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  1. Coincidence or miracle?
    Just the day you posted this video we received a DVD from one of our friends. It detailed all the current technology and their relevance to the Endtime events, nearly three hours long! We copied it as it was in a native language.

    After those three hours, with great fervor, hilariously, at the very end, the guy says receive Jesus and you won’t need to face all this, ’cause He’ll rapture us before it happens!

    Needless to say, I stick to Beyond Armageddon by Aurora. Period.

    Thanks for the video, I’m downloading it right now!

  2. I believe there is still going to be a 7 year tribulation. Why? Because testimonies from people leaving the occult imply that there are plans for world government. Sure, the anti-Christ spirit has been at work through all false spirituality. There are also implications of one world religion or at least a common religious perspective through the interfaith movement. With the climate change agenda and sustainability goals and the decline of Christianity the world is ripe for the antichrist. God says the rule of the antichrist is God’s judgement upon humanity for rejecting Jesus. As you quoted that the rapture occurs immediately after the tribulation of this those days. There is going to be a climax of tribulation when people can’t buy or sell without the mark. There is and has been talk of microchipping people. And we are now virtually using one financial system.

    • Unless our beliefs are based on Holy Scripture, we may be believing false doctrine. You say there will be a 7 year tribulation. Where does it say that in the Bible? Or are you merely repeating what you heard from some preacher? I for one am done with repeating doctrines I hear from a preacher. I don’t want to know what some preacher says the Bible says, I wanna know what the Bible says it says.

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