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--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family


By David Brandt Berg, #1952 6/85

I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE TIME MY MOTHER and I WALKED AROUND THAT HINDU TEMPLE ON A CLIFF THERE NEAR LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA. All kinds of Satanic worship went on there, worshipping devil-gods and stuff like the TMs worship, the Transcendental Meditators. Well, that's what the Hindus are like, sad to say, they worship so many gods there's no limit! They worship an almost infinite pantheon of gods and devils and demons, and it is Satanic!

IF YOU WONDER WHY THEY'RE ALWAYS HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE and VIOLENCE and EVERYTHING IN INDIA, IT'S BECAUSE OF THOSE HORRIBLE RELIGIONS THEY HAVE!--And why there's so much poverty. They worship cows, flies, insects, anything living. They let these big sacred white cows, great Brahma bulls and cows, just have anything they want. The people get out of their way and the cows live like kings! They can go in and trample down their grain fields, eat all the food and everything and they won't touch'm--that is, except the Muslims. They've got enough Muslims in India, thank God, to keep them a little bit sane. They've got slaughterhouses and they eat meat, but only clean meat like the Jews and like us.

BUT THE HINDUS WON'T EAT ANY KIND OF MEAT, they're strictly vegetarian, because they're afraid if they kill an animal or something they might be killing their grandfather or their great great grandmother who's come back in the form of an ox or a mosquito or a fly. They won't even shoo a fly off their face for fear they'll trouble their great ancestor who might be there visiting them. Isn't that the craziest thing you ever heard?

INSTEAD OF GOING TO HEAVEN LIKE WE DO, THEY THINK WHEN YOU DIE THAT YOUR SPIRIT IS REBORN IN THE FORM OF SOME ANIMAL or some mosquito or lizard or snake, depending on how badly you lived. If you were a bad boy or bad girl, they think you come back in the form of some evil creature like snakes, lizards, gila monsters, mosquitoes, frogs and things like that. But if you were very good, then you might be allowed to come back in the form of some good animal like the sacred cow, the white Brahma bull, or dogs and cats, pets and things that really get a lot of attention and are well-cared-for, maybe even a chicken.--Especially since you'd be amongst Hindus and you wouldn't get eaten!

AND IF YOU WERE VERY VERY GOOD, ALMOST A SAINT, you might be allowed to come back in human form again like one of the great teachers or gurus or devis. A devi is one of the great Hindu teachers who they treat almost like a god, and he's just one letter short of being the Devil! That's the way the Hindus are.

SO MY MOTHER and I WALKED AROUND THAT HINDU TEMPLE and SHE CURSED IT, SO I CURSED IT TOO. In those days I did whatever my Mother did, because she was my saint. The Hindus get to where they actually worship their teachers and worship their devis and great minds, etc., and in so doing, what they're really doing is worshipping the Devil, because usually their teachers are demon-possessed. They have a powerful spirit of some kind that can help them even do miracles.

I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE KIND THAT CAN SIT CROSS-LEGGED ON THE FLOOR and THEN FLOAT UP IN THAT POSITION TILL THEIR HEADS TOUCH THE CEILING, THEN FLOAT BACK DOWN AGAIN! My Grandfather saw this happen in India when he was there. The yogi threw up about a 25-foot-long rope, big heavy rope--it's even hard to throw a rope up like that--and it stood straight up in the air with nobody holding it!--Except some demon up there probably. Then he'd have his little helper, a little boy about one of your sizes here, climb up the rope to show that it still was strong enough to hold this little boy up even though it wasn't attached to anything that they could see.--But probably some big powerful demon was up there hanging on to it! It actually happened! This is a well-known trick they do.

AND THIS LEVITATION, THIS FLOATING BUSINESS, IS VERY WELL KNOWN. They try to teach it to all the TMers and they're supposed to try it. They fold up their legs and hop around on pillows and stuff, they get the hops, and that's supposed to be doing it. But of course they don't get very far because they're not well enough possessed by a powerful enough demon yet to go floating around. But the real outstanding yogis can do it. Yogi is the name of the man, yoga is the system, one of the regimens of Hinduism, and they actually can do tricks like that.

SO THE HINDUS REALLY ARE AN ODD PEOPLE, WORSHIPPING EVIL SPIRITS and DEMONS. Of course they don't call them evil spirits and demons, they call them gods and goddesses and their grandmother or their great grandfather or someone if they think they've had a visit from them. Of course, we know that's possible to have a visit, but my Grandfather is not going to come along in the form of a mosquito and sting me, or in the form of a snake and bite me! That's horrible!

SO MOM and I CURSED THAT TEMPLE and the next day we got up, got the newspaper, and there was a picture of the thing fallen into the ocean! The whole cliff had collapsed and it fell right in the water, and the Lord left enough of it sticking out of the water so you could still tell what it was. See what can happen if you just have a little tiny bit of faith!

Copyright © 1998 by The Family International

James Arendt
James Arendt

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Ross Felix (Washington DC, US) says...
Yes, Hinduism is Satanic religion. Hinduism Demon Kali wants the bloods of humans, children. Hindus used to sacrifice humans, children bodies to make happy the Demon Kali. Even now a days, in India, many Hindu priests kill children for sacrificing them to Demon Kali. Hindus used to burn alive women with their dead husbands. Hinduism is totally Satanic Demon religion. British stopped many Satanic things of Hinduism. If British never came to India, the world would see many satanic cruel ... Read More
15th January 2021 9:18pm
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Melissa (Calgary, Canada) says...
I'm from south India kerala specifically speaking. If you thought old religions and traditions were satanic why did you and your mother come to India a country that has multiple cultures religion's other than christianity? Hinduism isn't satanic it is obviously misunderstood and twisted by people like yourself.
17th June 2019 5:01pm
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James Arendt (Dededo, US) says...
The author and his mother didn't go to India, the Hindi temple they saw was in California. And religion that doesn't proclaim Jesus is Christ incarnated in a human body is not from the God of Heaven and Earth.
17th June 2019 6:17pm
Ross Felix (Washington DC, US) says...
Indian Hindus are racists.
When any man talks true about Hinduism, Indian Hindus start to mock that man's mother and father.
Racist, illiterate people.
16th January 2021 5:01pm
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