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Jesus People? Or Revolution!

What the Children of God Really Believe!

By David Brandt Berg, Video Tape Transcription, June, 1971
This is an oldie goldie message from David Berg to the early Children of God membership in response to various churches and groups that tried to imitate the Children of God's methods but were still compromised in body and spirit with the world. The language used is quite strong in places, but please remember that David was talking to former hippies during the height of the hippy movement in the USA who already hated the hypocrisy of the world even before they became Christians!
Churchy young people claiming to be a revolution for Jesus
"They're nothing but a bunch of System kids and church kids with long hair! They'll walk down the street with a sign in a big, nice church-organised group supposed to be a demonstration with organised, pre-planned police protection and everything else! And they call it revolutionary! Ha!"

JESUS PEOPLE?--THEY'RE NOT REVOLUTIONARY AND THEY DON'T HAVE A REVOLUTION! They're nothing but a bunch of System kids and church kids with long hair! They haven't revolted from anything! They haven't dropped out of the System! They're still working at System jobs, they haven't left their System churches, they haven't changed a damned thing except their looks!--Running around imitating and trying to look like hippies!--Plastic as the Scribes and Pharisees themselves! They don't have any revolution! It's just a lot of pure Systemites running around in sheep's clothing, sheepskin coats! That's a very popular hippie thing, isn't it?--Sheepskin coats?

THEY HAVEN'T CHANGED A THING, THEY HAVEN'T CHANGED THE SYSTEM! The only difference between them and these little nice pusillanimous kids that are sitting in church, is the fact that they let their hair grow and they look a little hip, and they'll walk down the street with a sign in a big, nice church-organised group supposed to be a demonstration with organised, pre-planned police protection and everything else! And they call it revolutionary! (Faith:--They don't even have a reformation!)

SO THEY'VE GOT A LOT OF CHURCHES AND CHURCH PEOPLE WORKING WITH THEM, and it started in the church and it'll end in the church--so-called church!--Nothing revolutionary about it at all! It would no more appeal to a Communist or a genuine radical or a real revolutionary or somebody that hates the System and is sick and fed up with the church than Capitalism would appeal to them! They're just an absolute counterfeit--a cheap imitation! Let's hope they're getting saved--that's about all I can say. Thank God, nevertheless, Jesus is preached! That's the best I can say for them. But saved for what? What, on God's earth, are they going to be good for here? What good is it that they're saved?

WE ARE NOT LIKE EVEN THE RADICALS or the so-called "radical revolutionaries", the violent revolution, the so-called Communists, or Marxists, Maoists, or any of the rest of them! We are not looking forward to a revolution! Is that clear? We are not expecting a revolution! We are not just thinking about revolution! We have a revolution and we are a revolution and this is a revolution and we are already living a revolution! We have already revolted, we have already dropped out! We have already cursed the churchianity system as an abomination to God--the Devil's abomination to God!

MAN, WE HAVE DROPPED OUT OF THE SYSTEM! We only use it for the glory of God! We have already had our revolution, and we are having it and we are living it, and we are genuine revolutionaries! We've already taken over the revolution of God! We have already taken over the Kingdom of God, so to speak! As Jesus said: "the violent take it by force"! Understand what I mean?

WE HAVE A VIOLENT REVOLUTION OF THE SPIRIT! Not physical violence, we don't believe in it!--But we have already perpetrated our own violent revolution of our own spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit of God!--Don't you understand that? God has already revoluted us! It's already happened! It's happened to you already! Christ has already revoluted your whole life and soul and your spirit! God had done it already! You are a revolution! You are the revolution of God! You are the Kingdom of God!

YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY REAL JESUS PEOPLE, WHO ARE LIVING LIKE JESUS AND HIS DISCIPLES, instead of just going around namby-pamby preaching it! Well, they preach Salvation, thank God for that! Let's hope they get saved! But Jesus and His disciples lived it, unlike the Scribes and Pharisees who also preached love and preached God, but they didn't live it! They were a bunch of phoney fakers because they hadn't dropped out of the System and they were damned compromisers that compromised with the damned System every inch of the way--including the damned Roman Government and damned churchianity religious System of their day!

BUT WE, LIKE JESUS CHRIST AND HIS DISCIPLES, ARE LIVING OUR REVOLUTION, HIS REVOLUTION, God's Revolution, God's Word's Revolution, and the revolution that God's word talks about from start to finish! That's the kind of revolution we have! This is the real, one and only, genuine revolution that'll ever survive, because this is the revolutionary Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ! That's the difference! We're not looking for revolution, we're not waiting for revolution, we're not planning a revolution--we are a revolution, and we're having a revolution and we're living a revolution every day and every single one of you is a revolution of Jesus Christ!!!--Every last one of you! Praise God? To Hell with their revolution!

THE SO-CALLED JESUS PEOPLE, THIS CHURCHIANITY, LITTLE CHURCHY-KID, SYSTEM-KID, SO-CALLED "JESUS" OUTFIT!...I JUST HOPE THEY'RE SAVED, that's all! But they're not living it--they haven't quit their jobs, they haven't forsaken all, they're not on the streets all day, every day trying to tell folks about Jesus! They haven't dropped out of the damned Whore, the abominable churchianity system! They haven't dropped out of the damned commercial system, their job and all the rest of it! They don't have any revolution! They couldn't begin to hold a candle to you!

YOU ARE THE ONLY REAL REVOLUTIONARIES! WHY COMPARED TO YOU, THE COMMUNISTS ARE PHONIES--compromisers, because they have simply revamped the damnable hellish, fiendish, devilish, commercial, whorish, idolatrous system itself to their own advantage! They're not revolutionaries--not at all! They're just a new bunch of guys running the same system, that's all! No different from Capitalism or anything else. Still a bunch of evil men; and they've got the same damnable, devilish, fiendish, Satanic System!--The same thing! Right?

WE ARE MORE REVOLUTIONARY THAN THE COMMUNISTS BECAUSE THEY CAN'T CHANGE ONE DAMNED HEART! In fact, every damned one of them is lost if he doesn't find Jesus! They haven't changed a single heart and there's no revolution of God's earth that's going to last, not even last out this life, much less last out Eternity, unless the heart is changed! God's got to revolute the heart! He's got to revolute your heart, and you've got to change your life! Don't tell me your heart is changed and you don't change your life--and you don't drop out of the damned, cursed system or the damned abominable churchy system!

DON'T TELL ME THAT YOU'RE CHANGED! YOU'RE NOT A DAMNED BIT CHANGED, WHEN YOU GO BACK TO THE SAME DAMNED ACCURSED JOB AND SLAVE FOR THE SAME DAMNED MASTER, the same damned system! Jesus Christ Himself said,--Listen!--God's own words: "Ye cannot serve God and mammon!" You can't do it--it's impossible for you to serve them both! And yet those churchianity Jesus People go right back and serve mammon five, six days a week. All but Sunday--and then they feel so pious and so good because they go and serve God on the seventh day!--And it's not even the seventh day! The seventh day of the week is Saturday! The Jews are more right than they are!

THE JESUS PEOPLE HAVEN'T DROPPED OUT! THEY'RE STILL A PART OF THE DAMNED SYSTEM--the fiendish, hellish, whorish, commercial, Churchianity System!--Not a bit of difference! No change! No revolution! Don't tell me your heart is changed, don't tell me your life is changed, don't tell me you've had a genuine repentance--a real metanoia--a real complete change of mind and heart!... Do you know what "metanoia" means, the Greek word in the New Testament which is translated in our New Testament "repentance"? It means a complete turning around and going the other way!

NOW, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT REALLY MEANS?--When you're driving your car down the street and you decide you want to go the opposite direction, what do you have to do?--You've gotta make a U-turn! You better be sure as hell you don't do it against the law or you get a ticket! Well, let me tell you something--it's dangerous to make a U turn! Right? It's against the law! It's against the System's law to make a U turn and go the other direction! Right? Well, that's why it's dangerous to have a real Revolution! But when you do, you're doing exactly what the word "metanoia" translated in our New Testament means: "Repent"!--"for the Kingdom of God is at hand"!

DO YOU KNOW WHAT JESUS WAS SAYING WHEN HE SAID THAT? Do you know what He was saying? He was saying, Revolute!--Revolt!--For the Kingdom of God is at hand! Did you get that point? He said, turn around and start going the other direction! You cannot keep on living the same way! You cannot do the same way anymore! You cannot go back and be a slave of Mammon five to six days a week and then tell us that you're serving God!! You cannot serve God and Mammon! It's impossible! Jesus Himself said it! You'll either "love the one and hate the other, or hold to the one and despise the other!" Which are you serving?

LET ME TELL YOU, WE HAVE A CHANGE OF DIRECTION! We have gone down that damned street and we didn't like it and we have turned completely around, we have revolved, revoluted, we have Revolution and are going the exact opposite direction! That's what we've done and that's what we're doing! This is a Revolution! We are not compromising and conforming to the damnable System church! We are not conforming to the damnable Commercial System! We have dropped out economically! We have dropped out religiously, spiritually! And the only reason we stay at peace with the political System is because God's Word commands it for the sake of peace! We have dropped out educationally from the hellish, fiendish, Devil's own Satanic propaganda education--educational System!

WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT A REVOLUTION LIKE THE COMMUNISTS, PROMISING WORLD UTOPIA SOMEDAY! WE HAVE GOT IT RIGHT NOW! We have Heaven on earth in our hearts and in our Colonies! Now! Hallelujah?! We have got Revolution, we have got Revolution in our hearts! God has already revoluted us, turned us around and started us the other direction, a totally different direction--Not just a slight variation, not just turned a corner like the Jesus People--so-called! But the Children of God are a genuine, total, absolute, positive, Re-vo-lu-tion!--For Jesus! Hallelujah? Thank you, Jesus!

DON'T BE A COMPROMISER! YOU CAN'T HAND ME ALL THAT SHIT ABOUT BEING ABLE TO WORK FOR THE DEVIL SIX DAYS A WEEK AND STILL BE A CHRISTIAN ON SUNDAYS! That's a lot of bull! And it makes God sick at His stomach--lukewarmness! Why, He'd rather you'd be hot like us, or cold like the poor sinners who don't know any better!

BUT THOSE SICKENING, PUSILLANIMOUS, MAKE-YOU-WANT-TO-PUKE-RIGHT-ON-THE-FLOOR, LUKE-WARM, CHURCHIANITY CHRISTIANS LIKE THE SO-CALLED JESUS PEOPLE, WHO ARE IMITATING US, MAKE GOD SICK!--Imitating the hair, imitating a little witnessing, imitating a little demonstration, and going right back to the same damned abominable church buildings that are a curse of the church and accursed of God! They're going right back to that same damnable System, commercial, Satanic job of serving Mammon with most of their time, and most of their strength, and most of their lives...and living like everybody else--no different!--Their own private selfish house, their own private selfish job, their own private selfish family, their own private selfish everything!

THEY'RE NOT LIVING LIKE JESUS AND HIS DISCIPLES DID! They're not living in cooperation! They're not living, sharing, having all things in common, giving one to the other! They haven't revolted, they haven't revolved, they haven't revoluted, they haven't even changed direction! Maybe they just slowed down a little bit, that's all! They're not going to Hell quite as fast! Let's hope that some of them aren't going to Hell! Let's hope that their faith in Jesus is going to save them! But their faith in that damned kind of religion, churchianity religion, it isn't going to save them in this life from the damnations of the Devil on this side! It may save them in Eternity, I hope, but if they're still going to be slaves of the Devil here, My God, how much hope for them there? That's no revolution! That's no change, that's no difference! Forget about it! That's not a Revolution!

YOU, THE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE GOD'S REVOLUTION FOR THIS HOUR AND THIS DAY! You're it! You're the only ones I know in the world who are living like Jesus and His Disciples, who are not just talking about it, not just preaching it, but living it, living together in peace and in love and in joy and in witnessing and in Bible study and in prayer and in praise and in sharing a genuine, absolute and total change! All is changed! Nothing the same anymore! The change in life! "Not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me!" For it is not I that live, I'm dead. "My life is hid with Christ in God"! Amen?

BUT WE HAVE A REVOLUTION! THANK THE LORD! YOU ARE A REVOLUTION because you are the Revolution of Jesus Christ in the hearts of men, and that's the only total Revolution there is! That is the only absolutely dead-sure, life-sure, Eternal-life-sure Revolution in the world today! It's the kind that not just so-called changes your hearts just because you say "I take Jesus" and then you go on living, working at the same job, living like you did before!--Maybe don't take any more drugs, maybe you do a few nice little things you didn't used to do, and you try to be good, and you go to church on Sunday! Oh, you really changed, you changed the world, you changed your life! Some change! Huh? You look just like you used to do, you go back to the same job you used to go back to, you cooperate with the same damned churches that you used to compromise with! That's no Revolution!

YOU DON'T HAVE A REVOLUTION JUST BY LETTING YOUR HAIR GROW LONG! A lot of people run around with long hair about as revolutionary as John Rockefeller! They're ridiculous! Let a millionaire's hair grow long and he's still a millionaire! Let a Capitalist's hair grow long and he's still a Capitalist! Let one of these damned churchianity Christian's hair grow long and he's still a member of the whorish abomination! There's no difference! Change the outside of the platter--the inside's just as bad!

THEY ALWAYS WASHED THE OUTSIDE OF THOSE OLD DEAD SEPULCHERS, those old whited sepulchers--"Ye build whited sepulchers and fill `em full of dead men's bones!" Even their dead, stinking flesh! There's no difference--that's not Revolution! 'Cause we are a Revolution, you're a Revolution, this is God's Revolution! This is change, this is different! This is no longer the same! This is total, complete, absolute Revolution!--Change of direction! Absolutely going the opposite way--against the tide--even against the so-called laws of man, the damnable laws of their System that try to prevent it!

I'M NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT THE LEGAL LAWS--city ordinances, state or federal statutes, etc. I'm talking about the damnable, Satanic principles of which the damned System is built!--Its laws of selfishness and do-your-own-thing and keep on living just like you did and don't change, just say you're Jesus People! That's not Revolution! We have Revolution! We act different! Praise God? That's the difference!

DON'T LET `EM TRY TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THEY'VE GOT ANYTHING COMPARED TO WHAT YOU'VE GOT--because I don't know any other outfit in the world that is really religiously revolutionary! I haven't heard of any, I haven't seen any--even your Hari Krishna and all the rest of that baloney's been around for thousands of years--all that bullshit! It's stinking up the whole world, and it's cursing whole nations, and it has absolutely wrecked places like India and China and some of those Oriental nations in the past!

WHY DO YOU THINK THOSE COUNTRIES HAVE BEEN IN SUCH A HELL OF A MESS?--It's those stupid, idiotic, Oriental religions! For God's sake, why don't some of these kids wake up?--That's what's the matter with those countries! It's because of their damnable religions! There's nothing revolutionary about those religions--those damned, Oriental religions! They're just as ridiculous as ever!--And they'll bring a nation to absolute, abject poverty and stinking corruption and disease and absolute total darkness--just like the others!

BUT HERE IS AN ACTUAL REVOLUTION!--ONE THAT'S ACTUALLY IN PROGRESS--one that's actually going on--not a bunch of sophisticated, pseudo-intellectuals sitting around liberalistically talking about Revolution, or even a bunch of radical Communists, or terrorists, that are tossing bombs and trying to burn down school buildings! That's not Revolution! That's nothing but doing a lot of damned damage that isn't going to change the hearts of the System one tiny little bit, not a bit--nothing like that at all!

WE HAVE THE REVOLUTION THAT CHANGES HEARTS, that grips men's hearts like that, and they can't get away, and turns them completely around and changes their direction! That's the difference! You are a Revolution, you have your Revolution! You're already enjoying your Revolution, your new life, your new Nation, and you're going to have it for ever! Thank God! Praise the Lord?

THIS IS THE REVOLUTION OF JESUS CHRIST, THE REPENTANCE JESUS PREACHED!--Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Do you all know what He meant by that? Repent!--Change!--Revolt--Have a Revolution--For the Kingdom of God is here!--NOW it's here! It's now here, right now, it's in you and in me and in everybody that actually becomes a real Jesus People--one of His own People--and who is actually following Jesus Christ! That's the kind of Revolution Jesus was talking about! Repent!--Change your direction!--Change everything!--Change your way of living, not just so-called heart, but your whole life!--and the way you live, and the way you work! That's Revolution! That's what Jesus preached!

WHEN HE WENT SAYING, "REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND," do you know what He was saying? He was saying, REVOLT, REVOLUTE, HAVE A REVOLUTION!--For the Kingdom of God is HERE NOW and you can have it right now--you don't have to wait for it! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! Isn't it wonderful? You've got it! You don't have to wait to enjoy it after some violent blood-shed of some kind!--And then they don't rejoice!--They just create another System, and things are just as bad if not worse!

AND CERTAINLY THOSE JESUS PEOPLE AREN'T HAVING A REVOLUTION! THEY HAVEN'T CHANGED a damned thing! They haven't changed the church, they haven't changed the damned System!--They're still a part of it! But you are already enjoying a foretaste of Heaven on earth! You are living the way people are going to live in love and sharing and sweetness and light and joy and praise and song and worship as they're going to live in the Millennium! You've got the Kingdom of God on earth! You've got the Kingdom of God within you, as Jesus said!

YOU'VE GOT YOUR REVOLUTION, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE REVOLUTION! YOUR HEART IS CHANGED--everything's changed! You're no longer the same, you no longer belong to the same System, you no longer are a part of that damnable, fiendish, satanic, whorish, world System of idolatry, including churchianity and education, their damned propaganda set-up, or their damned commercial System! We are different--total revolutionists--more total than the communists--more total than the Marxists, more total than the Maoists, more fanatical than Che Guevara, less compromising than Castro!

WE ARE THE ONE AND ONLY ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL REAL, GENUINE REVOLUTION IN THE WHOLE WORLD! We are it! We are God's Children! We are the real Jesus People! We are changed!--We are dropped out and no longer are in the damnable System! This is it, and you're in it, and you're part of it, and you are it, because you are the disciples of Jesus Christ in person--God's own Children!

YOU'RE THE ONES--JUST LIKE JESUS' DISCIPLES WERE! They revolted and dropped out of the System, and they strung nearly every one of them up for it, too!--Let me tell you, they'll get you sooner or later because you have challenged their whole damned System, including their damned churchianity System, and their damnable religious System, and their educational System, and their commercial System!

DO WE CHALLENGE THE GOVERNMENT?--NO! BECAUSE GOD SAYS IT'S ORDAINED OF GOD!--FOR OUR PROTECTION! Sometimes they make mistakes, but thank God--If it weren't for them, why, we probably couldn't survive right now! The Jesus People would slaughter us, the churches would slaughter us right now, the scribes and the Pharisees would string us up now, if God hadn't had the Romans here to take care of us! Better thank God for those police officers! Better thank God for the cops! Don't ever let me hear you calling them pigs, either! Some of them might be, I don't know, but God's Word says they are the "ministers of God"--they're ordained for your protection! Thank God for it--we're not talking about a violent Revolution! We are not physically violent, but we are talking about a spiritual violent Revolution, that absolutely rends your heart right out completely and gives you a new Spirit, the Holy Ghost of God! Violent spiritual Revolution! That's the kind of Revolution we've got! Praise God? Thank you Lord!

WHAT IS IT JESUS SAID ABOUT THEIR "PRESSING INTO THE KINGDOM" and "the violent take it by force"?-He wasn't talking about physical violence!--He was talking about spiritual violence!--A spiritual warfare!--"Not carnal, but mighty to the tearing down of strongholds!"--The Devil's spiritual stronghold in the hearts of men! Hallelujah!--That's our Battle! That's our Revolution. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness!" Hallelujah! What a War!

AND IT'S ONE WE CAN'T LOSE!--WE'RE DESTINED TO WIN!--FOR GOD IS WITH US! Hallelujah!--And He's never lost a battle, much less a War! It's His Battle!--He says so!--"Stand back and see Me fight, saith the Lord!--For this is not your battle, but Mine!" "Vengeance is Mine!--I will repay!" Hallelujah! "For upon this Rock, Christ Jesus, I will build My Church--YOU--and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against you!"--You can't lose! It's Jesus'!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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