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The Antichrist and His Government are Already Here

By David Brandt Berg, ML#2184 9/5/85
Introduction from the webmaster: Christians are always talking about the coming Antichrist even though he has been around a long time, the past 2000 years! The Apostle John said so!

1 John 2:18  ¶Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

I firmly believe it's a trick of the Devil to make Christians believe the Antichrist is yet to come when he is already working behind the scenes deceiving the world and the very people of God who are his enemy! If you are a TFI member, you should know that David Berg way back in 1985 said the Antichrist was already in control of the world's governments.

BOY, I'LL TELL YOU, EVERY TIME I READ THE NEWSPAPER I THINK, "MY GOD, WHAT A HOST IS FOLLOWING THE ANTICHRIST TODAY!" (See Daniel 8:11.) What a host is anti-Christ, lying, cheating, stealing, twisting the Truth, completely destroying the Truth everywhere they go, taking the Bible out of schools, taking prayer out of schools, putting in the diabolical, anti-Christ teachings of evolution, etc.!

(DANIEL 8:12B) "AND IT CAST DOWN THE TRUTH TO THE GROUND; and IT PRACTISED and PROSPERED." Doesn't that sound exactly like what the antichrists are doing today?--Exactly!--Casting down the Truth to the ground on almost every television show, almost every movie, even the stories and the newspapers and the works, casting it all down. And practising it--lies--and prospering! That's your picture of the Antichrist … System of today.

WHO HAS DONE IT? WHO HAS BEEN THE MOST ACTIVE IN ALL OF THESE CASES IN THE UNITED STATES? Every single one of them was promoted by the antichrists! They are the most active at trying to take Christ out of Christmas and make it Xmas, take Jesus out of the schools, take even the manger scene out of the town park!--Everything they can! They're as anti-Christ as they can be! … They hate God! They hate Jesus and they want to destroy all the truth and destroy every mention of the name of Christ or anything that reminds you of Christ!

AND THEY ARE AT WORK IN THE WORLD TODAY and THEY'VE ALMOST GOT THE WHOLE THING IN THE PALM OF THEIR HAND NOW, RIGHT NOW! It's just about done! About all that we await right now is the announcement of the Antichrist, the appearance and revelation of the Antichrist! They have got the World in the palms of their hands right now! They've got World business, industry, show business, movies, banks, money, government and politics, they've got it all!

THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT, BELOVED, IS ALREADY HERE! The machinery for it and the people for it and the leaders for it and the media for it and the money for it is all here already! And the man is here already too. They're just waiting for the right time to promote him, so that the World will follow him, and I believe it's going to be the Crash. Something terrible's gotta happen to make the World want this Antichrist to lead them and be willing to sell their souls to the Devil.

SO IT'S ALL HERE! THE SET-UP IS ALL HERE, THE ANTICHRIST PEOPLE ARE ALL HERE and THE ANTICHRIST LEADERS ARE ALL HERE! They've got the World in the palm of their hand! They control it, they rule it! They're still working on it, of course, and getting more of it all the time.

NOBODY IN THIS WORLD IS SET UP FOR IT LIKE THE antichrists! It's amazing! … They're ideally placed and suited to run the World! They are citizens of every nation, in power in every nation, they speak the language of every nation!

WHAT BETTER, MORE IDEALLY-ORGANISED and SUITED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD COULD THERE POSSIBLY BE FOR RUNNING THE WORLD? Maybe it's the wisdom of God--copied by the Devil with his converts, his Devil-saved ones throughout the World, preparing to run the World. They've got everything it takes to run the World. They're just gradually getting it together, making the situation and waiting for it to culminate so they can strike with their great "supreme lord" leader, the Antichrist!

THEY ARE NOW IN CONTROL ALREADY! They now control most of the World and the most powerful nations on Earth, and the only nations that make them angry and rankle them and they fight with hatred tooth-and-toenail are a handful of little nations that resist'm!--Mostly little tiny Third World nations like Nicaragua, Chile, Cuba, the Philippines, South Africa and a few other little tiny weak nations that really don't amount to a lot.

BUT THEY WILL NOT BE SATISFIED UNTIL THEY'VE GOT EVERY SINGLE NATION ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH DANCING TO THEIR TUNE, every nation kowtowing to them, every single nation doing what they want them to do. That's why they're so angry at those little countries and why the newspapers, all controlled by the antichrists, are so constantly belittling and lying about and condemning those countries with one constant flood of AC propaganda.

THE ANTICHRIST WORLD GOVERNMENT, BELOVED, IS ALREADY HERE, and its members and citizens are already here, and the setup is all ready just for the announcement of the man himself! It is here! The Antichrist Government and its people are already here! They're just waiting to produce their man! And they've already got him hidden away somewhere! They said they were going to hide him until the time was ripe and propitious for producing him, when the World would follow him.

THE WORLD'S GOT TO GET PRETTY DESPERATE TO WHERE THEY'RE WILLING TO YIELD THEIR "NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY," as they call it. This is what the South wouldn't stand for in the U.S. Civil War. They said, "We are sovereign, self-governing independent states, and we're not going to have any other group of states telling us what to do. We voluntarily associated with this country, the United States, and if we want to leave it, we can quit!" But the North said, "No, you don't! You've got a lot of things we want. You've got a lot of land and people and agriculture and cotton and money and wealth and even slaves we want!" They told a different story, but that's really the facts! "So you can't leave, we're going to force you to stay and we're going to conquer you and kill you if you don't!"--Same tactics exactly that the antichrists are using today to establish the Antichrist World Government!

EITHER YOU SING THEIR LINE, TOE THEIR MARK, OBEY THEIR POLITICS, PAY THEIR BANKS, "OR WE'RE GOING TO SLAUGHTER YOU and JERK THE FINANCIAL RUG OUT FROM UNDER YOU!" Great nations like Argentina and Brazil were rich, rich nations, rich in natural resources and everything! How did they get in such a mess? How did they go bankrupt and broke and begin to have civil strife and all kinds of things?--They made the mistake of swallowing the AC line, especially the banks' financial line, and taking money that was almost forced on them. The bankers said, "Oh, that's all right, pay later!" Then the antichrists had them as their slaves. The borrowers are servants or slaves to the lenders, until they finally got'm in their grasp. (Pro.22:7)

THEY'VE HAD AROUND 500 YEARS OF THAT SORT OF THING ALREADY IN SOUTH AMERICA, THEY'VE HAD THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF IT IN EUROPE! Kings were controlled by … moneylenders. Just read European history. … The kings looked to the … bankers and moneylenders and jewellers for their wealth and money to pay their armies and all the rest! So the … bankers and the wealthy dictated government policies to the kings. "Well, all right, we'll lend you the money providing you do so-and-so." And whenever the government refused to do it, they'd jerk the rug out from underneath'm and down would go that king!

IT'S ALL THROUGH THE HISTORY BOOKS! Maybe it's not in the history books any more. They used to have it in the history books.

BUT YOU SEE, THE GREEDY SELFISH WORLD, THEY DEAFEN THEIR EARS TO THE PROPHETS and go on in their self-destructive way because they want the money and the power the antichrists offer to'm. Like the Devil offered Jesus the World: "Just bow down and serve me! I'll give you the money, I'll give you the power!"

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS ABOUT ALL THIS CONTROVERSY about South Africa, about Pinochet and Chile, about Nicaragua and all the rest of them, these are little countries that have defied the antichrists. If you'll go back and study their history and carefully watch the news, you'll see. They are every single one of them countries who are refusing to kneel down and bow down and say "Uncle" to the antichrists!

MAYBE A GOOD TITLE FOR THIS PARTICULAR LESSON IS: "THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY HERE!" The Antichrist is already here! He's undoubtedly running things from behind the scenes! He is demon-possessed, brilliant, superman intelligent. And he is no doubt calling the shots and organising and engineering and scheming and orchestrating the whole thing from behind the scenes right now.

THE ANTICHRIST IS ALREADY HERE, SOMEWHERE, HE JUST HAS YET TO BE REVEALED! So what you're reading about here is not what is just going to happen, it is already happening! And not even on a small scale, but on a worldwide scale. He already is here and he already has his great host of millions following him, the antichrists leading'm and leading their stupid, ignorant, dumb masses! I never saw such a bunch of dummies. … It looks like you can hand them any kind of a line and they'll believe it! You can tell them anything and they'll swallow it! The antichrists just lead them around by the nose.

BUT I COULDN'T OVERLOOK THAT FACT, IN TALKING ABOUT THE HOST FOLLOWING THE ANTICHRIST, THEY'RE ALREADY DOING IT, ALREADY HERE! "The Antichrist and His Government Are Already Here!" They are already also in power and in control, they just haven't yet quite got total control, there are a few pockets of resistance. And when they get ready to introduce their superman, I'm sure he'll make sure those pockets of resistance are cleaned up in a hurry so there won't be any more. Or at least he'll try to clean them up. But that's where we have, thank God, some hope and some friends, because there will be resistance and he will never be able to overcome it all! Praise God?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

James Arendt
James Arendt

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