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Deep Truths is my personal collection of the basic teachings of David Brandt Berg. I think they are good for the world and all Christians in general because they helped me understand the Bible in a deeper way and do God's Will for my life today. Most of the articles on Deep Truths were written from 1969 to the early '80s. They are also known as "Mo Letters" because David's nickname in the early days was Moses David or Mo for short, and his writings were letters to the disciples of Jesus in The Children of God, later known as "The Family" and now "The Family International." David graduated from this earthly realm to the Heavenly one to be with Jesus his Savior in 1994.

You will also find Mo Letters on several other web sites. Among them the best is because it is the official website of The Family International. The only real difference between Mo Letters posted on the Family International website and my web site is that I tried to include the original artwork as much as possible for each letter and article.

There are even those who oppose the teachings of David and The Family International who post his writings on their web sites! I don't recommend you visit them, but it is interesting to me that they would post David's teachings. It reminds me what the apostle Paul wrote in the Scripture:

What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice. - Philippians 1:18

I want to promote Jesus Christ and His Truth and Salvation on this web site. Except for this page and the top page, I've tried to keep my personal comments and opinions as few as possible. I express personal views and experiences on my blog: Advertures in Japan.

You are welcome to email me and ask me questions, but before you do, please check out my email policy statement.

Note about David Berg's articles on the Endtime

December 18, 2014: Sad to say, I now think that most of David's Berg's teaching on the Books of Daniel and Revelation were based on a doctrine known as "Futurism" which was fabricated by a Jesuit priest named Francesco Ribera circa the year 1585 and finally took root in Protestant seminaries some time in the 19th century. One example of futurism is the incorrect interpretation of a future Antichrist fulfilling the 70th Week of Daniel in Daniel 9:27. This is also how most Bible teachers teach it today. However careful study shows that it was really the Messiah, Jesus Christ Himself Who already fulfilled it! Please see: The 70th Week of Daniel Delusion on my James Japan website.

What I want to say is that teachings of eschatology on this website may be tainted by futurism. If you want to study what the early Protestants believed about the Endtime, please go to my new James Japan site, or to which is the best Endtime teaching website I have seen to date on the Internet!

My project now is removing links to Endtime teachings, and especially talks about the Antichrist. The Papacy is the Antichrist! All of the Popes are antichrist because they literally claim to be Christ on earth! See

Update March 11, 2015: I found a TFI member who believes just like I do about the true interpretation of the 70th Week of Daniel Prophecy in Daniel 9:27. His name is Luke. Please read Luke's article, "What if we have been wrong about the last seven years, The 70th week of Daniel?"

James Arendt

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