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How to go on the attack!

Quote Scripture, pray, praise and sing!

By David Brandt Berg, written November 1975
(Maria: For the first few days following the prayer for my healing, my eye condition stayed the same, then gradually cleared up completely to where my eyes were totally back to normal for the first time in months.--A real miracle of the Lord's healing! But after a while I began to have problems again. The Lord had answered and done the work, but He still had more to teach us. And again, He spoke through Dad with further counsel on fighting the Enemy and getting the victory.)
Fighting the Devil with God's Word said out loud!

There's something about saying things out loud. It is a testimony to yourself and to the multitude of witnesses that surround us! It's not enough to just say it in your head, you need to say it out loud, quote Scriptures and rebuke the Devil and praise the Lord! That's why my Mother used to say, "Words are real things", and you need to say them. Words can curse or words can save. "By thy words art thou justified or by thy words thou art condemned!"--Mat.12:36,37. You have to give an account of your words.

Words are very important! YOu need to use them! The Lord hears them and the Heavenly hosts hear them and you hear them and the Devil hears them. It is very important that you use the words, even if you can only whisper them. (Maria: Then it's not as effective if you just say them in your head without using your mouth?)--NO, it doesn't seem to have the same power for some reason or another.

Give no place to the evil one!--Eph.4:27. If you get so busy quoting Scripture and praising the Lord and rebuking the Devil, you won't have so much time to think about your headache. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee." (Isa.26:3) If your mind is centered on the Lord and stayed on Him then He is the One you are thinking about and you can't think about both things at once.

So keep thinking about the Lord and praising the Lord and quoting Scriptures and praying out loud. That takes concentration, you have to think about it, you have to keep your mind on the Lord and your mind on the Scripture and on your praises, even sing! The Devil hates song because it's praise to the Lord. You've just got to keep at it, really WORK at it! It's a testimony even to the Lord that you are really trusting Him, that you really have faith in His Word.

As long as you keep thinking about your headache and concentrating on your headache, then it's your headache you'll have! But if you get your mind on something else, it won't be as bad.

I think that's why your headaches get so bad at night, you're not working, you're not reading and all you can think about is your headache. But you need to get your mind off it and rebuke it and praise the Lord! Sing, quote Scriptures and really go on the attack!

But there is just something about saying the words that really crystalises your resistance and causes the devils to flee! They hate to hear the Word. Besides, if others are listening it is a declaration to them that you are trusting the Lord, that you have faith in His Word. It's a testimony and a witness to them, it even encourages them to know that you're really trusting the Lord and have faith in His Word and you really believe those Scriptures and just keep quoting them even if you can only whisper them.

It takes more concentration and it occupies more of your mind and your consciousness if you have to say it out loud, quote it out loud and praise the Lord out loud! Rebuke the Devil out loud! He has to obey. "Resist the Devil and he WILL flee from you!"--Jam.4:7. Quiet faith is fine but it is not enough of a real attack, a real fight!

You've really got to do it out loud, the louder the better! (Maria: Does that really make a difference?--The louder the better?)--Yes! The more people that hear you the better! It's good for them. It encourages their faith and lets them know that you're declaring that you're trusting the Lord instead of just moping around and suffering in silence.

You need to go on the attack! be positive and show that you have faith in the Word, faith in the Lord, faith in praise, a sign that you really trust and you really believe. It's like a declaration of faith. And when your mind is occupied with that, you can't be occupied with your suffering and your pain.

There is power in the Word! There is absolute power in the Words! You really need to say it with your mouth. "Thou shalt confess with thy mouth that Christ is Lord."--Rom.10:9. "With my mouth will I make known Thy faithfulness unto all generations."--Psa.89:1.

I never saw my mother get the victory just by thinking the words or thinking prayer. You can do that too under some circumstances, but when you're having a real battle with the Devil or sickness or headache or something, you've got to say it out loud, you've got to go on the attack and really fill your mind and heart and your mouth with declarations of faith and praise and prayer and Scriptures--the Word! You have to use your mouth to say the Word. Words are things that you have in your mouth made by your mouth. You've got to use your mouth and then that becomes not only a testimony to yourself but to others as well.

There are a great cloud of witnesses who are always watching us, trying to help us, but you need to declare your faith openly and loud enough at least that you can hear it yourself.--Heb.12:1. It'll keep your mind and your mouth occupied with the Word and with prayer and praise and with attacks on the Enemy. It really helps to occupy your mind and your heart and especially your mouth, as well as your spirit. It will do you a lot of good!

You've just got to get busy, you've got to say it, you've got to word it, put it into words and say it out loud and really rebuke the Devil and declare your faith and show your trust in the Word by quoting it out loud. Even though nobody can hear you but yourself, it will do YOU a lot of good. "By thy words shalt thou be justified and by thy words shalt thou be condemned."--Mat.12:37.

Boy, when I got up early some mornings, if I didn't go in my little cubicle and pray and praise the Lord out loud, i don't think i could make it! I mean it does me good just to hear my own voice quoting Scripture and praying and praising the Lord even if it is only in a whisper. It just takes a lot of concentration to say it with your mouth and use your tongue and the Devil has a hard time getting past that.

When it comes to the Devil, words are sort of like bullets or death rays or something and they just blast the Devil! Every word just zaps him! They're part of our offensive weaponry, the Word! It describes the armour of a Christian--it says the sword of the Spirit is the Word!--Eph.6:10-17. It's sharper than any two-edged sword.--Heb.4:12.

Doing it out loud really focuses your attention on what you're doing and what you're saying, and you're not only using your mouth and your tongue, which takes concentration, but your ears are busy listening so your consciousness is almost fully occupied with what you're saying and you can't think so much about your pain or your problems or worries or whatever. Don't submit to the Devil! He gets you on the run where you're just thinking about nothing but your headache and that's the worst thing in the World you could do!

You need to declare your faith and just fling it in the face of the Devil! Just throw fiery darts of Scriptures at him out loud in prayer and praise! He hates that because it is a testimony to you even if you're all alone. And if there are others present, it is a testimony to them. It is a declaration that you are trusting the Lord and that you have faith in the Word, and you need to use your own words as well as God's Words. Amen? (Maria: Amen! Thank You Jesus! That's right!)

If you're not doing that and you're thinking about how your head aches and you're thinking about how your eyes ache, and he is telling you all kinds of lies about how this is caused by this and that, you're always going to have this, and blah, blah, as long as you're quiet and silent, he can really talk to you! I ought to know, I've been through it plenty. You need to just go on the attack and be positive and say things out loud against the Devil.

Quote Scriptures and sing and pray and praise the Lord and talk in tongues and keep your mouth busy and your mind busy and it keeps your ears busy too. And it's just like a vicious cycle against the Devil and it's a saving cycle for you! Just keep it in circulation. Keep it going! Say it and hear it and think it and say it and hear it and think it, and say it and hear it and think it and keep it going!

He just talks up that pain and aggravates it and the more you concentrate your mind and your heart on your pain and your headache and your eyeache and your backache or whatever it is, the more it magnifies it, aggravates it and the more he makes you think about it. But if you'll keep your mind and your mouth and your heart and your ears busy with the Word, you just haven't got time to listen to the Devil or even feel his pain! Just rebuke it and rebuke him and do it out loud, and quote Scriptures and sing, pray, praise, talk in tongues, anything to keep your mind and heart and your mouth and your ears and your eyes busy!

Just out-talk him! Drown him out, because you can't be thinking about two things at once. You can't be thinking about both of them. You can't be concentrating and thinking and worrying about your pain or your problems while your mind, heart and spirit, mouth, tongue, ears and eyes and everything are busy with the Word. Even if you don't know much Scripture to quote, then just read it, but read it out loud.

There is just something about saying words out loud that seems to be much more effective than mere thoughts. The Lord said to Isaiah, "Command thou Me!"--Isa.45:11. He meant for him to put it into words, to tell Him what to do.

A lot of times that's why i get up early in the morning instead of lying here silently in bed thinking about all the things I ought to be doing and about all my problems and worries and whatnot. I get up and I do something! That's another thing, keep active, keep busy, what they call "work therapy", and keep your hands busy if you can't do anything else. But all the time be talking to the Lord and praising.--Talking in tongues, praying, quoting Scriptures and singing!

If you can keep your actual physical body busy with the Word, including your tongue and your mouth and your eyes and your ears and your thoughts and everything, then you won't have time to think about your problems! You won't have time to think about your worries or your pains if you're concentrating on the Lord. And He promised, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee."--Isa.26:3.

If your mind is busy, it makes you forget other things! It pushes everything else out of your head. When you're talking you can't think of anything else but what you're saying. So say it!--Amen?

Copyright © 1998 by The Family International

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Comments (26)

Topic: how_to_go_on_attack.html
4/5 (1)
Gladys (US) says...
My daughter is bound in shackles by saten in the form of drug addiction. Please pray the God will take back what is his, I rebuke the evil one, flee from her, In Jesus Name. Her name is Ashley in Tennessee, she is 22 years old. Please, please join me in prayer, I won't let the devil take her that easy, I am going to fight him all the way.
10th October 2014 9:53pm
Michael Pate (Los Angeles, US) says...
I'm in a battle right now with an unclean spirit..which attached itself to me..I actually recorded it on my phone..mentioned my name and said you can't beat me. I stay in the word and am a christian and God's spirit dwells with me. Pray for me.
11th September 2014 9:13am
terry (Philippines) says...
this article is very timely and helpful as i am personally going thru a battle with an ex-lover of my husband. she is angry bitter with me, and having pity-party for being dumped and scorned. i have forgiven my husband for having hurt her and me. she is out doing unbelievable mudslinging on social media and i sense the presence of demons in her while she does this. now i can be victorious thank u for sharing this truth, that I can command the spirits of anger, bitterness, and pity to flee from ... Read More
22nd July 2014 7:49pm
Janellen HUTTON (Richfield, US) says...
Love You Guys!! Father I thankyou for these wonderful people working for the Lord!!
Thank you :} Blessings for all of you!!

In Christ's Love

Jan Ellen Hutton

13th February 2014 12:55pm
Linette (Wilmington, US) says...
Call on the name of JESUS.
4th February 2014 6:45am
Anne (Perth, Australia) says...
You have to take authority over whatever is the problem in your life. God has given us all authority. Quote the scriptures you are believing for. For health, provision - schizophrenia, quote the healing scriptures, in Tim God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, sound mind. I have seen this work, it may take a while, even years, or it may take a day, but this is what God requires from our faith. Go to Mel Bonds website, for the best teaching. Margaret Court from Victory Life ... Read More
23rd October 2013 2:28pm
Jason (Canada) says...
I quote scripture that I have memorized whenever I feel demonic spirits even in some churchs. I went to this new church the other day Christian church, I was told it was Charizmatic?? and I didnt sense the Holy Spirit there and I felt demonic spirits in the Pastoral staff. I quoted scriptures quietly the whole time I was there and the Pastor wasnt able to Preach. He was all flustered and trembling when he was starting to preach then started yelling somthing and went and sat down with out even ... Read More
That is so true, brother! Thank you for sharing your testimony of the power of the HOLY Spirit!
21st October 2013 2:08pm
Robert (Garrison N.d., US) says...
Thank god for this article. I hate the devil and have seen people delivered from demons. Just keep asking god for what he has promised and you will get it because god can't lie. Praise The Lord!
15th June 2013 12:33pm
GG (Ie, US) says...
It was a blessing to find your page. Spiritual warfare exist. I am continuously fighting it. My schizophrenic brother whom I have live with for 25 yrs has opened my eyes to the world of spiritual warfare. i continuosly have to bind those demonic forces in the name of Jesus so they will stop tormenting him. They flee instantly.
5th February 2013 10:32am
marcia mastny (US) says...
This was meant for me to read at this very moment. Thank you. Amen. The FIGHT has begun. . .
21st December 2012 2:06am
april (Orangeburg, US) says...
This word is so strong. Please keep these coming. Oh god thank you. I am more than a conquer through him that loves me. God shall supply all my needs to his riches and glory. Trust in him all my soul and all thats within me. Oh how i love him
18th December 2012 7:55pm
Janice Cantrell (Austell Georgia, US) says...
I claim victory in Jesus!
11th November 2012 9:07am
Chamberlain Uket (Ebonyi State, Nigeria) says...
I claim Victory,i claim my health.I am no longer under satanic domination.Jesus is the Lord of my Life.Satan will really be regretting it right now to have allowed me stumble on this article.he\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s gonna pay double for all the pain,my time,money etc i had to put up with.infact the word will come out louder than ever from my mouth always and whenever he wakes me up. Christ has redeemed us from the CURSE of the law.. Praise God im freed.. Thank You Jesus.
5th July 2012 1:44pm
Chamberlain Uket (Ebonyi State, Nigeria) says...
I claim Victory,i claim my health.I am no longer satanic domination.Jesus is the Lord of my Life.Satan will is really regretting it right now to have allowed me stumble on this article.he\\\'s gonna pay double for all the pain,my time,money etc i had to put up with.infact the word will come out louder than ever from my mouth always and whenever he wakes me up. Christ has redeemed us from the CURSE of the law.. Praise God im freed.. Thank You Jesus.
5th July 2012 1:39pm
Deborah (Houston, US) says...
I just taught a class on prayer and one of my points I felt God wanted me to share with them was to speak the Word in prayers outloud, I wish I had had this before instead of after. The other point was to Praise, thank you for writing this.
1st July 2012 2:54am
Faithful (Rockville, US) says...
Lord my Father God you are so good and fair Jesus. My Husband is in some serious trouble dealing with the Devil. I rebruke the devil and his people trying to play games with his mind. I bless you Lord God because I know you can do all things and I claim it as a victory in you mighty powerful unstoppable name Lord. Please come and say him Father because he is weak right now and he really needs your help. God I love you with everything I got and I will always love you Lord. My Savior please ... Read More
21st June 2012 1:37pm
Tom says...
My ouija board has forbidden me to use the name of Jesus. I must obey, because I am incapable of making my own decisions
I refuse to use the name of Jesus in obedience to my ouija board.
God, our Creator, gave us all the sovereign power of choice! You ARE capable of making your own discussion! To deny that means you are denying responsibility for your actions. If you deny responsibilty for your actions, that means you are irresponsible! What good does that do you to be irresponsible. Nobody can trust you for anything.

You just confirmed to me and readers of this article that ouija boards are the Devil! Only the Name of Jesus can save us, not ouija boards or any of Satan\'s tools of deception.
18th June 2012 5:27pm
cleyla (Houston, US) says...
Quija boards are satans toys
Ouija comes from two words, French "oui" meaning yes and German "ja" meaning yes. A person who says yes to everything is opening himself or herself to the devil!
16th July 2014 10:43am
halie (Martinsburg, US) says...
Pattie, jus read scripture, and somehow the lord will take all of our pain away if we give it to him. He will heal us and give us things we need. If you have any little bit of money, Tythe it, and i promise you, he will give you 10x more than you gave, but the point is , you gave him every last bit you had and he will love and honor and support you, but you have to respect our God. Im a 15 year old and this is what i have learned. I've been through alot as a fifteen year old, and alot of it the ... Read More
1st April 2012 10:25pm
Betty (US) says...
How to remove satan from my teenagers lives and protect them?
9th January 2012 6:26am
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
We must first earn their respect by loving them and listening to what they have to say, and then in love and humility tell them what the Bible has to say. It is their choice to choose to listen to God over Satan.
9th January 2012 6:30pm
Ray says...
Pray with all of your heart, to goodness, god and Jesus! AMEN SISTER!!!!!!
2nd July 2012 6:45pm
Ruth Ann (Michigan, US) says...
Use the word of God against the devil. That's what Jesus did when He was tempted in the wilderness. Read it in Matthew. If you are saved rebuke him then end with in the name of Jesus. He gave you His authority when you are saved because He defeated the devil and took the keys away from him.
12th February 2013 4:38am
pattie farm (St Peters, US) says...
how do I get a release from heaven for work to pay my bills. I need my car registered to attend church, buy food and just to live. My husband died a few weeks ago. A year ago our home burned down and you get the big picture. Please help me. I have taxes to file and bills to pay and debts from my husband that we havent been able to pay for 3 years and I can not register my car. I owe property tax and without paying I am not sure about church. He said he would be a husband to the widow. i ... Read More
15th November 2011 10:35pm
Jen (El Cajon, US) says...
Pray over your finances every day, three times a day if need be. But don't tell God what you have. Only declare His truth. He is your provider, your Deliverer, your help in time of trouble. He has freed you from the curse of the land which includes money and debt. Declare it, believe it and wait on Him in expectancy. Know His promises and cling to them. Pray the blood of Jesus and the Father's agape love over your heart, mind, soul, home, family, finances, friends, neighborhood, etc. ... Read More
1st July 2014 10:51pm
Whitney King (US) says...
Hallelujah!!!!! Now that's what I call amazing GRACE! Glory to God!
6th July 2014 1:58pm
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