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"...for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."
--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family


By David Brandt Berg - 1974
Exorcism - casting out demons from a young man

In Old Testament times the Devil was called "Baalzebub"--"The Lord of the Flies who inhabit dung!" Have you even seen a dungheap filled with flies?--They breed on dung, eat it, live in it, crawl around in it, sow their eggs in it, hatch in it, and, as maggots, crawl around in it and eat it some more before they develop into flies again! In case you don't know what I'm talking about, and you don't know what dung is, I mean shit!--And if you've ever seen a shit-house boiling with maggots and flies, you know what I'm talking about! They also love garbage and love to live in that, too, breeding in it, crawling around in it, and thoroughly delighting in garbage! Anything filthy is their home! Anything vile is their habitation! They love dirt!

JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEIR LORD--THE LORD OF THE FLIES, BAALZEBUB, THE DEVIL! The worship of Baalzebub used to be accompanied by all kinds of filthy, perverted, and lascivious sexual rites, plus his own kind of family planning, or birth control: The sacrifice of living children on the fires of his altars--and even intercourse with his image!

HE WAS WORSHIPPED BY EVERYBODY FROM EGYPTIANS TO JEWS, and it seems the Assyrians, Philistines, and Moabites, all heathen Devil-worshippers, were particularly fond of him! He was wicked Queen Jezebel's idol, and she tried to wipe out all the worshippers of Jehovah and get everybody to worship Baal. Young Gideon and Samson had chopped down his altars and groves, and ripped down his temples; and Elijah killed 450 of his false prophets with his own hands! He continually troubled the Children of Israel and Judah throughout the days of the Kings, with the bad kings worshipping him, and the good kings trying to stamp out his worship, until the Prophet Jeremiah finally blamed Baalzebub for their fall!

--And the people who let him and his flies, his dirty little demons, hang around today, are just as filthy, and headed in the same direction! In Revelation, the Lord calls Babylon, the Whore, the habitation of his devils, and if you want to find plenty of that kind of flies, the churches are full of them! But he also loves to send those dirty little flying devils of his into your midst whenever you let him, and you need to learn how to shoo 'em out, and get rid of them, and not let those damnable little pests hang around contaminating your spirit and breeding the Devil's own dung!

THE FIRST THING TO REMEMBER IS THAT YOU CAN'T DO MUCH FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO BE DELIVERED. Sometimes God will give the power to command a demon, even as it is causing the person to resist you.

Mk.1:23-26: And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out, Saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the Holy One of God. And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him. And when the unclean spirit had torn him, and cried with a loud voice, he came out of him.
Matthew 8:29 And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?

It's called "seizures" by the medical profession. Strange they call it that and won't recognize who is "seizing" the person. They still don't know what causes epilepsy, and they can't cure it. Some doctors have begun to believe in the spiritual causes of diseases. This is a subject I don't like to dwell on too much. Jesus didn't talk too much about the works of the Devil. Don't be afraid of the Devil. Some Christians have become so fascinated by the works of the Devil that they become fascinated by his power and begin to see him in everything.

YOU WILL RUN INTO THIS SITUATION MORE AND MORE. IT'S NOT A PROBLEM OF DISEASE, OR SIN, BUT MORE AND MORE IT WILL BE DEMON POSSESSION. THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A DEMON OF FEAR. I remember a girl who was sick for eight years through a fear of death, literally in bondage. Spent all that time in bed, her feet were like hands. A few minutes after we prayed with her, she got up and walked. The best thing to do is remind them of the Word; the Devil can't stand the Word, nor the name of Jesus. You should try to get them to say the name of Jesus. Remember Jonah got out of the belly of the whale when he said, "Salvation is of the Lord" (Jon.2:9).

THE MAIN THING IS TO KNOW THE WORD. Faith is built on the Word; that's the contract and the law. That's why you can claim it and command the Lord to fulfill His promises. Secondly, remember to get their will on your side and get them to ask for themselves in Jesus' name; and get them filled with the Spirit, if possible. If there's some areas in their life that they are resisting God, it will give the Devil a chance to get in--pride, disobedience, selfishness. (Eph.4:27) Don't have any area in your life that the Devil can get hold of.
Ephesians 4:27 Neither give place to the devil.

A good example is the story of Huddersfield. A rich landlord tried to buy all of a particular village, but one poor farmer refused to sell his little plot of land! The landlord offered him all kinds of money, but the farmer out of pride refused to sell. His last remark to the landlord was, "Remember, you and I own Huddersfield." Don't let the Devil be able to say that of you to God. Don't let him claim some area of your life, some area of rebelliousness, of self-indulgence.

THE FIRST PURPOSE OF THE DEVIL IS TO CONDEMN. He will condemn you in your own heart and tell you that God will not hear you because of one sin or another. He will also accuse you to God and tell Him not to listen to you. He tries to make God stick to the letter of the law. He's the prosecuting attorney who is constantly reminding the Judge of the law. But the Judge will look at the grace and the sacrifice of your Defense Attorney, Jesus Christ.

One of our centers had a problem with a young man who was afflicted with a lying spirit. He had joined us as one of the outstanding leaders of the Jesus People Movement, and was good leadership potential and was put in a place of considerable responsibility, so his sporadic affliction with the lying spirit had caused quite a bit of difficulty from time to time. But each time he would repent and apologise, so we would forgive him and permit him to resume his duties; but each time his trouble recurred, it seemed to be getting worse instead of better!

Finally, during a major conference on an important new worldwide move for the Lord, the Enemy, as usual, tried to hinder and delay by using this boy to stir up trouble to try to get our minds, time and energy all involved and taken up with trying to solve this young man's problems, instead of the Lord's major business at hand. This is one of the Enemy's stock tactics to keep you from getting God's Work done, and he always tries to get into one of you yourselves to cause the trouble where he can do the most damage through inside turmoil, dissension, contention, and division. "Divide and conquer!" is the Devil's own slogan!

The Lord had warned me about this very precious young man when he first joined us, that he had been through some very terrible and trying experiences, including drugs, evil spirits, demonic religions, and incarceration, which had left him both bodily and spiritually weak, so weak that he could not be put under too much pressure or in a position of too much responsibility or he would crack up again, as he had before. Also the Lord warned me that since this precious young man was so earnestly desirous of serving the Lord in a capacity of some leadership, he would be tempted by the Enemy through pride and jealousy.

Recently, though somewhat of a novice in our work, he had become quite exalted in a position of primary leadership, due to our great need for the ministry in which he was involved. He apparently, therefore, became somewhat lifted up in his own mind, began to challenge the authority of others, dealing critically, proudly, jealously, harshly, and unlovingly with some of his brethren and co-workers. We had had the same problem with him before in other places with other people, so obviously the difficulty was with him and not his situation. However, because of his weaknesses we had not dealt with him severely about it, since each time he would be sorry and seem to repent and temporarily reform, and we did not want to push him too hard or precipitate a crisis in his condition.

However, he really let the Devil in this time. He not only listened to the Devil's lies himself, but he passed them on to others. In one letter alone, written in his own hand, he uttered exactly 40 lies, and he had written other letters along the same line as well as bitter, and scathing denunciations and verbal attacks on some of the dearest, sweetest, humblest, and hardest working people I've ever known!

When informed of this and the havoc he was creating and the burden he was becoming, not only letting the Devil drag himself down but dragging others with him and impeding the progress of the Work of God, as well as cursing and showing his utter disregard for his own brethren, we just couldn't take it any longer!

The procedures we used in dealing with the Devil in this young man's particular case I might suggest to all of you who may have similarly severe problems with the demon-possessed, obsessed, or oppressed--and there's a difference between those who are totally possessed, those who are temporarily haunted, and those who are only attacked by the Enemy from the outside. I don't believe a child of God can be totally possessed by the Devil, but if you believe his lies, he sometimes seems to be able to take over temporary control, and he can certainly give you Hell from the outside! So whatever you do, don't even listen to him, much less believe him or teach or act on his lies!

So I'm going to suggest that you may want to do, if so led of the Lord, as we did in this particular case and have done in other cases like this in the past:

FIRST OF ALL, as God's Word says, deal with him privately about his problem, alone at first, gently and lovingly calling his attention to it and asking if he noticed it or is aware of it, and that if he thinks he should do these things in view of such-and-such Scriptures, etc. If he sees where he's wrong, confesses it to you personally, seems genuinely sorry and repentant and definitely apologises to any and all whom he has wronged or who have been affected by his discrepancies, you may forgive him.

According to the Scriptures, you're to try to correct him at least two or three times, and if he repents, confesses, and apologises, he's to be restored as a brother, remain in the group, and continue working with you in some capacity, even though perhaps not the more important one with which he had originally been trusted, unless he proves during his probationary period that he has really changed for the better, and can be trusted again!

However, according to these same Scriptures, after having been admonished privately, and then by two or three brethren, and finally, by the whole group, if he still refuses to confess, repent, and apologise for his faults, but shows a rebellious tendency to persist in them, you have to ask him to leave, because a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump, and one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrelful and drag you all down and hinder the Work of God! So you'll have to ask him to go. Usually by this time you don't even have to ask them--they usually leave of their own accord because they don't want to change or have to face the music.

However, OCCASIONALLY THEIR LITTLE DEVIL WILL WANT THEM TO PERSIST IN HANGING AROUND SO HE CAN GIVE YOU MORE PROBLEMS, stir up more trouble, cause more turmoil and keep you busy taking care of him. Don't let this happen to you!

IF THE CASE IS SEVERE, such as this one we've mentioned, and the person in question continues to listen to, believe, and spread the lies of the Devil amongst others, sowing seeds of dissension and discord among brethren, one of the seven abominations to God, you will have to use very firm measures in dealing with the case, particularly if it's demonically inspired, because devils can frequently cause their victims to erupt in violence if they don't get their way, and either harm themselves or those around them!

So, to protect the result of the group or family, you may have to restrict the errant member to his quarters, and limit his contact with others until you are through dealing with him and he has made his decision either to repent or leave. If he is really possessed, obsessed, or oppressed by an evil spirit, then you should deal with him accordingly, calling the brethren together for prayer over him and laying hands on him to either cast out or rebuke the evil spirit, and pray for his complete deliverance.

IF HE DOES NOT SEEM TO WANT TO BE DELIVERED OR GET DELIVERED hereby, you must, of course, with reluctance, explain to him why he must leave the house, in order that he not be a bad influence and in order to protect the others there, as according to God's Word.

IN THE MOST EXTREME CASES WHERE THERE'S DANGER OF VIOLENCE and harm to himself or others, which usually occurs at the time of united prayer for his deliverance as the demon comes out of him, or if he refuses to let it go and explodes, you may have to be sure that you have enough brethren there to physically restrain him from doing any damage, if necessary. It can take as many as ten men to restrain the demon-possessed: two to each arm and leg and two to the head, which the Devil often tries to jerk to break his victim's neck! This is no joke!

I COULD TELL YOU SOME THINGS ABOUT DEMONS FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCES THAT WOULD MAKE YOUR HAIR STAND ON END, scare you half to death and maybe give you a few sleepless nights unless you really know the Lord and have lots of faith and aren't afraid of the Devil! But I don't care to advertise the Devil's business! But just let me warn you: The demon-possessed can do a lot of damage and have the strength of nearly ten men, especially when the Devil's confronted with the truth of his evil deeds and the prospect of having to leave his happy home! I have known demons to go from the one extreme of having sexual intercourse with their victims to the opposite extreme of choking them to death, as well as knocking the furniture around in the bargain!

So DON'T PLAY AROUND WITH THE DEVIL! Before you deal with a very severe case, have your whole group down on their knees in prayer and fasting, and have at least a dozen elders or top men, or maybe all your people, participate together at the crucial moment of the laying on of hands for deliverance, in case he responds with violence. It would be a good idea to have two brethren at this moment of exorcism lay four hands firmly on one leg, two other brethren lay four hands firmly on the other leg, and two other strong brethren firmly gripping each arm, while two others lay hands on his head to keep it from jerking or falling as they pray! Again, this is no joke!

It must be made perfectly clear throughout all of this that the person is not being restrained from leaving, but is absolutely free to leave the premises at any time he chooses!--And you're only praying for him in such a way as to be prepared to restrain him from hurting himself or others should he become violently torn by the Devil as you pray, which sometimes happens as in the Bible. Remember some of the cases Jesus dealt with and the Seven Sons of Sceva! One demoniac beat up seven men, and even chains could not bind another! You'd better be sure you know what you're doing and what you're dealing with and how to do it by the power of God's Spirit, and know your authority by the Word of God, and pray with faith and conviction, rebuke the Devil definitely, and cast him out firmly in the Name of Jesus, and tell him exactly where to go, because he has to obey you and go exactly where you tell him in Jesus' name! Don't let him reenter his victim or someone else in the group, or remain on the premises.

IF YOUR PROBLEM SUBJECT IS NOT DELIVERED IMMEDIATELY, which sometimes happens because of unyielded sin in the person to which the Devil clings, or due to the subject's own stubborn willfulness and refusal to yield up his evil spirit, unless he shows a definite improvement and genuine desire to be delivered, don't keep him around! Get him off the property as soon as possible! With genuine demonic cases, they can cause all kinds of trouble, including violent attacks on their own loved ones, such as wife and/or children, or even themselves! So keep all dangerous articles and possible victims out of reach and the demoniac carefully watched and restricted until he's left the property!

MEN HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO KILL THEIR OWN WIVES AND CHILDREN UNDER DEMONIC INFLUENCE AND SAY, "GOD TOLD ME TO!"--Or even commit suicide! So don't let it happen with yours! This is the reason for strict restriction and close observation of their activities before leaving the property, to prevent harm to themselves or others. Therefore, families should not be required to follow them unless they so desire. Disclaim responsibility for them and immediately notify the authorities, if necessary.

Here again is a simple summary of the steps to follow which we recommend in severe cases of demon possession or temporary obsession:

  1. Pray with him privately about his problem and for deliverance.
  2. If no change, have two or three brethren pray with him about it.
  3. If still no change, restrict him to his quarters in prayer and fasting and Bible and MO Letter reading, if possible.
  4. You and other strong brethren join in his room in desperate prayer and a firm laying on of hands, while you command the demon to leave him in the Name of Jesus and tell it to leave the property, enter none else, and not return.
  5. As demons sometimes go into a violent rage when being confronted in prayer, be sure your men have a firm grip on the subject, so the demon cannot harm him or cause him to harm others, as it leaves him, or if he refuses to give it up.
  6. Be sure his wife and/or children are separated from him at this time so he cannot harm them, and she must consent to same.
  7. If he seems to be completely delivered, confesses, apologises to all, and truly repents (stops it) you may forgive him and restore him to fellowship, on probation, watching him prayerfully until sure. This probationary period should last a week or two or more.
  8. In some cases, lest he subvert even his wife and children in privacy, it's wise to request that they both consent to separation during this period of probation.
  9. In some cases of probation, it's also wise to have the subject continue in fasting and prayer and study for a day or two until he shows definite signs of deliverance or makes a definite decision to leave. Set a definite time limit on his decision to comply or leave.
  10. In cases which refuse to respond favourably to any of this treatment, but decide to leave or must be requested to leave because of failure to comply, set the exact hour of their required departure at a humane and convenient time if possible.
  11. Their mate or children should not be required to leave with them if the mate or children prefer to stay elsewhere.
  12. Notify the authorities at once by phone, depending on the severity of the case. PRAY!

ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO US IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH! The spirits are subject unto us! God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind! Perfect love casts out all fear! In nothing be terrified by your Adversary, the Devil! I resist you, Satan, In Jesus' Name! Resist the Enemy and he will flee from thee! Get thee behind me, Satan! Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world! When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him! Give no place to the Enemy! Whatsoever is bound on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever is loosed on earth, shall be loosed in Heaven!

I LOVE TO FIGHT THE ENEMY!--As a strong man that loves to run a race, and a strong man that rejoiceth and shouteth by reason of wine, as a knight that loves the fray, and arouseth himself to fight the Enemy! If you let the Enemy in, I'll knock him out of you! Today, they shock him out! Before, they used to beat him out! They don't know how to resist him in Jesus' Name!

IT'S SO RIDICULOUS TO THINK THE HOUSE OF BAALZEBUB CAN FIGHT THE HOUSE OF DAVID!--That the Lord of the Flies can flight the Lord of the Living! The flies only eat the dead, the dung, and the dying, and are killed by the Living! I love to fight for the Cause of David and the Name of Jesus! Be strong in the Lord and the power of His Might! HALLELUJAH!

WE HAVEN'T EVEN BEGUN TO FIGHT YET! It makes me furious when people take the attacks of the Enemy lying down and let the Devil walk all over them without resistance, or go pussyfooting around trying to appease him or trying not to disturb or upset him or arouse him! I like to hit him head on and rebuke him in the Name of Jesus in the power of the Spirit and get rid of him, not just keep putting up with him, tolerating him and letting him hang around bothering us and the poor people he's oppressing, obsessing and attacking! Hallelujah! Let's declare war on the Evil One! We've declared war on his works and his Churchianity and his Whore!--Let's declare war on the Old Boy himself!

When you are praying for someone, quote Scripture and recall similar situations from the Bible. That's where your faith will come from: Faith comes from the Word. The following are a few of the Scriptures you will find helpful and strengthening:

Jn.4:4,7 ; Ps.34:19 ; Jn.14:14 ; Mk.16:18 ; 6:5 ; Col.1:10 ; Heb.11:6 ; 1Jn.3:22 ; Ro.10:17 ; Mt.10:1 ; Lk.10:20 ; Mt.8:29 ; Heb.2:15 ; Jo.2:9 ; Ep.4:27 ; 1Sam.15:23 ; Rev.2:10 ; Zec.3:1 ; 1Jn.3:21 ; Rev.3:20 ; Pr.29:1 ; Mk.1:23-26 ; Heb.4:12 .
Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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Kago Adams (Gaborone City, Botswana) says...
Hi God bless you I'm in love with deliverance ministry halelluyah. Came across your site and fell in love with it and would like to keep following you
Wow how long will you be in Japan!? How about visiting Africa .. !? Demons sure needs to be punched in the nose..:) wow im just excited to the core and dont know what to say... Just loving what you guys do. Thanks. Remain blessed.
I would love to visit Africa someday! God has called me to Japan but may lead me to visit a US territory soon.
God bless you!
17th February 2018 5:30am
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