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Munther Isaac’s Speech: “Palestinian Christian Response to Christian Zionism” In Text Format — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this James and for your many articles on this site. Your ministry has helped me come to a biblical understanding of end time prophecy and everything going on in the world. I praise God for the links you share and your boldness in proclaiming the truth. God bless you in Jesus’ name!

    I used to be what you’d call a Christian Zionist, because that was what i was taught all my life. American protestant churches and ministries are blindly preaching and teaching that we need to support the nation of Israel, I know other Christians who have gone on trips to volunteer there thinking it is God’s will. America is deeply rooted in the Christian Zionist ideology. But God gave me a desire to know the truth and search to see what His word really says, and in my search for truth i have been blessed to find your website. It’s hard to find good resources that haven’t compromised in some way so I’m really thankful for websites like yours.

    I’m not against the state of Israel, I’m just no longer blindly in support of it, people need to see it for what it is: a nation like any other, no more and no less. American ministries and churches have convinced Christians to support physical Israel instead of spiritual Israel. For instance, there are plenty of homeless and starving Christians in America, but the Christian church here, for the most part, would rather send their money and time and manpower to help secular Israel because they have been convinced that is more important. I think that’s very wrong and we American Christians have been mislead. I think we’ve been misled because most Christians here don’t know their Bible well at all, and the wolves are good at “making merchandise of the flock”. To compound the problem, many Christians are hostile if you say you aren’t a Zionist, my own parents treated me as if i was a nazi when i first expressed my views to them. That is how heavily ingrained Zionism is in the minds of many Christians here, they think you either support Zionism or you must be an antisemite. It’s ridiculous. But I believe that Christians who desire to know the truth, like the Bereans, will search for themselves what the scripture says and the Spirit will guide them to the truth about these things.

    I felt led to leave a comment here, James, because I’ve visited your site for months and never commented and so i just wanted to let you know that your site is a blessing to me and you have my support and prayers. And thanks for making the in-depth articles and transcribing the youtube videos (I know that takes time!) I know this website and your work has been a blessing to others the way it’s been to me. I pray that God give you peace and joy and health and blessings in the name of Jesus our savior.

    • Louis, I am so blessed today to read your wonderful positive comments! God sent you to me at this time for I have been getting discouraged with negative feedback about exposing Christian Zionism, not here on my website, but on Facebook. Just to know that you find this website of value greatly encourages me to add more material. Thank you so much, my dear brother in Christ! May God continue bless you and your loved ones with His grace, provision and protection!

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