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The Devil Hates Sex!--But God Loves It!

By David Brandt Berg - May 20, 1980

Note from Webmaster: This article was not written to encourage promiscuous sex or to give unmarried couples license to engage in sex with no regard for the consequences! When a child is conceived from a union, they should take it as a sign that they are married in God's eyes and should legalize the fact and take responsibility for that child!

THE DEVIL HATES and FIGHTS SEX!--Just the opposite of what the Church teaches! All his pornography and dirty pictures is to downgrade and belittle sex and literally make if filthy! He belittles and downgrades and contaminates sex and does everything he can against sex because it's just about the most beautiful creation of God! The Devil is probably the World's greatest enemy of sex, and for the System churches to have taught that sex was a temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden is one hell of a God-damned doctrine of devils!

JUST THINK, SEX IS PROBABLY THE MOST SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY THERE IS of everything about the body or the physical that comes the closest to something spiritual. An orgasm is really not just physical but it literally flips you out in the Spirit! It's a spiritual experience, just like a gateway to the Spirit World! With me orgasms are really sometimes terrific spiritual explosions!

THE DEVIL HATES SEX!--JUST THINK WHAT A LYING DECEITFUL LIAR HE IS IN THE WAY HE PRETENDS TO PROMOTE IT! He literally pretends to promote it when actually he's fighting it all the time! (Maria: Yes, because people finally come to the point where they just get fed up with only sex sex sex and nothing else and they hate it!) Yes, he pretends to promote it, and all the time he just absolutely degrades it, demeans it, besmirches it and dirties it!--I can't think of a bad enough word for it!

I MEAN HE JUST DRAGS IT THROUGH THE MUD!--WORSE!--HE DRAGS IT THROUGH THE SEWAGE! He drags it down to the gutter level, literally. He just makes people like pigs and hogs in the slime, when God meant for it to be beautiful, and it is beautiful! It's just the Devil that makes it ugly and dirty and illegal.

THE SYSTEM REALLY HATES SEX, YET IT HYPOCRITICALLY PRETENDS TO PROMOTE IT in their commercials and ads and books and pornography and everything else, when all the time they're fighting it, really fighting it! So they make people so sick and fed up with it they don't even want it anymore. My Lord!

WHERE DID THE SYSTEM CHURCHES EVER GET THAT DAMNABLE DOCTRINE OF DEVILS THAT SEX WAS EVE'S TEMPTATION IN THE GARDEN and that sex caused the Fall? Imagine! Why the System Church practically bases its entire religious doctrine all on sex!--That is one of the most important doctrines of all, the Fall of man, the entry of sin, disobedience to God, and they base it all on sex.--That sex is the major sin, that sex caused the Fall of man, that sex was the temptation of Eve and that sex was what got them thrown out of the Garden. Imagine! My Lord, sex had nothing to do with it!

I MEAN SEX WAS ONE OF THEIR FIRST and GREATEST BLESSINGS! I'm sure when they probably first saw each other naked, why dear Adam being the first and perfect man and in tip-top shape, he must have gone bloop direct immediately!--And God probably showed them how to do it so they'd get busy! It was the first blessing in the Bible, the first commandment! (Gen.1:28.)

TO THINK HOW THE (Establishment) CHURCH HAS CORRUPTED THE TRUTH!--You couldn't even say it's corrupted the truth, it's just a plain outright blatant lie to teach that sex is a sin and that sex was the first sin, that sex was their disobedience to God! How horrible! What a terrible thing! (Maria: And nobody's ever corrected it, they must not ever read their Bibles!)

WHAT A TERRIBLE THING TO TEACH CHILDREN! From the time they're born practically to teach them to hate sex and fear sex and abhor sex and deplore sex and be ashamed of sex and be ashamed of their sexual parts and "No, no! Naughty! Dirty! Hide it! Don't ever do that!" (Maria: It's horrible! No wonder people are so perverted now.)

THE WHOLE WORLD IS ABSOLUTELY PERVERTED, TOTALLY PERVERTED IN THAT ONE HELL OF A WRONG ATTITUDE TOWARDS SEX!--That it's something horrible, dirty, filthy, evil, sinful and wicked! They are just virtually blaspheming the creation of God--the most marvellous, miraculous and beautiful of all the physical activities! Just think, one that creates life, new human beings! It's almost super-natural!

BUT THE DEVIL HAS ABSOLUTELY MADE IT AN ABOMINATION to where it's practically one of the cardinal doctrines of the Church--particularly the Catholic Church--to forbid their priests sex, of all things. Imagine! And it has driven them into horrible perversion till they've become a bunch of homosexual perverts! The Priesthood has fallen into the worst kind of sexual sin--sodomy--because of the Church doctrines against sex! Think of it!

MY LORD, IT MAKES ME SO MAD! Whew! I don't think I'm even going to get as mad at the Devil--because he knows it and he knows he's a liar and God knows it and we know it--but how the Church could be so deluded and deceived and so totally led astray and teach such a false doctrine for aeons just makes me furious at the Church!--That they could be so stupid to believe all that! (Maria: Yes, none of them must ever ever read the Bible!)

THE ONLY REASON GOD HAD TO MAKE ANY PROHIBITIONS ABOUT SEX IS BECAUSE OF THEIR PERVERSIONS and that perverted attitude toward it. Lord help us! I mean they have so perverted the whole World's attitude about sex that they as good as have everybody convinced you've got to be a wicked sinner and some kind of a demonic sex pervert or sex maniac to really enjoy it!

THERE WERE A FEW LITTLE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES THROUGH HISTORY THAT HAD SEXUAL FREEDOM and taught sexual freedom, and boy, they hounded them literally to death! Look what they did to the Mormons just because of a little polygamy--which is perfectly Biblically legitimate all through the Bible and not even forbidden in the New Testament!--Except by their misinterpretation probably engineered by the System churches!

IF PEOPLE HAD HAD MORE CHILDREN, WHY THE WORLD WOULD PROBABLY HAVE REACHED A POPULATION STATE WHERE THE LORD COULD HAVE ENDED IT MAYBE A THOUSAND YEARS AGO and He could have come then instead of having to wait 2000 years! But they've been slowing down the sexual process and trying to keep from having children enough to populate the World sufficiently to reach the stage where the Lord wanted it to.

THE DEVIL HATES SEX!--He really hates sex.--True sex, honest sex, Godly sex, sinless sex, beautiful sex, natural sex, he hates it! All he can offer is a counterfeit substitution and a lie!--And it's almost as old as the Bible. His lies are older I guess than the Bible, certainly as old as the Garden of Eden!--What a lie to have persuaded the World that sex was the major sin, the first sin, the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden, that that's why they fell, that sex caused the Fall of man!--And the Church did it, and of course the Devil persuaded them! What a lie, what a perversion, what an absolute contortion of the Truth!

ALL BECAUSE THE DEVIL HATES SEX, REALLY HATES IT!--Because it's a wonderful creation of God, the greatest proof of Love and His existence, and the greatest loving experience that creates new life and new immortal souls for the Eternal Kingdom of God!

WITHOUT LOVE and SEX THERE'D BE NOTHING! No God, no love, no sex, no lovers, no families, no friends, no art, no beauty, no existence at all! Without love and sex there'd be nothing at all but Hell on Earth brought by the Devil who hates'm all!

IF YOU HATE SEX YOU ARE ONE OF THE DEVIL'S CROWD! If you think it's evil, then God and love are evil, for he created it! Come on, let's love and enjoy it like God does! He loves it!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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Diana Isham (San Antonio, US) says...
Thank you so much and God richly bless you for your wonderful article on the way God feels about sexual relations James!
13th April 2018 1:33am
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