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A Child's Story of Blobs

The dangers of living in a big city

By David Brandt Berg, Nov. 28, 1974
Father and son stuck in a system blob
This article with the artwork was written as for children, but I think most adults will find it interesting. ;-)

Definition of "blob" in this article:
noun: too many people living in a limited area. Example: New York City, Tokyo, Mexico City, etc.

He that scattereth abroad it increaseth (paraphrase of Proverbs 11:24).

This has always been God's plan from the beginning, with a few rare exceptions, and his first colony only contained two naked people with no house at all, no furniture, no office equipment, no kitchen utensils or equipment, no dishes, no washing machines, no sewing machines, no stoves, heaters, or fires, no lamps or lights, no gas or electricity and no automobiles, trucks or even a bicycle!

Their only home was a lovely garden, their only bed the nice soft grass, their only shelter the lovely trees, their only clothing their lovely long hair and their only food the fruit from the trees ready-made and ready to eat without cooking or dishes to wash!

The sad serpent in the Garden of EdenBut they did have running water and three baths in the three beautiful streams which ran through the garden for drinking and bathing, and that must have been a beautiful sight as the two first Children of God played like fairies in a fairyland of the wonderful Garden of Eden!

Just think: No building, plowing, sowing, reaping or very hard work for the man, and no cooking, washing, mending or household drudgery for the woman!--Nothing but loving and playing and tending the Garden and the children and enjoying the beauties and wonders of God's gorgeous Creation all day long and His personal fellowship and inspiration day after day and night after night!

What a wonderful world it was in that first small colony before the Devil's children began building blobs! For they did have one sneaky snake in that Garden who kept sneaking around trying to persuade them to try the Tree of the Knowledge of how to become gods and build the first blobs!

Making a belt from the serpent.So it wasn't long, sad to say before they left their happy garden paradise of God's first and smallest colony to begin the hard work of their first blob-building having to make clothes, build houses, and laboriously till the ground for food. As their family grew they kept building bigger houses and bunching them together in even bigger blobs called cities.

The first guy to get the blame for the first city blob was Enoch, not the one who walked with God but the son of a murderer named Cain who killed his own righteous brother, Abel. Cain married his sister as he left the Lord and went to live in the land of Nod, the land of the first sleepy Systemites who got doped up on the doctrine of blob--building and all its attendant wickedness and crowded confusion and pollution and insanity.

They began fighting amongst themselves, robbing each other and even killing each other in order to build bigger blobs, so God finally had to drown them all in the drink with such a Flood that He wiped out all their blobs and only saved one small colony of eight people, one little family of Mr. and Mrs. Noah and their three sons with their three wives!

God wiped out all those who had been raising Cain and Cain's blobs and all of their big blob cities, to start all over again with only eight people to show them how they could win the world with only one small colony living in nothing but a big old boat full of animals!

Blob building in Noah's day Fighting among blob cities in Noah's day
Blobs when Noah's ark was built Blob's nearly covered up
Noah's ark

Of course, the trouble was that after the boat landed in a new country it wasn't long before they all began to multiply so rapidly again that they forgot about God's judgments on the last blobs and began to build the blob-of-all-blobs called Blobyland--I mean Babylon, meaning confusion!

Here they built the world's first skyscraper called the Tower of Blobble--I mean Babel--which means to babble when you get so confused you can't even understand each other!

Babal - the confusion of tongues!

God Himself had to break up this big blabbering blob of babbling Babylonic confusion of babbling Bable and scatter them all over the world in smaller colonies to try to start all over again to try to show them they couldn't reach Heaven in a skyscraper!

So they began travelling in tents down the rivers and across the plains and deserts to a very tiny little country called Canaan on the shores of a great sea which today we call the Mediterranean, meaning in the middle of a lot of lands, because it's surrounded by Africa, Asia and Europe.

The children of God families of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, father, son and grandson, for three whole generations dwelt in nothing but tents all the days of their lives,The children of God families of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, father, son and grandson, for three whole generations dwelt in nothing but tents all the days of their lives, camping out like road teams as they followed their flocks from green field to green field. They'd always have plenty to eat and lots of room and their sheep wouldn't have to be all bunched up in big blobs.

One day Abraham's nephew, Lot, found a new blob with a lot of people called Sodomites, which is a very naughty word because they were very naughty people living in a big naughty blob called Sodom. So, since Lot thought he'd like to live with lotsa people living in lotsa nice big buildings in this big naughty blob of Sodom, he decided to pack up his tent and leave the road and his sheep and move in with the Blobomites--I mean the Sodomites--for he thought he might like to live in a blobamite.

But blobs and blobites always have lotsa trouble, so our poor Lot who thought he'd like to live with lotsa people instead of travelling alone on the road in a tent with his sheepy road team soon was in lotsa trouble along with the Blobomites--I mean the Sodomites.

His dear old uncle Abraham still lived safely in a tent up in the mountains with his sheep and had to come down and rescue his poor nephew Lot out of all the trouble that the Blobomites--I mean Sodomites--were always getting into.

Finally God got so sick of those wicked old blobby Sodomites that He told Lot and his family to get out of their sodomy blob and head for the hills because He was gonna destroy their big blobs of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and hot rocks from Heaven!

But even then little ol' Lot didn't like to leave, so the angels of God had to lead him out by the hand, followed by his two daughters and his reluctant blobby wife! God told them they shouldn't be so sorry to leave so that they shouldn't even look back, 'cause that meant and showed they'd like to go back.

But Lot's blobby wife had become quite a church pillar in the temples of Sodom along with her hubby, Lot, who was by this time even a judge there. So she didn't really wanna leave the nice big soft blob of their happy home of tarts called Sodom.

Angels of God pulling Lot out of Sodom!

So she looked back anyway and immediately turned into a pillar of salt stuck in the mud of the globs of the blobs of Sodom and Gomorrah, and there she still stands to this very day, hard as a rock and totally unmovable, like some women blob-lovers of today!

25. But this nearly scared the spit out of Lot and his two lovely daughters, so he immediately changed his mind about wanting to move to a smaller blob called Zoar when he saw all that fire and those big hot rocks from God burying both big blobs of Sodom and Gomorrah in big globs of hot lava, which is rocks so hot they've even melted!

Lot and daughters leaving SodomHe hit out for the hills as fast as he could go and hid in a cave on the side of a cliff near a big sea called "Dead" because it was so salty. There he lived in a small Catacomb's Colony with his two daughters and their children, Moab and Ammon, whose descendants, the Moabites and Ammonites, were just about cured of ever building any very big blobs again and eventually became the tiny little country of Jordan.

Jordan still lives today because it's not very big or blobby so nobody much wants it and it's been able to stay out of trouble most of the time for a very long time, 'cause that was nearly four thousand years ago!

Children of Israel in blobby EgyptBut it wasn't long before Lot's second cousin, Jacob, got sucked into a big blob down in Egypt because he was starving on the road and tired of his tent. So his family persuaded him to leave the road and his tent and trade 'em for the beautiful temples and gorgeous blobs of much more civilised people living in a great deal more comfort in nice houses and big blobby buildings!

The Egyptians were about to gyp Jacob and all God's children out of their freedom on the road with the offer of a nice big blob back in Egypt! So down to Egypt they went, and here they became such a big blob that they almost scared the hell out of the Egyptians themselves!

So the Egyptians made slaves out of 'em and made 'em build one of the biggest blobs yet for the Egyptians themselves, a big bricky blob made out of mud called Memphis City--Memphis, Egypt, that is, not Memphis, Tennessee.

But the Jacobites, the children of Jacob, now called Israelites or children of God, still became so numerous that they were scaring the Egyptians even more, who were Systemites. So the gyping System tried to kill all their little boy babies in order to get rid of them by chuckin' 'em in a big river called the Nile full of crocodiles so the crocodiles could eat 'em up!--To the Nile, crocodile!

A crocodile is a huge big lizard like a dragon bigger than a man and with a great big mouth full of big sharp teeth so they could swallow little babies almost in one gulp!--Wasn't this a terrible way to kill babies!

The gyping system still kills babies today of bad women who don't want them, but the System's doctors do it all nice and scientific--like with knives in places called hospitals which are supposed to be for sick people.

When the System murders babies they try to make it sound nice by calling it "abortion" and they do it for the same reason, to try to get rid of God's little children so there won't be so many of them and they won't have to feed them or take care of them and there won't be so many poor people that the rich are afraid of and so the rich can be richer and not have to take care of so many poor people just like Israelites, God's children in Egypt way back then.

But when good mothers have babies in hospitals they won't let the doctors kill their babies, because they love them and want them to grow up to become God's good strong children to help the whole world.

So the good Israelite mothers hid a lot of their children of God from the bad Systemites Egyptians so they couldn't kill them.

One very good mother called Mrs. Levi had a real cute little baby boy called Moses and she obeyed the System's law and threw her baby in the river, but in a nice little basket that floated like a little boat so the crocodiles couldn't eat him! And you know what happened?

God loved little baby Moses and made him float right over to the beach where the king's daughter was going swimming and his little basket boat got caught right there in the weeds near her where she could hear him crying so she could find him, and when she saw him she loved him very much because she didn't have any little baby of her own.

Nile crocodile, Moses saved in the basket

His sister, Miriam, was hiding in the bushes to watch and see what was going to happen to him, and when the pretty princess found him she ran up to the princess and asked her if she'd like her to go get a good nurse for him, and when the princess said, yes, Miriam went and got Moses' own mother to come nurse him!--Wasn't that smart?

Baby Moses saved!

So they all went to live in the pretty princess' pretty palace with the big king Pharaoh. Moses was raised just like the King's own son because the king didn't have any sons. So that Moses could have grown up and become King some day too. But God had other ideas, because His Children were becoming such a big blob in Egypt and were working so hard like slaves for the System and in such confusion they didn't even a leader.

So when Moses grew up instead of becoming king, God told him to break up this big blob and take all of his children out of Egypt into some other countries where they could spread out more and have more room and help more people. It's a long story all about how they did it, because it seems to be awfully hard and take a long time to break up big blobs, and this one took years!

But they finally made it and they finally got scattered all over the world in every country on earth in lots of little colonies in lots of places carrying their Bibles with them and telling people about God, and today we call them Jews.

Big blob cityBut by and by most of them got more interested in making money than talking about God and began bunching up again with all their blobby [businesses] and things in big blobby cities bigger than ever, until they almost forgot about God and that He doesn't like blobs. Most of them forgot all about loving Him and thanking Him, so a lot of them stopped loving each other too, and the other people that they called Gentiles.

They forgot they were supposed to be the loving children of God and began to be just like the Gentiles who were a lot like the Egyptians the Jews had escaped from so many years before so long ago. In fact, there were getting to be many of these Jews in some places and they were getting so rich and so powerful that many Gentiles, like the Egyptians, again began to be afraid of them and wanted to get rid of them and even kill them, like the Egyptians did, and some of them did!

So the Jews began having so much trouble in these big blobby gentile cities that some of them decided they wanted to go back home to their nice quiet tiny little land of Israel again and start some small little colonies again like little villages and farms where they all worked together and helped each other again and stopped fighting with each other. These little farming villages they called kibbutzim and some people call them co-ops because everybody co-operates, which means they all work together.

But while most of the Jews were gone and scattered all over the world, their half-brothers and relatives the Arabs, who were also children of Abraham and Isaac, had stayed in Israel and the people had gotten to calling the country Palestine after the Philistines who also used to live there. So that the Arabs who stayed there nearly 2,000 years while the Jews were gone became knows as Palestinians. And they were mostly poor and lived in small little colonies too, called villages.

So a few years ago when the Jews began coming back home to the little country which they had called Israel but now was called Palestine, they found it full of their relatives the Arabs! At first when only a few Jews started coming home, the Arabs were very good to them and even helped them start their little colonies and kibbutzim.

But by and by so many Jews began moving in that they got to be another great big blob again so that the Arabs began to get scared of them like others had before and were afraid the Jews were going to take over the Palestinian Arabs' whole country like they had some others called America, England and Europe and places like that.

The Arabs were afraid they were going to lose their whole country to these new Jews, so they began trying to stop them. But when the Jews kept on coming in anyhow and building bigger blobs than ever just like they had built in other places, they refused to stop.

Jewish city taking over Palestinian homes

So the Jews and Arabs began fighting with each other to see who was going to get the country, instead of living together peacefully in Palestine as brothers and Children of God should live. But that's the way it always is in big blobs when you get too many people all trying to live together in the same place.

So it caused a lot of big fights called wars in which the Jews and Arabs were even killing each other. But with the help of America the Jews finally took the whole country of Palestine away from the Arabs and called it Israel again and themselves Israelis.

The Israelis drove most of the Arabs out of their homes and farms and lands and stole them from the Arabs, so that the poor Arabs now had to live in tents and shacks nearly starving to death as they camped out in other countries like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, whose people are also Arabs.

But God's going to break up this blob too, and make them give the Arabs back their homes so everyone can live in peace again, because God just doesn't like any big blobs, for they're always causing trouble!

Are you in a blob? If so, why not get hot about it and break away from your System blob and job to build a new life in a nice small little family-size colony like one of our Heavenly Homes of the Children of God like Abraham. Isaac, Jacob, Lot, Moses and others did when things got too blobby! Visit us today--we are everywhere!--The sun never sets on the Family International! We love you! Come build a new world with us! God bless you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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