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By David Brandt Berg, Sept., 1973
A jealous woman about to shoot the one she claims to love!

Jealousy is a form of pride, because you feel someone is treating you unfairly and you're being mistreated and abused. So jealousy is really a spirit of complaint and murmuring which is, of course, born of pride. YOU MURMUR BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED BETTER. You're being mistreated. You're being abused. You don't deserve it. You're better than that. "I deserve to have him all to myself! SHE doesn't deserve to have him at ALL! I am the one that ought to be considered. I am the one that ought to get the attention. Nobody else deserves him but ME!"

That's pride! That's jealousy! Selfishness is pride! What IS selfishness after all but PRIDE? The SELFISH believe THEY deserve MORE than others. Therefore they're unwilling to SHARE. THEY feel like THEY'VE got a right to it ALL. NOBODY else deserves to have ANY.--And they get angry if anyone even SUGGESTS they ought to SHARE!

Selfishness is the possessiveness of private property.--"It is mine!--Nobody else's! I deserve it and nobody else can have it! I'm the only one that has a right to it!" But the truth is that he belongs to OTHERS as well as YOU--his time, his attention, his thoughts and counsel.

Watch out!--The Lord might take him away and then you'd HAVE NOTHING to murmur about, complain about or get hateful about! You can become like a dog in the manger where YOU don't want him, but you don't want anybody ELSE to have him either--and you'll LOSE EVERYTHING!

Foolish, selfish and jealous people!--Do you know what they're willing to do? They're willing to even kill the thing they pretend to love just to keep it away from OTHERS, just so nobody ELSE can have it! They would rather see it DIE than have anybody ELSE have it!

They'd rather kill it than share it--that's the ultimate in selfishness, like those women in the Bible: That's the way Solomon found out who REALLY LOVED the baby! The one who REALLY loved it was the one who was willing to GIVE IT UP to preserve its life so that at least the baby could be happy and live.--1Kings 3:16-28.

The one that didn't love and wasn't the true mother didn't really care about the baby, only HERSELF, and would rather KILL the baby than let anybody ELSE have it! So the proud, selfish and jealous KILL rather than let anybody else have it--which shows and PROVES they DON'T REALLY LOVE IT.

They really only love themselves! That's the ultimate in JEALOUSY. That's what women do when they murmur against others to whom he pays attention and complain he doesn't love THEM just because he deals with OTHERS. It's just like sticking a knife in his back and making him want to die!

You think he's hurting you. But if he LOVES you and is only trying to HELP somebody else, that's the furthest thing from his mind. If he loves YOU and he loves the LORD, he'll also love OTHERS and want to help THEM, too. The same goes for the FELLOWS, also, who are jealous of their WIVES!

In the long run, you won't kill your competition--you'll kill the one you say you love!--You may kill his LOVE for you, his FAITH in you and even his faith in HIMSELF! It's a common practice with the Lord: People who are not willing to SHARE what they have, God often takes it away COMPLETELY and many times gives it to the one with whom they were NOT willing to share it!

By your selfishness you could be absolutely killing the one you say you love! You know what God did with the Israelites when they refused to give a tenth?--He took the WHOLE THING! The only thing that will HELP you will be to HURT you.

"Unto him that hath, shall it be given, but unto him that hath not, it shall be taken away, even that which he thinketh he hath!" THE BOTTLE ASKS ONLY TO BE CONSUMED, never to be replenished.

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Comments (13)

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3/5 (2)
Damon Allen Bailey (Sellersburg, US) says...
Are you saying we should share our spouse?
8th September 2014 12:51am
Glenda (Gwd, US) says...
that comment was uncalled for No one should ever have share their spouse
10th September 2014 8:04pm
Glenda (Greenwood, US) says...
I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t think jealous and selfish even should be in the same sentence at all. Selfish (to me) is something you hoard away from others. Jealousy is knee jerk reaction, and mostly does not last long. Take a for instance. My daughter and I had six years taken away from us because she was having a problem understanding why her sister had an brain aneursym and I was having to spend alot of time at hospital and rehab with my daughter(who had the aneursym) ... Both are adults with ... Read More
I believe love, patience, faith that God is in control, and a bit of time can heal all emotional wounds. I was heartbroken over somebody for about 3 years, but now 10 years later, I think I can see the situation from a more objective point of view. The emotional pain has past. No use in trying to relive it.
17th September 2012 11:23am
Glenda (Greenwood, US) says...
I got over it and it did not last long. We talked it over and there is no problem now. Thank the Good Lord. He answers prayers
22nd May 2013 11:04am
karl (Cambs, UK) says...
i have a softop car cost me 400.00gbp is an xr3i cabriolet nice and loud . i get stared with daggers as it looks bad ***** yet there people in my area with suberau imprezers that cost thousands more yet i feel like people are jelous i think its not what i have its me i could have a bag of ***** and still these people would be the same its how you carry yourself with a certain pride they dont like it they think how dare you walk with ur head up smile be happy ect
11th August 2012 8:22pm
nessa76 (Manchester, UK) says...
Jealousy is the ugliest/evil of all emotions. On my dads side of the family they have a thing of morbid jealousy, which is beyond the extreme of normal jealousy. I suffered in the hands of my family, friends too. I\'m strong so they\'re not bringing me down to make themselves feel better.
11th August 2012 6:37pm
cynthiagriffins (US) says...
I was wondering the a person can be jealous of you your being rather than material things?
22nd May 2013 6:06am
Marsha (Argentina) says...
Jealousy is the ugliest emotion. It causes havoc and seperation wherever it leads. And some are left in damage over anothers irrational raft. I really dislike envious people and I make sure to keep a far distance from them.
31st July 2012 12:05pm
Niamul Hasan (London, UK) says...
This site says the reality. I am a true sufferer of jelousy. Everybody, even my parents, family feel jelous about me. They try to abuse me and show misbehave. Those make me so sad.
Niamul, I hope you do not think of yourself as a victim. No matter what people do or what their attitude is toward us, we still have the power to make our own choices in life based on what we know to be right and wrong. We can only work to correct our own problems, not the problems of others.
14th July 2012 2:39am
kyle meehan (US) says...
Lots of truth here
very clear...
11th June 2012 8:56pm
Michelle (Dallas, US) says...
Excellent!!!So True!!!
16th January 2012 8:58pm
Miss Pixie B (Sydney, Australia) says...
I have a paper on why here...all goes back to parenting
5th January 2012 12:29am
Danielle Brady (Sidney, Australia) says...
So true :P
14th November 2011 4:02pm
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