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The Rape of England!

By David Brandt Berg, January, 1973

Forward by the webmaster: I found this quote which confirms the vision David had in 1973 of the rape of England by Europe:

"When Britain signed the Treaty of Rome, she subscribed to a second Counter-Reformation in economic disguise; she took a first constitutional step aside from her Biblical Protestant heritage and began an association with a traditional historical enemy which could prove to be her undoing if she does not wake up and act in time. Her increasing decline since joining the Roman Catholic European Union, as well as her ever increasing tolerance of Popery through the Ecumenical Movement, has reduced her in the course of the last sixty years from the status of a great world power to that of imminently becoming what she was in the days of the Caesars -- a mere Province of the Roman Empire resurrected as a Vatican-inspired and Rome-oriented European 'Superstate'."

-- Quote from The Source of Britain's Greatness - and the Cause of her Decline

Spanish soldier about to rape the Queen of England

Recently, while I was making love, I suddenly fantasised I was a 17th-century French or Spanish soldier raping the Queen of England! I was shocked! It was as though I had come out of the past and conquered her! Immediately I had that strange feeling that it was symbolic, as though England's joining the European Community was going to mean the rape of England by Europe! It's like Europe's shouting, "Aha, at last we've got you! We'll rape the Queen! We're going to rape England!"

Apparently, the meaning of this vision was that, although there are some advantages in Britain's being in the Common Market, in other ways it's not going to be good for England. It's as though England has been seduced into joining Europe, and, as a result, she's going to be ravaged thereby. The whole impression I got was that Europe feels that England has raped her in the past, so now Europe's going to rape England! Also, as Britain once raped and exploited her colonies and then deserted them, they are now going to rape, exploit and desert her!

God intended Britain to be her colonies' keeper and custodian.--Instead she let the Devil persuade her it wasn't her job to take care of them--largely the Asian and African countries. She lost her faith, therefore she lost her job. The Lord permitted her to exploit the Colonies as long as she was faithful to take care of them. But they were just like lovers that were thrown aside, as England was persuaded by others it was wrong.

Even England's position geographically is like an angel hovering over Europe, detached from the rest of Europe. You know that was the design of God! But Europe's at it again, trying to build Babel again in spite of all the language differences! They're determined to build Babel. There are going to be some good things to come from it, even for us, because of the greater facility of transportation, customs, immigration, etc., and a few good things for England. But most of the result will be to destroy England's traditional independence, culture and pride--like the raping of the royal Queen!

God is always for minority rule of the righteous over the wicked majority. From the time America violently rebelled against the constituted authority of England, she began to rebel against God, and she was destined to become the greatest anti-God power on earth! America could have gotten her independence peacefully, as Canada, Australia and India did, if she had been patient.--But violence is the American tradition. She's lived with violence and she'll die with violence! She's lived by the sword and will die by the sword!

Britain really rose to the zenith of her power in the 19th century. But from the minute she began to listen to her son Darwin with his anti-God evolutionary theories, she began to be eaten alive at the core with the Devil's own doctrine! Up to this point she had ruled with God's blessing, generally speaking. The overall rule of Britain was very fair, and she eventually retired peacefully and voluntarily from the Colonies she had.

But as the power of Darwin's doctrine increased throughout Britain and the world, almost in exact proportion by inverse ratio the great Christian power of Britain's rule waned and faded. As the Christian people of the world allowed the Devil to advance through both anti-God evolutionary atheism and anti-Christ, anti-God Communism--as they tolerated and even accepted them, as they retreated spiritually, so they retreated physically, economically and politically. The less Christian Britain became, the more she retreated.

Britain lost her authority and right to rule--the Divine Right of her Kings to rule--when she didn't rule Godly and according to God's laws. Britain won the right to rule because she was the most Christian--the only nation fit to rule. For a very brief time in its early days until the time of the Revolution, America was more Christian than Britain. But from the time America began to use violence to obtain what she wanted, instead of God, she already had the seeds of destruction within.

Charles Darwin probably had more to do with the destruction of Britain than any other one single individual, just as he is now having more to do with the destruction of America than any other one single individual because of his "doctrine of devils". In the de- Christianisation of the whole world after Christianity had finally conquered it, the Christian world turned around and denied its own faith and retreated from the Devil's attacks. The Church itself lost its faith, its aim, its purpose, and its excuse for existence.

We largely have Charles Darwin to thank (blame) for all this, as he was the Devil's tool to help bring it about. He finally gave the world the excuse it was looking for not to believe in God--a way to deny God's Creation, the greatest proof of His existence!--And with their faith perishes Christendom's right to rule!

Nevertheless, God is going to spare England, according to how she treats His Children: As long as she's good to people like the Asians, us and other under dogs, God's going to protect England and her interests.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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A web link which confirms this article: The Source of Britain's Greatness - and the Cause of her Decline

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