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The Book of Daniel interprets the Book of Revelation — 10 Comments

  1. The implant may well be a step toward the mark, but it is evident from Daniel that the temple needs to be in existence first Dan. 9:27. Matthew 24:15-22 also needs to be taken into consideration doesn’t it? – the abomination of desolation has to be set up in the temple which marks the time of the trib. One other comment, there may be a bit of mistranslation re “in” or “on” in the KJV, see Rev. 20:4 it has both “apon” and “in.” I tend to trust KJV the most but I don’t believe its perfect as a translation.

  2. James, I have been reading many of your postings today with interest particularly the parallels between Daniel and Revelation. The March 13 reference to Obamacare and a chip implant seems to have come and gone without going into effect.

  3. Hi, there….really appreciate all the work contained at this site. Am printing it out for a more indepth study! I do have to make one comment…you are correct the “holy people” are the tribulation saints…but more specifically, they are the Messianic Jews, those Jews who become born again during the trib. They are God’s possession, a holy people which pertain to the Holy City, Jerusalem. Here is a link with commentaries for you to check out if you like: http://biblehub.com/isaiah/62-12.htm
    I’m leaning more toward a pre trib rapture because during the trib, we do not see references to the church, only to the Jews. And the book of Daniel does state something with regard to the PURPOSE behind the end of days/tribulation…specifically, to restore the Jews to their God.
    (Either way, however, the timing of the rapture is not a basis of salvation and should not be an issue which divides…but one we should be able to discuss. I haven’t quite decided yet on the timing…pre or mid trib…and would welcome any thoughts anyone has on the subject.)
    Thank you again…am very excited to study all you have worked so hard to compile here about the books of Daniel and Revelation!
    Take good care, fellow sibling of Christ!
    God bless you and your committment to Him!

    • Linda, thank you sharing. The statement, “during the trib, we do not see references to the church” is something that I have often heard before but so far nobody has given me any verses directly out of the Bible to back it up. Revelation 7:14 and Revelation 12:6 sure sound like the Church to me. Moreover, I think it’s a mistake to make a difference between Christian Gentiles and Christian Jews for Gpd’s Word says in Romans 10:12  ¶For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

      The main point I want to make is, unless we can teach a specific doctrine directly out of God’s Word, the Bible, how can we hold that doctrine to be biblical truth? Repeating just what a preacher tells us may mean we are repeating an error. I figure unless I can teach directly out of my Bible a particular doctrine, it means I really don’t know it as well as I should.

      Thank you again for your input. God bless you!

  4. There is a God, He is alive, and he is now, according to his word of bible prophecy intervening so as to reclaim planet earth from Adam ‘s fall.

    Under the dispensation of Christ, that is the administration of Jesus Christ in all things economic, a concept provided by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 1:10, wholesale changes are coming to Europe’s financial and monetary architecture.

    Fiat wealth deflation, that is investment deflation, seen in the chart of Water Resources, PHO, French company, Veolia, VE, on December 2, 2013, coming on the rise of the Benchmark Interest Rate, ^TNX, to rise above 2.74%, at the debt deflationary hands of the bond vigilantes and competitive currency deflation hands of the currency traders, evidences that the world has pivoted out of the age and paradigm of liberalism and into that of authoritarianism.

    Debt deflation is destroying the sovereignty of nations. Out of sovereign insolvency, banking insolvency and corporate insolvency, the beast regime of regional governance and totalitarian collectivism will come to rule in the world’s ten regions and occupy in mankind’s seven institutions, as foretold in Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:1-4, replacing the banker regime ruling in democratic nation state governance and crony capitalism, European socialism, and Greek socialism.

    Under liberalism, globalism, commercialism, socialism, and corporatism were the dynamos of economic action. Arnold King writes in EconLibOrg Corporatism is a state of being “Corporatism satisfies a desire for security. People want security of consumption, security of jobs, and security of their economic status. Corporatism replaces the decentralized competition of the market with political control over the economy. The forms of protection people obtain include occupational license restrictions, labor unions, and entitlement programs.”

    The singular dynamo of regionalism, coming through regional framework agreements, which provide regional security, regional stability, and regional sustainability, is replacing globalism, commercialism, socialism, and corporatism as the driver of economic action, on the failure of money growth, that is failure of both credit growth, and currency growth.

    There has been a death, both credit, and currencies died on October 23, 2013, when the bond vigilantes called the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, higher from 2.48%.

    Authoritarianism is rising to replace liberalism. Nannycrat rule will make claim of personal property, establishing regional property and regional property rights, as superior to personal property rights, and regional economic activity superior to national economic activity, as regional governance replaces democratic nation state rule.

    Under liberalism one had economic life in the banker regime’s policies of investment choice and schemes of credit, which provided a moral hazard based life experience of prosperity. Dynamos such as corporatism, socialism, and globalism will be failing.

    Now under authoritarianism, there is only a singular dynamo of regionalism, one has economic life in the beast’s regime’s policies of diktat of regional governance and schemes of totalitarian collectivism debt servitude establishing crushing austerity, as the world comes to cope with economic deflation. Destiny is at work, fate cannot be altered; the new normal is a life experience of austerity.

    There will be no opportunity for Austrian economics designed work rule reform, easier standards to fire people, fewer government workers, lower minimum wages, less regulation, and less taxation. Nope, no way, and never, as a whole new economic age and paradigm has commenced; it is called authoritarianism, and it is coming regionally, first in the EU, and it is coming to provide the experience of totalitarian collectivism, this being foretold in Revelation 13:1-4.

  5. brother
    in book of revolution
    Rev9:1 “he have keys of the bottomless pit ”
    those keys are came from heaven to earth or somewhere (so keys arenot available in heaven ).
    Rev 20:1 One Angel came down from heaven,having keys of bottomless pit

    “”.how many keys haveing that pit “”

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