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Bible Basics - Scriptures about Salvation

1. All men are sinners:

2. Salvation by grace (undeserved mercy), not works:

3. Salvation only through Jesus:

4. Believe on Jesus:

5. Receive Jesus:

6. Eternal salvation:

A. You can never lose it, even if you make mistakes and fall:

B. But the Lord will chasten you for wrongdoing:

7. Receiving Jesus guarantees eternal life in Heaven:

8. The results of being born again:

A. Spiritual rebirth makes you a new creature:

B. You will desire to work for Jesus:

9. Sin brings about spiritual death; but Jesus died in our place, taking our punishment:

10. In the Mosaic law, blood is payment for sin; Jesus' death paid that price in full:

11. All men are not saved sons of God in their natural state:

12. The self-righteous refuse Jesus' salvation:

(See Mat.5:20; 9:10-13; 21:31b; Lk.18:9-14; Jn.5:39-44; Rom.10:3; 1Jn.1:9,10.)

13. New Testament examples of salvation:

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All day I have been trying to write a message with scriptures to send to my family.Praise God I didn't have to search for them its exactly what I wanted to send them .none of them are born again Christians including my husband .But God one day will reveal himself to them.I just pray its before I leave this earth to be with Him My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank You Frances PS. A wonderful website
Hey thanks so much for posting this. It's really helping me as I put together a Gospel presentation for a band gig. I would definitely read more. Many thanks! Jordan
I just wanted to let you know that Salvation page is great. As I and my friends minister the Gospel to kids in L.A. area prisons, this page will help us in the message flow. We only have 15 minutes in most cases and the desire is to deliver the scriptures that cut right to the point. This allows us to build a foundation that we and others will use in discipleship of these kids. God's blessings to you all and thanks! Phil
Thank you for the scriptures, I am working with a young man who has recently lost his dad. He wants to know more about God and salvation. I am praying, and hope to reach him with the gospel. He has a young live-in girlfriend, and they have two children together. They were both baptized catholic at an early age, but neither have ever went to church anywhere. I believe they are searching, but it's hard to work through the religious aspect without exposing the truth to them and not offend them at the same time. Pray for them his name is JR and her name us Danielle
thank you for your bible studies ,yes please put more studies up, thank you and GOD BLESS YOU. doug
Please post more. I pray your strength in the Lord. Itasker
I am the manager of an open heart unit with 32 employees and I read a passage of scripture each morning at around 0630 to my night shift and day shift before night's go home to bed and before the day's get started. I was having trouble finding scriptures on how to be saved and I came across you site for all my morning readings. thank you very much. Thank you, Dwight

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Kristin (US) says...
can anyone tell me how to unsubsiscribe to text alerts that go off at 645? I didn't sign up for this at all.
26th June 2016 7:55pm
narh josh (Accra, Ghana) says...
I am glad to be part of this site. God bless all what's being posted
28th November 2015 9:02am
James Boco (Rivers State-port Harcort, Nigeria) says...
I really appreciate this site, may God Bless you and Bless Us...
17th November 2015 4:23pm
Janet Wanjiku Wachira (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
Am really blessed.....
Continue the good work of the Lord
15th October 2015 5:25am
Janet Wanjiku Wachira (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
I love what am reading and more than ever I desperately want Jesus in my life coz I want to see eternity. I have so much peace and happiness right now and this is all I've always wanted in my life
Praise be to you my Heavenly Father
15th October 2015 5:23am
eaglet (Quezon City, Philippines) says...
Hi Everyone! Revelation 20:11-15 The Judgment of the Dead 11 Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. The earth and the heavens fled from his presence, and there was no place for them. 12 And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. 13 The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave ... Read More
9th September 2015 10:04am
MINTAH JOSEPH (Asebu, Ghana) says...
May the good Lord bless. you.I visited this site as we started our evangelism program in villages and towns. The site has really been of a help. Very powerful and resourceful. It has really given us more knowledge in the word to evangelize. Thank you. I would be glad also if you can support us with foundational new testament bibles. I have tried to help the people that we win for Christ(especially the youth) to continue stirring up their faith in the word as the also desire but we are limited ... Read More
20th August 2015 1:25am
James Boyd (Huntsville, US) says...
There are quite a few verses missing. The sum of God's word is truth. Faith. Belief. Repentance. Calling on the Name of the Lord. Confession. Baptism. Endurance. Works (yes, the dreaded "W" word, bot not of THE Law). Obedience. ALL of these are expressly written by the Spirit as things that save you. To leave any one of them out is picking an choosing what you believe is true instead of taking God at his Word.
5th August 2015 11:45am
Israel Mujimba (Binga, Zimbabwe) says...
it is wonderful, the information i a m getting through your well researched information
4th August 2015 6:10pm
PHILIPPE BILLARD (Houlgate, France) says...

I would like to have support for the following prayer

Many thanks if you accept to pray.

God bless you

Philippe Billard
3rd June 2015 6:47pm
Jason (US) says...
None of you were saved a year, 2 years, 3 years, or 10 years ago by performing some religious ceremony. You were saved the moment of your inception. Our true baptism was Jesus dying for us .. ALL !!! 1 Timothy 2-4 .."Who will have All men to be saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth". The are some serious problems with the church teaching very poor false doctrines, but if you study the bible you will see that there are many as the one above that say the exact same thing ..that ... Read More
10th May 2015 7:08am
Anna (Jacksonville, US) says...
work out your own soul salvation with fear and trembling, Philippians 2:12

If the godly will scarcely make it in, where will the ungodly and sinners appear? 1st Peter 4:18
31st March 2016 6:52am
Mary (US) says...
Sir, thank your for the scriptures. It is so helpful to have scriptures compiled by topics this way. I do believe though that scripture talks about some who received the message with joy but later fell away because of tribulation. I do believe we need to look at that scripture carefully so we don't lose so great a salvation. I love you in Christ anyway and respect the work it took to put it together. Thanks again. M. E.
8th March 2015 3:10pm
Jhno Nurbs (Dallas, US) says...
It is very informative and it helped me make a successful in making a study on it.
26th June 2014 6:14am
Boah Augustine (Kumasi, Ghana) says...
God richly bless you for your Biblical explanation of this controversial question. But please, we need your help to spread the Gospel of God by providing us with Bibles
This is because, any time we go for evangelism those we preach to request for Bibles which we none to give. So please do us favour. Thank You.
Adventist Senior High School
Post Office Box B219
Bantama _Kumasi (Ghana )
West Africa.
12th June 2014 11:20am
Tim Morgan (US) says...
Let me know if you are still needing Bibles and I will try to help
29th September 2014 12:14pm
ASEMPAH FREDERICK (Tarkwa, Ghana) says...
God really bless you.
can you however help me with some bibles for my rural evangelism.
my mail box is;Asempah Frederick, 528, Kasoa central region- Ghana.
10th May 2014 1:39am
Christina (Fort Edward, US) says...
Amen. Jesus is LORD! These
Scriptures are very helpful! May The LORD richly bless you and your website!
7th May 2014 5:55am
elizabeth singletary (Eastman, US) says...
do you have any free bible literature or books you can send me to help me more with the bible? at elizabeth singletary p.o. box 4905 eastman ga 31023 please and thank you
I live in Japan and have only a few limited amout of materials in English to send you. Yes, the materials I can give you for free but I would need money for postage. Would you be willing to pay air postage from Japan to America? It would be at least $10 and more depending how much I send you. If you have Paypal, you can send funds to

26th April 2014 3:43am
Steven Whitehouse (Allenstown Nh, US) says...
Thank-You for sharing of what I call the salvation walk through. I can honestly tell you that in 1986. I have accepted Jesus as my Personal Lord & Savior. I know that If I were to die today or if the Rapture is to take place today. I'm going to my heavenly home.
18th January 2014 11:12am
James Moore (Cold Spring, US) says...
I have bookmarked your site and use it sometimes to spread the Gospel. I also re blogged your site with mine. God bless you and your family.
Thank you! I saw your site and see you are promoting the Truth. I linked to it from my blog in the list of links "sites I promote" God bless you!
8th December 2013 2:10am
Steven Whitehouse (US) says...
It is always good to promote The Gospel of Truth to everyone who want to know Jesus as there Personal Lord & Savior! I for one will be praying for all those who don't know Jesus as their Personal Lord & Savior to choose now or at the church they are attending. And Pray 4 me also to return to church. The reason why I can't go at this present time is I have no transportant of anykind. The Church I accepted Jesus Christ in is in Hooksett, NH about 15 minutes from my location ... Read More
25th January 2014 4:02am
Rev Jerry Ejaros (Effurun, Nigeria) says...
Beloved your teaching was very unique. I thank God for your life and ministry. I am blessed with your teaching and it effected me very possitively. Man of God , an appeal, can I print out for others ?'
Please be my guest! Just please tell others where it came from. Thank you!
24th October 2013 6:51am
Okeyo Fredrick Odero (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
The lord is surely full of grace that He gives to His chosen. The world we live in is very deceiptful and always leads man off the right path due to the desires to satisfy the bodily demands.
Lets set our eyes on the Lord who forgives the sins of man and trully trusting on Him for out of His live we have won and now our (the saved) names' have been chaned
7th October 2013 8:20pm
Nicole Stone (US) says...
Thank you so much David Berg and the Family International. This reaffirmed what I already know as truth. There seemed to be lots of people out there using scripture in such a way that it was not intended for that casts shadows of doubt that could possibly make people feel condemned without hope Christian or not. Non-Christians who become Christians and those of us who have been Christians for awhile find hope and assurance in this message. I was really excited to find this site when I needed ... Read More
30th August 2013 1:25pm
phatedi moraka (Katlehong, South Africa) says...
We are saved to produce fruit. If we don't produce fruit we be cut off. Firstly we are cut down if we don't produce good fruit(Luke 3:9; Isaih 5:5). Secondly we don't bear fruit we will be cut down (Luke 13:9; John 15:2,6 and Matthew 21:19).
20th August 2013 3:06am
Cheri (US) says...
Why do most preachers skip right over the salvation accounts in the book of Acts of the Apostles? This book gives a detailed account of how the church of Jesus Christ began. For example, on the Day of Pentecost, when on lookers asked, "What must I do to be saved?", Peter specifically answered the question according to Acts 2:38. I believe the entire Bible. . .I just wonder why most mainstream preachers skip right over the account of church beginnings. Otherwise, keep up the great work!
10th July 2013 1:21am
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
Good church pastors teach the Bible from the Bible in such a simple and easy to understand way that those who hear the pastor's teachings should be able use their Bible to teach others as well. Preachers who ignore the teachings of the Book of Acts must not be very good pastors.
10th July 2013 6:47pm
Timothy B (US) says...
Please review your statement and see that they said in Acts 2:37 'What must we do', not 'What must we do to be saved'. Please review and do a deeper study on this: Acts 16:17 She followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, and they have come to tell you how to be saved.” Now, review the following: 30 Then he brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” 31 They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and ... Read More
20th August 2013 3:20am
Kostas (US) says...
Timothy: Cheri did not change anything, her question was exact to the point, it has nothing to do with UPC, the Book of Acts or else "The Works Of The Holy Spirit" is in the Bible. Actually the NLT you're quoting from does twisting the Word of God. Get a King James, there's a tremendous difference. At the links below there's couple of articles that will give you Light if you use an open mind: ... Read More
22nd August 2013 1:48am
Kostas (US) says...
"Romans 3:4a:
"yea, let God be true, but every man a liar;"

Your Bible is the authority & principle, as in Acts 2:38 (The Keys To The Kingdom), Water Baptism In The Name Of Jesus Christ , is C-O-M-M-A-N-D-E-D!

Youtube: /watch?v=bcg1r9i77G4
3rd June 2013 8:06pm
Eliza (US) says...
Hi Kostas. Are you Church of Christ? I have a Friend that is Church of Christ, so please understand this is not an attack:) Regardless of Denomination as long as Salvation is Faith in the Finished work of Christ at Calvary atonement paid in full through His blood. Faith +nothing Faith - nothing we don't work to be saved, we work because we are saved thats all that matters John 14-6 And he saith to them, for I am the way, the truth, the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. So ... Read More
27th April 2015 11:17pm
fabien (Lamentin, France) says...
Hello, I find it quite funny to hear many people quoting Romans 8:38,39 where Paul says that NOTHING shall separate us from Jesus and right after they start to make a list to justify their point. About baptism into water, I found out that baptism was not a new thing for the Jews. Hebrews used to perform water ablutions, the cleaning of the body with water, that was part of the Hebrews culture and the Jews were not surprised to hear John the Baptist preaching HIS baptism. Many were willing to be ... Read More
25th May 2013 9:25pm
tregina tdd (Conway, US) says...
You must submit yourself daily as a living sacrifice as your reasonable service to God faith without works is dead
14th April 2013 10:11am
Michael Nathan (US) says...
In the list above under the heading of Receive Jesus you mentioned Revelation 3:20. This verse is not to the unsaved but Jesus gave it to the church at Laodicea who were already believers. I used to use this verse when I witnessed to people as if Jesus was standing outside and waiting for them to open up to Him. Our God is the One in control of salvation. He does not wait like a beggar for us to open the door to Him. However, He does give those who are already believers the gracious opportunity ... Read More
14th February 2013 2:19pm
Matthew Thomas (Ankeny, US) says...
The only sin Jesus mentions as unforgivable is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Who, interestingly enough, is the means by which we are baptized into Christ and achieve salvation.(I Corinthians 12:13) “14 For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. for by one offering he hath perfected to the end those sanctified; 15 Whereof the Holy Ghost also is a witness to us: for after that he had said before, and testify to us also doth the Holy Spirit, for after that ... Read More
29th November 2012 8:25pm
Matthew Thomas (Ankeny, US) says...
My tertiary, and final point, is the Omniscience of God. (Psalm 147:5; Isaiah 46:9; I John 3:19-20) Understand carefully that every sin that you have committed, are committing, and will commit in the future is ALREADY known by God. “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8 KJV 1611. Notice that God does not say I am the beginning THEN the ending. He is expressing to us that time ... Read More
29th November 2012 8:25pm
Matthew Thomas (Ankeny, US) says...
James 2:10 clearly states, “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” The punishment for breaking the law is death; physical and spiritual. I would suggest you carefully read the Pentateuch(the first five books of the bible) to understand the entirety of the law; after all, what is the standard for a perfect life, outside of the Grace of Christ Jesus, if not Levitical Law. Are we arrogant enough to believe that we can “maintain ... Read More
29th November 2012 8:24pm
Matthew Thomas (Ankeny, US) says...
The bible clearly states “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:” also “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”.(Romans 3:10,23 KJV 1611) Brothers and Sisters, I might also ask, what law are you following to keep yourselves righteous before God and to “maintain your salvation”? Do you know and keep perfectly all the commandments and laws given by God to man? Do you honor the sabbath? Is all your food Kosher? Are you ... Read More
29th November 2012 8:24pm
Matthew Thomas (Ankeny, US) says...
Brethren, salvation is a tremendous gift to accept. And it is difficult to understand the fullness of God\'s unconditional love for us. However, the great love of God compels us to love Jesus, it does not demand us to become perfect. Comparing our lives against the law leads only to condemnation, which John 3:17 clearly states, Christ did not bring to the world. To believe that we can “maintain our salvation” through our efforts is to declare ourselves perfect before the law, and to ... Read More
29th November 2012 8:23pm
Matthew Thomas (Ankeny, US) says...
Firstly, thank you for your efforts in collecting these wonderful scriptures. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest work to which we may submit ourselves.
29th November 2012 8:22pm
Vern (Brisbane, Australia) says...
If we are truly converted (God converted us Himself) then our salvation is assured. \"Once saved, always saved\" is true BUT only to those elect that God has chosen before the foundation of the world to gift His precious son with. These are those who God Himself has gifted His salvation to. If we belong to the group that prayed/received/believed Jesus into their hearts and made their \'own\' proclamation that they are saved BUT God does not know(Gal 4:9) then at the end the Lord will tell them ... Read More
14th October 2012 9:49pm
Gordon Moore (Dallas, US) says...
The message of Jesus was without repentance there is no remission of sin. When the apostles preached they talked of repentance. Even when they only used the word, \\\\\\\"believe\\\\\\\", they understood it to mean repentance. You can\\\\\\\'t just leave it out.
5th October 2012 2:38pm
Marcus Matthew (Accra, Ghana) says...
Marcus, thank you for sharing your salavtion experience with us! I pray you will grow spirituallly. Finding salvation through Jesus Christ is the first step. There is a lot of growing to do. Please read the Bible daily. The best English translation is the KJV. Don\'t worry about what you may not understand at first, just consider what you do understand and apply it and you will grow! And do refer to the articles on this website that can teach you many inportant spiritual principles.
17th September 2012 10:50am
Pilgrim says...
There is no argument against eternal salvation as that is clearly promised in the scriptures. The real issue is that salvation is CONDITIONAL. There are conditions in the first place and there are conditions after we are saved. E.g. Matt. 10:22; Heb. 3:14; 1Cor. 15:1-2; Jn. 15:1-6; note the branch that doesn\\\\\\\'t abide in the vine is no longer connected to receive life, so it dies, and it\\\\\\\'s end is the fire! There are many others. People often make same mistake with the promises ... Read More
I do not see a conditional clause in any of God\'s promises of eternal salvation!

Jn.3:36a He that believeth on the Son...hath everlasting life

Jn.10:28 I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand

Jn.11:26 Whosoever...believeth in Me shall never die
13th September 2012 7:00am
pilgrim says...
There is a condition of believing in the verses that you gave:) You will also find that believing is in the continuous tense. And even the word believe has shades of meaning like: believe, adhere to, cleave to, etc. If you have a look at Rev. ch\'s 2&3 you will find that it is only if we are overcomers that we are guaranteed not to be hurt by the second death, and that our names will not then be blotted out of the book of life. Why even mention these things if the possibility doesn\'t ... Read More
19th September 2012 4:53am
Bothwell (Harare, Zimbabwe) says...
Good and powerful site indeed but you should not have bring out controversial doctrine of eternal security. Otherwise that doctrine promotes people to live a careless Christian life. "Now I want to remind you, although you once fully knew it, that Jesus, who saved a people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed those who did not believe. And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy ... Read More
19th June 2014 4:46pm
Krisha (Philippines) says...
Apostle Paul said in Phil 2:12-13 \\\\\\\" out your salvation with fear and trembling; If once we are saved then not to loose it anymore then why would A.Paul say this? Do not believe Brothers and Sisters in eternal Security. No offense. God bless you..
Answer: We must never base an entire doctrine on the interpretation of a single Scripture! God\'s Word explains itself. Jesus gave no conditional clause for salvation when He said in John 5:24

  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.
6th September 2012 2:46am
MORTON STEVENSON (Norco, US) says...
If you say you can\\\\\\\'t loose you salavation. It would be what you mean by loose. Maybe a better word would be reject Christ after you ask for salavation. Yes you can reject Christ if you wish. How do we do that you may ask. By willfully, practicing,knowingly and continuing sinning and not following GOD\\\\\\\'S will. Here is just one of many by Paul. Galatians 5:19-24 Faith and works you are justified. Romans 3:28 3:31 Paul was talking to Jews in Roman. And the cultural Jewish laws. Paul ... Read More
20th June 2012 6:31am
Nicola (Brisbane, Australia) says...
I do not believe the Bible preaches "eternal security" or that you can never lose your salvation. In Revelation it clearly states that if a person is lukewarm (in this scripture Jesus addresses the CHURCH) he said he would spew them out of his mouth. Since we are HIS body, then if we were to be spewed out of his mouth then that would mean separation. Also Jesus says he is the true vine and we are the branches, and that we need to "abide" in the vine. It also clearly states that people can be ... Read More
8th April 2012 8:33pm
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
John 10:28  And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. If it's not eternal, what does Jesus mean by "never perish"? Point: People who live completely selfishly, people who do wrong and yet justify it, people who don't even think they are doing wrong and yet say, "I believe in Jesus" must not truly know Him! The Bible says so: 1 John 1:6  If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and ... Read More
9th April 2012 2:33am
pilgrim says...
Just like to add. I spoke with a man once who believed the eternal securtity doctrine. In my conversation with him he told me of a man who he believed would not be lost because of a track record of winning souls as an evangelist in the past. But now this man didn\'t even believe any more! But the man i was talking to insisted he would be saved. Two more scriptures: James 5:19 Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; 20 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner ... Read More
19th September 2012 5:18am
george serofim (Victoria - Berwick, Australia) says...
May God bless you Nicola . I'm on the same boat as you are but unfortunately most Christian believe in this doctrine of deception , doctrine of satan , doctrine of twisted false teachers .
11th March 2013 4:53pm
Jamie Stretch (Frederick, US) says...
Scripture makes it clear that one can not lose salvation (upon true acceptance). Really, I think the question clearly becomes, "did the person ever truly receive?" When we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, Scripture says we are then "in" Christ, sealed in Him. For God to then reject you (for you to lose your salvation) then He would be rejecting Himself. Of course, God can't reject Himself. Be confident that if you have confessed with your mouth and believed in ... Read More
5th March 2014 2:33pm
Logan (Chicago, US) says...
“…once you accept Jesus, that part of the Holy Spirit’s job is complete, thus you can’t blaspheme His work. Naturally, He continues to work with you, and you can be stubborn and resist Him as a Christian, but you can’t blaspheme Him. Live unproductively, carnal and unspiritual, possible. But commit the unpardonable sin? It’s just not possible for a true Christian. Remember what Paul said:” So, Christians can not commit the unpardonable sinned mentioned in Mathew and and Mark. Nor ... Read More
20th September 2014 3:49am
Naa Adaku Armah (Ghana) says...
Salvation is really a gift...we must really be grateful for.
29th March 2012 9:01pm
glen holmes (Des Moines, US) says...
we are always help others to know jesus
22nd March 2012 5:00pm
Maria (Kissimmee, US) says...
Thank you so much for your testimony and for sharing the word of God I was in search of some bible verse that can help a friend of mind who just gave her heart to God. I came across this page and I taught it can help her understand more. I appreciate you sharing your site withany cristian believer and those who continue to walk in darkness this can help them see the truth and direct them to the Light who is our Lord and savior I pray the Lord pour out his blessing over you your family and your ... Read More
9th March 2012 5:36am
deborah (Usa, US) says...
I have 9 pg testimony that Im a witness by the true power of God's Spirit, who pulled me out the christian churches that I saw two identicl jesus in the spirit realm. the real Lord is not in the churches. he is in the physical body of a believer out in the field hidden in christ lead by the powerful holy Spirit of the true God, creator of the heavens and earth, the seas and the fountains of water and all the creatures in them. Revelation 13:8And all(millions)that dwell upon the earth shall ... Read More
4th March 2012 1:21am
Brenda Collins (Florissant, US) says...
In trying to understand the meaning of salvation. I thank you for breaking down the meaning of salvation, I'm beginning to understand what salvation means to me.It's my free will in other words salvation is free. My free choice of whom I will serve. Thank you God, for this free will by sharing your son Jesus, that so that i can have His son in my life.
28th February 2012 5:47am
Sam Dodoo (Accra, Ghana) says...
am grateful. these scriptures will help me and my evangelism team in reaching out for the lost more effectively. God bless u for the good work.
22nd February 2012 6:00am
Briana (Tampa, US) says...
Thank you so much for posting this. I was searching for something on salvation you shar with a coworker. This is it!! You have truly blessed me on today!
20th February 2012 6:05pm
Q (O, UK) says...
Jn.3:16 God...gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should...have everlasting life

The recent Bibles have removed the word Begotten.. have a look and ponder on the authenticity as well and not jsut whats in it

29th January 2012 6:21pm
Gad says...
Dear sir, Your observation is valid. I was tempted to answer you myself being a student of Koine Greek, but I believe you would wish for a detailed explanation. Here it is: As you'll see, the KJV was right, it is supposed to be 'begotten,' and not 'one and only' or something like that. Every day that I gaze upon a single word in the original Greek texts, I am more and more convinced of the authenticity of the scripture; ... Read More
11th February 2012 2:35am
shawn mccall (Canal Fulton, US) says...
jesus said to repent and believe the gospel!!!!!!!
18th January 2012 3:02pm
luis (Brooklyn, US) says...
I teach a group of teenagers and these are the scriptures I have been looking for.
Thank you for sharing the Word so graciously
Grace and Peace to you
18th January 2012 12:35am
Dan Brown (Long Beach, US) says...

Thank you so much for this page and the words of encouragement it brings about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Has Blessed You!

Peace To All,

12th January 2012 11:16am
Rebecca Perez (San Antonio, US) says...
Thank you for sharing this link. These are very helpful to a new believer like myself. I've been saved going on 3 yrs now and I wouldn't trade my salvation for anything. I am very thankful for having found Jesus and accepting Him into my life as my Lord and Savior. May God bless you all for the work you share, sharing the good news....
26th December 2011 3:29pm
Suzie Buck (Muskogee, US) says...
This has helped me soooo much to find the scriptures I need to help lead my grandsons to the Lord. Thanks and God bless you.
24th December 2011 9:13pm
Tassel (Brandon, US) says...
Thanks for sharing this.
13th December 2011 9:18am
Alfred White (US) says...
I appreciate the fact that I can go on line and get just what I needed from God's word. Thank you very much. This will help me tremendously. I pray that you will continue to post more of these bible studies.

May God bless and keep you
Alfred White

1st December 2011 3:33am
james (Kenya) says...
grace saves us from sin but will be judged according to our deeds. Romans 2:6-10, Luke 12:43-49 and many others.
29th November 2011 6:39pm
Jonathan (Hickory Nc, US) says...
I cried and rejoiced when i read this thank you, it was reassuring for me. I fall many times to often and god reminds me to change my way.
14th November 2011 11:27am
Prince (Umuahia, Nigeria) says...
this website has been an encouragement to me, since i subscribed to it's daily massages, i have never regretted taking that step. thanks for adding value to my life.


12th November 2011 10:57am
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
I am blessed indeed by the Lord Jesus to receive such encouraging comments! Thank you!
13th November 2011 10:22pm
Steven Whiehouse (Allenstown, US) says...
I often wonder why people can't separate Salvation from works? When they read James chapter 2:18. They always have to put works & salvation togther. When Eternal Life is a free gift from God Almighty. I'm beginning to that these people who put Salvation & works together don't want Eternal Life for free. I'll pray that they come to know the Lord before it's too late.
10th May 2015 8:16am
James Boyd (Huntsville, US) says...
Possibly because God hasn't separated them, but man has?
5th August 2015 11:47am
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