Protection from bad spiritual entities

Recently a young man has been asking me for help from a serious spiritual problem. He writes:

I don’t really know what to say other than I believe I need your help. I don’t know too much about spirits or ghosts, good or bad. What I can tell you about my situation is that I am constantly being hounded by something and it’s the real deal. I don’t know where else to turn so I am hoping you can shed a little light my way. I’ll leave you with this in hopes of a response.

Later the man wrote me saying he sees ugly demon like faces all over the place, in trees, in roads, etc. He sent me photos of the same, but I cannot see what he is seeing, neither can others to whom I showed the photos. It shows that his mind is under a spiritual influence.

Prayer of deliverance from spiritual oppression
Prayer for deliverance from spiritual oppression

On May 31st while hitchhiking back from Niigata city, I met a lady who is a social worker who deals with mentally ill people in the psychiatric ward of a hospital. She confirmed that seeing demons within various scenes is considered a form of mental illness. The young man who wrote me is not completely insane — yet, for he acknowledges he has a problem. Crazy people don’t consider themselves to be crazy. I don’t. 😛

In my hitchhiking adventures throughout Japan, I met several people who have confessed to being bothered by bad spiritual forces.

  • In Saitama prefecture the driver said he hears voices and is suffering depression. He is being treated by drugs but the doctor told him that drugs alone will not ultimately cure him.
  • A young lady called Chinami who was being treated for anorexia. Spiritual forces were trying to convince her that she needs to lose weight when in fact she is skinny. I used to visit her in a psychiatric ward of a hospital in Tokyo. More about Chinami.
  • Through Chinami, I met another lady in the psychiatric ward of the hospital who said she felt a strong compulsion from time to time to jump out of a moving vehicle!

I can by personal experience call the latter case a definite influence from an evil spiritual entity. Throughout my teenage years, my body was temporarily inhabited by an evil spirit. I could feel what the spirit itself was feeling: Total loss of hope of redemption or salvation, and total separation from others resulting in total loneliness. I believe I was attacked by an evil spiritual entity that temporally took control of my mind and my body. This happened only a few seconds at a time, maybe no more than half a minute, and only two or three times a year from the time I was about ten years old till 20 years when when I came to know Jesus personally.

I would say strange things. Once in Biloxi Mississippi at Kessler AFB while serving in the USAF, I scared my roommate during such a spiritual attack!

I would do strange things. Once my father saw me do a broad jump from one side of the room to the other, something I could not do in my natural strength.

Once I felt a compulsion to jump out of the bedroom window of my house. I ran past my 80 year old grandmother, knocked her over, and jumped out the window. Fortunately I did not injure my grandmother, nor was I hurt. The house had only one floor with only a few feet to the ground. But my grandmother and my parents were shocked!

Usually the evil spirit would attack me when sleeping, and especially when I felt physically sick. The last attack came some time after I became a Christian in 1971. It came when I was awake, but I recognized it to be the evil spirit because of what I was feeling, the feelings of desolation and complete loneliness. I resisted it and called on the Name of Jesus Christ asking it to leave, and it did! That spirit never came back and I can testify to complete healing from it.

This is a true story I never posted before, but something people who are close to me know. If you can relate at all to any of the above, and have troubles with evil spirits from time to time, the following is a sample of a prayer for deliverance that you might find helpful, as it offers you an example how to claim and quote Scriptures from the Bible as you rebuke the Enemy:

(PRAY:) “Lord Jesus, I call out to YOU now with my whole heart and ask You, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, to FREE me from the terrible grip that this vice has on my life! YOU said in Your WORD, Jesus, `Greater is He that is in me (YOU in my heart, Lord!) than he that is in the World (the Devil)!’–So I KNOW that YOU are GREATER than the Enemy and CAN overcome this vice! You said, `ALL power is given unto Me in Heaven and on Earth’ and that `if ye shall ask ANYTHING in My Name, I WILL DO it’!–So I ask You right now, Jesus, to BREAK every hold the Enemy has in my life and DESTROY the power of this bad habit! I REBUKE the Devil and ALL of his influence, right NOW, in Jesus’ name!

“Your Word says, `Give NO place to the Enemy’, and I don’t want ANYTHING that’s not of YOU, Jesus! Your disciples said, `Even the evil spirits are SUBJECT unto us!’, so I CLAIM that promise, I claim that SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY over the power of the Enemy–right NOW!–And I REBUKE the Devil in the Name of JESUS CHRIST! I claim Your Promise, Lord: `RESIST the Devil and he will FLEE from you!’ I RESIST you, Satan, in the Name of JESUS CHRIST! I BIND and REBUKE any hold you might have on my life, any power you might have over me, in the Name of JESUS!

“JESUS, You PROMISED that `When ye shall call unto Me with a WHOLE HEART, I WILL answer thee!’–And Jesus, I AM crying out with ALL my heart for You to deliver me!–And I EXPECT you to do it! You promised, `Whatsoever ye shall bind on Earth SHALL be BOUND in Heaven, and whatsoever ye shall loose on Earth, shall be loosed in Heaven’, so I BIND the power of the Enemy in YOUR NAME and I loose the grip he has on me and I ask You to cast him far away from me, NEVER to return!–In JESUS’ name! I count it DONE, Lord! Thank You, Jesus! Thank You for setting me FREE! Help me now to take a stand of faith against the Enemy’s devices! Please give me the spiritual power to do what I can to resist temptation, and STAY free from the ingrained habits, Lord! In the Name of Jesus Christ!–AMEN!”

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