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THOU SHALT HAVE SEX!--Be Fruitful and Multiply!

By David Brandt Berg, May 2, 1981
Note from Webmaster: This article was not written to give unmarried couples license to engage in sex with no regard for the consequences! When a child is conceived from a union, they should take it as a sign that they are married in God's eyes and should legalize the fact and take responsibility for that child!

THE FIRST COMMANDMENT IN THE BIBLE WAS "THOU SHALT HAVE SEX"!--The first commandment was not the Ten Commandments; the first commandment in the Bible, in the very first book, first chapter, 28th verse is "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth!"--Thou shalt have sex!

And both Adam and Eve were created perfectly beautifully naked and never even thought about wearing clothes, never had any such idea until the Devil put it into their minds, they didn't even know they were naked! After all, that's the way they'd always been, that's the way God created them, with all their beauteous physical splendour in full view.--Nothing at all wrong with it!

The one who made Adam and Eve ashamed of being naked was the Devil after sin entered in. To think that there is something wrong with nudity and nakedness is a lie of the Devil! Therefore to think that nudity and nakedness is wrong and evil and sinful, that is sinful! That is wicked!

There's nothing wicked and sinful about a little baby born naked to a virtually naked mother! It is only the Devil, Satan himself, that put that thought into the mind of Adam and Eve and told them that they were naked, therefore insinuating that it was wrong and evil to be naked. And of course his next lie to them was that sex was evil, because the Devil hates sex because it is God's plan to populate the World and the Kingdom of God with babies as its new citizens!

THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING ABOUT BEING A HUMAN BEING, TO BRING MORE HUMAN BEINGS INTO THIS WORLD and INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD! God wants babies! So there's nothing wrong with either nudity or sex or having babies! It's the will of God for you to be fruitful and to multiply!

That gives us the hope to fight on and live on and be faithful to the Lord, because we know there's another beautiful Worldwide Garden of Eden coming where all will be beautiful and happy and plentiful and peaceful and you can have all the sex you want and all the pretty girls you want, like angels of God!

There's sex in Heaven, yes!--There will be sex in Heaven! Maybe the Muslims were not so far wrong after all! I've seen some of those gorgeous Houris of Heaven! Boy, that's my kind of Heaven! Amen? Isn't that the kind of Heaven you want? Come on, be honest! If that's not the kind of Heaven you want, you must be half-dead already!

SEX WAS THE FIRST COMMANDMENT, and TO HAVE SEX IS THE FIRST OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S COMMANDMENTS, THINK OF THAT! So as you can see and as you can hear, we are a very sexy religion with a very sexy leader and a very sexy following and a very sexy doctrine, and we got it all out of this book called the Holy Bible!

We believe God created man and woman and sex--"male and female created He them, and they two shall become one flesh"--that that's what God made your bodies for, to produce human beings, immortal souls for the Kingdom of God! And there's only one thing better, and that's spiritual sex, intercourse with God Himself in the Spirit, being married to Jesus Christ as His Bride. (Rom.7:4)

Have you received Jesus Christ as your Bridegroom? Have you become a part of the Bride of Christ and enjoyed spiritual communion, spiritual intercourse with Him? You don't know what thrills are until you have had a spiritual orgasm of the Spirit, an explosion in the Spirit by being possessed with the Holy Spirit of God!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

James Arendt
James Arendt

Dear Visitor, In December 2016, due to poorer and poorer eyesight, I went to an eye doctor and was told I have glaucoma and advanced cataracts. The doctor said I need two operations to restore my eyesight. However, I cannot afford to have medical surgery on my eyes at this time (now February) because of low income. The jobs I work at are seasonal with spring and autumn being the best. It won't be till some time in April I may be able to earn money locally again. Because of medical insurance, the operations should not be much more than a few hundred dollars each, but like everyone else, I also have to get enough money for rent, food and utilities which makes it harder to save money. I also had an unexpected medical expense in January for an enlarged prostrate condition which cost about $200. Thanks be to God I am nearly 100% recovered from it!

A few people have already sent me some funds, so far four friends and three people I do not know personally but who apparently appreciate my Deep Truths website! For them I am eternally grateful.

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James Arendt


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