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Interpretation of Matthew 13:33 — 3 Comments

  1. “The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto FALSE DOCTRINE?” EVERY wind of doctrine?”

    Excuse me brother, that is NOT what Jesus said! You’re supposed to substitute the word “leaven” with false doctrine. In this case the leaven IS BAD! Jesus said, so very clearly in Mark 8:15!

    I stick with the Bible and what our Pastor David taught us. He didn’t clearly comment on this verse. I think Bill Schnoebelen’s explanation sounds pretty right on and Scriptural. The preponderance of the time the word leaven is used in the Bible, 18 out of 20 times, it is used in a bad and negative sense.

  2. Great points! I’m an older born- againer and I don’t remember learning mt 13:33 as you so clearly teach it. isn’t great to learn more and more truth.

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