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A Muslim’s testimonial of conversion to faith in Christ — 4 Comments

  1. Poor fellow who understands not Islam or his own true self, but his desire for other than Allah, for a great many truthful men have come to the fold of Islam in earnest. Thank you those cunning missionaries who but misguide innocent souls to the Fire. You sell your merchandise in the poor corners of the hearts. Remember, in Truth, nothing exists, except God. I witnessed it myself.

  2. I myself was an ex Muslim ,and i praise the Lord Jesus for His mercy and grace . I do believe in this gentleman’s testimony .I’m a Christian now and a servant of the Lord Jesus.My testimony can be shared also .Jesus is God like he mentioned that a man will never be God but, God can be man because He is able.

  3. You know what? In spite of what you just said, Jesus loves you!

    We do not sell our merchandise. I have been a missionary all my life, and I only have preached love.

    If love is what I am, and what I stand for; tell me where do you stand?

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