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Westboro Baptist Church’s false doctrine of hatred exposed — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t know why you touch on Esau so lightly. Malachi 1:3 and Romans 9:13 both make it absolutely clear that God hates that which does not honour Him and Esau sure didn’t honour God by not valuing his birthright, which was akin to saying my life is my own.

    • This is a good point you brought up. I think it is well answered on http://www.toughquestionsanswered.org/2009/05/25/does-god-really-hate-esau/ From that page: (In Romans 9:13) Paul is actually quoting from Mal. 1:2-3, and a reading of those verses in the context of Malachi’s book clearly indicates that Malachi is using the word “Jacob” to refer to the nation of Israel and the word “Esau” to refer to the nation of Edom.

      In other words, God does not hate individuals. And even if you still debate that, Esau is the ONLY individual mentioned in the entire Word of God that God hated.

      I think you should see the entire point of the article is to prove that “God hates you” signs to be false. The “you” they are referring to you and me, us, anybody who is not a member of their church! Or maybe you are a member?

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