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A prayer of deliverance from vices, and negative or evil spiritual forces

A powerful written prayer full of Bible Scripture claiming God's promises to set you free from any negative and evil spiritual forces hindering your walk with Jesus Christ!

From ML #2427, March, 1988
This is a general prayer of deliverance from any bad spirits or evil influences of the present or the past, including any vices such as pride, and self-righteousness. You can also include with this prayer any other vices you know you may be battling with.

Lord Jesus, You promised in Your Word that "I can seek You and find You when I search for You with all my heart!" (Jer.29:13) So Lord, I now cry out to You with a WHOLE heart, and I ask You to please hear my prayer and give me the deliverance I seek! You said, "They looked unto Him and were lightened, and their faces were not ashamed.-This poor man cried and the Lord HEARD him and SAVED him out of all his troubles!" -- Psa.34:5,6.

Lord, You told us to "submit ourselves to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from us!" Jesus, I now submit myself to You! Please forgive me for any and all unyieldedness, unwillingness, hardness of heart or resistance to You and Your Spirit! I ask You, Lord, to please "Create in me a CLEAN heart, O God; and renew a RIGHT spirit within me!" -- Psa.51:10.

I can't do it myself, I can't get the victory, without YOU I can do NOTHING! But "I can do ALL things through YOU, Lord, Who strengtheneth me!" (Jn.15:5; Phil.4:13) So I present myself to You now, Lord Jesus, my ALL, and I ask You to empower me and cleanse me from everything and anything that is not of You! -- I don't want ANYTHING that's not of YOU, JESUS! I just want YOU, Jesus!

I rebuke and resist you, Devil, in Jesus' Name! God DAMN you, Satan, get out of here! I'm the LORD'S child, I belong solely to Him! There's NO foothold for you here, in Jesus' name! I will not tolerate it, I will have "NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness!" (Eph.5:11) DEPART from me, Satan! I REBUKE you in the Name of Jesus!

Lord Jesus, You said that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him! (Isa.59:19) But You also said that we should do OUR part. You said, "RESIST the Enemy and he shall flee from thee!" (Jam.4:7) I'm not just being passive, Lord, expecting YOU to do it all -- I am here and now, "FIGHTING the good fight of faith! -- Resisting my adversary the Devil!" And trusting YOU, Lord Jesus, to deliver me from him and all of his devices!-1Tim.6:12; 1Pet.5:9.

Give the victory, Lord, in Jesus' Name! I REBUKE you, Satan! God DAMN you, Devil, in the Name of Jesus! You promised, Lord Jesus, that "whatsoever we would bind on Earth would be bound in Heaven!" (Mat.18:18) -- So I BIND all the power of the Devil right now and I command him to get OUT, to get AWAY from me, from this house, from this property, from this neighbourhood, never to return, in Jesus' name!

I Know that you are the Victor, Jesus! "For this purpose was the Son of God manifested, that He might DESTROY the works of the Devil!" (1Jn.3:8), and You have defeated the Devil ALREADY! Satan TREMBLES when he sees even the WEAKEST saint upon his knees! -- So even though I'm weak and helpless and have no power of my own, "Greater are You (Jesus) within me than he (Satan) which is within the World." -- 1Jn.4:4. I have YOU, Jesus, so I ask YOU to rebuke and drive away the God-damned Devil and any and all of his imps!

God damn you little devils in Jesus' Name! I DEFEAT you in the Name of Jesus Christ! I CURSE you in the Name of Jesus Christ! I RESIST you in the Name of Jesus Christ! In Jesus' name I COMMAND you to depart, in the Name of JESUS I COMMAND you to depart, I resist you in the Name of Jesus!

I rebuke you, evil spirits, whoever or whatever you are, in Jesus' name! In the Name of Jesus! "The Lord shall DELIVER me from EVERY evil work, and will preserve me unto His Heavenly Kingdom! And He Who hath begun a good work in me will PERFORM it until the day of Jesus Christ!" (2Tim.4:18; Phil.1:6) -- So get OUT of here, Devil! I don't want ANYTHING to do with you, and I RESIST you, Satan, in Jesus' name!

Lord Jesus, deliver me from every device of the Devil, from all of his evil machinations! For Thou, O Lord, hast NOT given me a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND! For perfect love casts out ALL fear, so I ask You to cast out and remove EVERY influence of the Devil, in Jesus' name! Amen! (2Tim.1:7; 1Jn.4:18)

Destroy the power of the Devil, Lord Jesus, whatever influence he has had, ANY hangovers or remnants of his power or influence, I ask You to remove and destroy it in Jesus' name! Cast it OUT and cast it AWAY from here and get RID of it, Lord, FOREVER! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

Please help me and deliver me, Lord Jesus! -- I'm so weak, but I call unto You and ask YOU to be strong IN and FOR me! "For when I am weak, then am I strong, for YOUR strength is made perfect in my weakness! For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of GOD and not of us!" -- 2Cor.12.9:10; 4:7. Show THY power, Lord, Thy excellency and Thy strength, in Jesus' name!

Help me to hold back nothing from Thee, nothing in reserve, nothing which is displeasing to Thee or distasteful in Thy sight! -- Help there to be nothing which is unrepented of or unyielded! Jesus, Jesus! Deliver me from any dark corners of my life that I've held back from You! Forgive me for my past unyieldedness, and help me to now lay my ALL on the altar before You, in Jesus' name!

Jesus, I want to be willing and yielded, because You can only fill EMPTY vessels that are thirsty for the Water of Life, for Your Spirit! Help me to be empty, with no will of my own, no thoughts or ideas of my own, but just willing to receive whatever YOU have for me! -- To be broken and remade and yielded completely to whatever YOU want to do with me, Lord, whatever it is! Help me, Jesus!

And if there are any bad spirits or evil influences from my past life, I resist and rebuke them in the Name of Jesus Christ! DELIVER me, Lord Jesus! I also rebuke any ancestors, relatives, former friends or foes who may have sent any curses my way by means of any little devils! Curse those that curse me, Lord Jesus, and turn their curses upon their OWN heads! (Psa.70:3) Protect me and DELIVER me from their evil influence, from their bitterness, from their hate, from their curses! -- And if there is anyone who has died and passed into the Spirit World who is attacking or fighting or hindering me, I resist them and curse them and rebuke them and BIND them in Jesus' name, amen! -- Send any such wicked spirits to HELL where they belong, Lord, in Jesus' name!

Strengthen me, O Lord, with Thy Word and the Sword of Thy Spirit that I may be able to really FIGHT the Enemy! Help me, Jesus, to FIGHT the Enemy, to RESIST him so he will flee with all of his temptations and all of his lies!

I rebuke you, Satan, IN JESUS' NAME, you evil devourer and destroyer! I rebuke you, you God-damned devourer and liar! I HATE you, Devil! I HATE you, Satan! I hate you! I REBUKE you in the Name of Jesus! I CURSE you in the Name of Jesus! I COMMAND you to DEPART from me and these premises, never to return, in the Name of Jesus!

I refuse to worry, fret or fear any more, because I love and am trusting YOU, Jesus! -- I know You love me, Jesus! I know You hear me, Jesus! -- And I know Your Love, Your power, Your strength and Your Spirit is so much stronger and greater than anything the Devil can muster! Deliver me, Lord, from all of the Devil's doubts and fears and lies, and help me to TRUST in You with ALL of my heart! Hallelujah!

Deliver me also from pride and self-righteousness, Lord! I resist and rebuke any demons of pride, in Jesus' name! You said, "Let not a man think more highly of himself than he OUGHT to think" (Rom.12:3), not to be lifted up in pride as a novice, and You warned us that pride comes before a fall! So Jesus, please DELIVER me from the horrible besetting sin of pride, so I can be useful to You and Your Kingdom! -- A humble, willing, yielded, obedient servant and tool in Your hands!

Help me, Lord Jesus, not to be rebellious and stubborn and self-willed, like the horse or like the mule, which have no understanding, which have to be turned about by bit and bridle, and even then they kick against the goads and the pricks and the conviction of Thy Holy Spirit! (Psa.32:9) Help me, Lord, to surrender my ALL to You! You said, "Whosoever shall fall upon this Stone shall be BROKEN." (Mat.21:44) -- So help me to truly fall upon YOU, to cast my ALL upon You, Jesus, so that You can break and remake me into the vessel YOU want me to be for Your glory!

Lord, You said, "Ye that love the Lord hate evil!" (Psa.97:10) -- So help me, Jesus, to love You with ALL of my heart, and to recognize, confess, forsake and HATE every sin and snare with which the Enemy would try to trap and ensnare me! "Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty" (2Cor.3:17), so please set me FREE, Jesus!

Help me, Lord, not to surrender one inch of the victory You have for me to the Devil, not one inch of Thy blessing! Help me to lean on You and look to You for help, to trust You for COMPLETE deliverance, Lord, for Thy glory and for Thy name's sake and Thy Word's sake!

Thank You Jesus for these battles which are making me strong! Thank You for the opportunities You have given me to get real close to You, Lord, to get desperate with You and to lean on You when I see that I can't do it. The battles are greater than I am, Lord, but YOU are greater than they are!

I know you have the victory for me, Jesus, and that as I surrender to Thee, the Enemy can't have the victory, he can't have me or my usefulness or ANYTHING about me, ANY part of me, because YOU are standing there, Lord Jesus, just like You told Peter, and PRAYING for me that my faith fail not! (Lk.22:31,32) -- You're strengthening me so that I in turn can strengthen others, and comfort others with the comfort wherewith I have been comforted (2Cor.1:4), thank You Jesus!

Lord Jesus, You said, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!" (Jam.5:16) -- I know I'M not very righteous, but I'm depending on YOUR righteousness and praying for the RIGHT things, and I've STIRRED myself to call upon You, so according to Your Word, You have GOT to answer, in Jesus' name! Thank You, Lord, that YOU are the victory, Jesus! Hallelujah! -- In Jesus' name, amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord for the victory, the victory over sin and Satan and all of my problems! Hallelujah!

I ask you, Lord Jesus, for a "renewing of the Holy Ghost!" (Tit.3:5) Please refill me now with Thy Spirit of Love, Thy Holy Spirit, Thy mighty power that can completely burn out all of the Devil's old circuitry, and rewire my mind and heart so I can be truly "renewed in the spirit of my mind!" (Eph.4:23) I can't change or become a new creature by my OWN power or will, but I know YOU can do it! "Not by my might, nor by my power, but by Thy Spirit, Lord!" (Zec.4:6) -- So please fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit right NOW, in Jesus' name I ask!

"If Thou, Lord, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand? But there is FORGIVENESS with Thee, that Thou mayest be feared!" (Psa.130:3,4) -- Thank You for Your forgiveness and Your mercy to me, Jesus, for hearing my prayer and continuing to show me Thy mercy!

"Hear my cry, O God; and attend unto my prayer! From the end of the Earth will I cry unto Thee. When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the Rock that is higher than I! For Thou hast been a SHELTER to me, and a STRONG TOWER from the Enemy! I will abide in Thy tabernacle FOREVER: I will trust in the covert of Thy wings!" (Psa.61:1-4)

Thank You Lord that "You have not dealt with us after our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the Heaven is high above the Earth, so great is Thy mercy toward them that fear Thee. As far as the East is from the West, so far have You removed our transgressions from us. Like as a father pitieth his children, so You pity them that fear You. For You KNOW our frame; You remember that we are dust!"-Thank You Jesus for Your mercies! -- Psa.103:10-14.

Thank You Lord for Thy Words to cleanse and heal us! You said, "You sent Your WORD and HEALED them, and DELIVERED them from their destructions!" (Psa.107:20) Thank You Lord for Thy WORD and its power which frees us from the snares of the Enemy!

I know that Thou art the Victor, Jesus, and I cannot lose as long as I lean upon Thee! As long as I keep FIGHTING, it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose! So help me, Lord, not to give up, not to quit, but to keep fighting and keep winning greater victories for Thy glory! -- In Jesus' name!

Help me, Lord, not to give up the fight, not to give up the battle, especially when it gets hot, Lord, and the Enemy's doing his best to stop me and discourage me and depress me and cause me to quit! That's exactly what he WANTS me to do, so help me to RESIST him and to "FIGHT the good FIGHT of faith, lay hold on Eternal Life", and follow Thee till the END! -- 1Tim.6:12.

"Did we in our own strength confide, our striving would be losing! Were not the right Man on our side, the Man of God's Own choosing! -- Dost ask Who this may be? Christ JESUS, it is HE! Lord Sabbaoth, His name, from age to age the same, and HE must WIN the battle!"

. I cannot strive and trust in my own strength -- I must look to YOU, Lord, and YOU must win the battle! So help me to TRUST You, to keep my heart right with You and to follow You closer than ever before, in Jesus' name! Keep me CLOSE to You, Lord, in Your Will, obedient, following moment by moment! Every moment keep my HEART right with You, Jesus, my MOTIVES right, my WILL right and EVERYTHING right with You! Hallelujah!

"Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! Who can understand his errors?-Cleanse thou me from SECRET faults. Keep back Thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them NOT have dominion over me: Then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. And let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in THY sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer!" (Psa.139:23,24; 19:12-14) -- In Jesus' name, amen!

Remember, the Devil really hates to lose ground, and once he has lost any territory, he often attempts to sneak back in and try to regain it. So KEEP PRAYING and TRUSTING the Lord to PROTECT you and DELIVER you and give the COMPLETE VICTORY you've asked Him for! -- And He WILL! -- If you KEEP FIGHTING!

Don't be like the man whose house was swept and garnished after the evil spirit was cast out! -- He didn't keep PROGRESSING from there, he didn't FILL it up with the HOLY SPIRIT and the WORD and something BETTER and get busy serving and doing good works for the Lord. So the evil spirit brought back MORE evil spirits even worse than himself, and they entered into the man again because he was empty and not filled with the Lord and the Word and the Lord's Work! -- And "his LAST state was WORSE than the first!" -- Mat.12:43-45.

He didn't move in the demon's Arch-Enemy, the Holy Spirit, to fill up his house and take over to keep out the unwanted intruders! -- So for God's sake and YOUR sake, fill your mind and heart with the WORD of God, and you won't have room for the Devil's darkness! Fill your mind with the Light of God's Word and the darkness will flee of itself! -- Amen? -- Keep FIGHTING, and the Enemy'll keep FLEEING!

THE ol' Devil can't resist Scripture, the Word, that's the most powerful weapon you've got! -- So quote it out loud, sing it, shout it and praise and thank the Lord for all His goodness! Then get BUSY WORKING for the Lord and helping OTHERS! Idleness is the Devil's workshop! So defeat and drive him away by quoting Scripture, by praising the Lord and by good, positive, active WORK for Jesus!

And don't forget, no matter how you feel after a prayer of deliverance, it doesn't really make any difference! You have to keep BELIEVING and PRAISING and THANKING the Lord whether you FEEL delivered or not!-Because your praise is a sign that you really believe the Lord has given you the victory! -- Praise is the voice of FAITH! -- And "FAITH is the VICTORY that overcometh the World, and without FAITH it is impossible to please Him!" (1Jn.5:4; Heb.11:6) So take the victory that the Lord's given you by faith, thank Him for it by faith, and then WALK by faith! (2Cor.5:7) God bless and keep you fighting and going on to greater victories for Jesus! -- In Jesus' name, amen!

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4/5 (21)
Bobbie Bentley (Pompano Bcb, US) says...
Hello I want to speak about what Satan has been doing to me over the last 11 t0 12 years he has been sending his workers to sodomize me to rape me by knocking me out with chloroform they have been doing this over the years I prayed and study the Bible throughout the years I did my very best to stay in the church I did my very best not to go back to the drugs I used to do and I have been 6 years clean now they have stolen from me they have robbed me broken into my house countless times I do not ... Read More
9th October 2016 4:58am
Janet (Swaziland) says...
I have been stabbed by a woman who thought was my friend we use to speak about everything,she went behind my back and told the gentleman I was with lies until we broke up. When got to know the truth she started casting dirty remarks calling me a dog and is black mailing me with my co-workers having them to believe her lies. I know my God is real and he will take care of me I believe
Thanks for this prayers
18th September 2016 10:19am
jeffrey (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
seek the Lord He will show you much concerning this matter even much more deeper.Understand His will concerning such relationship.Shalom
21st September 2016 11:56pm
Courtney ellis (US) says...
Thank you so much for these prayers and for being able to communicate what i couldnt in prayer.. I have been wrestling with negative thought patterns and i am so thankful i found these. God bless you for providing!
25th August 2016 11:38pm
Nekeitha Sml (Barataria, Trinidad-Tobago) says...
These prayers have been a blessing to me. I have been going through some mental struggles lately, and I was in desperate need of deliverance. My thoughts had me questioning whether or not I was indeed saved and that was when I said this tactic that the devil is using to get me away from Christ has got to flee. That's when I searched some solutions to overcome ungodly thoughts and How to develop the mind of Christ, and that's when I came across this page. These prayers are so powerful. ... Read More
17th August 2016 1:19am
Shannon Mujera (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
Wow..such a wonderful prayer...feeling blessed
Devil you have no power over us....dominion and authority is the Lord's. -Jesus Christ
10th August 2016 5:03am
Jessica Tebogo (South Africa) says...
Iv been having terrible dreams and sleep paralyses.. This prayer keeps me going. The devil will remain locked out.. I WILL FIGHT HIM!!! In JESUS NAME!!
24th July 2016 7:11am
Josh (San Diego, US) says...
I too am fighting demons in my sleep. They are attacking me in a way that seems they are trying to take my body. I have to pray yo God and rebuke them in his name to get them to leave me (in my dreams). This is the 3rd time this year. Each time the dreams are vivid and i remember them clearly. And each time it is after a very strong prayer before bed. This prayerhas helped give me comfort. Knowing God's Word tells me that he saw this coming and wants to let me know hes with me for the long ... Read More
6th August 2016 5:54pm
Frank Peterlin (Evansville, US) says...
Matthew 16:19 Jessica, in the name of Jesus Christ, I claim your victory over satan, sin and illness. :-)
13th August 2016 9:54pm
Melissa Vance (Dallas, US) says...
When I came across this prayer of deliverance I was desperate. My heart hurts so much I literally wanted to due. My grandson father, grandmother, and grandfather had taken my grandson which is my heart. I went 3 weeks without talking to him, except on one occasion he was hollering for his mother to come get him via phone but we didn't know his location. He trued to tell us he was at a park but his father hung up on us. I would go in KY closest and pray and fast in many occasions but this ... Read More
30th June 2016 3:32pm
jacqueline Johnson (Honolulu, US) says...
I am praying for him to be returned to his mother and grandmother! Please let me know when he is back with you!
20th July 2016 1:00pm
Melissa Vance (Dallas, US) says...
We got him back Jacqueline, then my grandson father lawyer took him back again but we once again got him back. I mean the devil used so many imps but he still didn't win because God is the Author and Finisher of Karter life. Satan better run because I stand on God words. Amen and thank you Jackie. Let's continue to pray for each other. In Jesus Name. Melissa Vance
3rd August 2016 12:58pm
Melissa (Dallas, US) says...
I have been under the devils attack for at least seven days. I trusted someone with my Grandson and they haven't given him back to me, his grandmother or His Mother who goes by the name of Harmony. I have felt like killing myself and other evil attentions because the pain is unbearable, it's like not beening able to wake up from a nightmare. I finally got release from reading this deliverance prayer is believing Karter will be returned. This prayer has delivered me and my family from ... Read More
20th June 2016 10:39pm
Nadine (UK) says...
I have come across this in a time of need and would really like to give thanks to God. Thank you author for posting such a powerful message.God is real.
17th May 2016 7:47pm
maria (Randfontein, South Africa) says...
really powerful and anointed prayer this is the kind of deliverance prayer i've been longing for that will bring me closer to my father. It has given me the strength and courage to hold on to that gourmet of Jesus. thank you
11th May 2016 6:55am
Rebecca (Port Dickson, Malaysia) says...
Thank you, very very usefull prayer. Praise The Lord, thank you Lord and I Love You Lord Jesus.
25th March 2016 3:52pm
margaret kooletile (Gaborone, Botswana) says...
Thank you for an encouraging prayer. My spirit have been strengthened. Thank you Jesus.
20th December 2015 8:14am
Corrie Owens (Auburn, US) says...
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. I feel now better than before. The spirits around. There are many more than usual. I know GOD our Lord and Saviour did hear my prayer. Thank you Jesus. I have the Holy Spirit running through my body. I stand with GOD. My Alpha and Omega.
28th November 2015 11:45pm
Faye (Decatur, US) says...
When aread a mighty prayer such as this one,you give God Glory and Thanksgiving, you don't add a negative comment, you stay filled with songs of praises, either you deliver or not,it Thank you Jesus
19th May 2016 6:12am
Samuel Nelson (India) says...
Thank you so much for the prayer model with encouraging spiritual words.I feel stronger.Praise Jesus.
6th November 2015 7:28pm
Brandi (Mobile Al., US) says...
Love this! Much needed at this time. My relationship has hit a bump and I want it back at 100%. I REBUKE satan and all he WILL flee.
WILL ANY OF YOU AGREE WITH ME AND LETS TAKE THIS TO THE THRONE? Our God is healer. He can heal our broken relationship.
23rd October 2015 12:18am
LINDA (Radcliff, US) says...
This is the prayer I need to come close with GOD and I believe that he will deliver me linda
18th October 2015 5:25am
marsha (Gasparillo, Trinidad-Tobago) says...
I thank god for helping me find this site I have a lot of enemies I AM A VERY HONEST person but sometimes people see you and often they judge you on your out appearance and not your inner I am deeply stressed out by the simple daily stuff that's the devil throw my way but god alone knows my heart and what am going through every single day I struggle to stay alive and to fight of the devil he have been trying to take over my life but to him I say I BELONGS TO ONLY GOD my father who rules in ... Read More
14th October 2015 2:17pm
LIZZ (Harrow, UK) says...
I am so happy that things have changed for you. I have suffered for a long time with people whom I trusted and they all stabbed me in the back. I am not giving up as bad as it is but I am wiser now and will move on.
29th January 2016 10:51pm
Tony (US) says...
Going through what might be the toughest battle of my life, need a word from god and need his strength in my weakness....finding this may have saved my life...Thanks to Jesus.Amen.
6th October 2015 9:20am
rea joseph (Orlando, US) says...
My name is Rea Joseph I am 15 I was walking home and this man who was coming out of an abounded house did some type of movement as if he was stabbing me..couple days ago I found this website I read it and prayed it then I read it today I am thankful thank almighty god I found it I started praying once I got home I got only knees and reported everything to Jesus Christ
24th September 2015 8:03am
James (Japan) says...
Rea Joseph, I'm so glad you found this site!!
25th September 2015 9:53am
Ottilie Herman (Windoek, Namibia) says...
My name is Ottilie, I am suffering from witchcraft attack since 2012 till now. I prayed every day, day and night, but they are still coming to me. I don't know else what to do. All I know is I need a proper deliverance, I don't know where but I truly need a powerful deliverance. I feel evil spirits crawling all over my body, top of my head, top of my eyes, between shoulder, legs, feet, waist, face all over my body. I don't know how long will I go on like this. I asked the evil witch ... Read More
17th September 2015 10:00pm
Barbara mcLean (Toronto, Canada) says...
Dear Ottilie, I too was seeking "deliverance" and I would like to share a great book that I read called "Unmasking the Devil" by John Ramirez.His website is I hope this information will be a blessing to you. Just know my friend that you are not alone and God has sent out his army we are The Body of The Lord Jesus Christ and mighty children of Faith and followers of The Lord Jesus Christ. Our weapons are not flesh and vain ... Read More
24th August 2016 5:44pm
Randall (Nashville, US) says...
I've been dealing with a demon or bad spirit that's been following me around for a few days from an apartment I stayed at until it got so bad I had to leave. I think it followed me so I've been praying and reading scriptures getting closer than I ever have been to god and this defiantly helped. Everyone please pray for me my name is Randall
10th September 2015 2:32pm
Juliet (Montreal, Canada) says...
This is the most anointed and powerful prayer I have ever read and prayed!! how I know? the Lord YAHUSHUA/JESUS led me here! after countless searching for the past 4 months for relief/deliverance from an evil force that follows me everywhere and stays in my room, I've done countless fasting and prayers by the brethrens/prayer-lines; it will not budge.THIS prayer will do IT!! in YAHUSHUA's Name. Amen. Thank you anointed prayer warrior for this awesome prayer. To GOD be the Glory!!
12th August 2015 6:00am
Juliet (Montreal, Canada) says...
This is the most anointed and powerful prayer I have ever read and prayed!! how I know? the Lord YAHUSHUA/JESUS led me here! after countless searching for the past 4 months for relief/deliverance from an evil force that follows me everywhere and stays in my room, I've done countless fasting and prayers by the brethrens/prayer-lines; it will not budge.THIS prayer will do IT!! in YAHUSHUA's Name. Amen. Thank you anointed prayer warrior for this awesome prayer. To GOD be the Glory!!
12th August 2015 5:57am
Shar (US) says...
Hello to all posting, I pray that this prayer has helped and/or encouraged you as much as it has me. I thank the Father who has led me to this wonderful and much needed prayer. I pray and send up praises, and even ask Father to teach me how to TRULY pray to Him, according to His Will, but even so, I still felt like something was missing and that something was the word FERVENT...(compassionate intensity) Now, I know people say "It doesn't matter what or how you pray, just pray" ... Read More
26th July 2015 2:48am
Larry Richard (Vancouver Bc, Canada) says...
I did a search for spirit of fear. I read this and prayed it. I started yawning and coughing and burping. I could hear to take a shower. As i was in shower i pushed on my chest and i felt it in my throat. So i pushed again and grabbed my throat and Jesus took it out of me. Thanks for this prayer brother it truly is a blessing. It actually kind hurt like it was acidic coming out of my throat. I heard to be careful that i dont let it back. I asked what to do. He told me to avoid a person in my ... Read More
23rd July 2015 9:21am
Jason (Stockton, US) says...
I began reading this at 1:08 am. I continued to read for about 5 or 6 Minutes, I thought was 5 or 6 minutes. it was 2:22 am by the time I looked at the clock and stopped. CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!!
15th July 2015 6:30pm
HAPPINESS (Hillbrow, South Africa) says...
amen we realy need to Worship the LORD more&more and i believe that he has alot of things to reveal concerning our lives
10th September 2015 11:48pm
Macholo Maseko (Rustenburg, South Africa) says...
God is Great and amazing, let's keep on praising Him every moment of our lives. This prayer is very powerful, and it ALL comes down to FAITH,believe and JESUS LOVE.
2nd July 2015 8:44am
jeff (Kenya) says...
Naomi the lord bless you thank you for praying and mentioning me before the praying for you too..I know the Our Lord reigns.regards and blessings
24th June 2015 4:16am
Nuwagaba annah (Newcastle, South Africa) says...
Am speechless
12th May 2015 6:44am
Nuwagaba annah (Newcastle, South Africa) says...
Glory be to God, am so greatful tonight and i feel so special. Its new me thank u jesus for delivering me. Its unforgettable n a night t rmber. Amen
12th May 2015 6:42am
david (UK) says...
I done alot of bad things in life but I done alot of good thing I became a person I never wanted to be lot of crime from young what the devil had put me down and on family's karma but I pray everyday mostle for forgiveness hope he can better my soul DF
12th April 2015 1:53am
megan (Duncannon, US) says...
I was so depressed and scared and I had so many negative thoughts. The devil was trying to knock me down. This prayer felt amazing and gave me strength from god.
30th March 2015 5:19am
LaTasha (US) says...
You are not alone, God is always with you in good and bad times. God wants to help and heal you in the worst times. How I think of it is he needs us too. When we pray we supply him with all the warm and fuzzy goodness he wants us to have as well. Stay strong and prayed up.
3rd April 2015 7:34am
bjs (Westpoint, US) says...
Thank you father for this pestering been attacked by satin and his followers for some time but now I rebuke him in the name of Jesus thank you Jesus
24th March 2015 5:23pm
jeff (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
may the lord be praised for this tired of mustutbation and was looking through the net for verses that speaks victory through Jesus and here came the prayer. somebody mention me in ur prayers am derailed spiritualy
22nd October 2014 11:01pm
Naomi (Kansas City, US) says...
Dear Jeff, I ended on this page since I need deliverance prayers on so many things, including masturbation and ponography. I will remember you in prayers, please remember me too. PS// Am originally from Eldoret.
21st May 2015 4:55am
meriam (Johannesburg Midrand, South Africa) says...
i thanx God with this wonderful prayer because since my husband died i m masturbating with the influence of ponographic videos that m addicted t so pray with me cos m the child of God.
8th October 2014 12:51pm
Josh (Nigeria) says...
I was greatly blessed. Such a powerful prayer. Glory be to jesus.
25th September 2014 6:04am
ari walmsley (South Coogee, Australia) says...
I have been fighting the devil for 30 years without help.every time I try to get up he smashes me down.I have tried so hard at one point every 2 seconds telling him to the dark angels started to be so close and asking me to go with them I forgot that one for 3 months straight with out stopping.that stopped but they come at me from every angle and never stop using different people and different. Situations I have run out of energy and am so tired I don't want to go out as I get ... Read More
11th September 2014 1:32pm
CT (US) says...
Romans 8: 18-21 18I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. 19For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. 20For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope 21thath the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God. DONT YOU EVER GIVE UP!!! ... Read More
15th September 2014 12:43am
Bekkah (US) says...
My heart is brought to tears feeling the pain that you feel. I have done some awful things in the past and recently have been told I was religious because I try to do good things and portray the kind of life that I believe a Christian should live. I think that perhaps I was told I'm religious because I do tend to worry about things far too much and don't trust Christ to take care of them. Never ONCE did I think that my works would save me. I just believe we are to help and love others ... Read More
5th October 2014 12:56pm
Irene (Jos, Nigeria) says...
Dear Ari, I read your groaning and I was greatly touched. I want to join you against satan in your fight. I am pleased on the one hand that you recognise that it is wrong for you to end your life( by killing yourself). Another issue you raised is baptism. It is not a yardstick for victory over satan. All that is needed is Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved- Acts 16:31. It is also for your house! If you are totally for Jesus, the other best thing you should do is begin to read the ... Read More
19th May 2015 3:18pm
Naomi (Kansas City, US) says...
Ari, you are not alone. Jesus is with you. Thieves don't break into empty houses, they break into houses that have things worth stealing. Satan is tormenting you because He knows your worth. You are a dangerous vessel to his kingdom, so he will fill your mind with all sorts of lies. My # 3 most tools I fight the devil with are: 1) Read and listen to the word daily, and I mean daily, even if its a verse, do read it.Play the audio Bible while you are cooking, driving, anything. 2) Prayers, ... Read More
21st May 2015 5:07am
Lorette Weaver (Port St Lucie, US) says...
It is now 9/1/15... Y GBou ask for Help. I am praying for you right now. Don't give up ever....Say to God...Jesus, have mercy on Me, a sinner.. Jesus I trust in You, over and over again. Seek and trust. He loves you. I'll see you in heaven one day. Ask Jesus to make you love Him more and More...
2nd September 2015 2:10pm
Chandra (Roseville, US) says...
I read your post, I will be praying for you. I have had a similar battle as well. Please don't give up, I know it's physically, mentally, and sychologically draining, but please don't give up. Pray for strength to go on and defeat the devil fir your daughters sake. If you go Satan will only start in on her. In the name of our father in heaven, the alpha and omega, I pray for Ari Lord that you will show yourself to him give him confirmation that you hear him lord, give him the ... Read More
6th September 2015 5:05pm
Apearl (US) says...
Thank God He led me to this amazing prayer this morning, and thank you so much for sharing it. WE HAVE TO FIGHT TO HAVE THE VICTORY!!! I have been having a pity party, but enough of that. It is time for me to get up and put on the armor of God and fight, starting with this prayer. Thank you for strengthening me.
8th September 2014 9:15pm
thia (Memphis, US) says...
This prayer really help me dealing with the negativity I deal with almost on a daily basis. I am also going through a lot of other things in my life but I know the Lord is going to make a way. He always does so is no use for me worrying and wondering what's going to happen cuz I know it already done in Jesus name. Amen....
5th September 2014 1:28pm
Adriatik (Beaumont Texas Houston Texas, US) says...
Every person needs to say this prayer in theyr home for a better World that we live in Amen
2nd September 2014 12:32pm
David Msosa (Malawi) says...
i really love this
2nd September 2014 4:14pm
Merrill Jones (Takoma Park, US) says...
Praise be to Jesus for all things, for showing mercy on my soul for helping me find his word this afternoon. Thank you so much for being obedient and posting this powerful powerful pray. Thank you Jesus!
2nd September 2014 6:40am
kelaya jones (Oklahoma, US) says...
PRAISE JESUS I Been fighting with the devil
Trying to words in my head in needed prayer.GOD knows my heart I prayed this prayer in cried in felt alot stronger. Never give in to evil stay strong with GOD words IN give GOD 2.4 of are day daily TO PLEASE JESUS BLESS EVERYONE WHO READS THIS PRAYER THANK YOU GOD for your words in author
29th August 2014 10:44pm
humberto velasquez (Dallas, US) says...
Amen good prayer...
13th August 2014 12:50am
Henry Robert (Shimoga, India) says...
This prayer had made me a change against evil spirit Jesus is only my savior. Praise the lord amen.
5th August 2014 3:23pm
Joshua (Nigeria) says...
Oh this is a wonderful, I have been sick but after this prayer I felt very much better. Glory to God Almighty and his son JESUS CHRIST.
3rd August 2014 6:32am
evelyn (Bronx, US) says...
Thank You. I have been battling with depression for a few months now due to losing my job and feeling like a failure to my life. I feel like the devil has taken over. I can not find a job and im In jeopardy of losing my home. This prayer is going to save me. I know it!!! Thank you Hallelujah! !
24th July 2014 9:53am
Rochelle Hassel (US) says...
My family is falling apart my teenage son on drugs can't get the support I need from husband. Please pray for me to have the strength I once had with my other children to get through this also send me a prayer I can say in my home to remove these spirits.
23rd July 2014 11:04pm
Wendi Trawick (US) says...
Dear Rochelle, if you have received Christ as your Savior,then you have already received the strength that you ask for. I pray that you begin every day spending time with God, open to hearing His voice and finding the strength that has been given you. Our children are on the journey that they have before them. It is the marriage that God has given us, there is where I pray you find your support and also where you are giving it. God bless you, your marriage and family. Sincerely , Wendi Trawick ... Read More
24th July 2014 2:15am
Jesus correa (Yakima, US) says...
Please help me pray the devil wants to destroy me and my marriage and children
18th July 2014 2:56pm
Narresh (Bronx, US) says...
Thank you for such powerful prayers, Please pray for me, I am suffering from Tourette Syndrome, Anxiety, ADD and everywhere I am turning I am having bad lucks, I need prayers.
Thank you
17th July 2014 9:50am
Linda (London, UK) says...
I am so glad I found this prayer. I too, will use it every morning and night along with my other prayer. Thank you Lord for leading me to this prayer. It is so powerful! Thank you
12th July 2014 5:02pm
Linda Adwoa Kesewaa (Akropong-akuapem, Ghana) says...
Beloved in Christ, we serve a living God and we must worship in truth,faith and light....I wanna serve him always because he's our intercessor and there's none like him.. Amen !!!!
9th July 2014 6:30am
Santha kumar (UK) says...
Very good site. Thanks
6th July 2014 4:45pm
Leanne Elizabeth Norman (Hamilton, Canada) says...
I have seeked you and I found you. Will you please take me in.
Absolutely! Welcome to this fellowship!
24th June 2014 5:18pm
Eva Awino (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
From yesterday on 22 I have decided 2 say this prayer avery morning and @ night and i belive before the end of this year i have testimonies 2 share thanks so much and may God bless u all.
23rd June 2014 2:26pm
Avi (Sacramento, US) says...
Praise be the name of Jesus. Wickedness and Evil is all around us. It tells us tht they love us deceives us over nd over. The love of our god is what shall overcome all evil. Anyone who seeks will find the word of god.. I love this prayer. Thank you My father. I rebuke you evil in the name of Christ. Thanks you father.
8th May 2014 5:12am
Sharon Kay Oliver (Marion, US) says...
I enjoyed your articles. I have found that Satan operates through people, even our family. That is very hard when you keep going back so you can be beaten down. Pray that God sends His people into our lives. Thank you for your articles. They truly are inspiring.
23rd April 2014 8:38pm
P V Hermann (Bethlehem, Israel) says...
Thank you for such a wonderful page.
19th April 2014 12:20pm
Kodi Azuonye (Nigeria) says...
Thanks and praise be God for a miraculous deliverance. I love this wonderfully powerful prayer. I was traveling east from the Northern country alone at night and my vehicle developed a fault and stopped me just before a bridge that spanned a lonely river. I was alone in the surrounding great thick darkness. I believe a bad water spirit was responsible for it, because in an instant, I heard a swish in the water and saw a light come right out of the water and head towards me, and as it came ... Read More
Wow! Thanks for sharing that! The power of the Name of Jesus!
3rd February 2014 12:07pm
Sharon (Marion, US) says...
I just read your remarkable story. It is amazing how quickly the deliverance came in the name of Jesus. I just wonder what the spirit wanted to do to you. You could tell that it was something evil. God bless you.
4th May 2014 11:42pm
Chika Madu (US) says...
Thank You JESUS, what a GOD! What a Testimony!
9th March 2015 12:06am
MrsKeeper (Johannesburg, South Africa) says...
God is King! The devil is a liar! He holds no power, over me! Only God the creator of heaven and earth! The alpha and omega has power, control, charge and dominion . Thank you children of God for this wonderful prayer. Where he is for us! Who can be against us??? No weapon forged against us children of God shall prosper! Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world! I delight myself in the presence of God!!!! Lord I give you honour, praise , glory and adoration! Father you are good, ... Read More
21st December 2013 2:00am
sherri sulewskki (Cummington, US) says...
the lord is my sheppaed i luve jesus as i backslde in addiction its so hard to deal with ther world i live to find heaven each day im blessed to havre the lord guide me but the addiction has a strong holds their are 3 smoking drinkinhg and meds pray 4 me thanks
9th December 2013 9:58am
joyce (Nigeria) says...
Am blesssed with this prayer,praise God am delivered,my faith is strong in th Leord
15th November 2013 1:44am
Lynn Farina (Merrimack, US) says...
Amen! I will recite this prayer over and over again:)
5th November 2013 10:10am
jackline kawinzi (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
Amen.the word of God is alive and satan is defeated.i will be strong in the lord.hallelujah
4th October 2013 10:12pm
daniel (Stanger, South Africa) says...
I was feeling really down and out and depressed.I was browsing through da internet wen I came across this prayer I have never read a more bold or powerfull prayer god bless these people who created this website amen
26th August 2013 4:11pm
Sharon Oliver (Carbondale - Il, US) says...
The Word of God is alive and Satan is defeated. He has to leave every Believer in Christ Jesus because they are the property of the Heavenly Father. I praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy because God inhabits the praises of His People. May the Lord bless and keep all who participate in this site. May we take dominion back from Satan and stomp him under our feet.
23rd August 2013 4:38pm
satan be gone in amesia hall (Tobago, Trinidad-Tobago) says...
amesia hall please release me from satan traps,satan bondages,i breaking satan chains over my like,satan take hand off of me now,satan no more sexual tourment day and night,spirit husband must leave now,satan strongholds and strongman must leave now.
19th August 2013 8:08pm
Dawn (Canada) says...
I will pray for you.
9th August 2016 4:13pm
himesha (Colombo, Sri Lanka) says...
This is the prayer that I was looking for. When we can't resist our own feelings, when we are so away from the God, this prayer will lead us back to the God. God Bless you all
13th August 2013 7:27pm
kevin (Toledo, US) says...
It was a true blessing to find this prayer, strong message that I needed to hear!
28th July 2013 11:20pm
reham (Saudi Arabia) says...
i want number for magician please
7th July 2013 7:38pm
Don (Marion, US) says...
I typed no spam but it kept saying I did and to remove it. So, my words to you are lost. Again, the devil has thwarted me.
Please try to enter your comment again! You apparently wrote a word included in the "spam list" of words. I turned off the spam word list checking feature. I myself got the "remove the spam" message when I tried to reply to somebody!
2nd July 2013 6:24pm
Leilar (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
Wow!what a mighty God we serve.A prayer so powerful.Am printing it to use it i have been through a tough battle and was wondering how to go about it.Hallelujah!i know that i have overcome.
12th June 2013 3:05pm
mary (Hamden, Kenya) says...
Powerful prayer! I would also add .."I will be strong IN THE LORD and in the POWER of His MIGHT!!" Ephesians 6:10
7th June 2013 10:42pm
Marty (Germantown, US) says...
Wow; I just typed in " Jesus please remove the evil from our country" and this incrdible prayer popped up. I found it useful and spiritually moving on several levels.
7th June 2013 11:11am
taylor (Tulsa, US) says...
Omgosh I love this soo powerful I believe a bad spirit is messing with me cause I was changing my daughter diaper and I heard a noise I turned around and my daughter swing is going off I got up to see how it turned on and the switch was turned to turn it on and that swing was off and nobody is here except me and my 3 1/2 months old daughter!!!!
29th May 2013 7:29pm
Rue (US) says...
Wow I was looking for a reconciliation prayer. I was feeling disgusted by myself and overwhelmed by the evil trying to take me over. Thank you Jesus for this author! Thank you Jesus for the power in your name and the redeeming blood. Thank you Father for your son Jesus!
24th May 2013 10:16pm
Allison (US) says...
Wow... I think this is about the most powerful list of scripture and commands I have ever read. I love that I just read God DAMN you satan, not many people would be bold enough to suggest that. I love it. Thank you.
23rd April 2013 1:36pm
Jay Vasquez (Orlando, US) says...
The word of God is almighty and peacefull, that whoever is in need, god will always be there.
16th December 2012 12:34pm
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