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David Berg on Robert Mugabe and democracy

Excerpts from ML#905 written May 1, 1980 by David Brandt Berg
Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe

Mugabe (of Zimbabwe) came in (1980) in sheep's clothing and stole the vote and the country, pretending to be a sheep, but he is a wolf at heart, and you will see it more and more! (Fullfilled!) The poor wishful-thinkers of Europe and the U.S. said, "Oh, the dear poor Black people! We need to give them their own country! After all, they're in the majority"!

If the Lord (Jesus Christ) wanted the world ruled by the majority, it would have been a hell of a mess a long time ago!--Because the majority of the World are heathen, pagan, demon-worshippers, devil-worshippers, idol-worshippers, non-Christian, anti-God and anti-Christ violent savages like the U.S.! The Lord has never been in favour of majority rule, because the majority are always wrong!

God is not in favour of democracy at all!--Because the righteous are always in the minority, and He always wants the righteous to rule to try to keep things civilised as long as they can!

The world has opted out against righteous rule and for the mad majority rule instead! That is the Devil's own doctrine!: One-man-one-vote majority rule! Because that way he can guarantee that he is going to get in control!--And that's what he is doing!

America, the great "Christian" nation, "protector of the poor and the protector of the rights of man and human rights and democracy"--that's where they were wrong to begin with--in preaching democracy! They should have been preaching the Gospel and preaching Christ and not democracy! Because God is not for democracy! He's for Theocracy!: Rule by God and His people, a dictatorship of the Lord! That's God's program! Therefore, it's the Devil who preaches democracy, the rule of the wicked majority!

Comments from the webmaster: Before you write me an angry email telling me how "politically incorrect" this article is, you should know that I don't even believe the USA is truly the democracy that it claims to be. The democratic system is merely a show for public consumption. The real government is a secret dictatorship by the Council of Foreign Relations -- unelected U.S. policy makers.

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