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The Bible is Necessarily So!

By David Brandt Berg, #2321 5/85
Porgy and Bess Sammy Davis Jr.

What you read in this Bible is necessarily so!--Contrary to an old song cooked up by the Devil! Imagine the attacks of Satan on the Word of God, even in the musicals like "Porgy and Bess" and things like that. That devil, what was that Jewish Black man's name, the guy who sang the part? (Family: Sammy Davis.) That's the part that made him famous, he played the part of the Devil in "Porgy and Bess," and the theme song was "It Ain't Necessarily So!" "The things that you read in that Bible, they ain't necessarily so!" Then he takes story after story, including the Flood and Creation and this and that and the other and knocks them all in the head with his song.--A very popular song about 40 or 50 years ago.

It was an extremely popular musical, probably one of the most popular musicals that the World has ever known outside of "Showboat"!--Only "Porgy and Bess" lasted even longer because of its deviltry and its fiendishness and its attack upon the Word of God. Can you imagine? Every time they played that play, every night they had that musical in a theatre, that song was the centerpiece, that was the theme song: "It ain't necessarily so, the things that you read in that Bible, they are not necessarily so!"--Sung by this Black Jewish man Sammy Davis. That's the song that made him famous, that's the part that made him famous, that's really the kind of songs and music that made that musical famous, and it's still going on to this very day! They made a famous movie and they were still singing it as late as World War 2. That may seem like a long time ago to you, but it seems like yesterday to me when I was a grown young man. I cringed every time I heard that foul, blasphemous, diabolical, fiendish, God-damned lie of the Devil in song and music to attract the hearts of young people and to ring in the heads of children!

Music has a special track in your mind, that's why they have so many commercials now as hymns to their products, hymns of praise to their gods, so that you can remember them and so they'll just wear a groove in your mind and in your head so you can't get that tune out! There's only one way you can get it out, and that's to sing something else, just like getting rid of the dark, you let the light in. If you get one of those tunes running through your head and you can't get it out, start singing a hymn! Start singing a song about Jesus! I used to have several favourite hymns that I would always start singing the minute one of those worldly tunes, those bad worldly tunes would go through my head. There's a lot of difference because there are a lot of beautiful love songs and wonderful songs about God's Creation and things like that that are perfectly acceptable.

But that song was one of the most diabolical, direct attacks on the Word of God that was ever created! That was the chorus to every verse, "It ain't necessarily so, the things that you read in the Bible, it ain't necessarily so." Then he goes on and begins with Creation, Adam and Eve in the Garden, Noah and the Flood, takes each thing and says, "It ain't necessarily so!" He looked like the Devil and he sang like the Devil, and how he managed to last so long is the mercy of God!--Although sometimes it's not the mercy of God, it's just to allow some people to fill up their cup of iniquity so they can get all the worse punishment which they deserve! But let me tell you right now, the things that you read in this Bible, they are very necessarily so!

They asked Jesus, "Why is it that when You're out in public and You're preaching, etc., You're always speaking in these strange stories, in parables?" A parable means a parallel story.--Like this, see? (Holds up two hands:) Those are two parallel lines. This is one and this is the other. They're a lot alike, aren't they? They're both what? (Family: Parallel.) Yes, but they're actually both what? (Family: Lines, the same thing.) What are these two? What do you usually call those things? You guys are always trying to find something difficult! I know I told you they're parallel lines, but first I want you to see something else. These are both hands!--Right?--Both of them! But there is a difference. What's this one? (Family: Your right hand.) And this is? (Family: Your left hand.) In almost all other respects they're very similar or almost identical, both of them have what? (Family: Fingers.) How many fingers? (Family: Five.) Actually they only have four fingers and this is a thumb, although they're also called digits.

The first digits with which Man was ever familiar were his fingers! A child, at the very beginning of his mathematical learning learns to count on his fingers, and I still count on my fingers sometimes. When I want to know how many days from one day to another I'll find myself going, "Let's see, this is the 15th, how many days is it to the 27th? (Counts on fingers:) Let's see, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27! Ah! 12 days!" Very handy little gadgets you have here on the ends of your hands! They say of the abacus board, the little Chinese Oriental type of calculator, that the Chinese who really know how to use it can find the answers just as fast as most people can find them on one of these little electronic calculators! It's a very clever little thing made of digits and various classifications.

There are some things you know, contrary to the modern teachings that there are no absolutes. The modern teachers of that kind of philosophy would say, "You think that's a hand, don't you? But it's really not a hand, you don't really know it's a hand, you've just been always taught it's a hand and always told it's a hand. You always thought it was a hand, so that's why you think it's a hand!" They'd try to prove to you now that it isn't really a hand, it's this, that and the other and blah blah blah blah!--Trying to tear apart all truth, trying to tear apart all accepted truths of human existence and learning and religion. But we know and we believe that's a hand, don't we? And almost anybody with good sense, common sense, even any little child knows that's his or her hand. So why try to tell'm differently? You say, "Well, it's actually an accumulation of so many minerals and 75% water and a lot of calcium and bone and this kind of mineral and that kind of mineral and the various substances, etc."--But it's still a hand!

There are some things which you must accept as absolutely accepted, proven facts! Don't let these theorists of non-absolutism try to tell you differently. This non-absolutism is an attack and a doctrine and a philosophy of Satan! Because the greatest Absolute of all is God, that's why the Devil cooked up this doctrine against absolutism. Because by teaching that there are no absolutes, then they can say, "Well, there's also no God, no law, no Bible, no human morals, no nothing! You don't have to obey anything or anybody or keep laws, you don't have to let anybody tell you what's right or wrong, do as you please!"--And you wind up with chaos and anarchy and the confusion that the Devil wants to inspire. That's exactly the Devil's own doctrine.

So we as Christians and we as children of the Lord have to accept there are certain things which we know, which are proven from human experience for thousands of years, the ordinary everyday things of normal human life and existence--this is a hand, that's a foot, this is my head, these are my eyes, etc. There are certain facts we have to accept, that we've gotta have so much sleep, we've gotta have so much to eat, we have to have so much exercise, etc., to stay healthy, that babies aren't dropped down chimneys from stork's nests, but they come from mothers' tummies, etc. Think of all the lies the World tells their children, about a non-existent Santa Claus and babies being brought by storks and all that kind of ridiculous tommyrot!--Just because they're ashamed of sex, ashamed of their bodies, ashamed of the way God creates babies!

For God's sake, don't get that way with the Bible! Just go by what you know are the facts!--What is necessarily so!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

James Arendt
James Arendt

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