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The Roman Emperor's great mistake! -- Why Christianity was infiltrated by paganism!

--by David Brandt Berg, Feb. 1985
Constantine, the first Christian Emperor of Rome

I've often said that the Muslims were just tools in the Hands of God to punish the Christians for their sins during the rise of Mohammed and Islam. Because by that time, the 6th and 7th centuries, Christianity had become as idolatrous and as wicked and as corrupt as any kind of paganism, and their temples were filled with idols, statues of Mary and Joseph and blah blah! They just cleaned out the old pagan idols and put in new ones, that's all. That's all the Romans did. They even used some of the same old heathen temples for their churches. That's what the first Christian church building was (estatablished by Constantine around 325 AD) , did you know that? It was not built, it was a former pagan Roman heathen temple! They just painted over the pictures and painted on new pictures.

They threw out all the old idols and made new ones! After all, they didn't want to put the poor idol-makers out of business! Making images and idols was big business in those days! They didn't want to put all those great Mediaeval artists out of business, they had to have work and it meant money. So they gave them new business to paint new pictures and make new idols.--And not only that, they didn't want to put all the temple builders out of business or the Temple's Union would have howled! So the government put them to work building new temples, only now they were Christian temples instead of pagan temples.

Look how much was economic in the corruption of the Church, just to keep businesses going and people busy and furnish employment! Besides, they were just commanded by Caesar to become Christians. An early Emperor proclaimed, "From now on Rome is Christian!" Whether they got saved or not, they had to worship the Christian idols and the Christian God and worship in Christian temples, whether they liked it or not! Is that conversion? Is that Salvation?--No!

So no wonder it became such a Hell of a religion full of a bunch of rats who in secret were still worshipping their old gods and idols and only came to the temple because they had to and were compelled to, and only confessed that they worshipped God or Jesus and Mary because they were forced to! Just like the former Roman Emperors used to force'm to worship the old pagan gods, they turned around and started forcing them to worship Jesus! What kind of a Salvation is that? What kind of Christianity is that? That's not any good Christianity! They were just forced to worship even when they didn't want to. That wasn't changing hearts. Their hearts were just as black and wicked and filthy and corrupt as they were before, so there were corrupt people in the congregation and corrupt priests in the pulpit, all there only because they were forced to.

They actually took some of the images, the actual idols, painted them over and called them Mary and Joseph, etc.! That's actual ancient history! It probably doesn't come out too much now because the Catholics wouldn't like it. But they had this beautiful statuary, gorgeous statues, and they didn't want to just throw'm all away. So any that they could possibly just paint over and change the pictures a little bit and call them Joseph, Mary or somebody else, they did! They didn't want to destroy all that beautiful classical art, so they just changed the expression or changed the rod to a cross or something like that. Well, the Catholics were guilty of a lot of that kind of corruption, so it's no wonder God sent the Muslims down on the Christians.

Update on December 19, 2013

I found an article on that adds much more insights to this topic. It looks like the Emperor Constantine purposely sought to destroy real faith in Christ by ostensibly accepting Christianity as the religion of Rome! Below are excepts from the website:

Around the year 312, Emperor Constantine, in a very clever and devious plan to finally vanquish Christianity, decided to fake his conversion, and to make Christianity the Official State Religion of the Roman Imperium, better known today as the Roman Empire. The idea was that the best way to destroy the Christian movement, was to lead the Christian movement. After having tried to vanquish the Christian “sect” which was constantly growing, they had employed inquisition after inquisition over the last few hundred years, killing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Christians. But much to their dismay, the Supreme Roman Pontiffs discovered that with each new round of persecution and extermination of the Christians, that they only grew and multiplied even more.

Their “Final Solution” failed time and time again and backfired on them each and every time. Thus they decided that before Christianity became so large that they would eventually conquer Rome through sheer numbers, that they would devise a new “Final Solution.” They devised an ingenious plan of making Christianity the Official Roman Religion, thus being able to regulate its Doctrine and Dogma. And then, to suffocate it from within. Thus Roman Emperor Constantine faked his own conversion to Christianity, and the process of making Christianity the State Religion began. And this is how the Holy Roman Imperium, or the Roman Empire, was morphed into what we now know as the ‘Holy Roman See.’ It in all actuality never fell. It simply became a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

It could now regulate all the Doctrine, Dogma and Affairs of the Church through Dictates. Is all one has to do to see this is to examine closely the power structure and government offices and agencies of the Roman Empire and then simply compare them to the “Holy Roman See.” They are absolutely identical. Office for office, agency for agency. And the people who were contemporaries at the time were none the wiser, as outwardly, they observed this morphing and largely thought it was the result of this evil governments “Conversion.”

Now that they were leading the “Christian Movement” they were now in the driver’s seat and could slowly corrupt it over time through various control mechanisms. It was indeed very clever and very devious, and largely successful. Now that I have shown good reason for not believing that Rome ever fell, but was instead morphed into the Roman Catholic Church, I would like to change the subject a little bit and speak about one of the Roman Catholic Church’s unofficial symbols or idols. It is the Eye of Horus. And once you know what it is, you will begin to see this symbol embedded into much of the Roman Catholic Church’s architecture, art, as well as see it hidden in all sorts of places even you will be surprised to find it.

You might be asking by now, what does the ‘All Seeing Eye of Horus’ have to do with the Vatican? And why did the World Trade Center have the ‘All Seeing Eye of Horus’ embedded into its plaza? And why is there a nearly identical ‘Eye of Horus’ at the Vatican? If you are asking yourself these questions, your on the right track. Keep asking. Seek and you will find. But remember this; Ask the wrong questions, and you receive the wrong answers. Ask the Right questions, and you receive the right answers. So, what is the all seeing eye of Horus doing in both the Vatican and the World Trade Center Plaza? And why is it on the back of all our Dollar bills? Where did it come from, and what are its origins? The answer to those questions will shed light on many things, from the Vatican’s very existence, to why the same symbol of paganism was embedded into the World Trade Center Plaza.

First of all, it is not a Christian symbol, quite the opposite. It is a symbol of pagan religions that are extremely opposed to Christianity, and the one True God. The symbol comes straight from what is known as the ‘Mystery Religions of Babylon.’ And its origins go back almost to the beginning of time! It had it’s beginnings with the Egyptian Empire. In the Egyptian Empire, they worshipped many gods, and one of them was the ‘Sun God.’ They really didn’t worship the Sun, as much as they did the one they thought was the ‘bringer of this great light’ to them. He is known as the ‘Light Bearer’ and otherwise known as Lucifer. He was the great object of their worship. And the Egyptians paid him homage, gave great gifts to him, willingly served him, and performed prolific human sacrifice to him as well. We know this from history. Human sacrifice was as much a part of the Egyptian dynasties as was cruelty, slavery and high taxes. They called it paying homage to their different gods, however;

One could rightly call it a Wine-press, for they squeeze the life out of victim after victim in obedience to their god, Lucifer. Thats the best way of describing it, as he squeezes each person life’s blood out of them as though they were grapes. And they were and are rewarded with not only communion from Lucifer, but with power to Rule as well. It is a fairly simple formula of wickedness. They worship Lucifer willingly, and perform prolific human sacrifice, as well as many other abominations, and in exchange they receive spiritual Communion and Power to Rule from Satan, the Prince of this World. Please review the next four images. The 4th one being the youtube video. They are all the “Eye of Horus.” What is truly sickening is the 4th image and video. For it shows that at the 1 year World Trade Center commemoration ceremonies, hapless, ignorant people being choreographed and marched into what turns out to be another representation of the “Eye of Horus.” And this, right underneath where the previous Eye of Horus had stood. Once you are able to grasp even part of the meaning of this, it should stir quite a lot of anger and disgust within you. It is something that once learned, you will never forget. For it is almost like staring into the eye of Satan himself. It shows many things, but one thing is painfully obvious. That those who rule over us mock us openly with their own secret religion of darkness! This, more than everything else, will show you that 911 was caused by a dark evil congregation of forces on earth, and that it was no small conspiracy. And it is this church and hierarchy which has created all of the dark secret societies and false religions through time, and invented and controls the International Banking Institutions as well. Remember, the hierarchy of this church, as well as its offices and agencies trascends this particular church itself, and they span all 7 empires through time. Now notice below, the “Eye of Horus” at the Vatican. This simply demonstrates what I declared above. That the origin of this church lies at the beginning of time and at the beginning of the first Empire of Earth, Egypt.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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James & Tess Arendt

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Charles Pineda Jr. (Sacramento Ca., US) says...
James Arendt: The Lord of the heavenly forces as the Prophet Isaiah referred to Israel's God Almighty has your back, for the truth will set one free. Satan and his demons play are a large part on planet earth, but,Praise the Lord, they have a limited time to do all their dirty anti Christ work,and they know it. I'm a Preacher at the Sacramento Union Gospel Mission on 5th Mondays. Our group the St.Matthew Outreach Ministries provides the spiritual food and the UGM provides the physical ... Read More
Dear Brother Chuck,

I am honored to hear from you, sir. I don't think I have ever been contacted before by a man who was a judge and who ran as a candidate for Governor of the great state of California!

You might be interested to know that after being raised in Roman Catholic darkness in Chicago, Sacramento was where I first heard the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and got saved! God brought me to California in 1971 when serving in the USAF.

Thank you for your encouragment. All glory to God!
James Arendt
Guam, USA
8th August 2020 11:25am
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