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“… and his deadly wound was healed” – Revelation 13:3 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi James,

    I’ve just been reading your views on the Catholic Church; a subject that tends to come up. All being said – What kind of world do you envision when the Catholic Church arrives at it’s ultimate goal of the throne of the whole world? The understanding being that the man of sin, whoever he is, will sit in the temple of God in Jerusalem, showing himself that he is God, opposing all that is called God, all that is worshipped. Where will the Catholic Church in its present form stand in all of this? Let me put it this way – Most Christians who think about these matters envision a time to come where it will be dangerous to carry a bible or even have a cross around your neck or to make any reference to even being a Christian. The Catholic Church is a very showy church in that it expresses its apparent faith through these highly elaborate and costly symbols i.e.. statues of Mary, gold crosses, robes and garments, incense, statues and symbols of Christianity so called. Am I to understand that all of this will suddenly be done away with and we will then enter into some strange new New Testament era. A kind of a world where old things are passed away and all things are become new under some new false Messiah.

    I’m saying all this because this just doesn’t seem to add up with the Catholic Church “putting away all of these childish things” which they are highly dependent upon. The true worshippers as Jesus said, are those that worship the Father in spirit and in truth, neither in this mountain nor in that place. So yes, you would have to say that the Catholic Church is Antichrist in this sense but if this went on into an Antichrist world, I can’t quite picture how this would all play out. Let’s face it, it’s all some kind of elaborate play or drama that the Catholic Church plays out to the world to present a false image of Christianity but again, I can’t quite picture this all playing out in an Antichrist world, especially if they were the ones behind the whole thing. Basically, I picture an Antichrist world where religion has become highly illegal and dangerous. I can’t quite picture a Pope being the Antichrist, I can picture one being anti-Christ but not the Antichrist. Will a Catholic Church Pope be the Antichrist?

    I hope you find this question interesting to say the least and not to sound critical. It is of course of immense importance that we all understand these matters and can any of us in all honesty say that we know who the Antichrist will be? To that question, we would have to say no and of course time will tell.

    Love from Karen & Terry

    • I look at the Roman Catholic church of today as a vehicle of the Antichrist to take over the world. That doesn’t mean it will continue to exist in its present form during the Antichrist kingdom. It may morph into a New Age religion that is agreeable to everybody and all other religions except for Bible believing Protestantism.

  2. Thanks for getting back! Well, as we all know, the power of the Antichrist will be mighty. It will know doubt be a world that has been turned upside down, inside out and back to front when he arrives on the world stage, so we’ll have to keep watching and see how it all plays out.

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