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--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

There Are Absolutes!

--by David Brandt Berg, December 28, 1975

--Contrary to Modern Education!

Editors note: This was written in 1975 during the time so called "new math" was being promoted in the American educational system. I do not know if it still is, but there are many other principles that David Berg touches on in this article that I am convinced has attributed to the "dumbing down" of America!

I DON'T LIKE THE NEW MATH! The whole idea of new math is anti-God: "There are no absolutes." I'm sure the whole purpose is to destroy confidence in God, the Absolute! Outside of God's Creation proving the existence of God, mathematics proves the order of the universe. Math proves there is rhyme and reason to things.

THE NEW MATH IS A BREAK WITH THE ABSOLUTE, OR GOD AND HIS CREATED ORDER, as well as the traditional, the conventional. What new math I did study trying to help my kids in high school was absolutely horrible! I had a horrible feeling: The new math is absolute total confusion, no order! The whole idea of new math, you know what it is?--"Two and two don't necessarily make four, because two isn't necessarily two and four isn't necessarily four!" That's the whole idea!

DOUBTING THE ABSOLUTE IS THE WHOLE THESIS OF THE WHOLE IDEA OF "NEW MATH": "Let's suppose now that two is possibly three, so that two and two may really make six, except that your other two maybe isn't even three! Maybe the other two is four so that it may make something else." In other words, there is total uncertainty in the new math--no order, no absolutes, total uncertainty, total confusion!

THEY SAY YOU WON'T NECESSARILY COME UP WITH ABSOLUTE ANSWERS. And one of the few things that parents used to spend time with their children on, helping them, was now taken away, so now the children think they're smarter than their parents--they've something new that the parents don't know and can't learn. I was a school teacher and even used to teach math--think of it!

BUT I COULDN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THIS "NEW MATH" MYSELF! IT WAS ENOUGH TO DRIVE YOU CRAZY! I think that's the purpose of it. It was totally incomprehensible to me. I just couldn't figure it out, and poor Faithie just wept when I couldn't help her with it. Math was the one thing you could be sure of, but now they're teaching the kids you can't even be sure of that!

THAT'S THE WHOLE PRINCIPLE OF MODERN GODLESS EDUCATION: THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES, nothing is sure, nothing is certain. That's the way they do with history now too. "Well, we used to say history was absolute, but now we're not sure it was that way at all. We're not sure of anything!" The whole idea is to say, "It ain't necessarily so."

JUST LIKE THEY'VE DESTROYED FAITH IN THE BIBLE, GOD, HISTORY AND HIS CREATION, THEY HAD TO DESTROY FAITH IN MATH. Math is a form of perfection, of inviolable perfection, and they had to destroy faith in the perfect because if there's anything perfect, then there must be a God, so they had to prove that math itself was imperfect. I think that's one of the statements I read in that math book: It said, there are no absolutes in math as we used to think, therefore there are not necessarily rights and wrongs in math. You see, if there are no absolute quantities, then there are no answers and things are not necessarily either right or wrong.

IT'S THE SAME IDEA AS TO DESTROY FAITH IN GOD. If they destroy faith in God, that there is a God, then how can there be any right or wrong because there's nobody to make the rules? If there's no God there's no Ruler, they're no rules, and if there are no rules or laws then nothing is either right or wrong. In other words, if there are no absolutes in math, then they have destroyed another whole field of laws and order. In other words, there are no laws of math either: And there's another whole field in which nothing is either right or wrong.

LOOK HOW THEY'VE ATTACKED EACH MAJOR FIELD THAT PROVES THE EVIDENCE OF A PERFECT GOD: You know the first thing they attacked was religion itself. The attack on the religion of the churches came first, of course, and of course it wasn't hard to prove there was plenty wrong with them! But the subtlety of the attack on religion was that there was no necessarily right religion, therefore there was no necessarily wrong religion. Various religions were just religions, probably fabrications of man anyway, so how could you say which was right or wrong?

IN OTHER WORDS, THERE WERE NO RELIGIOUS ABSOLUTES. The whole idea was aimed of course, at destroying faith in God. "They are just man-made creeds." These broad minded highly-educated greatly tolerant could now say, "Now your religion may not be good for me, but maybe it's okay for you."--You know that condescending attitude: "But since there is no God, there is no really right religion or wrong religion, and no religion can make laws for anybody else."

I'D SAY PROBABLY THE NEXT ATTACK WAS ON PHILOSOPHY, which in a way was really the religion of the love of man--the brotherhood of man. Having gotten rid of God and religion, then they had to work on philosophy, too, because that contained love, so they had to debunk philosophy, to try to prove there was no perfect philosophy, no particular philosophy was either right or wrong.

IT ALL GOES BACK AGAIN TO THE GODLESS PREMISE THAT IF THERE IS NO RULER THERE ARE NO RULES, and if they can prove there are no rules, then they can debunk God--prove there is no Ruler. If they can prove each of these fields is imperfect, then they claim they can prove that the perfect doesn't exist--therefore God doesn't exist.

HISTORY IS ANOTHER THING WHICH REALLY PROVES THE EXISTENCE OF GOD--GOD'S LAWS OF RETRIBUTION, the rise and fall of empires because of either righteousness or wickedness. This is one of the surest proofs there is of the existence of God and the rules, including fulfilled prophecy. So what did they have to do with history?--

THEY HAD TO DEBUNK HISTORY. I don't know whether you recall or not, but it hasn't been long since it was very very popular to say that George Washington was a crook and Abraham Lincoln was some kind of a reprobate, debunking all the historical heroic characters. This is still a favorite occupation of the reprobate historians, to claim that it ain't necessarily so, that what we thought and heard all our lives these characters were really like, they weren't like that at all.

"NO MORE HEROES: THEY WERE ALL VILLAINS!--Nobody was ever good, everybody's bad. There weren't any good or heroic men."--The diabolical subtleness of the fiendish devilish attacks on the proofs of the existence of God! It just makes me mad! It makes me furious!

THEY EVEN DID THE SAME WITH MUSIC, to where music was no longer music, it was just noise! It didn't have to be harmony, it didn't have to be pleasant, so that there was no such thing as good or bad music, because there were no rules! "Since there are no rules, you're not breaking any when you have disharmony and noise." "So see, they've abandoned the laws of music, too. Isn't that something?

LOOK AT ART: MODERNISTIC ART IS TOTAL CONFUSION--no rules, no beauty, no nothing! Just absolute confusion! It doesn't even have to mean anything. It doesn't have to have any sense--no meaning, no order. See, if you can destroy the meaning, if you can prove to people there's no meaning to a thing, then there's no order, no purpose and there's no plan, therefore, there's no Planner.

BOTH ART AND MUSIC USED TO FOLLOW VERY STRICT LAWS TO PRODUCE REAL BEAUTY, but both art and music have abandoned the rules, they've thrown away the laws, and the result has been total ugly confusion--noise, chaos, bedlam, ugliness, crudity! Music is no longer music--it's just sound, noise, bedlam! Art is no longer art--it's just chaotic splotches of colors and meaningless ugly forms!

IN THE SAME WAY THEY ATTACKED CREATION: THEY HAD TO TRY TO PROVE THERE WAS NO ORDER TO THINGS, NO LAWS, NO PLAN, NO PURPOSE.--THEREFORE, THERE WAS NO PLANNER or Anybody that gave orders. Therefore Creation just became a meaningless chaotic evolution: "It all just happened by accident." Everything which had any rules or order or plan or purpose, proving that there is some kind of Ruler who makes the rules and gives orders and plans things with a purpose--everything that had any order or plan or rules to it had to be attacked by the diabolical to destroy any faith in the Absolute and therefore in God!

AND ONE OF THE LATEST ATTACKS IS THE NEW MATH where they teach you that nothing is really certain, there are no absolutes, so nothing is really right or wrong. In every field of science, math, art, music, history, philosophy and religion they have tried to destroy confidence and faith in the absolute to try to shake your faith that there is anything sure, anything that is necessarily so or true or right.

THEIR WHOLE THEME SONG IS: "IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO--the things that you read in that Bible, they ain't necessarily so."--Beginning with the Bible, that ain't necessarily so; and history, it ain't necessarily so; religion, it ain't necessarily so; and philosophy ain't necessarily so." They've gone right on down the line through everything--"Creation ain't necessarily so, math ain't necessarily so, music, art, none of them, are necessarily so, because there ain't no so.--There's nothing that's true, so there is no Truth," in other words.

PILATE ASKED JESUS, "WHAT IS TRUTH?" Jesus answered him and said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." (Jn.14:6) So if nothing is so, then nothing is true, then there is no Truth and no Christ! Nothing is right.--You understand? So to disprove the existence of God they had to disprove the existence of Truth and rhyme and reason, order, plan, laws, rules, etc.

EVEN IN THE PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION OR THE NEW EDUCATION, ALONG WITH THE NEW MATH THEY'VE TRIED TO HAVE A NEW READING, that you didn't necessarily have to follow the rules to learn to read. So in the States they had a whole generation who grew up under progressive education in the big cities who were taught the progressive way of learning to read in which they used no phonics, no phonetics, no alphabet. You didn't even necessarily have to learn how to pronounce the word. All you had to know was what it meant, if it meant anything, and of course, it didn't necessarily mean that.

SO THAT LANGUAGE ALSO HAD NO LONGER ANY ABSOLUTES, NO RULES. You couldn't prove that a word really meant what it said, maybe it meant something else. Maybe one thing to one person, another thing to somebody else. So a whole generation of high school students arrived in college and couldn't read or write yet!

TO ABANDON THE RULER THEY HAD TO THROW AWAY ALL THE RULES: THE RESULT IS TOTAL ANARCHY! To abandon the One who gives the orders they had to abandon order, and the result is total chaos! To get rid of God they had to get rid of the Absolutes--the right and the wrong and the meaning and reason for things, and the result is total insanity, madness! Of course, they would disagree with me on that, too.

BECAUSE THE MOST MODERN LINE OF PSYCHOLOGY IS THAT NOBODY IS REALLY SANE OR NECESSARILY REALLY INSANE--HE'S JUST DIFFERENT FROM YOU OR ME! Because to be insane there have to be those who are sane, and who is the judge to judge who is sane or who is insane? They've gotten rid of the Judge, so there are no laws of sanity or insanity either. So that the mad are simply different. Since nobody is actually sane, therefore nobody is really insane.

DRUNKENNESS IS NOT DRUNKENNESS--IT'S NOW A MERE DISEASE CALLED ALCOHOLISM. Violations of sexual laws are no longer sins, they're mere perversions or aberrations. Some people simply like to be different, and therefore they're not really wrong.

SO IT'S NO WONDER THAT THE POLITICALLY ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST, WIND UP IN THE ULTIMATE ANTI-GOD POLITICAL POSITION OF TOTAL ANARCHY, so that you can't even have rules of politics or government! Because to have government you must have laws and rules; and to have laws & rules, the ones who make them have to believe that some things are right and some things are wrong; and if some things are right and some things are wrong then there must be some ultimate law-Maker or rule-Giver which would have to be God!

SO THEREFORE THE GODLESS MUST EVENTUALLY AND ULTIMATELY BECOME TOTAL ANARCHISTS WHO OBEY NO RULES, NO LAWS, RECOGNISE NO ORDER, NO MEANING, NO PLAN, NO PURPOSE, NO NOTHING--AND ALL IS TOTAL CHAOS! Which, therefore, accomplishes the Devil's ultimate purpose of total chaos, total confusion and total destruction of God's Creation! Because if you destroy the rules and abandon the Ruler, the result is nothing but total chaotic destruction of all things.

THEREFORE, A REVOLUTIONARY EDUCATION TODAY WOULD BE BACK-TO-GOD EDUCATION, and that's really revolutionary in this modern day and age!--Back to God in Creation. Back to real faith in religion, back to Creation in Science, back to genuine love in Philosophy, back to a plan in History, back to truth in Language, beauty in Art, harmony in Music, rules in Math, laws in learning to read, right and wrong in behavior, and order in government and God in everything, the Creator of all things, the Designer of everything, the Planner, so that life again means something.

FOR GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN GIVE A REAL MEANING TO LIVING. Let's get back to God in our education, in every subject in every field. I taught school for years and I brought out God in everything, showing there was perfection in all things and that the Perfect One had a hand in the Creation of all, and there was a reason for everything.

BACK TO SANITY AND REASONING, BACK TO A PATTERN FOR EXISTENCE MADE BY A DIVINE DESIGNER Who makes the plans according to rules, brings about order with government in the place of lawlessness and disorder and Who gives meaning to the universe and purpose to the planets and love to our hearts and peace to our minds and health to our bodies and rest to our spirits and happiness to our lives and joy to our souls and the wisdom to know that "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom" (Prov.9:10), and mere knowledge is not enough, but how to use it is more important for the glory of God.

WE MUST SEE GOD IN EVERYTHING TO GIVE IT MEANING, reason, purpose, plan, design and a goal, the ultimate trip, the perfection of the Kingdom of God. The Godless would bring us to chaos and total destruction! But we the faithful must try to bring peace and order and a design for living given us by the Great Designer in His rules and laws, rights and wrongs and absolutes, without which there can be no peace and no order and no happiness.

SO THEREFORE, THE WHOLE IDEA OF MODERN MAN-MADE EDUCATION IS TO DESTROY FAITH IN GOD IN EVERY FIELD AND EVERY SUBJECT. So our Revolutionary Education should have its major purpose in every field and subject to restore and build faith in God according to His rules, Who created all things according to definite laws for every science and every art and every field of knowledge.

THANK GOD FOR THE ABSOLUTES AND THE RULES OF THE RULER, that we may know the difference between right and wrong and therefore find happiness through His love and His loving laws and reasonable rules. Thank you Jesus! May God help you to "know Him, Whom to know is Life Eternal! (Jn.17:3)--And Absolute!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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