep or the Shepherd, but was only there for the hire or the glory, and when the going got ROUGH he RAN! IT'S THESE TESTS WHICH TELL THE TALE BETWEEN A GOOD SHEPHERD and an HIRELING!

Just remember that when people start talking about going back, they have already been thinking about it for a long time, and by the time they have started TALKING, it is already too late! They have already made up their minds in their own hearts to go back. And the longer you let them stay the more they will poison others with the same disease, like a traitor in the camp! This is why Jesus said, "He that having put his hand to the plow and LOOKING back is not worthy of Me!"-- Luk.9:62 .

If a person wants to go back to the pit, and a little loving, patient, prayerful persuasion and Scriptural admonition of not more than an hour won't dissuade them, for God's sake, LET THEM GO! They'll have to learn the HARD way!

Experience is the best teacher, but the hardest one!--but if that's what they NEED, let'm HAVE it! I don't think I ever dealt with a potential backslider for more than a few minutes, except for a few rare cases by special revelation! As soon as I had talked to them long enough to find out that they really WANTED to go back, I HELPED them to leave as quickly as possible, without talking to anyone else, as one bad apple can rot a good many others!

Any life or territory not yielded to the Lord, when they make a definite decision of some kind, like going back, then immediately the Lord allows the Devil to take over: The Devil has won!--They've decided in his favour. Like the man whose house was swept and garnished and EMPTY, and because he didn't FILL it with the LORD and the HOLY SPIRIT, it soon got filled with DEVILS, and his END was worse than the BEGINNING!-- Mat.12:43-45 .

One of the most dangerous things in the world to do is to resist the Holy Ghost, which you need to help you make the grade. As the Lord Himself said, if this resistance continues unrepentedly, it will NOT be forgiven, and your LATTER fate will be worse than your BEGINNING!-- Mat.12:31,32,45 .

So you certainly need the baptism of God's love and power to be filled to overflowing with His precious Holy Spirit in order to have the strength to pull through! Because spiritual RESISTANCE causes spiritual CALLOUSNESS!--Every time we resist God's Spirit our hearts grow HARDER, until He will strive with us no more and we are "destroyed without remedy!"-- Pro.29:1 .

So may the resister beware! The Lord nevertheless says He is MARRIED to the backslider and there is always time to repent, and even the Lord's CHASTISEMENTS and TRIBULATIONS are signs of the Lord's LOVE, to get you to repent and come back to serving the LORD. There is NO sin that is unpardonable except RESISTING the LORD: In other words, the UNrepented sins. I'm sure the Lord loves you and is waiting to forgive you if you'll return to the Lord and His Service.

Are you a potential backslider?--Beware! "Let the wicked FORSAKE his way and the unrighteous man his THOUGHTS and let him RETURN unto the Lord, and He will have MERCY upon him; and to our God, for He will abundantly PARDON."-- Isa.55:7 .

"Too late! Too late!
He was on the downgrade and couldn't find the brake!
So they hurtled downward at an awful rate
And many were the souls that day
That met a fearful fate!"

--You'll ALWAYS take others WITH you!--(From an old song, Author Unknown)

Are you one? if so, cry out for God's help and he'll save you! Do it TODAY!--TOMORROW may be TOO LATE!--God has NEVER left you and WE STILL LOVE YOU!--Please come back TODAY!

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Karen (Shoreline, US) says...
There's a song being played right now on Christian radio that I feel most everyone here can relate to. The lyrics are put like a prayer for those who are struggling and may feel or are 'away' from the Lord. Personally I find that singing this song (along with so many other songs) actually bring me into His presence and I know He is always with me. The one particular song I'm referring to though is "Soul on Fire" by Third Day.
27th August 2015 6:07pm
Karen (Shoreline, US) says...
There's a song being played right now on Christian radio that I feel most everyone here can relate to. The lyrics are put like a prayer for those who are struggling and may feel or are 'away' from the Lord. Personally I find that singing this song (along with so many other songs) actually bring me into His presence and I know He is always with me. The one particular song I'm referring to though is "Soul on Fire" by Third Day.
26th August 2015 10:37pm
Karen (Shoreline, US) says...
There's a song being played right now on Christian radio that I feel most everyone here can relate to. The lyrics are put like a prayer for those who are struggling and may feel or are 'away' from the Lord. Personally I find that singing this song (along with so many other songs) actually bring me into His presence and I know He is always with me. The one particular song I'm referring to though is "Soul on Fire" by Third Day.
26th August 2015 9:49pm
Donni (Pinehurst, US) says...
Some of the comments here have been very comforting to me. I have been backslidden for about 20 years - I had tried to come back a few times, and yes, it is difficult. I was in some heavy trials, and instead of thanking Him, I blamed Him for everything that had fallen apart in my life. The stupid things I worried so much about before really don't matter now, I realize that. At the time, life really felt hopeless, and it truly felt like He wasn't listening, so I gave up. I don't want ... Read More
26th August 2015 8:49am
Mike (US) says...
How can one simply sin no more? For 35 years my life was hell, I was mentally and spiritually destroyed. There are so many things missing in me that should be there but were replaced with sin, do to circumstance. I can clearly see how cleaverly the devil orchastrated my bringing up and life to push me into sin to fill the gaps of basic needs of love and acceptance. Needs of safety and other coping mechanisms. I know no other way or comfort. I know a Jesus is Lord and have accepted him. I even ... Read More
18th August 2015 1:38pm
Karen (Shoreline, US) says...
Mike, You accepted Jesus, know He is Lord so you have the FREE gift of salvation, eternal life with Him. Accept His offer of rest for your soul, let Him take care of these attacks on you, by faith. (Matthew 11:28-29 - "Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you. Let Me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls"). If you lack faith ask Him to help you with that. All of us struggle ... Read More
18th August 2015 5:41pm
RevRichmond (La Grande - Soon Kennewick Wa, US) says...
Mike, if you're serious about getting full deliverance and the POWER to live an overcoming (not perfect, but always improving) lifestyle, it's till available and it's still God's will that you experience all that He's prepared for you. All hope is not lost, despite what the enemy may say. And lastly it's not the broad way of secular 'christianity' who emphasizes religion over relationship. Shoot me an email You'll not regret it.
23rd August 2015 11:19am
WahresIch (Germany) says...
Funny. I'm closer to the pit now than ever before. Too bad I love it and apparently Satan was right. The only reason why Satan even answered my prayers is because I am a backslider. He knows I know how Christians work.
5th August 2015 1:46am
frankie (US) says...
The way we work is pray for the lost.We can plant a seed but it's God who does the work. Repentance 360 degrees and see how good God is ...
13th August 2015 3:05am
m (US) says...
Stress and pressure slowly got me down.. then missing church more.. led to the worst backsliding of my life. Before I became very ill a result of this bad decision I already was convicted and came back to God. Now I got circumstances to deal with.. however I have had many close encounters with God as a result. I thought he had left me. The enemy saw the ***** in my armor. I was an easy target. Warning: stay diligent and know God longs for you..that relationship we neglect. He longs to protect ... Read More
3rd July 2015 10:39am
frankie (US) says...
Your right ,I believe God is working,but when you repent you can't hold on to nothing like if it's just a try you need to trust in him fully.So he can restore yo and use you greatly ,he has not forgotten you or left you remember you left,and he's hurt pray to God and ask him for forgiveness he will hear you .But it needs to genuine ...Belive me I've been there and because of his grace I'm still alive. And I'm going through a thought time right now but he's the only ... Read More
13th August 2015 3:13am
m (Glendale, US) says...
Thank you Frankie. Yes I have done a lot of research, and coming back to God is a process, and he rewards those who seek him, is all I can hold onto some days. Thank you, God bless you and your family!
13th August 2015 5:39am
chris palmeri (Saratoga Springs, US) says...
i can't quite make out where i am spiritually, but all i know is that i feel off from god, not where i should be. about a year ago i experienced something ive never experienced before, and is quite hard to put into words, and life without it feels extremely hard to manage since. i feel trapped spiritually. all i know is that after losing so many people and things in my life, i went crazy, i didnt know what was going on, then almost out of nowhere i was seeing life differently, scripture ... Read More
25th June 2015 3:40pm
frankie (US) says...
You need to repent and trusting in God .you feel so deep cause your not living for him,get into prayer and read his word or down load a audio bible were in can read it to you.Satan has you were he wants and God's trying to pull you back ,but it's your choice to repent and God is going to allow you to make that choice ..Don't be deceived God has a plan and he can use you for his Glory to bring others to Christ I strongly urge you repent , right now is not the time to be playing with ... Read More
13th August 2015 3:23am
sarah (US) says...
I served god all my life fell in sin after me and my husband I would ignore god voice at times and keep sining to fill a viod in my heart due to separation I saw jesus in a vision once was so happy then month later I feel in sin again my mind went crazy I keep hearing demonic voice tell me the holyspirit left me bc I disobey god I feel out of it I been in and out of mental ward I need prayer and deliverance from this demonic voices is the holyspirit with me how come I donot hear him anymore
21st May 2015 11:11am
frankie (US) says...
Lord God I pray for this person right now for delivarence In Jesus name Amen ...Whwhen we sin against God he is hurt but he still Loves us ,when you do repent it needs to be for real you can't serve God and Satan .Seek God ask for forgiveness he will forgive you but walk in his ways only seek him in prayer and scripture and in hearing his word.Surround your self with true Cristians who Love God ..There is no better place to be but in the arms of a loving God...And there's will be a time ... Read More
13th August 2015 3:42am
frankie (US) says...
Return to the Lord he will heal you but it needs to be real repentance. God don't play games he wants us to fully live for him .He wants to guide our every step ,don't let Satan fear you and don't believe once saved always saved it's not true look at Judas he I don't think he made it ..we need to constantly be aware and be fighting for our salvation .God has a plan for those who want to live for him but you need to be true to him pray ,hear his word find a good cristian ... Read More
13th August 2015 4:06am
amy Kirkpatrick (Yates Center, US) says...
I had backslid into a relationship..He told me not to marry..I did..but never turned in paperwork so not really married. But I had told boyfriend that He did not want us to marry and that He would cause death upon my household. Boyfriend said that God does not work that way..and said it was Satan. .and i said i believed boyfriend. SINCE THEN MY LIFE HAS been a spiraling. .lost my job..God won't speak to me..Help..
6th May 2015 1:23am
diana (Oregon City, US) says...
I want some support in prayers because I fell really hard a lot and repented right now, I'm trying to put in good habits which.are hard to follow I dont know if God hears me I can't find a job and I am depressed because I finished culinary school to become a cook/chef and I finished I couldn't do the job and I have to start from square one from the start and it's VERY hard because I can't simply just go to school because I have no money. Im losing hope very quickly.
Don't quit fighting! There will be light at the end of the tunnel, and the tunnel always has an end.

1 Corinthians 15:57  But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
13th March 2015 1:38pm
john williams (Jeffersonville Ky, US) says...
i have lust in my heart and im married and sometimes cannot control my lust. is this a deman trying to control me.
im not in church and my wife says she lost the holy ghost and cannot get it back is that true.can you help us. she also hasn't been back to church since we got back together. nore me can we be forgiven.
To overcome sexual lust, please read your Bible and also check out

17th October 2014 1:35am
Soul of Christ (Rwanda) says...
I was also a backslidder, I got saved as a teenager but then somehing tragic happened and I left the church. I thougt God had abandoned me, and so I made bad friends and started drinking and partying all the time. I had no idea how deep the pit I was about to fall into was. I developed a horrible disease which affects how i live everyday. I wish i could turn back the hands of time but i cant. The devil is a liar and i believed every last lie he told me. Friends, the Bible says beware the devil ... Read More
11th October 2014 5:38pm
mike peralta (US) says...
please read "hell testimonies" by mike peralta and/or "backsliding to hell" by mike peralta. it is scary but very enlightening.
4th October 2014 8:21am
dave (York, US) says...
Well if it is by works that a backslider must do to get back right with God but salvation is of grace through faith then what works will save you God loves us even when we have backslide and no amount of works will save you ha knows are hearts that is how he knows if we are trustworthy. He will always take you back and set you free it is by way of Jesus and the finished work he did and nothing else not by works lest any man should boast. Even your sanctification comes from the Jesus and the ... Read More
19th August 2014 7:55am
Deb (US) says...
I agree . U are right . We r saved by grace and the finished work on the cross. We're not saved by works and backsliders do not have to work harder or prove nothing .. We canot be unsaved , JESUS died for our past present and future sins . Once we r saved we are a child of God and nothing we do can separate us from him . We might fall away and yes it's a hard road back and yes it's hard to get back to where u once was far as what u once had . But gods grace is sufficient. He will ... Read More
3rd October 2014 6:49pm
Debra (Madera, US) says...
You put it perfectly. For those that don't know it called "the gift of God" Ephesians 2:8-9, which reads "By grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God: not as a result of works, so that no one may boast. We did nothing to earn this. We have to remember we CANNOT do anything ourselves God does EVERYTHING for us. He gave is Son, Jesus to save us from our sin John 3:16. If you believe God's word and promises to be true stop ... Read More
14th April 2015 4:57am
S (United States, US) says...
I get so depressed over my past sins it is all that I can see. it is hard for me to not end what is left of me. I had high hopes and dreams. Today, I am like a dead man & have thoughts of ending my miserable existence. Please pray for me. I am blinded by the darkness of my thoughts and past life. I pray and ask for healing and friends. Loneliness & failures/hurt that I have caused has driven me to insanity. Thank you.
Please don't give up hope! Though the darkness of the tunnel you are in is deep, if you keep going, you will come to the end and see the glorious light at the end of the tunnel and walk out of darkness into the beautiful light of the Gospel of love, gtace and salvation in Jesus Christ!! 

Please read this article on Deep Truths:
20th June 2014 6:09am
john (Baltimore, US) says...
hey S, I know this will sound weird, but it worked for me many times. john 2:23-25. jesus had done miracles and people were believing he was the messiah. BUT HE DIDNT TRUST THEM, HE KNEW MANKIND TO THE CORE.! he was talking about what a piece of ***** I AM. BUT.....then he went and let them nail him to a cross just to save me...!!! if he forgives us so completely, how can we not forgive ourselves. prayers to you, john
25th June 2014 8:20pm
S (US) says...
Thank you, John. I'm such a piece of s*** it's unreal. I've hurt so many people in my own pursuit to find happiness and be good in others eyes. Trying to cover up my past sins - and deny the facts of life. Awful. Seriously awful. A leper amongst my coworkers and extended family. Real hard to overlook/forgive what I've done/become. Piece of s***. Notorious. Trouble maker. :-(
25th June 2014 11:43pm
Karen Clancy (Shoreline, US) says...
John, I realize how you can be so disappointed in yourself and even hate yourself, but please try to see from the Lord's perspective. He loves and accepts us just the way we are, He loves the worst of the worst, we are all His creation. So to hate ourselves is to hate His creation. This is something I've had to give much thought and prayer about and the answer I've received. Ask Him to help you truly know love, which is His love and to love yourself as He does so you can have the ... Read More
22nd July 2015 11:44pm
Stacey AmolschRoy (Candler, US) says...
I agree with the admin. S. But it does sound like you are going through a Lamentations 3 experience. I went through it for over 3 years. It's a long story but hang in there. Oh Heavenly Father please forgive this man S or woman or help him to forgive himself. Lord, you know very well what I went through and am grateful to be alive still. I can be used (even though I still have some things I need to let go of). But S I do know the pain and not being able to talk about it to anyone because ... Read More
10th May 2015 2:35pm
Tricia Perry (North Chesterfield, US) says...
Hi. I never thought I would backslide ever but I did. At the time I got saved 1991 and maybe 2 or 3 yrs after that I went down quick. I did not develope a relationship with God at all. I was aways asking Him for things and a husband. I so wanted to be in ministry and married with a family. I became so angry and jealous of others. I told God while I was angry all those yrs ago that I hates him and didn't need him. I really did not know what I was doing. I was so filled with pride and ... Read More
7th June 2014 9:10am
Tigg (US) says...
What type of demonic activities are u experiencing?
13th June 2014 8:12am
Tricia Perry (North Chesterfield, US) says...
I can not sleep at night and both my arms have turned very dark and burns. My aunt say it is my nerves When I try to sleep I awake 5-6 times. I can not focus well and irritated all the time. I used to understand the bible and preaching but not much. I am not sensitive to the spirit and believe He is gone. My insides feel like something eating me. At times I am not interested in church and do not feel anointing. I do not know why I have done this to God and if he will deliver my soul to have joy ... Read More
Are you are coffee drinker or a heavy consumer of caffiene? If so, please know that any amount of caffience consumption can hinder your sleep. I write not in jest because I was a caffiene addict for years and only recently stopped thanks to a book I read, Caffiene Blues. Please consider this factor if you are a coffee drinker.
5th July 2014 7:53am
tigg (US) says...
Have you or been born again? Filled with the Spirit? How is the outside world/people treating you? Does God still answer any prayeres for u? Please let me know...I can help.
6th July 2014 1:42am
tigg (US) says...
Have you or been born again? Filled with the Spirit? How is the outside world/people treating you? Does God still answer any prayeres for u? Please let me know...I can help.
8th July 2014 4:58am
Tricia Perry (North Chesterfield, US) says...
Yes. I was baptized and received the holy ghost in 1991. I want to know God and live holy more than ever. Yes. Help. I am afraid my bitterness and complaining a d murmurings have pushed God completely out my life for good. Someone said he can return. But how? I feel so bitter like it is eating me up inside. Someone please tell God to help and stop it all. It is all flesh and this world. HELP. No more playing. Help really. It is trying to destroy my family and me. I am angry and it is not there ... Read More
Dear Tricia, please read  It has helped many people get out of the pit that bitterness put them in.
2nd August 2014 2:29am
Tigg (US) says...
Let me know how I can get a hold of you.
2nd August 2014 6:37am
Tricia Perry (North Chesterfield, US) says...
6th August 2014 2:33am
Tee (US) says...
Hi Tigg.. uhmm, i noticed your comment & was just wandering if you can help me? Ok..I was saved, in church doing pretty good, learning abut christianity & the bible& stuff but got around a sinner as a baby christian & am almost sure I backslidden. (I usually always try to repent daily) but for a little while was struggling with sin so I am pretty sure I may have backslider. I repented again tonight with some prayers I found online. See I didnt know a lot of the bible, how to ... Read More
4th April 2015 11:54am
David (Round Lake, US) says...
God Receives you, and through the power of Christ which is given to all who believe in Christ you have power over those demons, as the emotions surface capture them write it down and then BIND and COMMAND (name the demon or thought attributed) the demon to leave and to never return IN JESUS NAME. Believe you have the authority don't just think it, KNOW IT. THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY CHRIST DIED FOR YOU he holds the keys of hades and the devil has already be defeated only Christians have ... Read More
29th April 2015 1:37pm
friday (Makurdi, Nigeria) says...
Hmm. i suffered masturbation for many years.i did not really backslide because i was serious with God in all areas except this problem. NOW I FEAR I HAVE COMMITTED THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN ACCORDING TO HEB WARNINGS. HELP PLS! HELP PLS!! HELP PLS!!!
Materbation or any sexual sins are all forgiveable! If you feel you have a problem with conpulsive masterbation, please go to and download and read everything on that website! Mr. Joe Zychic will give you insights that can help you find a real relationship based on love and emotions. Masterbation is based on fantasies.

20th May 2014 10:44pm
Abraham (Zimbabwe) says...
13th May 2014 6:07pm
Jacob Lumpkin (US) says...
So can I come back? ive tried to repent but still could not overcome sin and ive got to where I thought about completely giving up and have been very close.So is there any way for God to forgive me now I really do want to come home but I don't know if he will welcome me back. im 16 and have been disobedient and struggled with masturbation and im really upset with how I let my saviour down and I would absolutely love to come home and obey him for the rest of my life. I WANT TO COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!
You're only 16 and have a life ahead of you! God has many lessons for us and learning them makes life more fun and abundant. Don't give up! Keep going for God! Jesus said in John 6:37: "All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." That means if you come to Jesus, He will receive you no matter how bad you've been! This is the wonderful message of the Gospel.
12th May 2014 11:26am
Mike Peralta (Phoenix, US) says...
Read my books:
"Hell Testimonies"
"Backsliding to Hell"

They clearly explain that the backslider will inherit Hell.
But God desperately desires that you repent so He can forgive you.
The above books helped me a great miraculous deal to repent and come back to God. The fear of God and judgment will help you tremendously to repent.

- Mike Peralta and
29th January 2014 2:40am
freeman (Dubai, The Emirates) says...
i feel my life is doom, i backslided off and on.. i did everything without thinking. Now it looks too late, and am bipolar severely depressed.I don't know where to begin.I never understood God if i knew him well i wouldn't have lived like this. The future looks very dark am asking God to take me back. The pain and mental pains is unbearable plus the consequences of backslide looks like death
My friend, please don't give up! Read the articles on my website. I'm sure there is plenty there that will encourage you and give you hope and strenght.
15th January 2014 7:27pm
Jo River (Fence Lake, US) says...
DEDICATE YOUR LIFE 100% TO THE SERVICE OF JESUS. First things first. Until this is done you're only playing religious games. Come to Jesus, give Him your all, and let Him make you a REAL CHRISTIAN! A people with a deep love for the Living God and His Kingdom. A people who know Jesus personally, believe His blood is the only way our sins are washed away, and know He is the only way to Heaven. A people who believe Hell is a place of eternal torment from which there is no escape, and those who ... Read More
4th January 2014 12:10am
Jerry granger (Tomah Wisconsin, US) says...
Hello to all. I was hoping that some of you who are as I find myself ...backsliding. But sadly no one has seen my post. That's ok bros and sisters. Where my life is at present is ALL! my fault ...period. may our Lord bless each of you and yours in all of your trials, tests, tribulations ...persecutions..and yes, backslidings. I pray in Jesus name amen to the glory of Yahweh our Heavenly Father. Thank you for your ministry ...Deep Truths ..God richly continue to bless and use you as His ... Read More
5th November 2013 3:19pm
gary gregerson (Rantoul, US) says...
Hi Jerry... I think we have a LOT in common and can benefit from communicating. I was once on fire and in love w Jesus...for 7 years... then the devil changed the course of my life thru rebelling and fornicating. I've stopped all that after 15 years....repented numerous times... and have been clean for 7 months.. my walk w god is a mess.... I can't church makes me sick. Plz email me back... I'm 54 years old... Gary g
29th November 2013 2:49pm
Jerry granger (Tomah Wisconsin, US) says...
Hello dear brother! Thank you so much for taking the time and care to respond to my comment. I just happened to check this site out and felt a need to share a very difficult truth about my spiritual condition ..a long time of backsliding ..and the absolute loneliness of this wilderness in which I find myself. I am blessed to be permeated with God's word, which only adds to the truth and pain that day in day out I feel. I am so thankful that your response reminds me that I'm not alone in this ... Read More
2nd December 2013 12:43pm
Jerry granger (Tomah Wisconsin, US) says...
Hi Gary. I hope you received my reply. God bless you dear brother in Jesus name amen
2nd December 2013 2:38pm
Jerry (Tomah Wis., US) says...
I've been out if church for 13 years ..I wish to return, for the emptiness of my soul, joy, life, fellowship and service to our Lord's holy calling. Great! are my sins! Yet I still listen to His Word, tell others of their need for true salvation, but they don't see me going to fellowship and living after this present evil world. I fell in love with a woman who (this is just too hard to speak about) , let's just say the rest of my days will possess a burden I pray no brother or sister in Christ ... Read More
18th October 2013 9:42pm
Marielle Croes (Aruba) says...
Hi, brothers and sisters God bless you all and help you in your struggles , have faith and continue to seek Him. We live in a fallen world. I was saved when I was 16 that was 4 years ago a little before I was seeking the Lord wholeheartedly and he begin to show me that the pastors who claimed to be Christians on CBN are not really Christians and that shocked me because I used to believe that every Christian who say that they followed Christ are really like that. No one ever told me that neither ... Read More
19th June 2015 1:56am
mike (US) says...
Im a current backslider looking for my.way home. After i came to know Christ my ex wife left me, i came into some major battles and i gave up. I am so empty inside. Im asking for advice and prayer as i try to seek the Lord and seek to come home. Praise Gpd for this and thank you!!!
2nd October 2013 11:41pm
Casdakiwi (New Zealand) says...
mike bro I know ya pain bro, as a ex backslider I have come home Remembering that he waits for us like the prodigal sons father, and can see us far off returning ,runs to us embraces us and throws a party what an amazing Father you/I have his mercy endures for ever and is wider and deeper than our doubts and pain .. praying for ya bro God bless
3rd October 2013 5:49am
mark (Trinity, US) says...
Typical "baptist" theology..preaching hellfire and brimstone on one man all the while sinning yourselves..its pathetic..iam a believer in christ and KNOW what scripture says...peter denied the lord three times...this is far worse than having an affair or stealing etc..this you would think would be unforgiveable...but christ loved him...and gave him a higher position after his repentance!! Ill even bet you think "greater works" of the spirit was only a desciple practiced ... Read More
30th April 2013 9:13pm
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
Sir, you have obviously not read the other articles on this website. The author does NOT preach hell-fire and brimstone. Don't base the doctrines on a single picture on this page. Please see
1st May 2013 9:20am
Karen Sanders (US) says...
Mark, What is going on, brother? Why the anger and vitriol, lit by a few paragraphs of disagreeable counsel? There is little balance in your counsel, but much personal opinion, learned opinion, and a heart that bewrays its own resentment. If we are going to argue, let us argue as brothers, to the contentment of the heart and not to separation and division. I hope all is well with you, but I suspect you are having problems with pride and lack of humbleness. Fortunately, you have found a venue ... Read More
5th May 2013 12:02am
amanda (Australia) says...
what a crock,Jesus loves me, He told me to come as I am. I am here today, tomorrow I may fail, Please dont hold me responsible for the sins of the world.. I was born into sin and repent from it every day. Jesus is the WAY! not you. his love wraps His arms around me holds me tight, forever, whatever!
12th January 2013 4:05am
ringo (US) says...
amanda you go the wrong attitude.. it is called rebellion (hebrew for witchcraft) you are with the new wave movement of once saved always saved i think.
31st March 2013 2:10pm
Cindy (Lagos, Nigeria) says...
I do appreciate this site but from experience i must say that nothing that comes through works is permanent. Instead works would just give an avenue for pride and self righteousness. The longlasting relationship is only guaranteed by Jesus\' work on the Cross and the Love and Grace of God.
31st December 2012 10:35am
anthony (Baltimore Md, US) says...
The trust that was once placed in you by grace will now have to be earned by works to the utmost to prove you are no longer a traitor and will no longer backslide,nothing is earned by works,works are somthing done because a person is saved not because one does it to be saved.
Your SALVATION surely is not earned by works, but your relationship with your family, your church, your friends, your spouse, your employer SURE IS earned by your works, and especially so if you did something to hurt them. Try telling your wife to trust you again if you did something to betray her trust! No preaching on your part will convince her. You\\\\\\\'re gonna have to earn her favour again by a continued life of honesty with her.
19th December 2012 10:39am
Casthekiwi (Wanganui, New Zealand) says...
hi all love the website As a returned backslider I can relate to all the points noted in this article It has greived me so much to think I ran from my saviour and sinned willfully With bouts of depression and sadness I can identify so much with anyone that has fallen. however i know the saviour leaves the flock to find the lost sheep that strayed . thank you lord so much for your grace and anyone out there struggling with backsliding..he still cares and loves you God Bless keep up ... Read More
17th December 2012 11:51am
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
Thank you for your encouraging comments! I wish this was a team project.
17th December 2012 5:03pm
Tricia (US) says...
Please note the contrast between the parables of the lost sheep and that of the prodigal son. The lost sheep is one who may not have KNOWN, with certainty, which way to go - or simply taken his eyes off of God or the Good Shepard and lost direction along the way. Picture following someone in a caravan and your the last of the vehicles who may get caught by the light. There is a turn up ahead so you try to keep ur eye on the car travelling in front of you as much as possible, but then you get ... Read More
23rd July 2013 4:26am
Randall Boyte says...
God bless you for posting this truth. Please continue your online ministry. You are reaching and helping more than you will probably ever know.
30th November 2012 6:25pm
Mwavali Newton (Mbale, Kenya) says...
A very powerfull message. When one backslides, he/she becomes worse than they were in the beginning befor they got saved.
I\'m definately sharing this on my facebook account.
24th October 2012 2:52pm
Tisha (US) says...
My husband and I pastored for 13 years. Three years ago he had an affair with a woman in our church. He didn\'t leave me but ended the affair and we have stayed together. However, he seems so bitter and angry at God. He will not go to church and has definitely backslid. He cusses, drinks, and, last night, his temper got the best of him and he shoved me. I fell and hit my head on the floor. This is the first time he has ever ladi his hands on me in anger in twenty something years of ... Read More
18th September 2012 4:36pm
michael (Taipei, Taiwan) says...
praying for you, hold on!!!
2nd February 2013 2:51am
frankie (US) says...
I hear I'm going through something similar all I can say is don't give up cause that's what Satan wants to do damage to everyone kids ,family members ,divorces are the worst cause it's like a desease and spreads ,but I ok incourage you to fast and seek the Lord so he can also show you what went wrong in your marriage. God is definitely dealing with him right now ,just remember he even deals with us also through this hard ship , God is so good. I put my trust in him and ... Read More
13th August 2015 3:52am
Chris (Manhattan, US) says...
I can attest to this. I walked away from faith. Left thinking God didn\'t care about me, so why should I care about Him? But I\'m so glad that we serve such a loving God! He let me have my season, then He called me back. I am the wayward son. He is my Father waiting at the gate, looking for my silhouette to break the horizon. Don\'t backslide, it is not worth it. I have returned home, but the accuser is screaming at me. He\'s very angry that I\'ve left and is striking every thought that I have ... Read More
7th September 2012 9:06pm
m (US) says...
wow, I backslid too, and returned. However God feels so far, and my life is sooooo torn apart, I barely make it through each day. Is the enemy retaliating at me since I returned to God, is this my season? Yes I agree backsliding is not worth it, however pride makes us fall. guilty here.
23rd August 2015 7:41am
Dawn (Lut, US) says...
Great Blog!!! My husband backslide after co pastoring a ministry together. It is one of the most devastating experiences to see someone go from the palace to the pit by choice. The devil is cunning, he did not care what he had to do to make excuses for his adultery. He lied on me and made me out to be the problem in order to satisfy his lust of the spirit. I refuse to follow his example, and I refuse to leave God!! While I pray for his restoration, I must press toward the mark and continue the ... Read More
Dawn, I pity your husband because his problems have only begun. Because he left you for another woman, that woman will never fully trust him thinking he may dump her for yet another one. I doubt that his new relationship is a happy one. He is probably sexually addicted and needs help. If is acknowledges he does have a problem, I know a good counselor who can help him.
29th August 2012 11:09pm
Alex (Anse Royale, Seychelles) says...
thank you very much. very fruitful
11th June 2012 12:31pm
Alex (Anse Royale, Seychelles) says...
Thank you very much for the words of encouragement, its been a while I\\\\\\\'ve been longing for such. Thank you very much. Thank you.
11th June 2012 12:30pm
christina (Ilion, US) says...
Amen! :) I Agree.
This is Amazing!
God Bless you!
And Jesus Loves you all!
He rejoices over you with singing!
and He delights in you!
and He is well pleased with you
19th April 2012 9:52pm
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