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Request for Prayer for My Wife’s Recovery and for Support

Tess and James Arendt
Tess and James Arendt

On April 20th, 2023, my beloved wife Tess got an operation on her knee to remove a torn menicus. Her knee is in severe pain from time to time. In order for her to have this operation, she had to take off from work at Macy's department store. At Macy's she was required to stand constantly and to walk a lot caring for the customers, something she's now unable to do. It's hard to say when she will be able to return to work. Without her continued employment, her regular income will come to a halt in May when her vacation pay ends.

Please pray Tess will recover speedily and not be in pain any longer. At the time of this edit, it's been 8 days since the operation and she is still in pain from time to time.

I have purposely kept website ad-free because I think advertisements take away from the message I want to share. My main and only job now besides caring for Tess is to maintain and my other website JamesJpn.Net.

Tess and I have been grateful to the Lord that the website has so far paid for itself by your donations, and we are especially thankful to those who have contributed regularly to this website. Ff the readers of this website would send us a donation within the next weeks up to June 1st, we would be able to cover our expenses much easier. We are preparing to move to Tess's home country, the Philippines, on June 1st at the latest, where we will be able to live much more economically. Food and energy costs are expensive on Guam because most products need to be shipped from the US mainland and other countries.

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