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The Magic Green Shirt

A Dream of Ricky Rodriguez's future work with Angela Smith in the Millennium

-- David Brandt Berg Oct. 25, 1977
Introduction: For those of you who know about the tragic event of January 8, 2005 concerning Ricky Rodriguez and Angela Smith, I think that you will find this page very interesting! There are 4 facts I would like to bring out about this dream:
  1. The "Davidito" of Magic Green Shirt is Ricky Rodriguez.
  2. The "Sue" of Magic Green Shirt is Angela Smith.
  3. They are working and traveling together in the Magic Green Shirt dream.
  4. David Berg and Maria use the word "nervous" 6 times in relating the dream to describe Davidito. I would be nervous too if I had to confess the deed that he did.
I was absolutely devastated when I heard about the tragedy and in no way am glorifying what happened. I grieve with the families who have lost their loved ones. I hold the ones who agree with the crime as guilty as the perpetrator himself! I believe that Ricky Rodriguez was nevertheless God's child and did have real faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. I believe that he was led astray by those who hate Christ*. Who knows but that they gave him either Valium, Ritalin, Prozac, or some other drug that causes violent rages? According to my faith based on principles in the Bible of God's love and forgiveness to those who belong to Jesus Christ, I do not see why this dream will not be fulfilled jot and tittle during the Millennial rule of Jesus Christ on earth in spite of what Ricky did, and maybe even because of what Ricky did, sad to say.

[* By "those who hate Christ" I am not referring particularly to former disgruntled members of the Family International, but anyone who is against Jesus Christ and His Message of Salvation by grace. ]

This introduction about the dream that David Berg had way back in 1977 is not from official Family International sources. I personally believe it and have posted it on my own volition without any encouragement to do so from Family International leadership.
(MARIA: YOU SAID IT'S ABOUT A MAGIC GREEN SHIRT IN WHICH YOU COULD ONLY TELL THE TRUTH, and you had perfect peace and you weren't nervous anymore.)--And I was warm! Even sleeping up there on my little cot on the cold mountain I was warm. It was always comfy, the Green Shirt was comfy. I was comfy in it. But I said, "What is it?"--And somebody said,

"IT'S 2125 A.D.!" I said, "How could it be 2125 A.D.?--That hasn't even happened yet!" But they said, "Well, it has now!"--Just like that!

IT SEEMED LIKE I WAS ACTUALLY DAVIDITO (Later known as "Ricky Rodriguez")! (You were Davidito?) Yes, in the Green Shirt. It was like I was living inside of Davidito to where I was Davidito. (And what else did you do?--Did you travel?) Yes, with Sue (Angela Smith). (In her little car?) Just to get up the mountain where the people were camped out. (Isaiah 2:2-5.)

AND I KEPT TELLING EVERYBODY THE TRUTH, and everybody was so shocked that they started telling the truth too!--And then everybody got real shocked 'cause everybody was telling the truth!--And they were telling some real shockers! (Like what?) Well,

DAVIDITO CONFESSED HE WAS NOT REALLY MY SON PHYSICALLY, BUT SOMEONE ELSE'S.--And that so shocked this one man that he told his wife, and his wife confessed to him that their twins didn't belong to him either, but they were from some other man!--And he was pretty overwhelmed!

EVERYBODY JUST STARTED BEING HONEST WITH EACH OTHER, AND IT CREATED QUITE A STIR! And when I put the Green Shirt on, Davidito could only tell the truth.

IT WAS ME, YET IT WAS DAVIDITO, isn't that funny? I was nervous until I put the Green Shirt on, and then I had perfect peace and I didn't worry about it anymore, and I told everybody the truth and I had perfect rest.--And I couldn't understand why everybody got so upset that I was telling the truth!

THEN EVERYBODY STARTED TELLING EVERYBODY THE TRUTH, AND OH MY, THERE WAS A FUROR! Whew! The truth is really shocking! I saw a movie one time where everybody started telling each other the truth.--My Lord, it was pandemonium! They started telling each other what they really thought instead of covering up. I think it was called "Strange Interlude", like they started reading each other's thoughts. But I thought,

"WELL LORD, HOW COULD THAT BE?--THAT WOULD BE IN THE MILLENNIUM!"--(See Rev.20:1-6: The one-thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth--coming soon!) And somebody said, "Well, so?" (Really?) Yes, and everybody was telling the truth. Davidito wearing the Green Shirt made him seem like some kind of a special messenger, an officer.

HE WAS SORT OF LIKE AN ANGEL, very serious and very sober, but very happy and contented. He wasn't the least bit perturbed about it all, just like he was doing his duty to tell everybody the truth even when people were getting upset, shocked and amazed, until they all started telling the truth too! (Zech.8.)

IT SEEMED TO SOLVE EVERYBODY'S PROBLEMS. Before that he was restless and nervous and couldn't sleep. Then he woke up and found he had the Green Shirt on and I was he and had peace and calm and told everybody the truth.

Maria: "AND YOU SAY IT WAS A MAGIC GREEN SHIRT?" Oh very magical, very spiritual! Whoever had it on could do almost anything! It kept me warm and well and safe and honest. When Davidito had it on he wasn't nervous or shy anymore.

THE MILLENNIUM IS SOMEWHERE NOW, we just don't know it, that's all.--Because there isn't going to be any time then. There is for us now though, we're still bound in time. Those things are already happening, you just don't understand. (I just don't understand?) You don't understand, I don't understand.

IT'S ALREADY HERE--I WAS THERE, YOU KNOW? It's just like we're in a sort of time-warp here, it's like things overlap. But if we know how, we can go right through from one to the other--and I was already there and it was 2125 A.D.!

IT'S JUST LIKE IN THE SPIRIT YOU CAN TRAVEL FORWARD OR BACKWARD IN TIME, and I just went through in the spirit and I was there, in 2125 A.D.! He said it plain as day! I'll never forget that number, it's just as clear as anything! It was 2125 A.D.! I asked, "What is this?"--And I wasn't expecting him to give me a date, I meant for him to explain the Green Shirt to me. But he said, "Well, it's 2125 A.D."

IT WAS CAUSING SUCH A BIG UPSET, EVERYBODY CONFESSING AND EVERYBODY TELLING THE TRUTH AND BEING HONEST with each other, it was kind of like a big revolution or something, you know what I mean? It was like for the first time in their lives everybody was telling themselves and everybody else the truth and being honest with each other.

IT WAS REALLY WONDERFUL! Only it was a little hard in some ways, it was kind of hard to take for some of them. But it was like everybody was thankful--It was almost like they were all freed from the bondage of lying. They were freed from the bondage of pretending and all those phoney false fronts, you know?

EVERYBODY COULD AT LAST BE HONEST WITH EACH OTHER. It was really wonderful, it was delightful! It was sort of heavenly, sort of blissful! It was difficult in some ways to hear the truth, but at the same time it was wonderful, you know? And Sue and I felt like we should rush down and get some others to bring them up or they'd never believe it, you know? (Isaiah 2:3.)

WE WERE LIKE UP IN THIS MOUNTAIN CAMP and I was sleeping on this little cot, I mean Davidito was--I was Davidito. I had such a clever little camp cot which also served as a cookstove and campfire and it had a funny little burner in it that you could cook on, or you could turn it on and it would keep you warm at night, it was nice!

AND BECAUSE I, DAVIDITO, FIGURED OUT HOW TO WORK IT, you said, "Well, only Davidito could have figured it out, only Davidito could have understood it, because he is so clever with those things!"--Because I, Davidito got it working. I don't know what that means. (I said that?) Yes. You were admiring me for making it work, and I slept in it and it kept me nice and warm. (Sounds like a good idea!)

SO SUE AND I WENT DOWN AND TOLD SOME OTHER PEOPLE, and then we rushed back up in her little car. It seemed so natural for her to be driving a little car and me riding with her. She was just zipping along looking just like she does, you know--real intent, concentrating on her driving. We were going back up to the Truth Camp. "Holiday Heaven", that would be a good name for it! "Truth Camp, 2125 A.D.!" (Was there anymore to it?)

YOU KNOW, A LOT OF STRANGE THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE MILLENNIUM, you know? Because we're going to be in supernatural bodies, only the rest of the world's going to still be in their old natural bodies, you know? (And life is sort of going to go on as usual in a lot of ways?) Yes, yes! Only we're going to be teaching them how to live and how to be honest and how to love God and obey.--You know? (Isa.2:1-5; 11:1-9.)

IT'S JUST LIKE YOU DON'T SEEM TO GROW OLD IN THE MILLENNIUM, NOT HARDLY AT ALL! (But the other people do?) No, not even them! The curse is lifted. It's like everybody's living again in the Garden of Eden! It's like man is having his second chance after Adam and Eve muffed it.

EVERYBODY LIVES LIKE METHUSELAH!--A THOUSAND YEARS! (Gen.5:27.) I mean, it's like the same people that enter the Millennium alive are going to look almost like the same age at the end of the Thousand Years! They just don't grow old any more, or very little, you know?

"A CHILD SHALL DIE AT A HUNDRED YEARS," you know? (Isa.65:20.)

DAVIDITO WAS SUCH A LEADER, such a wise young prophet and leader, so quiet and thoughtful!--And boy, those eyes, whew! He just looked right through you like he couldn't possibly tell you a lie, he had to tell you the truth.--You know? (But he was just leading one small camp, right?) Right then. They were a lot of important people though, so what?

Maria: "I WONDER WHY DAVIDITO WAS ALL NERVOUS?" (Editor's note: If I did what he did to Angela Smith, I'm sure I would be nervous too!) Well, you know how he is, he's shy and timid--till he got the Green Shirt on, and then it was just like he was a changed man!--Perfectly calm, peaceful and at rest!--And he then just started telling everybody the truth!

IT WAS JUST LIKE THE GREEN SHIRT WAS SOME KIND OF MAGIC SPIRIT that just came over him--he had to have it. He was lying there all nervous and fidgety, but then they put the Green Shirt on him...(They put it on him?) They were some kind of angelic beings who put it on him.--Then he was okay! So he'll be all right when the Lord takes him over by His Spirit.

I WAS A VERY VERY SHY TIMID LITTLE BOY TOO UNTIL JESUS TOOK ME OVER.--You know? (You were 19 when you received the Spirit?) Yes, but before that I was so shy and timid! I could hardly do anything, I was so shy and timid! But after I was 19 when I got the powerful complete baptism of the Holy Spirit, then I became bold as a lion!

I DIDN'T CARE ABOUT MYSELF ANYMORE, it didn't matter. I didn't have to be self-conscious--I was Christ-conscious, you know? I was really anointed of the Spirit, I really had power and I really socked it to them then!

IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THE GREEN MAGIC SHIRT WAS LIKE THE MANTLE OR THE ANOINTING OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD! It was just like it was symbolic, you know? Because the minute he had that shirt on, like Elijah's mantle, he was just like he was a new man! He wasn't afraid or shy anymore! He was confident and strong, truthful, honest, fearless!

WE'VE GOT A LOT OF WORK TO DO, HONEY, SO MANY NEED HELP--NOT ONLY HERE BUT THE HEREAFTER, THINK OF THAT! We're going to try to make everybody honest and everybody confess and everybody make things right, right wrongs and confess faults.

THE MILLENNIUM'S GOING TO BE A BIG TIME TO TRY TO GET THINGS STRAIGHTENED OUT, you know?--The world's last chance to repent and confess and try to get things straightened out and make things right.--It's all in the Bible, it's all when everybody gets tried. (Zech.14.)

THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF TROUBLES IN THE MILLENNIUM. Some nations will rebel and refuse to obey, and the curses of God are going to fall on them and they're going to have famine and no rain and stuff like that. (Zech.14:17-19; Rev.20.) I mean there's going to be lots of things very natural, you know?

ONLY WE'RE GOING TO BE IN CHARGE, JESUS AND HIS KINGDOM ARE GOING TO BE THE GOVERNMENT, and we're going to be His angels and teachers and enforcers and policemen. But the natural men are going to be just what they are now, you know, only under our government, and some receive it and obey it and others don't. That's what it says in Isaiah 2 and 11 and Zech.8 and 14.

I SPENT THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS OF MY LIFE STUDYING IT! But it looked like it was all going to be wasted until I started teaching our kids.--And then they believed it and they liked it! That's what I'd call a real "Ministry of Truth"!

IT'S AMAZING WHAT THE TRUTH CAN DO!--Huh? When everybody starts being honest with each other and they can't cover up anymore.--A "Wild Wind" explosion! (See "My Love Is the Wild Wind", No.154B.) You have no idea what an effect that has, for everybody to tell the truth and everybody to be honest with each other and say exactly what they're thinking! I'm honest with you and I'm saying what I'm thinking.

DAVIDITO WAS YOUNG AND HANDSOME AND STRONG AND SO BEAUTIFUL! He was so beautiful.--His great big dark eyes just flashed! Whew! My God, it seemed like he would have wowed every woman's heart! But he didn't even seem to be interested in women there, except that all he wanted to do was tell the truth!

HE WAS JUST LIKE A MESSENGER OF GOD! He was only interested in doing his duty. It was like he was shocked at the people, how can they be so dishonest, so untruthful? He was going to shake them up and wake them up, and he really did too! Wow! I mean, to tell the truth really shakes people up!--When everybody starts getting honest with each other and telling the truth, what they really think!

SO MANY PEOPLE LIVE SUCH A BIG COVER-UP! Lots of times we don't even tell people the truth just to save their feelings! Lots of times we don't even tell people the truth of what we really think because we're afraid to hurt them and we want to save their feelings. Whereas it would be better for them if we were honest with them.

The church has given the impression for so many years that the minute you go to Heaven and be with the Lord and all that, then you're absolutely perfect! They teach that you're so totally changed, you're so perfect you're like God Himself!-

I THINK FROM WHAT I'VE GATHERED, THAT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT THAT THINGS HAVEN'T CHANGED ALL THAT MUCH IN THE MILLENNIUM! It's going to be much the same but very different, but they're not going to be able to get away with it anymore. Just like that dream, then they're going to have to be honest and nobody can lie and everybody has to be honest.

IN THE MAGIC GREEN SHIRT DAVIDITO WAS THE YOUNG PROPHET AND LEADER and made everybody so ashamed of themselves that they all started to tell the truth and be honest with each other!

BELOVED, HAVE YOU DONNED THE MAGIC GREEN SHIRT OF GOD'S SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND HONESTY?--Do you have the power of Christ's Spirit dwelling in your heart so that you do not lie nor deceive nor cheat and are always honest with others?

IF NOT, RECEIVE GOD'S PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT TODAY and begin to be honest with Him, yourself and others. "If thou canst to thine own self be true, thou canst not be false to any man!"--(Shakespeare.)--Especially if you're honest to God!

WRITE US TODAY FOR MORE LETTERS ON HOW TO RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD in your own heart and life personally! "Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" (Acts 19:2.) Have you received the overflowing power of God's Spirit in your own soul since you received Jesus and were saved? If not,

RECEIVE HIM TODAY AND PUT ON HIS MAGIC GREEN SHIRT OF TRUTH so you can powerfully witness the love and truth of Jesus and His salvation to all your family, friends and neighbours!--Start a Green Revolution of Truth in you won heart and neighbourhood now!

WE DON'T HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE MILLENNIUM TO BE HONEST! Do it now!--It'll solve all your problems and make you happy forever! Come join God's Revolution for Jesus' love and truth today!--Tomorrow may be too late! Send for more of God's Truth now!

--OR VISIT OUR LOCAL HOME AND SEE THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELF!--TODAY!--He'll give you peace of mind, purity of heart, rest of soul and happiness of spirit now and forever!--Try Him! You'll love Him! God bless you with His truth and happiness, now and forever!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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