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Forbidden Planet!

--A Movie with a Meaning! Watch Your Thoughts!

By David Brandt Berg, Jan. 27, 1981
Scene from Forbidden Planet
Scene from Forbidden Planet

WE'VE JUST BEEN WATCHING A VERY INTERESTING FILM, "FORBIDDEN PLANET!", one of the early sci-fi films and one that I consider a virtual sci-fi masterpiece, with more significant meaning than almost any sci-fi made.

THE PICTURE BEGINS WITH THIS SPACE SHIP OF AMERICANS TRAVELLING THROUGH SPACE, and it runs across this strange planet from which I think they had been getting some rather odd signals, where 20 years earlier one of their own space ships had crashed and supposedly everybody got killed or disappeared or something.

SO THEY LAND ON THE PLANET and DISCOVER A VERY BEAUTIFUL PALATIAL VILLA WHERE THIS MAD SCIENTIST and his beautiful daughter live. They have a gorgeous garden with all kinds of wild beasts running around tame.

THE RACE OF VERY INTELLIGENT BEINGS WHO HAD ORIGINALLY LIVED THERE had somehow or another died or gotten killed off, but all this machinery was still running. The most amazing machine of all was the thought machine, and they could create things by just more-or-less wishing them! But they went a little too far, because soon the machine even began to recreate the thoughts and intents of their hearts and their own evil spirits!

GOD'S WORD TEACHES THAT IF YOU FEAR A FEAR, IT WILL COME UPON YOU! ( Job 3:25 ) And in a way, spiritually-speaking, those things can happen! Some people take drugs or something and they slip over the border into the spirit world where this life is no longer the reality, but the reality is really there and that's the reality! Some of them go crazy with schizophrenia or demon-possession and whatnot, and the demons and their nightmares and everything become real to them.

FIRST OF ALL IT JUST STARTS IN THE IMAGINATION OF THEIR EVIL HEART and MIND, but pretty soon they slip over the border into that spirit world in their own mind and it all becomes very real and those things become monsters and horrors and nightmares and all kinds of demonic creatures etc., because they don't have Jesus and His protection.

THE LORD SAYS YOU SHOULDN'T THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS AT ALL! "Whatsoever things are good and pure" and so on, "think on these things." ( Ph.4:8 ) So you shouldn't think about evil beasts and monsters and demons and things like that. Whenever things like that come to your mind, plead the protection of Christ right away and say, "I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' name! Get thee behind me, Satan! Jesus, help me not to think these thoughts!"

TRY TO PUSH THE DEVIL OUT WITH THE LORD'S HELP, and YOU WILL IF YOU ASK THE LORD TO HELP YOU. If you resist the Devil and resist these evil thoughts, they'll flee from you! ( Ja.4:7 ) Jesus said, "All power is given unto Me in Heaven and in Earth!" ( Mt.28:18 ) So if you have Jesus, you've got all that power! All the devils of Hell, including Satan himself, are subject to your power because you have the power of Christ!--So sock it to him with the Word of God and he'll turn tail and run! TYJ!

SO IN THIS PICTURE, THE WHOLE IDEA IS A CONCEPT OF SCIENCE TO THE POINT THAT THEY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RECREATE ACTUAL IMAGES OF THE THOUGHTS OF MAN, which was all very nice at the beginning when they were creating lovely meals and pet tigers and all that sort of thing.

BUT SOMEHOW THINGS WERE GETTING OUT OF CONTROL! Because of the scientist's evil heart, he was becoming jealous of his daughter's love for the space captain, and his jealous spirit was creating monsters like this angry tiger which tried to jump on his daughter and kill her! At first the things he created out of his mind were good and everything was fine and beneficial, just like science today can create a lot of good things which we enjoy, right?

THIS WAS THE PROBLEM THAT FIRST ENTERED INTO THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Here was the Tree of Knowledge--education!--The knowledge of good--but also of evil. And now science is sitting at the foot of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and plucking off its fruits, but the trouble is that some of it's good and some of it's bad!

SO THIS WAS A MOVIE WITH A MEANING about how science had learned how to recreate the thoughts of your own mind and cause them to materialise. But they began to create evil images and monsters and demons and this big one in particular that was going around causing destruction, killing people, and finally almost killed the professor himself. And it seemed to hint that the higher civilisation that had existed on the planet before had done the same thing, and had used these monsters at first to protect them from other invaders and so on, but finally they turned on them and wiped'm all out!

SO THE MORAL IS THAT THE EVIL IMAGINATIONS OF EVIL MINDS CAN BE RECREATED BY SCIENCE and HAVE BEEN TODAY.--And what is one of the most evil ones that they've created? What's about the worst thing that they've ever created?--The atomic bomb! They have now created bombs that are many times as powerful as those that wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki and could wipe out whole countries!--Horror bombs!

SO THAT NOW SCIENCE, LIKE THE SCIENTIST ON THAT PLANET, HAS CREATED A MONSTER THAT LOOKS LIKE IT'S ABOUT TO DESTROY THEM--THE ATOMIC BOMB!--The atomic monster that has come out of the evil imaginations of their evil minds by the power of the Devil, really spiritual power. I'm sure the Devil helped them to invent the atomic bomb!--But the Lord allowed it, because that's what the Super Powers deserve!

AMERICA PARTICULARLY DESERVES TO BE DESTROYED BECAUSE IT HAS DESTROYED THE EARTH.--It has polluted the Earth, it has cruelly destroyed peoples and nations and cruelly mistreated them and allowed them to be cruelly mistreated, like the Palestinians, the Vietnamese, the Koreans, the poor Japanese and all kinds of people.

SO THAT THESE HORRIBLE MONSTERS THAT THE MINDS OF AMERICANS LITERALLY CREATED, THESE ATOMIC BOMBS, ARE ONE OF THESE DAYS GONNA COME RAINING DOWN ON THEM! Because the Lord says, "Whatsoever things ye sow, that shall ye also reap!" ( Ga.6:7 ) America's sowed atomic bombs and death and destruction from the skies, all these horrible seeds of death.--And soon they're gonna reap'm!

YOU CAN'T CREATE SUCH EVIL JUST TO USE AGAINST YOUR ENEMIES, because the sower is the one that has to be the reaper! And they are going to reap what they have sown! They have sowed the wind and they're gonna reap the whirlwind, probably many times over till that nation is virtually wiped out! ( Ho.8:7 )

THE 18TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION SAYS, "IN ONE HOUR IS SO GREAT RICHES PERISHED FROM THE EARTH and GREAT BABYLON DESTROYED!" And if there was ever a country that typifies Babylon, it's America, a great, evil, wicked, violent country. They worship violence, material things, money and war!--They worship nearly everything that's evil, and they are creators of evil!

SO WATCH OUT FOR THE EVIL IMAGINATIONS OF YOUR HEART, LEST THEY BECOME REALITIES THAT CAN DESTROY YOU! This is why we all need the Lord and we all have the Holy Spirit in our hearts, and of course this can't happen to us because we have Jesus! Amen?

LET'S BE SURE WE KEEP OUR MINDS ON THE LORD and ON HIS WORD so we won't think or dream about monsters or hate or evil or anything bad!--Amen? GBY! PTL! "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!" ( Pro.23:7 ) What are YOU?

Copyright © 1998 by The Family International

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