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--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family


How God choose David Berg to be his End-Time Shepherd, "David"!

By David Brandt Berg - June 20, 1971
David Berg in the latter days of his ministry

GOD OFTEN LIKES TO TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE, to help you appreciate what you are, even before He's going to let you know what you're going to do. He did this with most of His Prophets and Kings and great men of the Bible, even some of the secular Kings, like Cyrus, whom He named hundreds of years before he was born, and said what he was going to do!

IT MAY SHOCK SOME OF YOU, BUT I'm going to tell you a little story, and I might go back in history a little to help you understand. It was prophesied many years ago that I was filled with the Holy Ghost from my Mother's womb -- and I was so shocked when I heard that! I didn't know how you could be filled when you weren't even saved yet! I must have been filled with the Gift of Faith from my Mother's womb, because I can't remember the time that I didn't believe in the Lord, and I can't remember the time when God's Spirit wasn't speaking to me. For years I thought it was my own mind and I was just a little smarter than others: -- But it was just the Lord speaking!

EVEN AS A BOY I ALWAYS LOVED TO BE ALONE! Walking out among the trees and the flowers and out in the hills, that Voice would speak so clearly to me -- and now I know it was God! He would explain to me His marvelous creations and what they meant!

MY MOTHER HAD DEDICATED ME TO THE LORD BEFORE I WAS BORN, and she prayed for a name, and the name the Lord gave her for me was the name that some of you know -- David! The time went on, and I was reared in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and served the Lord, having been commissioned by the Lord to serve Him even before I was born!

I ALWAYS FELT ALL MY LIFE THAT THE LORD HAD SOMETHING VERY BIG AND GREAT FOR ME TO DO, and that's why I got so discouraged, when after 50 years I still didn't know what God wanted me to do! But most of the world's great men and Bible heroes never discovered their life's work until their later years. It seemed I had not accomplished much at all -- and where was this great work -- where was the real prophet of God -- the flaming evangelist? But I never dreamed what God was going to do with me! I had tried every kind of way to reach the multitudes with the Gospel, from music to movies, and still couldn't find out what God wanted for me -- my life's work! I learned a lot while I was wandering around trying to serve the Lord! I've been amazed at how many things the Lord gave me experience in! I don't know too much about them, but I know a little about a lot! God was preparing me all those years for what I didn't even know I was going to do!

AND AS TIME BEGAN TO DRAW NEAR, HE BEGAN TO GIVE US A FEW HINTS AND WARNINGS TO GET READY for it: it was about to come to pass! The first outstanding sign was the Message of Jeremiah, which was revealed to us in December of 1961, when I was very ill, and God said this was to be our Message from now on -- The Doomsday, End-Time, Warning Message!

GOD BEGAN TO SPEAK TO US AND TELL US WE WERE GOING TO DO SOMETHING GREAT -- something unusual! Then in that last year, after my work of putting Gospel TV across the nation was finished, I was out of a job, nearly broke, unemployed, and wondering what to do for the Lord, nearly 50 years of age, seemingly frustrated and defeated! -- And we just decided to start out like we had in the beginning, with our little family, now teenagers, and started preaching the Gospel on the road again. It looked like we were starting all over again, like we had when the kids were little, living by faith and witnessing wherever we went!

IN 1964 AND '65, THE KIDS WITNESSED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR, and in '66 Josh joined us, and we struck out by faith, on the road full time, serving the Lord! In '67, Grandmother joined the team, and through her, God began to teach us not to move without orders, and to hear explicitly, specifically, the very Voice of God, and do exactly what He said to do, even if it seemed crazy as a loon!

AND IT ALWAYS WORKED WHEN WE OBEYED! One whole year of 10,000 Miles of Miracles we traveled with Grandmother, the Lord even naming towns and countries we were supposed to go to, and how we should travel -- just teaching us how to learn, listen and obey the Voice of the Spirit -- and God would do the rest! How many times in the Bible the Lord told His prophets to do crazy, even contradictory things, just to test them to see if they could believe Him! For example, He told us to go to the West Indies by the under waves instead of the upper waves! One of the kids thought that meant by submarine! But I knew the Lord meant by boat instead of by plane, even though the boat was four times as expensive (especially for 10 people!), and made some of us very seasick! But it was just a test of our faith to see if we were willing to obey -- even when He frightened us that we might have a shipwreck! But He did the miracle, and provided us with the hundreds of dollars it cost, and kept most of us from getting seasick at all, especially me and Grandmother, who were very seasick prone! -- A real miracle of faith!

THE LORD PROPHESIED ALSO WHERE WE WERE TO GO FROM THERE: when we returned from the Isles of the Rising Sun (West Indies), we were to go to the Land of the Setting Sun (California), and there it would be told us what we were to do next!

ON THE WAY THERE THAT SUMMER, WE STOPPED OVER AT THE RANCH in Texas for a few weeks, and while there a well-known prophetess of God got so excited about a prophecy the Lord had given her about us, that she drove her car all the way to Texas to tell us about it. At this time we had about hit rock bottom, we were nearly broke, and we were forsaking all -- going out not knowing whither we went -- going on a shred of a clause of a prophecy: "Thou shalt go out to the Land of the Setting Sun, and there it shall be told thee what thou shalt do!" -- But if we had not obeyed, God would never have accomplished what He has accomplished! We had to obey every little thing exactly as He told us!

THIS DEAR SISTER WAS SO EXCITED, she said, "Brother David, Brother David, God gave this to me and said I must come out and tell you about it right away quick -- that it's about you!" -- And she was so convinced it was of God and to be fulfilled in us that she'd driven her car a three thousand mile (5000 kilometer) round trip to tell us! -- And guess what it was? -- Ezekiel 34!

WELL, I THOUGHT, "THAT'S NICE -- THE LORD EVEN CHOSE A PASSAGE THAT HAD MY NAME IN IT, and applied it to me! He took a passage that talked about David!" I never dreamed He could possibly be actually talking about me personally in that passage! I believed that God was applying this to us and the family to encourage us, but you couldn't have ever convinced me by the wildest stretch of my imagination that God was actually talking about us! -- That He actually uttered this prophecy originally for you and for me about what God was going to accomplish through us!

AND I'M TELLING YOU -- I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN MY WHOLE LIFE, except the closest thing to it may have been the Children's Crusade -- when thousands of young people forsook all and marched clear across Europe to try to rescue the Holy Land! -- Sincere children trying to live for God the best way they knew how!

THEN AGAIN, A FEW MONTHS AGO, ONE OF YOU WROTE ME and got all excited about this same passage, and said the Lord has showed him this was about us! But I tried to laugh it off -- yet I was frightened about it -- literally scared that maybe it was true! It was far too big a thing -- far too great for us! Not that it was just in application or appropriation or parallel, but that it was specific, direct prophecy regarding us! -- And I tried to brush it off and accredit it to the overzealous loyalty of one of my most overbearing generals1 -- But God dealt with me about it afterwards, and I prayed about it, and was, for the first time, willing to consider the possibility that this could be a direct prophecy regarding our present work! It certainly had some amazing parallels! -- And I asked the Lord if this was true -- Could this be about us specifically and the work which we are now doing? In this Chapter there is the whole background of the System2 and why God had to do it this way and separate you from it, and judge them, while He exalted you! The whole story is right here! Even to those days of our first tiny little band in Texas, it was a beautiful parallel!

1. Generals: A reference to one of David's high ranking under shepherds of the early Children of God.
2. System: The Establishment; what the Bible calls "The world" ( See 1 John 2: 15,16 )

NEVERTHELESS, RIGHT AFTER THIS PROPHECY, WE WENT TO CALIFORNIA, hit our all-time low visiting with Grandmother -- no openings, no bookings, no money! The City of the System refused this little band of bedraggled knights and warriors, and we went discouraged on our way! It was there in California God gave us Psalm 68, and told us that it meant us -- which at the time really sounded too big for our little family!

David Berg in the early days

BUT NOW OUR FAMILY IS NO LONGER SO LITTLE! You are the fulfillment of it -- the proof of it -- the fruits of it! By their fruits ye shall know them! You are the proof that it is true, and you are it and you are them and you are these of whom the Lord spoke, both in Psalm 68 and Ezekiel 34 and in the multitude of other revelations He has given us! And now for the first time I'm going to tell you what I think about Eze.34 myself! Last night the Lord told me what He thought about it, and we got a confirmation straight from His own Mouth!

THE WHOLE THING WAS A REBUKE FROM THE LORD against my denying, doubting, and challenging His Word! It woke me in the middle of the night, and was on this wise:

WHY DOST THOU DENY THY NAME DAVID, and doubt that I have given it unto thee, and challenge that I have made thee thus? (This was the whole theme the whole way through. He kept harping on these things:) You have doubted that I am able to do this, like Sara who laughed when I told her that in old age she should bear a son. You have challenged that I have made thee as David and Moses! I have made thee My Moses and My David! I have made thee a new vessel, and completely broken thee and destroyed the former vessel that was, and made thee a totally new vessel! The former vessel no longer lives! For thou art a new creation!

I AM DISPLEASED WITH THEE FOR THY UNBELIEF! Why dost thou laugh at the creation of the Lord? (But I'm so wicked, Lord! I'm so sinful, so unworthy, so weak!)

WHAT IF I WILL THAT THOU BE WICKED AS DAVID OF OLD, that the excellency of the power may be of God -- that I may be glorified! For man thinketh not as God thinketh. For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. I put down and I put up. I propose and I dispose! ( Psalms 75:6,7 ) (At this point there is a strong rebuke in tongues!)

WHAT IF I SHOULD SPIT UPON THE GROUND AND MAKE A MAN OF DUST AGAIN? For the spittle of God is greater than the pride of man! (God was showing His contempt for us!)

IT IS NOT FOR THEE TO QUESTION WHETHER THEY WILL BELIEVE OR WHETHER THEY WILL NOT believe. It is only for thee to obey. Neither is it for you to pour out upon the ground that which is precious, for which their lives have been given and their very blood is shed -- that which I have caused them to give, shouldst thou treat with contempt and with ingratitude? They look unto thee, the Light of Israel! ( 2 Samuel 21:17 ) They look unto thee as David of old -- as Moses! (It was like I was robbing you of the Light, the Inspiration, the Sample, by denying you the Symbol, by taking away these names, taking away something you could hold onto -- causing you to doubt, like John the Baptist that Jesus was really the Messiah -- and the Lord said, you're trying to take it away from them! It's like a standard, a banner. Like the people have to cling to something, something they can rally 'round.)

THEREFORE, SHALT THOU ABHOR THAT WHICH I HAVE GIVEN THEE, and pour out in contempt on the ground that which is bought with their blood? For it is I that have made thee and called thee by thy name, even unto the Generation of generations -- called thee by thy name before thou wast formed in the womb, and caused thy Mother to call thee by thy name David, that it should be fulfilled that which was spoken by My Prophets!

WHO ART THOU TO QUESTION THE WILL OF GOD? Thou art my spittle upon the ground, for which I have made thee from clay that it might be made a better vessel -- not the water and blood of thy Mother, but the spittle and clay of God, as the vessel I have created for the Glory of God! (It was like the Lord was spitting in my face -- "You're nothing." To deny it was to challenge the Lord. Any element of self was very disgusting to the Lord -- as though I had anything to do with it! I had nothing to do with it: it was none of my business! As the semen is planted in the soil of the flesh of the woman, so the seed of His Mouth was planted in this mud -- me, and resulted in a new creation!) (Crying and tongues)

(MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAS THOU MADE ME THUS! Even my friends shall abhor me! They of my Mother's seed shall damn me! My own house shall condemn me -- "my Mother's seed" means not only my brother and sister, flesh and blood relatives, but my Mother's friends and following.) (Hast thou forsaken the works of thy own Hands?)

EVEN AS MOSES, they forsook him and went against him, and as David was rent from the throne, even so shall I break thee to make thee an even better vessel. Thou knowest nothing at all! Thou shalt be given to save the nation, and must die that they may live. (The death may be humiliation or something of the sort -- something seemingly terrible in the eyes of others will happen.)

I HAVE MADE THEE THUS! WHO ART THOU TO QUESTION that I have broken thee and made thee and created thee in My own Image to be that David which of old I have foretold! Beware lest thou be found to fight against God and the Will of God, and the Spirit that I have given thee! (Even so be it done unto Thy servant. Not my will, but Thine be done. For this day Thou hast been pleased to make me bone of Thy bone and flesh of Thy flesh, that Thou shouldst glorify Thyself!)

JESUS IN THEE -- Jesus in thy Mother. (Tongues) Cease thy vain babbling against David, for thou indeed art that one which I have created. Thou art that which I have made. Cease now from thy own words and thy own doubts and believe, for with God nothing shall be impossible, but all things are possible to him that believeth. (Tongues) Cease in thy proud attempts to remove the Light from Israel! (Lord, I'm sorry I've tried to keep the Light from Israel!)

FOR THOU SHALT BE THUS AND EVEN MORE ALSO AS I HAVE SAID. For thou art My creation and the work of My Hands. It is not for thee to question the work of Thy Creator! (So be it done unto Thy David; so be it unto Thy Moses even according to Thy Word! Lord, how did they feel?) They felt even as thou dost feel -- totally unworthy and unable and impossible! (For the spirit of Jesus is fallen upon me -- by His Spirit.) Even as David was but a man, who could even lie, with frail flesh was contemptible -- so art thou unto Me -- so is thy flesh unto Me! For in this will I glory; not in the works of flesh but in the creation of My Spirit, that it shall be known that I have made thee and called thee by thy name, and created thee and foretold thee, and thou art that David of which I spake unto thee by thy sheep to be the Light of Israel! (It was as though even the sheep knew their shepherd better than the shepherd himself did. The Lord was angry, yet still willing to explain and answer questions.)

BY MY SPIRIT I HAVE PLUCKED THY HARP and My Tones have awakened thee, and I have said unto thee, "Come forth, and arise and plead for My Children and My People Israel! David, arise, and come forth, as from sleep, that thou mayest save My Children Israel!" (When that perfect stranger, Shulemith, at Mountain Island Villa3 -- that Jewish woman -- all of sudden began to sing, out of the clear blue sky, an old Jewish fable in Hebrew about David asleep in his cave with his harp -- it was like she was getting a message and I the interpretation -- and I was strongly convicted by that song -- I had that witness of t he Spirit, and I knew the Lord was talking about me, even then!)

3. Mountain Island Villa: A place in Cyprus that David had dreams about though he had never actually visited that island nation before. When he and Maria went there, they saw exactly what he dreamed and even met the very woman that was in his dream!

WRITE ALL THESE THINGS IN A BOOK! Put this in a book -- in many books (publications) and write it in a scroll to send to all the people, that they may know that it is I that have made thee and not thee thyself. That I have caused these things to be written in a book to be read!

EVEN AS WITH MY SERVANT MOSES, I HAVE DEALT WITH THEE -- even face to face and mouth to mouth have I spoken unto thee. As with My Servant David, so have I done unto thee! (Tongues)

BEHOLD, THOU DOST FIGHT AGAINST ME AND MY WORDS! Beware! (Jesus, I don't want to fight against You, Lord! I just don't know how I can be Thy Moses or Thy David! I'm so weak, and Thou art so strong! My stomach cannot even bear Thy own mouth!) (I had bottled up the Words of the Lord, and I got one helluva stomach ache.) (How can I bear the Words Thou hast spoken unto me -- the things which Thou hast said unto Thy Servant David! How shall Thy People believe these things as tales from a far country? They shall see them as the strange rantings of a madman, as a strange thing they cannot comprehend or understand. For Thou art bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. They think that they have made me!) (Our enemies think that you, my children, have made me. If I would be proclaimed as being this David, the world will say, "God didn't make him: they did!") (Jesus, speak to me! Help me to believe Thy Word! Rebuke the Enemy in Jesus' Name!)

I FORGIVE THEE FOR THY UNBELIEF. I shall give thee faith! Thou must lead My people, like Moses. Thou art as the Voice of God unto them. Even as Moses My Servant was rebellious against Me, so art thou! (But Lord, you ask me to believe so much!) (Crying and tongues: The burden of Thy People upon me is more than I am able to bear, and that which thou hast given me is more than I am able to believe!)

WHY DOST THOU DOUBT? Knowest thou not that all I have to do is speak the Word and it is done? For I have placed upon thee this cross. Why dost thou contest it, and why dost thou doubt? Why dost thou question My Word, and why dost thou have contempt for My Spirit? What if I will to call thee David as I have spoken? (Rebuke in tongues) What if I would but spit upon the ground and make thee from the mud of my spittal. So from My seed, as the spittal of the Father, shall come little ones. Even thy seed shall grow and all generations shall call thee blessed. Thy seed shall call thee blessed! -- For the Word of the Lord is spoken, and I have said it!

CEASE NOW FROM THY DOUBTINGS AND FEARS, AND TRUST IN ME. Be it done unto thee even as I have spoken! See now, how I have turned thee about and caused thee to awaken from slumber. I have turned thee by My Spirit. My Word within thee is as bitterness within thy belly, and My wine is unto thee as My Spirit to set thy tongue free. Even more than the milk of the mother to the baby which is thirsty, am I unto thee. So therefore, hush now thy murmurings against Me! Even as thou hast said that thou shalt receive the mother's milk of My Word, so receive thou.

(IT IS HARD TO SWALLOW, LORD!) Sweet to thy mouth and bitter to thy belly. Therefore thou shalt give it unto many. For they are My Words -- whether thou wilt, or thou wilt not -- whether they be sweet, or whether they be bitter. I have said unto thee that thou shalt speak as a father, and unto them as children. It is for neither of thee to question the Will of Thy God!

(STAY THY HAND, LORD! IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH -- more than these can bear! Thy little ones, Lord -- The little calves of Thy Stall! -- These little lambs of Thy Pasture!)

THOU ART NOT TO QUESTION THAT WHICH I HAVE MADE! Shalt thou tell unto Me what these are able to bear? Heed My Voice, David, lest thou cause them to stumble! (Tongues)

(O GOD, MY GOD, WHY DOST THOU REQUIRE THESE THINGS FROM THESE LITTLE ONES? How can they believe that which Thou hast spoken? -- Even I -- I'm so weak in faith!) Because thy faith shall be as the faith of David, and their strength shall be as the strength of David's men! And thou shalt plunge into battle with them and be the victor, and thou shalt fight as with the strength of the Lord, thy God, and wound the hairy scalp of the Enemy by the power of the Spirit of God. They shall follow thee like sheep whithersoever thou goest. (Yes, Lord, even as lambs to the slaughter!)

(THE SPIRIT INDEED IS WILLING, BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK. (Matthew 26:41b) Jesus, I know not how to go out or come in, so how can I speak for these thy great people! Jesus, I love them. They are as to me the lovers of my kisses -- the children that I love and kiss!) (Here David kisses into the air!) (Jesus, help me to believe!)

FOR IT SHALL BE DONE UNTO THEE EVEN AS I HAVE SPOKEN. Turn thou now upon thy bed and rest. I shall bless thee! So why dost thou question? Thou art the least among many brethren -- from the very ground upon which I spat!

BUT I HAVE KISSED THEE! I have kissed thee, David, and brought thee into being, and My love has called thee David -- Beloved of God! -- For which cause thy Mother did name thee!

(OH, MOTHER, I WISH SOMETIMES THY DAVID WERE SMALL AND YOUNG AGAIN and in thy arms, to suck thy breasts and cry unto thee, than carry such a great weight. I would that I could rest in thy arms, sleep upon thy bosom, and live in the words of thy love, instead of being a Light to the Gentiles, which seeketh unto David! I didn't say those things! You said them, Lord! They're Your Words, not my words! Thou art to blame. You've said it. You've spoken it. You gave the milk!)

TURN NOW UPON THY BED, DAVID, AND JESUS SHALL GIVE THEE REST, and thou shalt awaken unto these many children and speak again My Word unto them. Rest now, sleep, take thy rest. Moses is David -- even as thy mouth is My Word!

THERE ARE THOSE WHICH WAIT AT THY FEET AND THOU SHALT SPEAK UNTO THEM. Therefore, rest thou, take thy rest, and I shall cause thee to speak to them on the morrow. It is enough. (Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. I'm tired and weary and weak. Moses and David give strength unto the mouth. As two in one.)

A FEW DAYS AGO, AS WE WERE THANKING THE LORD FOR OUR MANY BLESSINGS, and particularly for you, our many wonderful children in the Lord, we received this precious little Word from the Lord:

"I have blessed thee above all the sons of men on the face of the earth, that even as Abraham, thy seed shall be as the stars of the heavens in multitude, and as the sands of the sea innumerable. And all generations shall call thee blessed."

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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