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"...for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."
--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

7000 Years of World History I

Compiled from the teachings of David Brandt Berg


I. INTRODUCTION--A word to the wise!

A. The "Ministry of Truth".
B. The Bible: the plan and the Planner.
C. Reprobate Historians

A. The Facts.
B. Prevarications (lies!!)
C. Questions and Answers.
D. The Cradle of Civilization.
E. Ye Shall Be As Gods.
F. The War of the Worlds.
G. From Bungalows to Blobs.
H. The Grace of God and Gopher Wood.

A. From A to B (Ararat to Babel)
B. My Three Sons.

I. INTRODUCTION A word to the wise!


You can't trust the history books! Many who have gone down in history as heroes may really have been the villains of their day; and many of the so-called villains may really have been the heroes! Who knows? It all depends on what the "Ministry of Truth"--the victorious historians--decide to dictate! It all depends on which side is writing the history! So, who are you going to believe? Which history book? The only thing you can trust is the Bible!

B. THE BIBLE: The Plan and the Planner.

The Historians of the Old Testament have preserved a record which has left us breathless. The Bible is more full of drama and romance than any other book that I know of. It's got all kinds of stories, anything that you want to find, including the story of creation. The Bible openly confesses that there is a plan and a Planner, a design and a Designer, and that it is for the people, and that the ultimate goal is the good of the people and the abolition of evil and the evil leaders and the evil systems by the people. Although Marx claimed not to believe in God, he confessed to what he called the Principle of History. He confessed there was a driving force behind History, which showed there was a plan for Man. But if you confess that, you have to confess there is a Designer behind the design and a Planner behind the plan! This driving Force then must be an omnipotent Power, a God behind History, Who must have given a Plan and a goal to History, and man is being driven to his ultimate goal whether he likes it or not!


History really proves the existence of God--God's Laws of Retribution, the rise and fall of empires because of either righteousness or wickedness. This is one of the surest proofs there is of the existence of God and the rules, including fulfilled prophecy. So what did they have to do with history? They had to debunk History. I don't know whether you recall or not, but it hasn't been long since it was very very popular to say that George Washington was a crook, and Abraham Lincoln was some kind of a reprobate, debunking all the historical heroic characters. This is still a favourite occupation of the reprobate historians, to claim that it ain't necessarily so, that what we thought and heard all our lives (about what) these characters were really like, they weren't like that at all. "No more heroes: they were all villains!--Nobody was ever good, everybody's bad. There weren't any good or heroic men."--The diabolical subtleness of the fiendish devilish attacks on the proofs of the existence of God! It just makes me mad! It makes me furious! A revolutionary education today would be back-to-God education...back to a plan in History!



It takes an archaeologist who comes in and clears away the rubble (and) digs out the Bible from under all the trash and reveals it to you as it really is and really was. But it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of digging and clearing away the rubble of centuries; all the false teachings and examples and false systems, to uncover the basic foundations and the Real Plan. In this case I am your archaeologist.

The fact was that 6000 years ago the Lord created the heavens and the earth and man. In the beginning there was chaos, but God created light. He caused the dry land to appear, the plants to grow; and the sun and the moon and the stars, and the fish and the fowl-which incidentally, are related to each other--both were created the same day--and then the animals, and then man. I still believe in the good old fashioned six days of Creation. Days were days even then because the world just turns around once every 24 hours--"the morning and the evening," and you can work it out any way you want to--you'll have a hard time getting around six days of creation, because on the seventh day the Lord rested. He hallowed it and said nobody should work therein--to the Old Jews. And if He was talking about millions of years it would have meant that, "Now you Jews ought to work for 6 million years and rest on the seventh million!" Well, that is how ridiculous it would be if He was talking about millions of years, but He said "days", and He was talking about "days". So in six days the Lord made heaven and earth and the seventh day He rested from His labour, and therefore He hallowed the 7th day and made it holy and said thou shalt do no work therein. And I still believe incidentally that the Saturday is the Sabbath. I'm Jewish enough and Biblical scholar enough to know; and if you look at your calendar, you'll see that it is the last day, or seventh day of the week, right?


Anything that goes back beyond 6000 years ago, outside of God Himself--anybody that tries to tell you about what happened before that is a liar! And it's pure lies! Because that's it! When God created man He created him already civilized, full-grown, intelligent and taught him to wear clothes, and write, and everything else. You can believe it or not. We have all the indications of this in the Book of Genesis. He was not "prehistoric"! There is no such thing--let me shock you a little bit--there is no such thing as "pre" anything that is historic! We have the history of everything right in the Bible, and there wasn't anything before that except God!

Don't lower the Bible to the level of science and try to compromise the Bible with all the lies of Paleantology, so-called "Geology". Now the true science of Geology is one thing, by which they discover oil, water, minerals, and so on. This is proven science. But "Paleantology"--the so-called "Ages", and the "Stone Age" and the "Ice Age" and all this blah, blah, blah,-- is a bunch of baloney! All pure lies and fabrications! "Oh, but do you mean to tell me that all that I studied in school was untrue?--I had a whole course once in Paleantology--and all those ages that I memorized,--was that all pure theory?--pure imagination!?--pure lies?" Absolutely! (see "The Big Lie" by David Brandt Berg).


"But how do we know God made the world?--Why does there have to be a God at all?" To this I (give)...the classic illustration of Dr. Robert A. Millikan and the watch: The great nuclear physicist or scientist who believed in God, because he said: "Just as behind this watch there had to be a watchmaker, so behind the intricate precision and timing of this Great Universe there had to be a great creator or Designer!"

"So, if there is a God, where did He come from?--Who made Him, and when and where and how long has He been in existence?" If you knew the answer to that question, then you'd be God, wouldn't you?--And you'd know as much as God knows, which you don't need to know. God simply says that He has always been: He is the "Great I Am", Who lives in the Eternal Now, where there is no past nor future and "time shall be no more", as Einstein proved. We must accept the very existence of God, even though we don't know where He came from or who made Him, if anyone, or how He got here or where He came from. We simply know He does exist and He is here, ever-present, all knowing and all-powerful: omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent!

"(But) couldn't God have created the world by the process of evolution?" Well, if God is God and if He is Creator and could make the Universe, why did He have to make it by the process of evolution? Why couldn't He have made it in six days just like the Bible says?

"Well, don't you believe all those big animals like dinosaurs existed?" People are taught that evolution is based on some of these discoveries of archaeology regarding the "prehistoric" monsters, and they're taught to believe that amongst these actual remains of actual "prehistoric" creatures there have been discovered the remains of "prehistoric" ape-like-man-the missing links--which is not true! The "prehistoric" monsters did exist, and you'll even find records of them in the Bible in the "Behemoth" and "Leviathan", the mastodon and dinosaurs of Job 40 and 41. And you'll also find here the ancient fire breathing dragons of historic legends--such as the story of Saint George and the Dragon--which have actual basis in historic fact, although later accounts have been somewhat embellished by man, with considerable fiction. These things did exist.

"Well, why aren't they here now then?" Because they became extinct like many other creatures and species are becoming extinct even today. "The meek shall inherit the earth."--Little, weak, tiny vulnerable man with his brains and the blessing of God conquered the earth! His design and creation of man was the best and most workable plan and creation, and despite all of the obstacles and "prehistoric" monsters, man has survived with the blessing of God and equipment God has given him. The weakest and meekest have inherited the earth, which is exactly the same thing that is going to happen in the end when the most bestial and monstrous of all man's governments is virtually going to destroy itself by its own size, weight, cumbersomeness and stupidity, and the seemingly weakest of all groups on earth, the pitiful little bands of persecuted Christians and believers and Children of God are going to inherit the earth and the Kingdom of God on earth and run and govern it by love and the power of God!


I am inclined to believe that the Garden of Eden was right down at the conjunction of the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers (Genesis 2:13,14)--the Tigris was called the Hiddekel. This area was the famous Fertile Crescent which you study about in secular history. The Fertile Crescent stretched from the Persian Gulf at Ur, where Abraham was born, up the Euphrates Valley and down to Canaan, which is today called Israel on the Mediterranean Sea, and on into Egypt. This was called the Fertile Crescent, the Cradle of Civilization, the Cradle of Man. The most ancient places having to do with man are still being discovered in this area, because this is where man began. So, science and the other artifacts of Archaeology merely confirm the Bible, they do not disprove it, but are proving it more and more every day. They used to say there was no place called Ur, but today they have the whole city uncovered, the birth place of Abraham.


God put Adam and Eve in the Garden. He put them there and gave them a choice to do good or evil. It was almost like a great experiment that God was conducting, to show the rest of the Universe what happens when anyone is allowed to have their own way and go without God, and this was the beginning of "going without God".

Adam was like God!--He had the majesty of choice, he could do good or evil, and he was similar to God in his thinking and in the emotions and in his personality. Adam resembled God, and this was the thing which God did in order to make man to resemble Himself and be very like Himself in many ways, in His image and His likeness. But man has not quite as much freedom by any means as the spirits.

When Adam was alone in the Garden after God made him and all the animals, God brought each of the animals to him to see what he would name them! "Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field." But Adam must have been pretty desperate for a mate by the time he got through spending weeks or months examining and naming all of the animals and trying to choose a helpmeet and not finding one amongst them! So by that time he was ripe and ready for Eve, and when he woke up and saw her there, after being put under God's anesthesia in order to create her, out of his side near his heart, he must have just about flipped! So he said, "She shall be called woman." It meant she was taken out of man, according to the literal translation of the original language.

Their only home was a lovely garden, their only beds the nice soft grass, their only shelter the lovely trees, their only clothing their lovely long hair and their only food the fruit from the trees ready-made and ready to eat without cooking or dishes to wash! ... That must have been a beautiful sight as the two first children of God played like fairies in a fairyland of the wonderful Garden of Eden. What a wonderful world it was in that first small colony before the Devil's children began building blobs! For they did have one sneaky snake in that Garden who kept sneaking around trying to persuade them to try the Tree of the knowledge of how to become gods and build the first blob!

The two most beautiful people ever created in the most beautiful place ever made, living in the most ideal conditions that ever existed were still not satisfied nor completely happy without heavenly hearts!--Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Fall of man! So it wasn't long, sad to say, before they left their happy Garden paradise of God's first and smallest colony to begin the hard work of their first Blob-building, having to make clothes, build houses, and labouriously till the ground for food. But God gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat. And it's a lie that Adam and Eve were closer to God when they were living in the Garden!--They were not driven from the presence of the Lord--they were driven into the presence of God to know Him in a way they'd never known Him before! They were driven out of the Garden into a position where they had to get closer to the Lord to survive and to be saved!


The first murder was committed by a religionist of the do-it-yourself kind when Cain killed Able--a man who was trusting in God--the beginning of the persecution of the True Church by the False Church. Cain was religious, very religious, and he was trying very hard to save himself in his own way, even sacrificing to God and claiming to worship God, and doing his best to ask God to help him earn his own salvation--but his best wasn't good enough! His way was not God's way! It was the way of all false religions. They are all dependent upon self-righteousness and their own way!

On the other hand, Abel just did what God told him to do, "and offered unto God more excellent sacrifice than Cain", the sacrifice of pure faith in the Word of God--the blood sacrifice of a lamb, typifying Salvation only through the blood of Christ, showing that he was trusting God alone to do it and that only the righteousness of God could save him. He knew he had only God's righteousness and none of his own and it was purely a gift of God.

This made such a fool out of the hard-working Cain, the self-made man and devout religionist devoted to his own form of worship, and so totally exposed the futility of it all, that he was furious at this exposure of his sincere hypocrisy. It so blew his whole thing after all his hard work, the labours of the flesh, his legalistic reasoning, his demands for Salvation for all he was doing and his insistence on earning his own thing, that he tried to wipe out the awful truth of the failure of his religion to save him, by killing the man whose simple faith in God's Grace had exposed him!

Thus began The Battle Royal between pride and humility, between the damned religionist and the saved sinners, the perpetual warfare that has been waged ever since between the False Church and the True Church, the Whore and the Bride, Carnal Babylon and Spiritual Jerusalem, the Flesh and the Spirit, Works and Faith, Law and Grace, Self and God.


Life went rather slow and easy and nobody was in much of a hurry and they had lots of time to relax, ate good natural healthful food the way God made it, and had lots of good normal healthy exercise working and walking and riding and trading and playing together. They breathed nice clean fresh air and drank nice clean pure water, and got lots of nice quiet restful sleep at night and lived in comfy warm little tents, cabins, huts or houses with little fires and the few things they needed and the few clothes they wore. God taught them to love one another and to help each other and be happy with their healthy little lives and the very few things that they really needed. But the Devil, God's and Man's enemy, was not happy about all this because he likes to makes people unhappy and sad and mad--so he began causing all kinds of trouble!

They began to learn music and arts and crafts and so on, but they began to learn much wickedness also. They began to build cities. As Toynbee the Historian said, "Cities are man's festering sores on the body politic! The curse of 'civilization' is its cities!" Man was civilized to begin with, he only got uncivilized as sin went on.

As their family grew they kept building bigger houses and bunching them together in even bigger blobs called cities. The first guy to get the blame for the first city blob was Enoch, not the one who walked with God, but the son of Cain. Enoch married his sister as he left the Lord and went to live in the land of Nod, the Land of the first sleepy systemites who got doped up on the doctrine of blob-building and all its attendant wickedness and crowded confusion and pollution and insanity! They began fighting amongst themselves, robbing each other and even killing each other in order to build bigger Blobs.

Blobs are the very basis of the whole accursed World city system, the concentrated commercial whore of Babylonic confusion!--Millions of people bunched up in big-blob cities living off the poor of the land while producing very little that's truly constructive themselves.

The things that man has built are pure death! There's nothing alive about them. They are death and dead to begin with and can only continue to die unless man keeps patching them up. Eventually they get past the point of repair to where he can't even patch it up anymore. It totally rots and wears away and collapses, as you can see by all the big buildings of the past glorious history of past civilizations. Where are they today?


And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart.

The built themselves idols and had terrible (forms of) worship. In fact they even sacrificed little babies to this horrible heathen god Moloch and cast them into the fire in his belly. And so God was sorry that He had even made Man. But He found one just man upon the earth, and who was that? Noah! But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. And God said unto Noah, "The end of all flesh is come before me; for the face of the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Make thee an ark of gopher wood..."

And so He told Noah that He was going to send a big flood and wash off the whole face of the earth. "I just want to save you and your family. You and your wife and your three sons and their wives." So He told Noah exactly how to build a boat; and he built it exactly according to the same dimensions that they build big ocean liners today. This one was about three blocks long, and about a half a block wide and about five or seven stories high, according to the dimensions given in the Bible: Enough room to house a lot of animals that God told Noah to put in the ark to spare them, while they had a big flood. Noah and his family alone being saved by the Grace of God in the Ark, a type of Christ, and the very waters which destroyed the working world delivered the trusting believers!

The wicked were to be judged in a way, I'm sure, they had never planned or never expected by the wildest stretch of their imaginations, because how could they imagine such a thing as a worldwide flood when it had never even rained before? How could they imagine rain and a flood and a boat...? But Noah and his family refused to conform to the patterns of society of his day and expected it to rain for the first time in history to destroy it, and built for themselves the only possible way of escape.

Noah preached the same thing (that we do). "Forsake everything. Come into the ark and God will protect and supply for us." And they probably said, "You fool, it never has rained. You can't get along without this world." He invited them to repent. They could have gone along with him. His whole message was to drop out, live full-time for God, and He'll take care of you--and he lived it.

Do you think Noah suffered any persecution? Why? Because he was living different, working on the ark instead of in the system. They were probably getting a lot of persecution from all that wicked world. I'm sure they were. It must have been difficult to even build the boat and to think they were obeying what God said to do, but they did it. And so, under the pressure of the impending judgments of God, Noah got busy and did what he could do and his sons could do, and their helpers could do, their families could do, and they built the boat and got ready for God!

Noah...preached 120 years without results and didn't find his calling until he was 600 years old. After 600 years, Noah's mission had arrived--his day had come. And his obedience saved the human race and all living things. The anointing was upon him for that one great hour--and he didn't fail!



And the flood wiped away all the wicked people that were left upon the earth; they were annihilated and God cleansed the face of the earth with the flood. And then finally the waters began to abate and the Ark landed on top of Mt. Ararat which still stands today, by the way.

(Note: Did you know that the remains of the Ark have been discovered on the top of Mt. Ararat? Many expeditionary parties have gone up there, and even have taken photographs. The ancients used to write that the remains of the Ark were still on top of Mt. Ararat, and the natives of the area used to go up there and hack off pieces of wood for charms--they thought it was something lucky. Recently, the Smith Expedition, from the U.S.A. wanted to go up there, and the Russians objected to the Turkish State Department, and so Turkey had to forbid them from going. They said they were just going up to spy on the Russians. It's right on the Russian Border, and they could have had a good bird's-eye-view of Russia and any military activity in Russia, from the top of Mt. Ararat. It's one of the highest mountains in the Near East, one of the highest mountains in Asia, about 18,000 feet high.)

And so they landed after a year and ten days on the Ark, and I bet they were glad to get their feet on dry ground. I guess that was the longest voyage any body ever had, a year and ten days in that Ark. The first thing that Noah did was what? He remembered to give thanks and he sacrificed, and built an altar to the Lord and what did God do in return? He put the rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise, that He would never let the whole world be covered by a flood of water again. (Now, the world will not be wiped out by water anymore. What is it going to be wiped out by next time? Fire! Next time it will be a flood of fire by which He purifies the world.) 2Pe.3:7.

Noah began to be a husbandman and grew a vineyard of grapes, and Noah made wine and he got drunk. As a result of this one of his sons sinned very terribly against him, and as a result of this ... Canaan [was] cursed before the Lord. Ham and [some of his] descendants went down into Egypt and Africa, and they are the Africans of today. And in the City of Zeldah (Nachdjevan) Noah was buried in a great big long tomb over 100 feet long. That does not mean Noah was 100 feet long, but they just built a big beautiful tomb there. It's been there a long, long time, probably one of the oldest tombs in the world.

So we continue the story of the beginning of things--the Book of Beginning--the Book of Genesis--the first book in the Bible: The flood occurred about when?--1656 years after creation. The creation of man occurred when? About 4000 years before Christ. The flood occurred about 2500 years before Christ. And, incidentally, the Bible is not the only book that tells the story about the flood: Many ancient histories of various ancient civilizations, all of them, have a flood story, and these records have been uncovered in various archaeological discoveries. So there was a flood and scientists are pretty well convinced of that now, because of the geological formations that we still find today--sea-shells on the tops of mountains, and we find layers of mud that covered over ancient civilizations that were before the flood. Immediately after the flood men's lives were shortened to almost one-tenth of what they were before the flood. Since the flood, sun is just not good for you. At the time of man's wickedness the Lord caused the waters which were above the firmament to somehow disappear or fall down and flood the earth, and we no longer have that protection. The cosmic rays, which science has proven cause aging, are what really kill you and finally, along with your sins, bring on death. It was because of the sins of man that the Lord removed the firmament. The sun is the main contributor of these cosmic rays.

Evidently after the flood, the people, the descendants from Noah, drifted down the Euphrates Valley and the next time that we find them they are down at Babel, where they built a great tower. It wasn't even called Babel then because it was as a result of that tower that they called it Babel, so here at this spot where later Ancient Babylon was also built; these people, the descendants of Noah, had gotten so numerous, and so many of them, that they decided, "Well, we're going to make ourselves a great name." Three hundred years after the flood, Noah's tremendous family designed and started to build a very great tower whose top was going to reach, they said, unto heaven, to make themselves a name and to brag about how great they were. In other words, in pride they were building this tower, that they had made themselves great, instead of thanking God for what they were, that they were a great people of one common language. They began to brag among themselves, "Ah, we don't need God and we're going to build a tower up to God. So, God confused their language, and their people, being unable to understand each other, had to abandon their tower project and the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

When the Family had become so large about the time of Babel and had become so strong and so united--which was apparently what God was doing for their preservation--the mistake that they made was not their united front, it wasn't their total organization and their being together. Their sin was not that they spoke the same language, and that they traveled together, and built cities together, and became a mighty nation, a mighty people together. That wasn't their sin. Their sin was what? That they forgot to give God the credit for it. And the minute they said, "Now we're going to make a name for ourselves. Look how big we are, how mighty we are and how powerful." And they forgot to give God the credit. They failed to give Him the glory and God came down and smote them, and scattered them and made them a total wreck. As the great Historian Toynbee said, "The only thing we ever learn from history is that we never learn from history! "We've been suffering from this babbling of many voices ever since.


So Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Shem was not the oldest, Shem was the chosen line, the chosen seed, the Messianic line. Some say they were triplets--that they were all born at the same time. Well, this is possible, but God usually put first the one He had chosen to carry the Messianic line. Shem, Ham, and Japheth, therefore populated the whole known world of today.

Japheth, the oldest son, went northward and over into Europe. Japheth therefore was the father of the Europeans because Noah's sons were the only people living after the flood, so therefore, the descendants of Noah and his sons are the forefathers of us all. Japheth was the forefather of the tribes that went northward into Europe. Ham's tribe went southward into Africa, and Shem's tribe went eastward into Asia. Now which son of Noah did you descend from? If you are European you are a son of Japheth. If you are partly Oriental, or Jewish, or Arabian, or Syrian, or Chinese, or Japanese, you are descendants of Shem, or Indian, or if you are American Indian, you're a son of Shem. There was a little mixture of Ham amongst some, especially the Canaanites, and Indians of India; accounting for their dark-skinned colour, but generally speaking, the Shemites predominated Asia.

Ham was the earliest builder, and his posterity has left us the most colossal ruins. What does the word "ham" mean? In Egyptian the word "ham" means "black", "dark", "very dark." Ham and his dark-skinned descendants went down into Egypt and peopled Africa. The Bible speaks many times about Egypt--the land of Ham.

Civilization did not cover a very great area compared to the world today, but it took in virtually all of the areas inhabited by early civilized people. Population had not yet spread very far, as you know--having originated in the Fertile Crescent, The Garden of Eden, somewhere in the Euphrates-Tigris Valley and resumed there after the flood and through the time of Babel. "Civilized" man...spread into Egypt, through [some of ] the sons of Ham ... who went down to Egypt. You've got all this in the Bible, you don't have to look in a history book. The history of Egypt is a fascinating story which we will discuss in Part II of this class.(Continue on to Part II of 7000 years of World History)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

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Topic: 7000 Years of World History Part 1
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solitr online (oha, US) says...
The civilization did not cover an area too large for today's world, but it occupied most of the area inhabited by the early civilians.
16th March 2021 1:15pm
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fireboy and watergirl (Revere, UK) says...
I like all the info you give on the anti-christ and such but when it came to the flat earth believers you came against some believers in Christ and lowered them to a standard in which you do not believe in. In researching all the hidden mysteries in the bible I am one. Don't discredit ones who research.
There is nothing about Flat Earth on this website. Are you sure you are talking to me?

The Bible doesn't have hidden mysteries. They are all plain to those who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and are revealed to the Bible by the Holy Spirit, not some  preacher.
5th May 2020 3:25pm
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Henry Busienei (Nairobi, Kenya) says...
I like these great writings. I wish they are preserved for ages to come Elohim willing.
18th February 2018 2:19am
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