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I get numerous emails about articles on my websites, especially the Deep Truths site, the one I worked the hardest on since year 2004. Rather than type up the same reply each time for this particular subject of Evolution verses Creation, I thought to document a typical email and my reply to it on this site. Hopefully it’ll save me time in the future.:-)


I read you website article ‘The Big Lie! – Exposed’ with some interest.

I just thought that I could offer some advice.

When making comments regarding evolution and passing them off as fact, please make sure you get your facts right.

We have not evolved (Or de-evolved as you say) from Neanderthals. They are a different species which because they were not as capable of surviving on this planet at the same time as us became extinct.

There is much evidence of ‘Missing links’. There is fossil evidence (you might want to look this word up) showing how reptiles evolved into mammals. This shows the multiple bones in the jaw (common in lizards) slowly drawing back to the ear and leaving just one bone in the mammals jaws.

These things are not open to debate. They are physical evidence.

I would defend your right to have different opinions to me that is your right. But don’t make up information and then call this fact. You are either not educated enough to understand or you are deliberately being untruthful.

Please open your eyes and see what is going on in this world.

It is wonderful and beautiful and majestic and savage and mindblowing.

And please don’t attack Evolution as you think it goes against God.

Wouldnt God create a world so amazing not leave some tricks for us to find?


My reply:


Thank you for your email. I’m sure we could go on endlessly about this subject, but I think it all boils down to one’s paradigm of life. You are giving me information that you consider to be fact, but there is other information I could give you that would refute that, and you would give me yet more information to contradict my information. And on it goes, ad infinitum.

How we see the world depends a great deal on our mindset, our paradigm, our perceptions. Two people can look at exactly the same thing and come up with two totally opposite and opposing points of view. And I’m talking about two people who are not necessary at odds with each other, for example a husband and wife who love each other. Why is this? It’s because what we see does not necessarily equate with reality. Ask a magician and the honest one will tell you a lot of their tricks have to do with manipulating perceptions. What you tell me you see is merely with you *think* you see. The same with me. Why do I therefore think I am correct? I have the Bible as a basis of my thinking, and the Bible tells me that God created man and all life, and that He did it all in 6 days. He created the sun the day *after* He created plant-life! This is plain in the Bible, and diametrically opposite of what Darwinian Evolution teaches. One can mock the Biblical account, and call it unscientific if they want to, but I would consider them people who do not know the Author of the Bible – God – and have not done much research or study about it.

What we believe largely has to do with our will. I choose to believe the Biblical account because the Bible works for me and has made me what I am today. I’m 60 years old have have no regrets for choosing the path of faith in the Bible. My life has been an adventure traveling the world and meeting all sorts of people and cultures, learning new languages. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


(end of reply)

I find replies like this are very effective. They cannot argue against it, for the very argument only proves further the person is merely holding on to his or her own particular paradigm and unwilling to see the other person’s viewpoint. Of course, you could very well say the same thing of me as well. But if you do, please remember this: I didn’t go out of my way to find you and invade your privacy. You invited me to come into your PC and read what I had to say of your own volition. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Email exchange with a man who follows Darwinian evolution”

  1. I have found a very simple piece of logic, that is so simple, that at first it doesn’t make sense:

    If there were no God, there would be no atheists!
    But since there are atheists, I believe in God!

    And in passing, you’re 60!
    I estimated you’re age as in the forties, early forties!

    So I guess you’re not planning on retirement… ^_^


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