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Bible Topics: Sensitivity

Definition: In this context, sensitivity means the tendency to be quick to take offense or be offended; touchiness; hurt feelings. (Sensitivity also has a good meaning, that of being sensitive, or attuned to, the needs and feelings of others.)

1. Sensitivity is a symptom of pride; we're hurt and our ego is deflated when others point out our mistakes.

2. Sensitivity shows we're not really holding onto the Lord and His Word.

3. Sensitivity takes things personally, and ends up believing the Devil's lies and becoming discouraged.

4. People who are easily offended are not very strong and pretty unspiritual.

5. Sensitivity makes it difficult to receive counsel, thus hindering training and spiritual growth.

6. Sensitivity hinders honest, open communications, undermining our relations with others.

7. Persistent sensitivity results in losing our usefulness.

8. As good soldiers in the Lord's army, we need to learn how to "take it."

9. The Lord can help us overcome sensitivity if we are determined to change.

10. We all need to safeguard one another and "be our brother's keeper."

11. The more we fight sensitivity, the less sensitive we will become.

12. Pray for the right kind of sensitivity: sensitivity to the Lord's Spirit and the needs of others.

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Comments (9)

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Vanessa says...
thank you for the article and deep truths of God. Do you have gcash number sir? In the Philippines that's more convenient to send some cash gift. Praying for your family and the ministry God entrusted to you.
Thank you! I sent you an email.
29th September 2023 11:46am
Iris (US) says...
I agree to a certain point.I am a very sensitive person, I cry for everything. It is true that when we are sensitive sometimes our pride and ego make us feel offended when we hear things that doesn't please our ears and it is definitely a sin (Everytime I found myself in this situation I pray my Lord to help me and I have seen changes in myself) The only thing I struggle is that I can help but cry when I hear people in certain difficult situations, I cry when I see elders going thru hard ... Read More
Dear Iris, thank you for sharing your heart! I am honored.

To feel emphathy for others is not wrong. I don't think it's possible to cry too much! The prophet Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet!

The main point of the article is not to become angry or bitter when we are corrected, but to thank the Lord for it as part of our training. Of course we may feel some hurt, and especially when correction comes from someone close to us, but when we realize that we are sinners saved by the grace of God only because of what Jesus has done for us, it's easier for us to take correction. It's especially people who think they are always right as the ones who have trouble taking correction. The Book of Proverbs has helped me a lot along these lines. Did you know that the word, "correction" is found more in the Book of Proverbs than in any  other book in the Bible? Five times in all! In most books of the Bible none at all, and in the Book of Jeremiah 3 times but always referring to Israel's rejection of God's correction.

I hope and pray this encourages you.


25th April 2023 11:46am
Lucy (Cardiff, UK) says...
MadI see a lot of error in this teaching
Many prophetic beautiful Christians are ‘sensitive’ to both physical ,emotional & spirirtual stimuli
They get misunderstood as being in sin/behaving badly when they are more likely to have been overwhelmed or even traumatised by something
This type of hypersensitivity needs loving cate not ‘correction’ & for that reason this article I found very concerning & increases risk of person being misjudged & traumatised
31st July 2022 7:08am
Jackie Dufield (Henderson, US) says...
Lucy, I agree with your comment.
I don't understand why you and Lucy would see a lot of error in this article. Do you see error in the Word of God? This is a Bible class! It's meant to HELP people who have a tendency to be quick to take offense or be offended when corrected. The Bible has LOADS of admonition in the Book of Proverbs that we are SUPPOSED to listen to correction from others and not take offense. I don't think either of you have been corrected as much as I have for my faults and mistakes. I learned from them. And I especially learned that I am my own worse enemy and must take responsibility for my actions and not blame anybody but myself for anything I do wrong.

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. - Psalms 119:165

27th January 2023 4:01am
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