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  1. An indispensable Awesome series. I Often refer people to it.

    But generally I don’t think those that get it realise what a treasure they have their hands on and don’t put in the time to get into it.
    This is a real leg up for the truth seeker to a wide range of knowledge and topics presented in an orderly way from which you can then as you need dig into the background further.

    Massive amounts of hard ground work has been done and served up herein in a very well presented manner.
    It is not milk, but it is very palatable meat.

    If one is not aware of and across this material whether they agree in detail or not…they are still not fit to say they are enlightened on the affairs we see before us in the world.

    This series should be compulsory for any that do not already have good exposure to the topics within that seeks to lead opinion on such matters.

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