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--1 Corinthians 2:10b

David Berg on love, emotion and sexuality

Excerpt from "The Secret" By David Brandt Berg, written April 13, 1978
For God so loved the world!

God is Love. Love is God and God is Love. He's always said that a long time, the Bible says it! God is Love; Love is God. The greatest commandment is to love.

(Maria: And love is an emotion.) And love is an emotion. An emotion. Something which causes you to move out into something good--love--an emotion. So I don't like people that are ruled by their cold calculating cruel minds.

I like people who are ruled by emotions, like me. I'm ruled by emotion, my love, desire, sex, affection, sympathy, love. That's me. I think so, isn't it? Isn't that me? (Maria: Yes, it definitely is. That's the greatest thing.)

I don't like these cold calculating mentalists. Mentalists are mental-less. I want emotion, I want emotion.

Not to be sexy is not natural. God made us to be sexy, He made us to be emotional, He made us to be loving and kind, emotional. We're creatures of emotion, and love, desire. The Devil is Satanically intellectual, he is a god of knowledge.

Intellectuality brings pride. Knowledge brings pride. Love and emotion is humiliating and humbling. Sex is humbling. Love is humbling. All these other God-damned things are of the Devil--pride, intellectuality, knowledge, power--they're cold icicles!

(Maria: Why then though would the Lord have made whole groups of people under different sun signs with those particularly strong traits?) For balance, for balance. (Maria: Is it still of the Devil?) No, no. But the Devil rules and reigns more over certain signs than others.

(Maria: But you couldn't say the Devil rules and reigns more over Aquarians than some other signs?) It depends on what Aquarian. Some Aquarians are cold, cruel, calculating, proud, fame-seeking Aquarians. In every sign there is a good side and a bad side. A positive side and a negative side. In every single sign there's good and evil. And it all depends on which side you choose, whether you choose to be good or be evil.

Your sign is either positive or negative. You can choose the positives or the negatives, the good or the evil. You can choose the good and eschew the evil. That's what God has left up to your choice. And that's the evil the Devil brought into the garden, the choice of the knowledge of evil.

You can take your pick. You can either live up to your good side of the positive things of your sign, or you can live up to the bad side, the negative things of your sign. You know that. (Maria: But now it becomes a decision as to what is good and what is bad.) Yes, that's what we're here for.

You're here to make the choice, you're here to make the decision, whether you will choose the good and eschew the evil, or choose the evil and eschew the good. (Maria: But sometimes it's difficult finding which is the good and knowing which is the evil.) No, no, never, never! It's never difficult.

The decision is so clearcut you can never ever ever ever have any problem finding the difference. (Maria: I think some might say that it's difficult.) Only the problem cases, only the problem cases who are hanging in the balance, who have a lot of pride and a lot of selfishness,only they have any problem finding the difference.

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