The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey

Twe weekend that Peter had been looking forward to had finally arrived. Rising before dawn, he picked up his lovely fiancé, Melinda, to join him in an airborne adventure. As they raced against daybreak towards the tiny country airstrip, he assured her that everything was going to be just fine. The single engine prop plane … Read more

The Color of Love

Harmony in a World as wracked by tension, strife, prejudice and violence as the one we live in today? Impossible! you might think, as you’re tempted to put this in the nearest trash can. But please just take a minute to read on and at least consider the solution offered herein. We have all seen … Read more

Who Pulls the Strings?

Who controls the world?

ARE WE IN DANGER of becoming mere puppets, manipulated and controlled? If so, by whom? Is our future already written, our fate sealed? Or is there a way out? The answers to these questions were revealed to an old man named John nearly 2,000 years ago. Hideous beasts, a seven-headed dragon, four mysterious horsemen, and … Read more

The City in the Sky

City in the sky

When the great Crystal Ball, all sparkling and blue, Appeared in the Earth’s starry skies, The people below who bathed in its glow Were thrilled as they feasted their eyes! Within the great Globe, a glorious sight Inspired the praises of men! –The City of Gold which lit up the night Caused hearts to look … Read more

Inside the Heavenly City

Heaven is real! The most wonderful things that you have never even dreamed of are already waiting for you in God’s great Heavenly City! I’ve not only read what the Bible says about it, but the Lord lifted me up in the Spirit and took me there to see it personally! The part of Heaven … Read more

Rulers of Tomorrow

On the right is an ACTUAL PICTURE OF THE RULERS OF TOMORROW! The central figure on the Throne and His officers will soon be governing not only your city, province, state or country–but the entire World! And all nations and peoples will recognise His authority and right to rule! FOR THIS MAN IS NO ORDINARY … Read more

Teachers of Tomorrow!

teaching in the future

The year is some time well into the 22nd Century! The entire Earth has been at peace ever since the 1990’s, when it was taken over by a great invasion from Outer Space!–An invasion that came just in time to save mankind from totally destroying themselves! All weapons of war have now been destroyed and … Read more

Heaven on Earth!

Heaven on Earth

DID YOU KNOW THAT GOD IS GOING TO BRING HEAVEN DOWN TO EARTH TO LIVE HERE WITH US, WE’RE NOT GOING TO GO UP TO HEAVEN TO LIVE WITH GOD? In fact, God’s great Heavenly City is such a real place that the Bible tells us all about its size, shape, colours and even the … Read more

Loving Other Worlds!

Loving other worlds

IT WASN’T UNTIL THE ADVENT OF WORLD WAR II THAT UNBELIEVING MODERN MAN BECAME AWARE THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE in this vast Universe! Many of the radar tracking stations that sprang up during the War reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or “flying saucers”. These mysterious vehicles were tracked travelling across our skies … Read more

Life in the 32rd. Century!

Life one thousand years in the future

MAN HAS ALWAYS DESIRED TO KNOW THE FUTURE, TO LOOK INTO TOMORROW! From the predictions of the astrologers, fortune-tellers and even the imaginative science fiction writers of yesterday, to the projections of the scientists and computer-aided experts of today, glimpses into the unknown Future have always aroused a great deal of interest and curiosity. BASED … Read more

Knowing the King

Meeting Jesus personally.

When the City of Gold came down from the stars, And settled upon the New Earth, The changes that came to this old World of ours, Were truly of infinite worth! The people of Love who fly like the birds Came out of the City to share, Salvation and joy and wonderful Words With men … Read more

New World Fliers!

People flying in the sky!

Flying through the sky, little Rosy and her mother are returning Home from an exciting trip they have made out onto the beautiful New Earth!–And though their journey took them thousands of miles around the world, long distances are no problem for these New-World travellers, for they can fly at any speed that they like!–Not … Read more

Her Healing Touch

Healed with a leaf from the Tree of Life!

Our story begins back in 1979 when Clair came home one day just bubbling with excitement! She told her brother, John, all about an experience she’d had that gave her more joy, love and peace inside than she’d ever known!–To his amazement, she told how she had met Jesus, by simply asking Him to come … Read more

Ruling in Kingdom Come

Ruling the world with Jesus Christ

When the Golden Age dawned upon the Earth, the people of the Space King from the new Space City Planet all found themselves thrust into very important positions of leadership and great responsibility! To help them in their new tasks they found that they were given great powers and gifts such as they had never … Read more

The Judges of Tomorrow

Judges of the world

THOUGH THEY WERE BOTH BORN IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, were raised in different cultures, learned and spoke different languages, because of the common Love they shared in their former lives, the beautiful couple at the top of this picture are now working together in perfect harmony in the World of the 22nd Century! FOR THEIR KING, … Read more

The Spirit of Love

The Spirit of Love of God

He knew the joys of Earth Would pass away & soon depart, For he’d tasted Heaven’s Love, The Saviour dwelt within his heart! Yet he stumbled down life’s road And seemed to wander aimlessly, Torn between the World & Christ, Who had beckoned, “Follow Me!” He wanted to obey, To heed the Shepherd’s call, But … Read more

The Rescue

Jesus rescues us!

THE CATASTROPHE THAT STRUCK SUZY’S QUIET LITTLE COUNTRY VILLAGE was something that neither she nor her fellow villagers were prepared for! The nearby legendary volcano had not erupted for generations, & though this region frequently experienced minor earth tremors, no one was expecting the killer-quake that utterly destroyed their village & took all but a … Read more

The Magic of Music

Pretty girl listening to music

Julie, the sweet girl in our picture, is discovering new and wonderful worlds of happiness that she never before dreamed existed!–For she had no idea that the music tapes that she recently bought from the two friendly strangers who came to her door would have such a dramatic and life-changing effect on her! As she … Read more

Helper from Heaven

WHAT AN EXCITING DAY THIS IS FOR MARY & JOHNNY!–Their parents have taken them out for a fun day in the countryside! After the two families have finished a delicious picnic together, Johnny asks his parents if he & Mary can go play in the nearby fields & meadows. “Yes, you may,” his father answers, … Read more

Your Best Friend

Jesus with children

DO YOU KNOW WHO THE KIND LOOKING MAN IN THIS PICTURE IS?–His name is Jesus, and He wants you to know that He loves you! WHEN HE CAME TO THIS WORLD ALMOST 2,000 YEARS AGO, He went around everywhere doing good!–Feeding people who were hungry, healing people who were sick, cheering and making happy those … Read more

The Incredible Journey

Couple dying and going to heaven

It had been a very special evening for both Roger and Judy. In the quiet little restaurant where they had dinner, they finally decided to get married. After several drinks and quite a few slow and romantic dances to celebrate the occasion, they realised that they’d lost track of the time and that the hour … Read more

The Princess’ Wedding

The Princess' wedding

THE FAIR YOUNG PRINCESS WAS VERY DEEPLY IN LOVE. Though she’d never even met her lover face to face, the loving and kind words He had written her from afar had won her heart and filled her life with song! She had already accepted His invitation to marriage, and in her heart she knew that … Read more

Man of Love

Jesus holding boy

Who is this Man of Love we see Who cheers the childrens’ hearts? So loving, kind and caring He, What peace this Man imparts! Although the Story of His birth Is told time and again, Do we know why He came to Earth, This Man from Bethlehem? And of His Cross we’ve oft’ been told … Read more

Crowns of Life

Jesus giving a crown

The year is sometime in the mid-1990’s, and this is the happiest day of May Ling’s life!–For at last she has come face-to-face with the One Whom she has loved and lived for during the past ten years! When May was a university student, she met a young man who told her about Jesus. May … Read more

A Heart Full of Heaven!

Heart full of Heaven

THE BEAUTIFUL, PEACEFUL, HAPPY WORLD SHOWN ON THIS PICTURE IS NOT JUST A DREAM OR SOMEONE’S IMAGINATION, BUT A PICTURE OF HOW THE ENTIRE EARTH WILL ACTUALLY BE when God’s great, crystal-gold, pyramid-shaped Heavenly Space City arrives! It’s on its way to Earth from Outer Space right now, when it lands, the Bible says its … Read more

Why Worry?

Why worry?

THE SIMPLE MESSAGE OF THIS PICTURE IS THAT GOD IS LOVE and HE LOVES YOU! He is your kind and loving Heavenly Father Who personally loves you, His Own dear child, and you are in His hands! He has made this beautiful World as a home for you to live in and enjoy, and He … Read more

Life in Paradise

Life in paradise

ROBERT and SUNNY ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A DELICIOUS PICNIC with two of their closest friends from the gigantic Golden City! Like all of the people who live inside of this great Golden Mountain, their friends, Peter and Angela, can fly! Here we see them flying down to meet Robert and Sunny, who are throwing … Read more

What Everybody Needs is Love!

The world needs love!

NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY YOU’RE FROM, what religion you believe in or what colour your skin is, your heart is the same as other people’s hearts all around the World!–There is no difference! Our desire and need for love and peace and happiness is made by God, and the same in everyone the World over! … Read more

Peace in the Midst of Storm

Peace in midst of storm

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A BIG STORM, A POWERFUL HURRICANE, EARTHQUAKE OR TYPHOON? Were you afraid or scared or worried? Well, most people are when caught in such storms because they never know if they’re going to get blown away or if the lightning is going to strike them or the wind will rip … Read more

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