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Mainstream evangelicals are wrong about predictions of the Rapture — 4 Comments

  1. Indeed our ancestors never knew the word ‘Rapture’.
    The origin can be searched by typing ‘ Ribero Rapture’
    Belive only Scripture and do as the Bereans did – they checked all Paul told them with the old testament.
    Ribero was a Jesuit who invented the ‘Rapture lie ‘ in 1590 as part of the campaign to destroy the truths The Reformation was uncovering.

    Alcazar his fellow Jesuit liar invented ‘Preterism’ around same time , each ridiculous lie was intended to divert attention away from what every Reformer and every reader of Scripture knew – that the Papacy is the antichrist entity ,
    The very word in Greek means ‘in the place of’.
    Thus ‘holy father’ replaces true Father ,vicar of christ’ replaces the Son.
    Claims to be able to ‘forgive’ and absolve sin is the definition of blasphemy , pretence to sit in place of God .
    Today these lies are what 99 percent of the fallen protestant churches believe and teach .
    At second advent , it is over , no second chance . But satan & his Jesuit worshippers want it believed
    Check the Scripture.
    Greek prefif ‘anti’ has two meanings , it can also but less often mean ‘against’.
    The Bible ( Especially King James and Geveva )uses the original for a specific reason. (Each word of scripture is profitable -etc )
    Thus , anti has the less commonly applied meaning as well.
    Roman Empire lost all the southern provinces .
    In those , the denial of Messiah dying and being raised , etc is the teaching of Islam.
    Rome never changes ,and never forgets , and settles scores.
    Always Papal armies used other nations’ forces ( example Swiss guards ),
    At present Rome is manipluating forces to reconquer all ‘the south’, that includes Libya ,and all those former Roman provinces , right down to Mecca !
    It only requires one significant ‘Push’from Islamic radicals , and the array of forces primed to go , and with forward bases already established , will be triggered.
    Public opinion will be supporting it, enraged by the attack from ‘south’, a whirlwind response.
    Daniel 11 tells of this .
    For more full exposition see the ‘ ChristianityandIslam ‘ seminars both video and audio by Tim Roosenberg.
    Apply the principle: Check with Scripture whether or not it is true .
    Nobody knows the time of second advent.
    First the ‘king of the north’ must fulfill Daniel 11 and 12 .
    Neither side is God’s side.
    Both apostate christianity and radical islam are not God’s side.
    Know history.
    Both Papal crusades and Jihads demanded conversion or death. Jesuits & Jihadis have much in common.
    Daniel 11 . 41 refers to the small number within Islam , who escape and belong to the small number who are truly God’s people at the end in all nations.
    Check it out .
    Believe no man . Test according to what is written.

  2. Wondering if you could give us your source and quote showing that Ribera taught a pretrib rapture. You might enjoy reading “The Real Manuel Lacunza” and Pretrib Rapture Diehards.”

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