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--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

David's Pointers for Health

By David Brandt Berg, written April 1975
David Berg
David Berg


God has given us good bodies and we ought to take care of them! It's a shame to abuse them, but we do abuse them a lot of times with a lot of harmful stuff and by behaving in a way that's not good for us.

You need to maintain healthy habits: A good diet eating the right kind of foods, be sure you get plenty of rest, and then of course get lots of good exercise, which most of you probably get because you've got lots of work to do. Always try to get out some each day in the fresh air and sunshine. And then, live right. In other words, keep at peace with the Lord and obey His natural and spiritual laws.

Peace of mind is a great asset to health.--Worry is a killer! So really, only people who know and trust the Lord can really be in good health because they're the only people who don't have to worry.

When you've lived as long as I have you're bound to have accumulated a little information on health, especially if you're very interested in it. So, although I don't know everything, I have learned quite a lot of things and the following are some of them. The main thing to remember is to obey God's natural laws and maintain a right relation with Him and you'll stay a lot healthier than if you go around disregarding and disobeying them.

Section one--a good diet

Nibbling is one of the hardest things on your stomach because your stomach sort of waits until you've eaten your meal and satisfied your hunger, then it starts pouring out the juices to try to digest the food and starts working on it. Then after it's gotten it about half digested or more, all of a sudden you start dumping more food into it that's at a different state or stage entirely.

It has to start digesting all over on that new food and leaves the other half undigested, which very easily results in indigestion and a stomach ache. This is particularly true in the case of milk, and especially for babies.

When you eat, eat to your satisfaction, then don't touch anything else and let your poor stomach go to work digesting it. Just the idea of looking at more food sometimes will turn your stomach because it's already full.--So just the idea of sticking a bottle in a baby's mouth can suddenly turn his stomach, upset it and give him a real pain and make his tummy go into a contortion. It's much better to wait until later and give plenty of time for it to digest.

A normal healthy stomach takes about two full hours to digest a meal. A baby on bottles has a very difficult time and may take even longer. The slightest thing to upset their tummy or disposition isn't going to help, especially if they're trying to digest cow's milk, which is a hard thing for them anyhow.

ll the health food experts recommend certain foods that CAN be eaten together and certain foods which must NEVER be eaten together.

You should never eat a nice big dinner, then drink milk on top of it. The milk is easier for your tummy to digest so it digests that first and lets the rest sit there till next time, which means within half an hour or so it begins to ferment and cause gas, which gives you griping and sometimes makes your bowels a little loose. What happens is your tummy tries to get rid of that food because it doesn't need it.

Milk and any acid food are bitter enemies!--Including tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits, fish etc. So to feed a poor baby a bottle of milk on top of his applesauce or citrus fruit is about the worst thing you can do to his digestion.

It's very important that you give a child meat as soon as he will take it and likes it. You have to go a lot on what a baby likes and will take because every child is different and has different tastes. Your body knows what it needs.

God put within your body little sensors to want and enjoy things you need and to reject things you shouldn't have or don't need. So as soon as a baby is able to take a little meat you should try to liquefy it or chop it very finely and give it to him.

You should always try to allow at least two or three hours after fruit before you give a baby milk! Otherwise, that acid fruit just curds the milk right away in even bigger curds that are even harder to digest and give the baby a tummy ache, griping and indigestion.

The vegetarians claim that they can get along just fine without any meat, but most of the vegetarians I ever saw have almost a pasty pale look and they just haven't got the same umph that the real meat-eaters have, believe it or not.

I don't know any great athlete who was ever just a pure vegetarian because meats contain amino acids which the body seems to desperately need since the Flood, and God gave them, so we're supposed to eat them.--Gen.9:3. These vegetarians who claim they don't need meat and they think it's terrible to kill animals and eat meat, blah, blah, well, they're cutting their own throats or their own chances of being strong.

Yoghurt is good for some people because it's already digested, and that's fine for you guys that can stomach yoghurt. But if it has a bad effect on you and you just don't like it and it turns your stomach, then it's not going to do you much good. I mean, you have to like it.

Your emotions are one of the most disastrous things to digestion! If you get upset emotionally, anywhere from getting angry to getting sexually excited, it is just absolute death to your digestion. It almost immediately stops your stomach completely right in its tracks and it stops doing anything.

Your food just sits there until you get over your emotional strain, and then it resumes work again, and by that time the food is probably fermented and already giving you a stomach ache and indigestion. Did you ever get emotionally upset and get a stomach ache? Well, that's what caused it!

Nutrition is how much you absorb, not how much you stuff your belly with. You can stuff your stomach with all kinds of garbage and you still won't necessarily actually assimilate enough of it to do you any good.--Especially if it's a damnable mixture that you can't even digest.

God has built into the body a desire for the things you need. If you haven't already perverted it by the wrong kind of things and the wrong kind of an appetite, you will hunger for the kind of foods you need.

Remember, how you digest depends a great deal on your emotions, and how happy you are and how much you like a thing. If you just have to stuff it down and cram it down because it's supposed to be good for you, it's not going to do you all that much good. But if you eat it because you like it and you enjoy it and it's tasty and you really feel like it's good, then to you it's good, and it'll probably BE good for you.

Don't go by what these God-damned American doctors recommend and who are stuffing those little American pigs who are used to eating so damned much that they're absolute swine! They're getting ready to be the overgrown pigs their parents are.

If you stuff a baby so full of food that its little weak stomach can't digest it all and it keeps burping it up and burping it up and it keeps running out his mouth, 'cause you've got him so damn full, then it's not going to do him all that much good.

It's better to digest a little properly and assimilate it all than to stuff them so full that they can't digest it and assimilate very little. So, don't go by these damnable typical Western and American ideas that you gotta stuff your belly full of slop in order to survive.

It's best to eat the same types of food together, like vegetable or fruit or something, and wait till that digests well before you eat any more. That way you can eat more often because what you eat you digest quickly, easily and assimilate it all well. You can eat again sooner than you would normally after a huge great big gut-stuffing dinner like most Americans eat.

When you're sick and you don't feel very good, do you feel like sitting down to dinner and stuffing your guts with a huge big meal? God made you so you don't want to eat, so you'll give your stomach and your body a rest. You don't need so much food. Maybe you need to rest more than you need to eat, or just one thing or another appeals to you.

So it's not the amount of food that goes into the baby's tummy that counts, it's how well he digests what he gets and how much of it he assimilates or actually uses.

They've found mountain people that regularly live to be over a hundred and they don't eat very much, but they work hard all day long. They eat good wholesome natural foods just the way they come out of the ground, not a lot of doctored pre-fab breakfast cereal and stupid idiotic junk like that.

People eat all that artificial junk with all that artificial colouring, artificial this, artificial that, artificial flavouring, and by the time they're done they wonder if they ate anything that was real at all!

Thereas the poor simple ignorant little peasants out there in the middle of the rice paddies or the nomad in the middle of the desert, they don't have anything else to eat but natural foods!--And very little of it at that. They don't overstuff themselves and die of overeating.

They don't stuff themselves with a lot of false prefabbed artificial this and that full of bleaches and preservatives and poisons, but they eat God's natural food just the way it's grown. They get more real food value and vitamins and minerals and whatnot out of the little bit they eat than the big bunch of garbage and slop that we eat and stuff our bellies full of and that we don't get much value out of. That's the truth!

Of course, most people cook all the food value out of the food anyhow before it ever hits the table. All the vitamins are gone down the sink when they pour the water off the carrots or the beans or the cauliflower or whatever. The vitamins are gone, you cooked them away. You cooked the food to death.

You need to get a stainless steel pressure cooker and that way you use very little water in your cooking.--That's where most of your vitamins go. You immerse all these vegetables in a gallon of water and then you cook all the life out of them. You pour the REAL food down the sink and eat the garbage that's left and it's nothing but a bunch of gut-stuffing. If you cook in a pressure cooker you use very little water and you preserve what vitamins there are in the little bit of juice that you put in with the vegetables, and you eat it along with it.

Peeling vegetables is just as bad because most of the vitamins and real nutrients are just below the peeling, and they scrape all that off and all you've got left is the fodder.

Never use aluminum in any kind of cooking. Aluminum irritates and aggravates cancer. It's been a known cancer irritant and you can get cancer from cooking in aluminum too much.

Iron vessels are all right, in fact you can almost get your quota of iron from cooking in iron vessels. And these porcelain vessels with the ceramic porcelain coating are usually tin or steel and they're very good and healthful to cook in and eat it and we've got a lot of those in our kitchen.--Or stainless steel, but never aluminum.

The most digestible clean meat there is, recommended by the Bible, is lamb. Lamb is about 98% digestible, more than any other single meat. It's more tender, it's more digestible, it's clean. I'd say lamb is the first meat to start a baby on.--Or good ground beef.

I think every baby has to try and see what he likes and what it responds to and what it can digest and get along well on. If he gobbles it up and really enjoys it and likes it and doesn't start spitting it all up afterwards, it's probably good for him.

Well, to sum it all up: It's better to eat less at a time and one thing at a time, or at least a combination of the same kind of things each time. Don't mix different kinds of food together which are of an entirely different variety.

Particularly don't mix any milk products with fruit or right after eating fruit, or milky cereal with fruit or with cod liver oil. Those are very indigestible combinations and are bound to cause a poor baby indigestion and burping.

Meat's good for you if you don't chew it too much. Starch is good for you if you chew it plenty, and then you need some kind of vegetable for minerals and vitamins. But of course, not if you cook it to death.

Vegetables should be cooked as little as possible, in fact if they're tender enough to eat raw you'd be better off to eat them raw. So, just barely cook them a little and in as little water as possible so that you save the vitamins.--Unless you are in a country where they fertilise with human dung!

White sugar: A killer and a thief

White sugar is bad for several reasons: In the first place, they have to use POISONOUS CHEMICALS to bleach it, which you eat with every mouthful of sugar. Next, they have BLEACHED out all of the vitamins and natural nutrients that are in natural raw sugar. So what little natural good there was in there is gone, just to make it look white!

NATURAL sugar is alright and it's good for you, like honey and things like that. You can see the big CRYSTALS, and it's delicious. It tastes better than white sugar. You can see the natural sugar the way God made it.

The sweet of the sugar is one of the quickest ways to rot teeth and cause decay, unless you keep your teeth very clean. Sweets cause quicker cavities than anything else you can eat. Of course, if you don't immediately rinse your mouth and watch your sweets then you have a greater danger of cavities.

On top of that, white sugar is almost pure CARBON, which has an affinity for calcium in your blood. The minute it gets into your blood the calcium and the carbon begin to unite and therefore it robs your blood of calcium.

So white sugar is not only poisonous, not good for you and rots your teeth, but it then robs your blood of the calcium to repair them! So it wouldn't matter to a pregnant girl how many calcium pills she took and whatnot if she keeps on eating sweets and candy, because the sugar keeps right on robbing your blood of the calcium as fast as you can eat it!


Now honey's something different!--Honey has got all kinds of vitamins, iron and nutrients and everything that's good for you. It's marvelous for you. Honey is very very good for you. And if you want a good sedative before you go to bed at night, honey's just right!

Night-time drinks

Drinking coffee before you go to bed is one of the worst things you can do! You're going to sleep on top of a time bomb because sooner or later after the sedative effect of the cream and sugar has worn off, then the caffeine goes to work.

The job of caffeine is to stir up the adrenalin in your blood and really wire you. All of a sudden you wake up in the middle of the night, three or four o'clock in the morning, wide awake and ready to explode!

Coffee or tea, either one, has a delayed action on me and I always put a lot of honey in my coffee and tea. That's usually my only sweet. Don't ever drink coffee or tea just before going to bed, I don't care how easily you go to sleep. Three or four hours later, here it comes and you're wide awake. It's bad on your nerves and your body.

Even if you stay asleep and don't actually wake up, it keeps your body busy and your blood busy and even your mind.--You do a lot of dreaming and so on during the night, and your nerves will be active all night long. It's very bad to drink any kind of stimulant before bed, including cocoa.

Ordinary tea has just as much caffeine as coffee and for some people it has more effect on them than coffee. To drink coffee any later than your supper time is not good for your sleep. A genuine cup of real chocolate made from the cacao bean, cocoa, will have as high as twice as much caffeine per cup as a cup of coffee. On the other hand, Ovaltine and stuff like that have no chocolate in them at all, it's just chocolate flavoured.

Wine?--Well, it all depends on how much you drink and what the situation is. Wine has a strange contradictory effect. It can both be a stimulant or it can be a sedative. If you drink too much of it, later it has a somewhat stimulating effect.

The worst thing you can do when you first go to bed is to talk about your problems or your worries or your work or anything except maybe love. They will keep you awake and then you'll stay awake longer.

Section two--body maintenance and dental care

I used to tell my kids that rinsing with water after everything you eat was better than brushing your teeth three times a day, and the dentist I visited recently said I was right.

A dentist told me, "If you will be sure not to ever drink anything too cold or too hot or chew anything too hard, or bite anything too hard, and you keep your teeth well rinsed, real clean, fillings can last you a long, long time."

So I told him my Dad always taught me to rinse my mouth with water right away after eating anything. He said, "That's very good, because the decay sets in within ten minutes after eating!" So unless you're going to run into the bathroom with your toothbrush right after every time you eat, you're licked.

It doesn't matter how much you brush your teeth if you don't brush them in time. The decay occurs within ten minutes after eating. You can wash your mouth thoroughly with water if you take the water and do like I do: Swish it back and forth forcibly.

Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water immediately after eating or drinking anything.

A lot of times in restaurants I have to explain to the waiter why I don't want cold water or hot water, but just water right out of the tap. Even that's too cool sometimes. I explain to them that it cracks the enamel on your teeth: Very hot or very cold things both crack the enamel.

Eye care

Sunlight is very bad for your eyes unless they're accustomed to it. It's good for your eyes to have a little bright light but you shouldn't get it all at once.

Believe it or not, science has found out that your eyes consume one-fourth of your entire bodily strength, which is to help you understand why you get so tired reading all day or studying all day or doing eye work. Using your eyes a lot can really wear you out and tire you out by consuming 25% of your bodily strength.

They not only consume strength, but light through the eyes is also necessary for health, which is why most blind people are usually not in very good health. You have to have light entering the eye.

If I have to read in the sunlight I always wear my dark glasses because the glare of the sun on your page is very bright. I like the amber tint because it really brings out the colour, beautiful colours.

When reading outside it's always best to have the light source at your back.--Never read facing the sun! You can't possibly read facing the sun without terrible glare on your page or your paper because then the sun's light comes right at you.

Always read in a good light that doesn't strain your eyes at all. You should have sufficient light so you can see clearly and easily, that way you don't wear out your eyes or tire them too easily.

If you feel you need glasses you should have your eyes checked, especially if you find your eyes getting tired or strained easily. You're straining them some way: You're either using them too much on too close or tiresome work, or you're using them in bad light, or you just may already have an eye defect from abuse and misuse all your life or in recent years.

Exposure to the sun

In the first place, a lot of sun is not good for you. A half hour of sunshine a day is more than you need. You don't really need that much!

Ten minutes a day will perform nearly all the necessary chemical processes of producing the calcium and the vitamin D and C and all that needs to be done. Ten minutes is all you actually have to have for good health. A half hour is plenty. One hour is really too much and you're passing the danger point.

So you sun fiends are killing yourselves! You're aging your skin and literally hurting your health. That tan may look beautiful, but it can kill you, or shorten your life to say the least.

You can catch cold quicker from too much sunlight than from too much cold! It will induce fever. If you get a sunburn your skin is too hot and has become feverish, then when you go in where it's cool you get a chill and you catch cold right quick. So sunshine is nice and to a certain extent friendly, but it's also your enemy.

Catching a cold

I don't believe there's such a thing as catching cold unless your resistance is down and your body is weakened, and THEN you can probably catch it. If it's a germ thing, the germs just get in and take advantage of it.

The common cold is the greatest cause of illness in most Western nations and it's mostly because people don't take care of themselves. They don't eat properly, rest properly, they work too hard, and they overdo and abuse their bodies with too much of anything--too much food, too much sex, too much of a lot of things. And of course if then you get chilled, and your resistance is down, you catch cold.

YOU'RE PARTICULARLY SUSCEPTIBLE TO GETTING CHILLED and THAT SORT OF THING IF YOUR BLOOD COUNT'S LOW and you're anaemic, or you haven't got very good circulation and much blood, and therefore you chill more easily. Getting your feet cold, even if the rest of your body's very warm, will chill you all over. I don't know how but it just does. Your head uses a lot of energy to keep warm and that's why it's good to keep a hat on in cold weather.

Lovemaking and health

What does too much lovemaking do to you?--It makes you want more! The more you make love the more you want to make love. But that doesn't necessarily increase your CAPACITY to make love. Well, it's just like too much of anything.

It's like working too hard or playing too hard or exercising too hard or doing too much of anything; you can just exhaust your nervous system and exhaust your physical resources if you make love too much.

Now the normal amount of lovemaking is necessary and good for you and shouldn't bother you in the least, especially at most of your young ages.

But it's wise to be sure you're going to have plenty of time to rest and you're going to get a normal amount of rest or you're not going to have too hard a day or something like that.

It's usually not too good an idea to make love if you're sick and your body needs the energy to fight off disease. If you take this energy for sex instead, then it's going to prolong the battle with the cold.

Of course, it's never good to have sex, girls, when you're having your period. Sex in early pregnancy is all right if you're careful. If you're fighting a cold or something it's not too good an idea.

Now there is one rare exception which I have read about in books and discovered by personal experience. If you are fighting a cold and perhaps are even having chills or fever, your energy is at quite a low ebb.

If you're sort of feverish and chilly, there is something about that terrific burst of energy that just puts a shock through your whole system if you can manage to make it. Sometimes then if you will totally completely relax and rest, and you don't have to get up and work and get out of bed or do anything but just really rest up, it's almost as though it burns it out of you.

280 days (pregnancy)

According to God's period of gestation designed for human beings, babies are supposed to arrive exactly on the th day, exactly ten lunar 28-day months or nine calendar months, which are not very accurate. You can't tell by the calendar months at all, but if you'll count the days or the weeks you'll be very accurate!

From the very first day of the last menstrual period which you had, it is supposed to be exactly 280 days until the baby is born. And that is usual and customary, it is exceptional when it doesn't happen that way. In other words, counting the seven-day weeks it's exactly 40 WEEKS. For example, if the first day of your last period was on a Friday, then count each Friday since then as a week until you get to the number , and that Friday will be the day the baby's supposed to be born.

I've always insisted that the girls who are members of my family or in my household, on the first day of their period take a little red pen and circle that day on the calendar and never forget it! Because if they don't have the next period, then they know that is the day to figure from.

It will also help your hubby to remember how long he's got before he can make love to you again.--It should be seven days from that day--that's the day of the week he can start making love to you the following week. Otherwise, it's not really good for you during your period. So I've always made that a hard and fast rule in my family, and we've kept it pretty well.

Exercise while pregnant

Travel in pregnancy depends on the girl and what she's used to and how strong she is, how healthy she is and how much she had been travelling with the baby in her own body and used to all that jolting and bumping along.

Some women are used to a lot of physical exercise all the way through their pregnancy, and keep in excellent shape doing lots of walking, dancing, constant action, constant activity, and that's the best thing in the world for a pregnant woman--lots of exercise, hard work, lots of activity, lots of walking, dancing, whatever she feels like doing. But you can't expect to claim God's promises while you're DISOBEYING His Word by abusing your body with OVERwork, exhausting exertion, heavy strains etc., like standing on your feet all day long shopping or lifting heavy loads etc. That's just plain idiotic!

A pregnant woman should get exercise just like she would when she's not pregnant, and don't overdo. As long as you're used to it, it comes easy to you and you're not overdoing, but you're doing a normal amount of mild exercise, then the more you do the better, because it strengthens your body and your muscles and tissues and the baby too. I think it's very good. That mild exercise and activity, even a little strenuous exercise like climbing hills and a brisk walk, that's all very good for you.

A pregnant woman should be able to do anything that a normal woman could do in normal health. But if she's pampering herself and babying herself and she's not been used to being in good health and exercising and keeping strong physically, she's going to be bad off in pregnancy too. She'd be bad off if she wasn't pregnant, so it doesn't really make much difference except that it's going to affect the baby, and she may even lose it if she's not strong and well.


I don't think accidents happen to Christians without a reason. It's like catching a cold, you're either careless or you didn't watch your step or you didn't avoid the conditions that cause accidents or catching colds, and so you either caught a cold or you caused an accident.

Accidents do not happen--they are caused--and if you avoid the causes of accidents then you won't have any accidents. (See Proverbs.26:2) The rest of course, God has to do, because the Devil can attack you and do a lot of things to try to cause things.

ACCIDENTS ARE USUALLY CAUSED THROUGH CARELESSNESS, LACK OF WATCHFULNESS and LACK OF CAUTION. The way to avoid accidents is to avoid the conditions that CAUSE them. The way to avoid accidents is to PREVENT the CONDITIONS which make them POSSIBLE. The way to avoid accidents is to make it IMPOSSIBLE for them to happen. For example: NEVER leave ANY spillage or water on the floor of any kind.

One of the main preventatives of having accidents is: Don't take chances! Don't just assume that such and such is so, that all the cupboard doors have been closed above your head--look up before you get up or don't get up.

So you prevent accidents by making it impossible for them to happen by so totally avoiding the conditions or circumstances under which they could happen that they CAN'T happen.

It's very dangerous for a little child to be playing in the kitchen because you're usually carrying around all kinds of stuff--dishes and heavy pots or hot dishes and you could just accidentally spill something. That's what I mean when I'm talking about preventing the conditions that make accidents possible. When you have a little child on the floor of a kitchen, you are making the conditions possible for an accident to happen!

So the best way to avoid or prevent accidents is to pray without ceasing. Keep close to the Lord and constantly claiming the protection of the Lord, always asking the Lord to keep you, bless and protect you, because lots of things can happen that are totally beyond YOUR control, but not the LORD'S!

Most people don't really pay a great deal of attention where they're walking, they just assume the sidewalk is there. Lots of people just walk right on off into a hole or a manhole or something else.

It pays to keep one eye on the ground and one eye on the sky and stay out of trouble! City sidewalks can be dangerous, there are buildings over your head and windows and people shoving out flowerpots and all kinds of things!

The wisest thing to do is to walk as close to the building as possible. Because then you're usually either under a canopy or under balconies and terraces where things can't fall on your head. Usually when something falls out of a window, it's accidentally knocked out in some way with enough force that it makes a slight arc and it doesn't fall straight down right beside the wall of the building. So the safest place to be is right close to the wall of the building.

Always walk on the side facing the traffic, whatever country you're in. If people drive on the right, you walk on the left facing them. If they drive on the left, you walk on the right--always face the oncoming lane of traffic. Why do they tell you that? Because that way you can see the traffic in front of you in the lane you're walking in. The other lane is not apt to come clear over in the opposite lane and hit you. You can see the traffic in the lane you're walking in ahead of you and they can see you clearly and you can jump out of the way if you have to.

If you have to walk down a dark narrow road at night and can't help it, always try to carry something light or a light jacket or wear light clothing, such as a white shirt. Accidents are caused, they don't just happen. They're caused by carelessness, lack of caution, lack of watchfulness, and failure to avoid the conditions that make them possible.

Section three--medicines and disease

I've never had much faith in medicines, especially after all the things dr. Koger told me about medicines. He said the thing he hated about other doctors and the use of medicines was how they experiment on people like guinea pigs. He said he'd been in many a doctor's council who said, "well now, let's see. That didn't work, let's try so and so. Oh, no, that had a bad effect, let's try something else now." They don't know what to do, let's face it!

But as I've said all the time, sickness, illness or disease is caused by wrong living, not getting enough exercise, not eating properly, not getting enough rest and not having the right relationship with the lord.

If you get those things straightened out it'll cure almost anything, that's what dr. Koger used to say! Then you won't need any medicines to try to cure the symptoms instead of really getting at the disease.

The problem nine times out of ten is not a disease, not cancer or heart trouble or liver trouble or arthritis or any of these other things, that's not really the disease, that's only a symptom of the real disease. The disease is usually physiological in that you haven't properly cared for your body or it's psychological in that you have a lot of mental problems or it's spiritual.

The same thing is even true of venereal diseases. Like any other disease, if your resistance is good and you're normally healthy and keep clean, you don't catch'm. I hope you don't go around shopping for venereal diseases, but in case you happen to run into somebody who has one, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to catch it, especially if you trust in the lord for protection.

You should always keep clean and wash well immediately afterwards with soap and water thoroughly. If you've been kissing somebody you're not too sure about, rinse your mouth good with wine or something similar and rinse it around real good like a mouthwash, or if you've got lavoris, listerine or something like that.

You have to use a little common sense and especially trust the lord. We're not going to give ourselves all the credit for just the way we live because god does the rest. You do your best and god'll do the rest! You do your best to keep in good health and live right, eat right, work right, rest right and god'll keep you going. So, if you remember that little four-point description it'll keep you in good health and you won't have to have any medicines and doctors and hospitals.--Unless sometimes you might have a baby or an accident.

I'd say medicine is along the same line as accidents: the best way to avoid accidentally getting the wrong medicine or the wrong dose or some medicine that will hurt you is just don't take any!--Unless it's something pretty serious and you're under medical care in the hospital and you can't help it, you have to do what they say. Then I'd just pray and ask the lord to keep me and protect me from the medicines as much as from the doctors, as well as the disease, because they're all pretty dangerous!

Socialised medicine is really the safest kind of medical care to get because they're not going to recommend any medicine they're going to have to pay for unless they think you really have to have it. They're not going to recommend an operation that the government is going to have to pay for unless they really know you need it, or think you need it, because they're not making any money on it. So socialised medicine is great!


Well, there are some simple medicines and simple remedies which are not complicated and are fairly harmless. One of the most common is aspirin.

Aspirin is a really simple way to clear up your head if it's a simple headache not of any serious origin, maybe due to tension or over-indulgence or something. It simply opens up your blood vessels so that the blood courses faster and easier through the blood vessels and clears out the congestion which causes the pain of the headache.

But at the same time, even simple aspirin is hard on your heart and also hard on your stomach. Some doctors think it can even irritate sufficiently to induce cancer. In other words, I don't suppose one aspirin's going to kill you or give you a heart attack or cancer, but the people who take a lot of aspirin are running a risk.

Besides, anyone taking aspirin because of headaches is just dealing with the symptom and not the actual disease because a headache is always a sign of something deeper that's wrong, like I said in "Sex Works!"

Urine-inducing pills

Often doctors will prescribe pills to make pregnant girls urinate more.--In other words, to reduce the water content of their flesh because they will supposedly get too fat. It is true that some people can't drink water much or every ounce of water goes to an ounce of fat. Personally, I think as long as you're getting along fairly well and you're not having any serious problems, you're safer to be a little fat than to be taking pills that you don't know what they're going to do.

Anything that's harsh enough or strong enough to make you urinate more is bound to be harming your system, and anything that irritates the urinal tract might possibly give you uraemic poisoning, of which several people have died.

Sleeping pills

Sleeping pills can kill you! I was always very leery of sleeping pills. Quite a lot of people have died of an overdose of sleeping pills.

Sleep is about as near death as you can get while you're still normal, and in a sense it's almost a form of death, and something that puts you a little bit more to sleep might just put you too far to sleep. And sometimes you can mix very bad deadly combinations. (Never mix sleeping pills and alcoholic beverages.)


Immunisation sometimes does more harm than good. I have a very dear cousin, a beautiful girl, gorgeous blonde, brilliant, who has a family of two children, two boys. She was a typical social service worker and civic minded and all this sort of thing and she took part in the great immunisation drives for all the children, and particularly the salk vaccine thing for polio, and to prove that she was all for it, she took some too and promptly came down with polio! The doctor said, "well, it's a rare unusual thing, but, of course, it does happen!"

Immunisation or so-called inoculation is simply giving you a little taste of the disease, a little tiny touch of it but in such a small amount that your body will immediately build up a resistance to it and so that you won't normally catch it any other way. But some of these shots will make you pretty sick temporarily, especially cholera shots, which knocked me for a loop!

Sometimes I just have to pray the lord will protect me more from the shots than from the diseases! A lot of times we just pray the lord will protect us from them asking us. You don't necessarily have to get all those shots, you just hope and pray that maybe they won't ask you, and if they ask you then a lot of places they'll just do it right there on the spot and it's even free sometimes. (But if you have to get it, get it in advance from someone who is clean with a disposable needle.)

The will to live

The will has a lot to do with keeping you alive. Doctors are always saying that if you have the will to live that you might make it. A lot of people die real easy, they don't really have the will to live. They don't want to live, and so it doesn't take much to kill them. Whereas, some people have been known to survive some almost absolutely unbelievable pain and torment and torture and horrible accidents, they have such a strong will to live you can hardly believe it!--Proverbs 18:14.

So the main thing to do is live close to the Lord and trust Him and avoid the conditions under which these things can happen as much as you possibly can. Avoid taking any chances with anything. Avoid those conditions so that it can't happen. If there's maybe a chance of only one in a thousand that the conditions will cause an accident, avoid them. The Devil will take advantage of the situation if he can, especially if you're not real cautious, so why let him have the chance? Stay close to the Lord and in His Will and obey His Word--and use your head and a little common sense.--These are the best preventatives! God bless and keep you!

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