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"...for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."
--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

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Hey I just wanted so say that I appreciate your "Who's a Jew" article as it taught me a lot. These days the definition of a Jew has become really distorted. I know a person who claims to be a Jew simply because their parent is supposedly a Jew through blood (ancestry). I also know another person who claims to be a Jew because he follows the traditions of his "Jewish" family. "Jewish" is even an option on some surveys under the ethnicity category. But anyway, thanks for your articles. I'd like to take a look at more of them.

Remain in Christ, and He will remain in you.
~Your brother in Christ
(Reaction to Church System Exposed)
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our family has been been very disappointed, hurt, and quite dismayed by "churches". We've encountered unbiblical compromises and direction as well as flat out lies. None of them get it right. Even more egregious is the selling of merchandise such as books and CDs and sponsoring worldly events such as outings, movies, and concerts.

We're returning to ekklesia and Fellowship meals as well as direct efforts such as direct contributions and direct ministry. I know that's what Jesus said to do and He has showed us that through our heartbreaking experience with "churches".

So many are still unconvinced believing they need to "belong to" or "go to" "church". One "Pastor" even said of us that "we self-taught people are dangerous". Sure we are-a danger to the status quo of your "church system" that is. I'd further suggest that He crack open his bible and see that the Spirit is our teacher. The clincher is that his comment was on the tail end of the election of a Freemason as a deacon as we were leaving this "church". He also said that Truth would lead to an empty "church". Then so be it I say and the "members" are better off.

I am reading an excellent book called The Pastor has no Clothes by Jon Zens which supports ekklesia. Your prayers would be appreciated as we follow what Jesus said.

In Him,

(Reaction to Bible Basics - Salvation:)
I appreciate the fact that I can go on line and get just what I needed from God's word. Thank you very much. This will help me tremendously. I pray that you will continue to post more of these bible studies.

May God bless and keep you
Alfred White

I want to thank you for being inspired of God and having the guts to obey him inspite of challenging circumstances. A few days ago I was determined in my mind to give up my walk with him because he seemed indifferent to my pain and suffering having prayed so much with no avail. The article you wrote gave me the perspective I needed to get back in the race. I thank God for people in the faith as yourself who have been faithful in hard times and who have been willing to put God's word to the final test so that others like myself can be inspired.

Be encouraged as well and keep up the good work.
The article that inspired me was the article entitled 'What to do when God doesn't answer your prayers'. That was the dilemma I faced. I felt God was not listening or cared not to listen to my prayers. But this article demolished the lies of the enemy and gave me the truth that is sustaining me today. I am truly thankful for this article and have encouraged family members and friends, who are struggling in these hard times to visit your website and be enlightened.

Thanks again and God bless you!
Dear Author,

My names are Catherine Achieng based in Kenya. Today I was feeling down and full of hatred though I have been living with it for the last 10yrs even though I have tried to fight it but it never fails to come back quite enormous that today it almost brought me down.

I thank God for your Bitterness Article which has made me understand how bad and costly it is to operate in this vice. I would love to read it through and through for my heart has been delivered now.
Dear David Berg,

I would like to express my delight in this tremendous work on the Messiahship of Jesus (Yeshua).

I am writing a research paper right now that that includes the opening and shutting of the east gate. I had heard something about the Messiah entering through the east gate. I googled Messiah East Gate. It took me straight to your article. I am so glad to see the quality of your research and the simplicity of the teaching.

Thanks so much for your ministry to me.


(Reference to: ) This article is really good. It's a good pointer on what is good music and not.

The song "Find Your Dream" is indeed beautiful. It gives you hope when you feel your future is bleak and hopeless. "Give yourself to the Lord; trust in Him and He will help you." - Psalm 37:5.

- Tirzah (Norway)
"You can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth you!" That famous verse from Phil. 4:13 is mentioned in the letter "Dumps". I was going through a faith-crisis when I was given that article - and it changed everything! Beautifully written, filled with TRUTH, it helped me rediscover the point of living by faith.
Thank you for having the article available, it was a real Blessing to me!

- Tirzah (Norway)
My wife and I are SO SO SO thankful for your web site. I think we have been in contact before but now more than ever the wonderful words of JC and the wonderful messages of DBB are so beautiful and powerful to us. We are both praying for a baby , we have been reading alot about how Children are a wonderful gift from God. Boy are we blessed to have TFI and your website. We are in contact with Ronnie at the activated ministries in CA. We are taking the 12 foundation classes and are eagerly awaiting to become a General Member. We had a invite to do so before, but I think we weren't spirtually ready, thank fully for your web site has helped us so much on our journey. I wish the family had a whole book of the MO letters we could read , WE CAN"T get enough of them. He was so spot on, as a newly married couple ( well not that new, but almost three years now, that may be an American record ha sad to say).I know that many of MO's letters were controversial but we must all remember that the message of Jesus himself is a RADICAL one, you can't get any more radical a message than that of loving one's neighbor as oneself. Radical love and radical reliance on Jesus is an awesome thing, and we are both so happy to have found the messages of hope , inspiration, and joy on your web site. GOD BLESS YOU.

Jonathan and Jackie
Rhode Island, USA
I really enjoyed reading the bible scriptures on salvation. I was studying on my own and found some of the scriptures you have listed before i found your wed site. I am so glad I did because I had no clue about most of the scriptures listed. I wrote them all down and read them... I will remember them always. thanks.

Faith Garrett
Thank you so much for this website! It is so full of good, inspirational and educational articles that has really helped me! The Daily Mights are of great support to me - I recently showed several of those to a friend who was mourning over the loss a near friend suffered, and she was very touched by their content. May God bless you abundantly for the work you do for Him!! Who knows how many you have led into His Kingdom just through this site!!

Your sister in Jesus, Tirzah

I just wanted to say that I have been so blessed by the word and wisdom that you have shared. I could not understand why I continually struggled with fits of anger and jealousy in my years of being a Christian. I would hide it and put forth the part of me that I wanted them to see. I finally had a crossroad which caused me to break and pray because my attitude not only affected me, but my sisters in the Lord. The Lord shared with me that I had a root of bitterness which needed to be removed. I did not have all the information on bitterness or how to be delivered and your site has thoroughly assisted me in my desire to be free. I thank God for using you to help his people be completely free.
Dear David Brandt Berg & Maria Berg:

Thank you for following the Lord's leading in sharing your teachings on Bitterness: The Deadly Root that Devours and Destroys!

I was having a time of difficulty in accepting a series of events that took place recently in my life. As a result of these things, my closeness to God spiraled downward. I did not totally withdraw but it was as if I was AWOL and did not care anymore. I was open to the attack of the enemy and he (the enemy) was taking advantage.

Your teaching and prayer (which I am going to use as a personal study) helped to affirm the revelation God gave to my husband today that I was dealing with bitterness which came from disappointments, frustrations and people not fulfilling their promises to me.

Thanks for speaking the Truth in love! I greatly appreciate this teaching. I realized even more the depth of God's love for me - that He did not allow satan to prevail against me even in this state. It made the story of Jonah come alive to me even the more!

Thanks again!

I just wanted to say that your article on bitterness really ministered to my heart, and has made me want to take it to God for forgiveness and healing! It's so easy to become bitter by life's circumstances, what's truly transforming about the Gospel is it's ability to not only bring a sinner back from death to life, but also the sanctifying work of God in using our suffering as a vehicle for restoration of the soul.

Thank you,
(In response to Satan King of Empires)

Very well presented with wisdom
I just wanted to let you know that the Salvation page is great. As I and my friends minister the Gospel to kids in L.A. area prisons, this page will help us in the message flow. We only have 15 minutes in most cases and the desire is to deliver the scriptures that cut right to the point. This allows us to build a foundation that we and others will use in discipleship of these kids.

God's blessings to you all and thanks!

Prison Ministry
Excellent web site-I truly appreciate this site. My wife and I are both newly subscribed to the activated magazine, and we really enjoy the and all the wonderful MO letters they are such a source of joy for us both. Keep up this wonderful work PTL.
Jonathan and Jackie
(In response to You can have freedom from Fear!)

I don't remember when I put this site among my favourites. A few minutes ago I just opened my file and by a sort of accident I fell on this programme. I read it and gradually realized that it was exactly what I needed. So I can say that God uses any means to show His love for us. I thank Him particularly and also your agency, which with His Holy Spirit can really help many like me.
Sincerely yours,
(In response to Satan King of Empires)

I found it to be a refreshing piece of literature, true is it made me neither, glad or mad. I just enjoyed reading it and wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors. If you ever write about homosexuality let me know as that is another topic I feel you may possess an interesting piece on.
Once again great topic and perspective,
Anonymous Reader
Your page is full of truths, however, if you ruled the world would you be considered an extremist. I was happy to have come across your page and did relay it to others.
Regarding the illustration on this article: one who classifies Jazz as music originating from Satan has no command of the genre's history or understanding of the philosophies of its artists.
Joe Cassara
Operations Manager
In response to MATTHEW 24 --Post-Tribulation Rapture! I agree with you 100% that the church will go thru the Great Tribulation!
I have taught this for over 40 years and have been scolded, mocked, ridiculed and laughed at for teaching this Truth.
Thank you for exposing this on your site!
God Bless you my brother!
--Richard Th.D. D.D.
I enjoyed your website very much. I may not exactly believe as you do but we are fellow Christians nevertheless and I do so despise how the media and the insiders choose which churches they will attack and which they will not.
I've read quite a bit about the Family and its Prophet and while no organization of man is PERFECT, in my opinion, your church has taken hell for little good reason. If the devil wasn't upset you would have had it easier that's for sure.
They so demonized Mo Berg that I thought I better see what he himself had to say.
Then I came upon a reason why the PROPAGANDA MACHINE came down HARD on you good folks, it seems Mo Berg told the truth about a very, very POWERFUL gang, who do not like CHRIST.
So I read what these disgruntled types wrote and quotes and they show no critical thinking skills, but they do show why the targeting of Family.
I think these links will more than demonstrate that when people tell the truth they better be prepared for all manner of hatred to be sent their way.
Mo Berg, told the truth and his detractors do not and did not.
May God bless you in your effort to share His love with all people.
-- Jack

(In response to The Church System)

Dear friend, I couldn't agree with you more. I am from Venezuela and what you said it is something that I truly believe. You see, I always wanted to go to a church, no matter which one, in thinking that all of them, no matter what, should be a house of God, but every time I went I came out with a no no feeling. It's like my heart says: there is something wrong in here, or, this is not ok. The other day I was praying and I told the Father to give me a word about some preachers I was watching on TV like the one called Benni Hinn, and then I opened my Bible at random and I was given 2 Corintian 11. We are being brain washed by these kind of people, that is part of the big delusion. I am afraid that there are many more out there and that many, many people are going to fall because of this, that is why I pray the Lord to give me the capacity of understanding what its going on in the world today, and let me tell you more, i have this strong feeling that the time its near.
Just a quick note of THANKS
I have just now had the time to write to you and, to once again thank you sincerely, for permitting us to use the image of Jesus, by Sabine, at our men's retreat.
The weekend retreat was a resounding success and the image of Jesus set the tone, the frame of mind and the lively discussions that ensued during the retreat.
It is my hope that the retreat brought my fellow brothers into a realization that Jesus, is the center and core of our existence and without Him, truly , nothing can be accomplished.
Again, with my deepest gratitude to you and The Family International
Thank You
Eugene(Gene) Myers
Recently I came across an article explaining the word substance / hupostatsis - and accidentally deleted the msg. After looking for it in many places I finally found it in your website. It is an encouraging article which I hope to share with others. I want to thank you for making it available in your site.
God bless!
Hubert Thomas / Sri Lanka.
Very interesting... There is alot of resourceful information that the carnal Christian can't even begin to understand..
Tetaun, Japan
Thanks for the story of, "Seeing eyes blinded". I loved it!!!!!!! It was something unique & that is how our GOD works. In very mysterious ways that thought by man but by GOD. His the only one that can do the impossible possible. Thank you very much for sending this beautiful email.
Chantel, S. Africa
(In response to BITTERNESS! - The Deadly Root that Devours and Destroys!)
This has been a blessing to me today. I was in conversation with a friend and discovered that I was experiencing the root of bitterness. When I came upon the site it had all of the information she was trying to get across to me. God is so good. Thank you for putting it all down in an easy to understand format.
I pray that God will bless you and that He will continue to work in me through this study of His word.

(In response to Signs of the Times)

Your article was a real blessing...You are right on and you have been led to know the facts... I have been truly blessed reading all your info. Thanks a million..
Thank you so much for having the Article on Bitterness available. I was searching for some help to be delivered for this horrible destructive root and this article was just what I need to read.

(In response to Come!)

Seeing this website though has kind of made me think. It tells the future, but not in a mean scary be perfect or CHRIST will leave your little sinful ass to burn sort of way. It seems to tell the truth with emphasis on how much GOD loves us. I have seen people who preach with a almost meniacle view of JESUS in ways that are scary like leave those horrible sinners to rot. But I can't believe that's what GOD would want his people to do.
James Joseph (17)
I really loved this message, the way you expressed on really the importance of GOD's name & how we sometimes just says or take advantage of it.
Thanks for sharing those articles. I read that one and the one about proving Jesus is Messiah. It was great to read all those reminders of fulfilled prophecy. I'm actually writing to find out who the artist is for the image on the "Jesus Name" article. I'm wondering if they would mind if I posted that image on my site for a little Christmas thing I'm doing as long as I mention their name and link to their site. Let me know who I would talk to about that. I really LOVE that picture. It's so warm and His eyes look so loving.
- Jade
Thanks a lot And glory to our God in the mighty Name of Jesus. Your mailings are really touching my life in a mighty way. Thanks a lot for sharing with me and please don't stop. Teach me so much. I long to be a good child of GOD.

Note from webmaster: Charles subscribed to receive automatic emails every other day from the Art with a Message section.
(In response to Bible Basics - Salvation)
All day I have been trying to write a message with scriptures to send to my family. Praise God I didn't have to search for them its exactly what I wanted to send them .none of them are born again Christians including my husband .But God one day will reveal himself to them.I just pray its before I leave this earth to be with Him My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank You
A wonderful website
(In response to Are You a Sight-Seer?)
Your article made me sad. Yes, it is true that civilizations made by man cannot stand the test of time. However, God did create this earth and said it was "good". By worshiping man, you are still worshiping the creature rather than the Creator. Why not just give glory to God for everything?
Interesting articles you have posted on your website. David Brandt sure was fed up with the organized and traditional churches and their lukewarmness and indifference and the status quo of the world system.I had read though many of his Mo letters that I suppose some religious Christian some would consider very abrasive and offensive, but, I can understand where he is coming from!

(In response to THE BIG LIE!--EXPOSED!)
I am an evolutionist. I have never read anything that even approaches the complete garbage that is present on your web site.
I would like to engage in a private email debate with anyone who is willing to defend the completely and totally ridiculous statements made on "".
If there is such a person willing to engage in such a debate, please have them get in touch with me at the email address:
randy_crum"ATMARK" datacard"DOT"com
Randy Crum

(In response to Your New Life of Love!)

I came across your site when I thought I'd google the word 'hupostasis'. The letter 'More on Faith' came up second! Great! I've been writing to a person who is Greek and it was so easy to just send her the link with my own personal letter. Thanks for the work on this. I've been cutting & pasting letters, but you have all the beautiful layout. I'll be using it more.
Keep up the good work, Mark

(In response to Jealousy)
Hello, I read your page and it is so true. ....

Just LOVED your article on BITTERNESS............ one of the best Christian articles I have ever read!
Sent your web site to many people! Have a great day, God Bless you,

(In response to MATTHEW 24 --Post-Tribulation Rapture!)
I read your website and I agree with you on 99 percent of what you wrote. I find it hard to see that people who teach this rapture doctrine say that it is justified by certain scripture in like I Corinthians, I Thessalonians and other scriptures. They use these to back up what they teach. They won't mention II Thessalonians and when they do they say that which restrains is the church or the spirit of God. It is so stubborn to not study the whoe truth and rightly divide this word we have.
You know we all see through a glass darkly and in part but some things are so plain. Many argue about the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. I know that the early writers wrote in many different dialects of all of these groups. We dont know what that spoke but we do have historical records that give us a idea. The so called church today is so far from what the First century a.d. people tought and lived it is a shame. Americans go over to these 3rd world countries and many go with a better than thou attitude with american standards and so on. They go presenting a Jesus who eats at McDonalds or KFC and so worldly that wouldn't know Holiness if thay met it on the street. Then you have this little family that come up with their goats and sheep and donkies, with their womens head covered and their long robes covering their flesh. They dont have anything but what they have with them and americans run to them in the name of Jesus. May the Ancient of Days bless you and your family
your servant John

I enjoyed your article on deep truths. (Spritual Pests and Problems!) My husband and I have been digging deeper into this because of a church in Thomaston, GA, Pleasant Valley Church. .... My question to you is are demons and evil spirits the same thing? We don't quite understand about Christians not being able to be demon-possessed yet they can have evil spirits. We have always thought of them the same. We really enjoyed your insight. It was a great explanation of how easy the enemy gets into our lives.

I particularly liked your article on 'persecution.' THe Greek word for "out of his mind" is a good rendering. Literally that the people thought that he was a fruit-cake. And do you know, that everyone who imitates Jesus will be accused of the same thing - "trust me"! That's because they did not understand the spirit of God at work in Jesus, nor the same spirit at work in those today whom they slander and accuse. God Bless you
ps; your exposition about 'true believers' being kept from the anti-christ, not removed from the earth is also correct
Thank you so much for your informative site. I have been reading many writings of David Berg for years and always feel so spiritually refreshed when done, (Its like God is talking to me right through the writings).
L. Connecticut

These mails have helped me a lot to give class. This is really very simple and easy to understand.
Thanks so much and keep up the good work GBY
P.S. I love your website keep up the good work KGFJ

I really enjoy these lessons. At my age I need recalls ha
Thank u and I do thank David and mostly GOD Your emails are very helpful and they are definately right on time. Love to all
Your sister in Christ

I just finished reading your essay "WHOSE FOOL ARE YOU?" I must say it's one of the most amusing things I've read in a while. I'm so glad to see that there is still some good humour left on the internet. I love the part where you say the just by looking at nature, we're supposed to believe that everything was created by the god of a Bronze Age tribe in the eastern Mediterranean who called themselves the Hebrews. That's hilarious! Thanks again!

I am a Tongan and Iam from maybe from the smallest island in the world ... I read your article and gave me strength..
thank you
esp Romans 8:28.

Hi. I really love your site and especially the images on it. I was curious about the pyramids. What are they? What do they symbolize? Is this connected to a particular teaching of David Berg, or is it purely artistic?
Do the Jews take the mark of the beast? Do the Israelites take the mark?
(In response to Healing in His Wings!)
You writings is wonderful. I reallyl appreciate reading that in my time of testing. thank you.

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mus (tehran, Iran) says...
THanks for this great post.
29th April 2019 7:30pm
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