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Musical Key!

By David Brandt Berg - May 1973

Music can be a blessing, and yet it can also be so dangerous! That's why it is so important to listen to the right kind of music. The Pavlovian Method of conditioning reflexes enables evil men to discover secrets of the hearts and minds of men in order to manipulate them for their own evil purposes. People can be mentally conditioned to respond to a set stimuli like a series of tone signals. It's almost like a telephone: You can dial a certain combination of numbers and that keys the equipment to connect one instrument with another instrument.

Certain kinds of music can also be like a combination of tone signals, almost like dialing a number. If they hit the right combination of notes, the right music can bring a certain response in your own heart and mind. It has a psychological and spiritual effect on you. If you're really spiritually tuned, it has just as direct an effect on you as an electrical current or receiving a radio signal.

Certain kinds of music will turn you on for certain kinds of things.--It's spiritual! I know now that when I was a kid I was flipping out spiritually when I would sit for hours listening to classical music. My Mother would come in amazed to see me weeping because it got through to me so. I couldn't restrain the tears or control the weeping. That music would turn me on so much that it was just like I was flipping out into another World. It was almost like I understood the music and was there and knew what was going on.

It's almost as though it links the heart of the hearer with the heart of the composer. It blends the spirit of the composer into your spirit. It's almost like the composer is a spirit guide and becomes a medium and his music is his crystal ball! When you listen to his music you gaze with him into his crystal ball, and all of a sudden your spirits are united and you both see the same things.--You both see the same pictures. It's just like it sucks your spirit out of your body and transports you into another World. Suddenly you are integrated or revitalised into the World of the Spirit in some other place.

Let me tell you, the spiritual world is far more real than the physical! Music like that is like a vehicle, like electronic keying, tuning into your wavelength, radio tuning. If you're tuned and that's your wavelength and you're supposed to get the message, then you get it!

You know some of those composers were inspired! Wagner was sometimes inspired by the Devil, and others like Handel and Mozart were sometimes inspired by the Lord. It's as though they were really inspired by the Lord or the Devil. Those inspired by the Devil were getting the Devil's message, if they were really tuned in.--And if the hearers are tuned in, they get the message too!

Other composers were inspired by the Lord and were giving god's tune and God's Message. If we're the Lord's and we're tuned to His channel and they're on His channel, if it's God's composer and God's music and God's Message, then we who are tuned in and keyed to the Lord get the Message!

The music of such wonderful spiritual men and believers like Handel and Mozart and some others was definitely inspired by the Lord! But these composers were just like us: It all depends on whose channel they're tuned to and according to their mood.--Whether they're in a believing and faithful mood, or are doubting, discouraged, despondent, fearful and listening to the Devil! We all go through those experiences where we sometimes listen to the Enemy instead of the Lord. The Lord lets us hear the Devil's tune if we insist on it--even if it's only a test to see if we can tell the difference and to see if we'll receive it or reject it.

There are certain kinds of music that my heart, mind, spirit and even my physical body resist and rebel against! It makes me furious because I know it's diabolical and Satanic! My whole soul just fights it and I hate it because its effect is so fiendish! But other kinds of music just thrill and inspire me and lift me up into the heavenlies and put me into communication with the Lord.

So how do you tell the difference?--Well, does it make you not only feel good, but feel good in the right way? Does it make you want to be good and do good, and love and be loved, and be helpful and constructive? Or does it inspire you to be evil and do evil, and be rebellious and destructive and hate, like some of Wagner's music inspired Hitler to destroy? Does it build or does it destroy? Does it help or does it hinder? Does it lift you up or drag you down?

You can tell about music just like everything else, by its effect on you. Is it beautiful or is it ugly? Is it clean or is it dirty? Is it inspiring or is it oppressive? What effect does it have on your own spirit?

God gives you enough sense by His Spirit to know the difference between what is good and bad, then He gives you a choice between good and evil, Himself and the Devil. He gives you the sense to know the difference between flowers and weeds. If it's ugly, cut it down. If it's pretty or beautiful, leave it.

If you can't quite make up your mind about whether it's going to be pretty or ugly, then let it grow a little longer to see whether it develops flowers or thistles.--Whether it develops beautiful blossoms and blooms, or whether it just develops thorns and thistles, then we'll decide which is to be cut down. Like the Lord did about the tares and the wheat: The reason He said, "let it grow until the harvest" was so you could tell the difference!

As the Lord said, "By their fruits ye shall know them"!-- MAT.7:20 . So if you want to know the difference, just like the Lord said, whether it's flowers or weeds, good grain or tares, good works or evil, good fruits or bad, good literature or bad literature, good food or poison, good music or bad music, you can tell by whether its effects and fruits are good or bad, good or evil.

Does the music inspire you and draw you closer to the Lord to be good and do good things and have a good effect?--Or does it destroy you, shatter you, oppress you, make you feel rebellious, hateful, angry and destructive and want to hurt and destroy and do evil things? Does it make you want to seduce, violate and rape, kill and do violence and make war?

What inspires people about our music is that it's happy music and makes them happy! It's good music and makes them want to be good. It's friendly music and makes them want to be friendly! It's Godly music and makes them want to be Godly! It's saving music and makes them want to be saved! It's enjoyable music and makes them want to join in! It has good fruit and makes them want to do good and be good!

But the Devil's music is deafening and noisy and confusing--like the roar of a satanic beast or diabolical monster that wants to destroy! It has both a physical and a spiritual effect. It will literally destroy your eardrums and your hearing and deafen you physically. Its pulsating beats will cause your very body to throb with evil instincts and evil desires, evil reactions, as well as to get your spirit right on the Devil's channel! It will put you in tune with Satan, where you get his message and you carry out the Devil's will--his diabolical designs!

God's music makes you want to do the will of God and love Him and love the children of God! The Devil's music makes you want to do the will of Satan and love Satan and the children of the Devil and do evil. So how do you tell the difference?--What music should you listen to?

I've turned on the radio or tv sometimes and heard music which i knew was inspired but it had an evil fascination for me! It was gripping, like the tentacles of an octopus, and you felt like you were being sucked into a vortex or maelstrom, almost irresistible! But it was evil and you could tell it was the voice of Satan--the sirens of Satan--and it can get you in the spirit all right, the Devil's spirit!

If it's really effective music, whether good or bad, it will inspire you to action! it will move you! It will cause you to emote, create emotions which put you in motion to DO good or evil. How does it make you feel?--Good or bad, Godly or fiendish? What does it provoke you to do? What kind of action does it inspire you to? Acts of love, kindness, mercy, compassion and helpfulness?--Or thoughts of hate, cruelty, vengeance, violence, destructiveness, vandalism, wastefulness, rape, murder and war!

Another kind of evil is just as bad: Does it lull you to sleep, indifference, inaction, carelessness, indolence, negligence and zombic stupor? If the Devil can't inspire you to take actual negative action and do his violent will, he'll try to put you to sleep and put you out OF action like he has the (establishment) Church, so you at least won't get in his way!

What kind of music are you listening to? Whose voice are you hearing? What does it do for you? What does it do to you? What does it do with you and what do you do because of it? What does it make you want to do and be, if anything? Does it bring life or death?--Good or evil? Does it make you want to live or die? Is it sad and depressing and makes you want to quit, or is it happy and inspiring and makes you want to live for the sake of others, to serve God and your fellowman?

You know the difference by the end result and the final fruits. That's how you know whether our words and music are of the Lord: It's had good results, good fruit, so the tree cannot be evil.-- Mat.7:18a . It's gotta be good! It's gotta be God! Listen and see if you can tell the difference. Watch and see if you can see it. How does it make you feel?

What kind of music do you listen to?--It could be an indication as to whether you're a Child of the Devil or a Child of God!--Are you on the devil's channel listening to his evil voice inspiring you to do evil?--Or are you on God's channel listening to his sweet loving Voice inspiring you to do good?

"Choose ye this day who ye shall serve! If God be God then serve Him! If Baal be your god, then serve him! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"-- 1Kings 8:56 ; Josh 24:15 .

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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